Oran Minisession: There Is No Drinking Age

Jul 3rd, 2011
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  1. [21:29:24] <Nephene> Spring 35, evening?
  2. [21:30:04] <Alex> unless dox says otherwise i should say thats the logical choice
  3. [21:30:13] <Paradox> (Yep)
  4. [21:30:16] <Nephene> Then I guess that'll be it.
  5. [21:31:38] * Nephene is drying off beer mugs behind the counter. Business is a little slow today.
  6. [21:32:37] * Nike is already sitting at the bar, nursing a mug of her own, sometimes touching her neck where there is a fading mark of the steel wing that hit her.
  7. [21:32:46] <Nephene> "Something the matter?"
  8. [21:34:23] <Nike> "Hmm. Can't complain. This must be a mark of initiation as an adventurer," Nike muses.
  9. [21:35:14] <Nephene> "Or of anyone that's ever defended the town, really. Was this your first day on the job?"
  10. [21:36:50] * Henry strolls in about now, wearing dark pants and a red shirt with rolled up sleeves.
  11. [21:37:12] * Jack enters the bar nonchalantly, his Eevee Taro coming right along with him.
  12. [21:38:11] <Nike> "First job like it. I usually help Arawn on his hunting trips, or act as bodyguard to Ms Charm. Haven't really used my bow in self defence before."
  13. [21:38:59] <Henry> "Good evening, ladies." he says as he sits nearby on a stool.
  14. [21:39:30] <Nephene> "Evening, sir."
  15. [21:39:38] <Nephene> "What'll it be?"
  16. [21:40:04] <Henry> "Let's go with the cherry brandy again, if you don't mind."
  17. [21:40:15] <Nephene> "Sure thing."
  18. [21:41:03] * Henry turns to Nike, looking at her a moment, and nods at her, extending his hand. "You look like a gallant sort. Henry Whitacre. Who do I have the pleasure of drinking with today?"
  19. [21:41:13] * Jack takes a seat at the bar, then nods, "Good evening, everyone."
  20. [21:42:15] <Henry> "Good evening, there!"
  21. [21:42:43] * Jack peers at Henry for a moment, then smiles lightly.
  22. [21:42:51] <Jack> "Oh, hello, I don't believe we've met."
  23. [21:42:52] <Nike> Gallant? Must be the armour; why was she still wearing it? "Nike Fyron. Blacksmith's daughter," she introduced herself, not taking his hand, but nodding a bit cordially. She then takes a deeper swig of her drink than before.
  24. [21:43:31] * Henry withdraws his hand. "Good to meet you. And you?" he offers his hand to Jack. "Henry Whitacre, tailor."
  25. [21:43:59] <Raven> The door opens with the nudge of a boot as Raven comes in, backing up, yelling "Hnnnng, get in here, Maka, I'm buying you a drink and that's that!"
  26. [21:44:14] <Jack> "I'm Jack Arlen. I inherited the old farm on the edge of town. with all the weeds," he says none too proudly.
  27. [21:44:38] <Nephene> Since this was not a mixed order, Nephene simply pours the brandy herself and slides the glass over to Henry.. "100 P, as usual."
  28. [21:44:38] <Henry> "Haha, well it's better than nothing, isn't it? Good luck with your venture."
  29. [21:45:00] <Jack> "Thanks. I actually intend to repurpose it."
  30. [21:45:04] * Henry puts the money down. "Thank you very much, Nephene. I appreciate it."
  31. [21:45:21] * Henry has a look over at the commotion with Raven.
  32. [21:45:25] <Henry> "Repurpose it, you say?"
  33. [21:46:13] * Nephene gives the newcomers a confused look.
  34. [21:46:37] <Jack> "Yes, that's right," he answers, "crazy as it may sound, I'm hoping to make a Pokemon gym here, like in the big cities. I know this hardly seems like the place, but," he says rather confidently, "I think it could really draw people here if it takes off."
  35. [21:47:10] * Nike is also giving the struggling pair a curious look. "What an eccentric performance."
  36. [21:47:22] <Henry> "Indeed? Well, double the good luck to you then, fine sir, I hope you're successful. Dream big, work hard, achieve miracles."
  37. [21:47:23] <Nephene> "Anyway, Nike."
  38. [21:47:41] <Nephene> "I'm sure most of us have them. Rangers, the Guard, adventurers alike..."
  39. [21:48:12] * Nephene demonstrates by rolling up her sleeve - there's a large bite mark on her left bicep.
  40. [21:48:40] <Nephene> "I wish I could say I was doing something heroic like wrestling a Sharpedo or taking down a Garchomp barehandedly, but no."
  41. [21:48:43] <Nephene> "That's a Mawile bite."
  42. [21:48:57] <Henry> "A mawile?"
  43. [21:49:05] * Nike regards the wound with a fascinated eyebrow. "Hmm. Feels like I should owe you a drink."
  44. [21:49:06] * Jack smiles appreciatively, nodding, "Thanks! What about you? What sort of business are you looking to set up?"
  45. [21:49:24] * Jack turns his attention to Nephene, "Don't feel too bad. Those things can be pretty vicious."
  46. [21:49:30] * Nephene smiles. "The business is enough."
  47. [21:49:35] <Jack> "You're lucky it didn't have your arm, in fact."
  48. [21:50:05] * Henry looks at Jack. "Just a simple tailor's shop. Clothing, blankets, saddlebags, whatever can be made of cloth or leather and people want, really. I also own a few cameras, which I intend to lend for a price."
  49. [21:50:15] <Nephene> "I suppose. It just looked so -adorable-, though."
  50. [21:50:19] <Nephene> "I should have known better."
  51. [21:50:25] <Nike> "Still." Nike regards her mug, then gently pushes it forward. "At least let me pay for a refill."
  52. [21:50:26] * Raven loses the dragging contest, and shy little Maka wins :(
  53. [21:51:33] * Maka peeks in a second. "Sorry to disturb you all!" and then she bops Raven on the head with her book and drags her off.
  54. [21:51:37] <Henry> "I intend to expand my stock later as I improve my skills. I'm studying several different arts..."
  55. [21:51:52] <Nephene> "Sure thing." Neph tops off the mug. "How'd you get that scar, anyway?"
  56. [21:52:48] * Jack quirks a brow at the sight of Raven being dragged off by a shy librarian, finding it completely bizarre, "I think I'll need an ale after that."
  57. [21:52:48] <Henry> "For example, my Scraggy, Bernard? He has an ability where he sheds his skin to purge poison, paralysis, and the like. With study and my keen eye and skill, I'm hoping I'll be able to craft a wonderful little accessory that will let other pokemon do the same thing."
  58. [21:52:51] <Nike> "Some Mandibuzz captured some of Mrs. Baker's Mareep. Some of us went up there to rescue them, and we got slapped with a Steel Wing for our trouble."
  59. [21:52:54] <Henry> "Don't you think that would sell?"
  60. [21:53:28] <Jack> "Aye, what happened to Arawn, by the way? He's alright, aye?" he looks to Nike with concern at that.
  61. [21:53:44] * Henry looks at Nike.
  62. [21:53:49] <Henry> "Oh, that sounds terrible."
  63. [21:54:10] <Henry> "Did you manage to save them?"
  64. [21:54:28] <Nike> "He collected a bunch of feathers to use in his masterpieces. Surt and I managed to pull him out of danger before he was even touched."
  65. [21:55:14] <Nike> "As for the Mareep, we saved three of four. Balthazar caught two of them personally." With his face, granted, but still.
  66. [21:55:51] <Nephene> "At least it -mostly- ended well."
  67. [21:56:09] * Barkeep walks in carrying some crates rather slowly.
  68. [21:56:23] <Barkeep> "Rgh, 'scuse me everyone."
  69. [21:56:25] <Nephene> "Is that the last of the shipment?"
  70. [21:56:30] <Jack> "I'm thinking of looking for a mareep to replace the missing one. They are found in the wild here, I understand."
  71. [21:56:42] * Henry makes room if he's in the way
  72. [21:57:03] <Nike> "Are you...?" Nike asks, looking to Jack.
  73. [21:57:09] <Barkeep> "Yeah. Mind if I unpack it later? Looks like we have customers."
  74. [21:57:24] <Nephene> "Sure. I need the help, anyway."
  75. [21:57:56] <Jack> "I figure I may as well keep an eye out. I travel out to the wilderness often enough anyway."
  76. [21:58:45] * Barkeep hops behind the counter and gives marcel a boost.
  77. [21:58:48] <Nike> "If I find one, I'll be sure to bring it to Mrs. Baker, and let her know it was your idea."
  78. [21:59:12] <Henry> "Ah, sounds like quite the adventure."
  79. [22:00:12] <Henry> "I wouldn't mind accompanying you, if you'd have me, Jack. I have a certain interest in pokemon battles... and I should probably begin to expand my own repetoire of pokemon."
  80. [22:00:19] <Nike> "You could say that..." Nike had to wonder: was Henry new here, or was she more out of touch than her mother worried about?
  81. [22:00:27] * Henry is new.
  82. [22:00:41] <Nike> Point still stands. Nike doesn't get out much. Socially.
  83. [22:01:50] <Nephene> "It shouldn't be too tough to find another Mareep."
  84. [22:02:02] <Nephene> "Finding one Mrs. Baker would like, though..."
  85. [22:03:01] <Henry> "What are her tastes, specifically?"
  86. [22:03:30] <Nike> "Some of those Mareep were actually in her care at request of others," Nike recalls.
  87. [22:04:53] <Nephene> "Was the one you didn't save one of those?"
  88. [22:05:30] <Nike> "...I wasn't sure, to be honest. Sorry."
  89. [22:05:59] <Nephene> "Either way, it's going to be hard to explain."
  90. [22:07:48] <Nephene> "Anything else troubling you, Nike?"
  91. [22:07:52] <Nephene> "You know you can talk to me."
  92. [22:09:22] * Henry idly takes a sip of his brandy.
  93. [22:10:10] <Nike> "Just still trying to find my niche, I suppose," Nike says with a shrug. "I like doing these oddjobs for everyone, but can you really make a career of being the town gopher?"
  94. [22:10:22] <Nephene> "You're not a gopher."
  95. [22:10:40] <Nephene> "There's good in doing what no one else will."
  96. [22:10:55] <Henry> "A Jill of all Trades, is it?"
  97. [22:11:46] <Submission> The doors swing open with a creak as Submission trundles in, his knees buckling as he maneuvers under the doorframe. It's hard to miss the man's entrance. He practically has to push tables aside to get to the bar.
  98. [22:11:51] * Nike looks up at Nephene, then takes a swig from her mug. She sets it down, and gives her the smallest of smiles. "Nice of you to say."
  99. [22:12:12] * Henry looks over as Submission comes in.
  100. [22:12:14] <Henry> "...Oh my."
  101. [22:12:20] * Barkeep looks up at Submission, "Evenin' buddy, can I get you something?"
  102. [22:12:23] <Nephene> ", hello."
  103. [22:12:30] <Nike> She finds herself interrupting...herself, as she looks over and notices the large...large man stumbling in. "Well. Now it's a party."
  104. [22:13:09] * Jack sips his ale, eyeing the large man curiously.
  105. [22:13:19] <Submission> "Just... a pint from the tap," Submission says slowly, almost crawling through his words. It's kind of like his mouth doesn't work right so he speaks extra slowly to make sure everything comes out okay.
  106. [22:13:55] * Barkeep is already on it before he finishes speaking. He hands him his pint quickly.
  107. [22:14:00] <Nephene> "Can do."
  108. [22:14:06] <Nephene> "What brings you here?"
  109. [22:14:28] <Barkeep> "Here you go pal."
  110. [22:15:35] <Submission> "Thank you... I am just here for a drink."
  111. [22:15:56] * Nephene smiles. "Alright, then. We can definitely take care of you."
  112. [22:16:17] <Jack> "Well, if it's any consolation, you're more skilled with that bow of yours than I could ever be, Nike."
  113. [22:16:18] <Barkeep> "In a hurry?"
  114. [22:16:50] <Nike> "Well, I try. Can't totally distance myself from the Fyron business, now, can I?" Nike asks, before finishing her drink.
  115. [22:17:12] * Henry works up the courage to introduce himself. "Uh... hi. I'm Henry... ...tailor... in town... uh... who might you be?"
  116. [22:17:13] * Nephene totals up Nike's tab.
  117. [22:17:18] * Henry says to Submission
  118. [22:18:25] <Nike> "Ah, I was about to say I needed to get back to the home. How much do I owe you, Neph?"
  119. [22:18:25] <Submission> Submission takes a drink from the pint and stares at Henry, or rather, beyond Henry. As time progresses, his eyes begin to focus more on Henry himself. "Submission. Carpenter."
  120. [22:18:39] <Nephene> ( How many drinks has she had? )
  121. [22:18:50] <Nike> (Two)
  122. [22:19:03] <Nephene> "Fifty per beer, so 100 P."
  123. [22:19:20] <Henry> "...Submission? Huh. Well... nice to meet you."
  124. [22:19:42] <Barkeep> "What's the big rush, Sub? Got a job to get back to?"
  125. [22:20:14] * Nephene smiles at nothing in particular. Business was starting to pick up tonight.
  126. [22:20:45] * Nike fishes into her pouch, and produces ten 10 value coins, plus and eleventh for 110 P including the tip. "Seems business is picking up. Good luck tonight, Neph."
  127. [22:20:48] <Submission> "Mmm..." Submission replies through another swig. He pauses, musing to nothing in particular. Then he looks directly at the barkeep to speak. "No rush... It has been some time since I have been in town."
  128. [22:20:59] <Nephene> "You too, Nike. Come back soon!"
  129. [22:21:37] <Barkeep> "Why not stay a while then? I've been thinking about hiring a carpenter actually..."
  130. [22:21:44] * Nike nods, and starts to leave, before turning to Jack. "I'll see you around. Let the guy in the suit," Henry, "know I said bye."
  131. [22:22:40] <Jack> "I'll likely need one too, eventually. Good to meet you. I'm Jack Arlen."
  132. [22:23:27] * Henry is sitting right there.
  133. [22:23:40] <Submission> "I can work... What do you have in mind?" A close examiner, particularly one of a perceptive nature might notice that Submission's responses are a little quicker as the topic changes to his trade.
  134. [22:23:42] <Henry> (:B)
  135. [22:24:05] <Barkeep> "See that window over there that looks out to the front?"
  136. [22:24:28] * Nephene thinks for a bit, then scribbles something down on a notepad on the counter.
  137. [22:24:30] <Barkeep> "I've been thinking of putting in a bigger one."
  138. [22:24:51] <Nephene> "Well, uh."
  139. [22:24:55] <Nephene> "You heard the lady, Henry."
  140. [22:25:05] <Henry> "...Yeah."
  141. [22:25:07] <Nephene> "She can be a little shy, I guess."
  142. [22:25:12] <Henry> "Huh."
  143. [22:25:18] <Barkeep> "Sort of big enough for everyone to watch something going on outside from the bar."
  144. [22:25:24] <Nephene> She underlines whatever it is she wrote.
  145. [22:25:26] <Henry> "Well, no matter, I'm sure she's nice enough in her own way."
  146. [22:26:26] <Nephene> "She is. Just takes a little time, really."
  147. [22:27:32] <Barkeep> "Sorry, Henry, not quite everyone's a social butterfly around these parts, but you'll find your place among them soon enough once you give it some time."
  148. [22:27:45] <Barkeep> (or should I say butterfree hurr :B)
  149. [22:28:41] <Submission> "I can do that," Submission says, nodding. "Bay window? Or large plate?"
  150. [22:29:43] <Henry> "Aw, it's alright. Mm. Maybe I should offer to help out with other things. I'd like to get to know the other villagers, and if it's as close knit as you say..."
  151. [22:30:31] <Barkeep> "Large Plate. I'm not sure a bay window would look too good there, or if it'd give off the right kind of feeling."
  152. [22:31:29] <Barkeep> "Plus a bay window will cost a bit more if someone gets defenstrated."
  153. [22:33:35] <Submission> "Mmm..." Submission eyes the window. "Not sure as to cost as of yet. Depends on how easily I can get the glass. I am not a blower."
  154. [22:33:50] * Henry pulls out a thick, red book and a pen and begins writing.
  155. [22:34:21] <Barkeep> "Come to think of it, not sure if there IS a blower in town. If there is I don't know them..."
  156. [22:35:29] <Barkeep> "As for you, Henry. It's like they always say. No man is an island. I figure just about anyone could use an extra pair of hands if you're able and willing. Be a good way to let yourself be known to the community."
  157. [22:35:55] <Henry> "I'm not a very strong man, or a fast one, so I don't know how much use I'd be outside of my element..."
  158. [22:38:07] <Nephene> "Helping to install a window isn't too bad."
  159. [22:38:14] <Nephene> "And there's always helping with the cleanup."
  160. [22:38:20] <Submission> "I know a bit about blowing glass, but I am not very skilled. I have some panes at my home, but I do not know if they are the correct size."
  161. [22:38:27] <Henry> "I suppose..."
  162. [22:38:42] <Nephene> "How's your shop going, though?"
  163. [22:38:45] <Nephene> "Still not up, or...?
  164. [22:39:35] <Henry> "I've been putting the finishing touches on it today. It should actually be ready to open tomorrow."
  165. [22:40:16] <Submission> "Shop?" Submission says, still riding on the momentary spurt of brainpower.
  166. [22:40:21] <Nephene> "Excellent. I'd love to see your work."
  167. [22:40:38] <Henry> "Yes, I'm a tailor. I'm opening a clothing shop."
  168. [22:40:57] * Henry seems to have gotten over his initial hesitance.
  169. [22:41:38] <Henry> "Of course, I'll still need a sign..."
  170. [22:41:47] <Submission> "I will bear this in mind."
  171. [22:42:02] <Henry> "Hah, thanks."
  172. [22:42:28] <Submission> "Mirror Move will enjoy some new clothes..." Submission says, his drawl returning. It's like a tape that's been slowed down as he talks.
  173. [22:44:00] <Henry> "Mirror Move?"
  174. [22:44:08] * Henry wonders what is UP with these names
  175. [22:44:20] * Balthazar walks inside the bar, quite giddy from before. "Hahaha, zat stoopid doctor vas zap! Zap! On ze groond. Yo Barkeep, how's it going,eh?"
  176. [22:44:27] <Nephene> A Riolu holds a large plate of mugs over his head, delivering drinks to a few tables.
  177. [22:45:55] * Henry looks over at Balthazar...
  178. [22:46:40] * Barkeep nods, "Can't complain. Don't think I've seen you 'round these parts."
  179. [22:46:54] <Nephene> "Me neither. Welcome to the Lazing Slaking."
  180. [22:47:36] <Henry> "Another out-of-towner, eh? Greetings!"
  181. [22:47:49] <Submission> "My sister... Most call her Maka..."
  182. [22:47:54] <Balthazar> "Eh, vell, it's not i'm on legal age to drink until in 2 weeks."
  183. [22:48:19] <Nephene> "We've got non-alcoholic beverages here, too."
  184. [22:48:27] <Balthazar> "Und it's not like i'm an outsider. I've been 'ere for quite a couple of months! ...On my laboratory of course."
  185. [22:48:29] <Nephene> "Fizzy drinks, juices, things like that."
  186. [22:49:21] <Henry> "So what's your name? I'm Henry Whitacre, a tailor from Imperia."
  187. [22:50:40] <Raven> Once again the door is opened, and through it comes Raven, a bit struffed up, some dirt on her cloths, but sure enough, bringing Maka along. "how on earth are you a LIBRARIAN with muscles like that?"
  188. [22:50:41] <Balthazar> "Heheheh... Juice vould be nice. In any case, you can call me Balthazar Woels, progidy mechanist. I'm from Imperia too."
  189. [22:51:27] <Barkeep> "Two weeks huh? Well you're an honest young man. Can I get you a Roy Rogers or an Arnold Palmer?"
  190. [22:51:29] <Maka> "Some of my parents' books are heavy, and I had to set up all the book shelves when they left..." Maka reluctantly lets herself get dragged in this time.
  191. [22:51:46] <Nephene> "Hello there."
  192. [22:51:56] <Submission> "Me... chanist?" Submission asks, not having noticed the two others enter yet.
  193. [22:52:09] <Nephene> Amon doesn't seem amused. More people means more orders, but Nephene always insisted that he needed a better work ethic.
  194. [22:52:10] <Maka> (Neph and Maka would've met before, right?)
  195. [22:52:24] <Nephene> ( Depends on how long they've lived in town. )
  196. [22:52:31] <Maka> (all her life)
  197. [22:52:42] <Nephene> ( Then I'm sure they've at least heard of each other. )
  198. [22:53:01] <Barkeep> (She lived on the outskirts though right? at least that's what I'm getting from sub's backstory)
  199. [22:53:11] * Balthazar points at his arm, which is covered by a metallic gauntlet with clockwork machinery. "Machines! You know, like zis one."
  200. [22:53:14] <Barkeep> (doubt she'd have been to a bar)
  201. [22:53:25] * Maka quietly takes a seat. "Hi...Neph? I...I'll just have a lumonade, please."
  202. [22:53:39] <Nephene> "Lumonade it is."
  203. [22:53:59] <Barkeep> "Fine machine it is, how 'bout you son?"
  204. [22:54:04] <Raven> "Nepheene~" says Raven cheerfully as she enters. "Give me the strongest beer Mac's got in stock!"
  205. [22:54:17] * Nephene goes through the stock of chilled containers, and pours a lumonade. "I'll just take a tab before you leave."
  206. [22:54:23] <Nephene> ".....the strongest?"
  207. [22:54:27] <Nephene> "I'm not sure if that's wise."
  208. [22:54:42] <Raven> "Come on pleeease?"
  209. [22:54:45] <Nephene> "He calls it Haxorus Piss for a reason."
  210. [22:54:46] * Barkeep smiles, "Lady knows what she wants."
  211. [22:54:50] <Submission> "Interesting. I... have none of those."
  212. [22:55:18] * Nephene sets the glass of lumonade on the counter.
  213. [22:55:27] <Balthazar> "Also zere's like zis." He suddenly points a strange gun from his pocket at the liquor stands. "My greatest invention! If only ze phillistines on the Academia knew 'ow zis is revolutionary!"
  214. [22:55:32] <Barkeep> "I'll get that for you right away Ma'am."
  215. [22:55:44] <Raven> "Thanks barkeep!"
  216. [22:56:11] <Maka> "Thanks." Maka sighs. "So why'd you drag me here Raven? It's so loud..."
  217. [22:56:23] <Nephene> "It's not normally this loud. I'm sorry."
  218. [22:56:33] <Nephene> "I like to keep things quiet when I can, but..."
  219. [22:56:52] <Barkeep> "Loud means business is good! Loud is good!"
  220. [22:57:19] * Nephene cannot argue with the transitive property of equality, unfortunately.
  221. [22:57:32] * Barkeep kicks up a beer glass with his foot and catches it perfectly in his hand, then pours some delicious golden liquid into it.
  222. [22:57:33] <Submission> "Can you... make machines to... manufacture?" The last word seems to struggle off Submission's tongue. It isn't as if he has trouble finding the word, but rather that his mouth is merely clumsy.
  223. [22:57:34] <Raven> "Well...I'm still new here myself, so I wanted to mingle. Admittedly have been spending good chunks of time since my arrival out in the woods."
  224. [22:57:51] * Henry looks at the curious device Balt has.
  225. [22:57:54] <Henry> "And what would that be?
  226. [22:57:58] * Maka takes a sip and slouches forward on the counter. "I prefer the woods too. There's a neat shrine there and it's quiet."
  227. [22:58:00] <Nephene> "And the first thing you want is -alcohol-?"
  228. [22:58:06] <Raven> "And by the way, Nephene! Have you heard about the person in town?"
  229. [22:58:18] <Nephene> "There's a lot of people in town, Raven. Which one?"
  230. [22:58:29] <Raven> "The...girl who lives on the beach. Maybe. Iona."
  231. [22:58:38] <Nephene> "Can't say I've heard of her, really."
  232. [22:58:56] <Raven> "And why are you always scolding me for coming to visit," she puffs her cheeks, pouty face~
  233. [22:58:58] * Henry looks at Raven and Maka, wanting to introduce himself, but he waits for Balthazar first.
  234. [22:59:04] <Barkeep> "Can't say I've heard about her just yet. I'm all ears though, Ma'am." he slides the beer along the counter and it comes to a perfect stop right by Raven.
  235. [22:59:09] <Balthazar> "Manufacture? Zat's boring! Now zis is a revolutionary veapon! It ionizes air und transforms pure light into kinetic energy that punctures through any kind of armor!"
  236. [22:59:26] <Raven> Raven...admittedly, eyes it cautiously at first.
  237. [22:59:35] <Raven> "I can see why you warned me. That's intimidating just to look at..."
  238. [22:59:45] <Nephene> You -swear- that it's bubbling like a witch's brew.
  239. [22:59:46] <Balthazar> "Und precise enough to take ze vings of a fly, assuming ze sharpshooter is good. Oh 'ow i love zapping viz you, glorious phaser!"
  240. [23:00:06] <Raven> Raven picks up the glass, and...takes a sip.
  241. [23:00:19] <Submission> "I have no use for that... You would... wage war with it."
  242. [23:00:20] <Henry> "So it... throws energy? Like a pokemon's attack, then?"
  243. [23:00:50] * Maka sneaks glances over at Balthazar's phaser and she continues to sip her lumonade. She seems caught between annoyance at his loudness and curiosity about the strange machine.
  244. [23:01:51] <Balthazar> "Vell, it's not like veapons can do anything else. Und yes, it vorks like a Pokémon attack, only vizout ze Pokémon. You see, something zat voold require years of training can be now replicated on a few days of manufacture and mass production."
  245. [23:02:14] * Henry looks curiously at it.
  246. [23:02:19] <Nephene> "...."
  247. [23:02:32] <Henry> "I suppose I would have to see it in action to believe it- not in here though, please."
  248. [23:02:39] <Raven> and then...with a gleaming face, takes a huge, bubbling drink...
  249. [23:02:39] <Barkeep> "Sounds like a fine piece of machinery, boy."
  250. [23:02:49] <Nephene> "Oh, dear. Ohdearohdearohdear."
  251. [23:02:52] <Raven> She holds it away from her. "woooooaaaaah."
  252. [23:02:56] <Balthazar> "And of course, it can be used for police forces. On ze weakest setting, it deals non-lethal damage und paralyzes nerves and mussles."
  253. [23:03:06] <Nephene> "Um, Raven? Are you alright?"
  254. [23:03:15] <Nephene> "Maybe you should take it easy."
  255. [23:03:19] * Maka glances down in horror at Raven's bubbling drink. "What IS that?"
  256. [23:03:30] <Nephene> "Gramps calls it Haxorus Piss."
  257. [23:03:37] <Barkeep> "Now with 80% more Haxorus."
  258. [23:03:39] <Nephene> "Supposedly among the strongest stuff he has."
  259. [23:03:59] <Raven> "It's like...nothing I've ever tasted before."
  260. [23:04:19] <Submission> Submission has lost interest in the machinist's work and looks over at Raven and her drink. "Pour me a pint," he says to Nephene, amused.
  261. [23:04:45] <Barkeep> "Already on it, friend."
  262. [23:04:45] <Nephene> "Oh, dear. Ohhhhhdearohdearohdear"
  263. [23:04:52] * Barkeep is pouring sub a pint.
  264. [23:04:52] <Maka> "Hi Sub! I thought you said you were carving for a job tonight."
  265. [23:05:04] <Nephene> "This won't end well."
  266. [23:05:17] <Barkeep> "Depends on your definition of well."
  267. [23:05:24] <Raven> "It's like...someone ground up a haxorus, cooked it into a pancake, then put it in a distillery..."
  268. [23:05:31] * Barkeep slides it over to Submission, and once again it stops perfectly at him.
  269. [23:05:36] <Nephene> "Raven, that doesn't even make any -sense-."
  270. [23:05:57] <Raven> "I'm drunk that not."
  271. [23:06:02] * Raven takes another swig.
  272. [23:06:16] <Nephene> "No more, Raven. That's really enough."
  273. [23:06:21] * Henry finishes his drink, and gets up from his seat briefly to join Raven and Maka. "Excuse me, I hope I'm not intruding. I'm new in town and thought I'd introduce myself to everyone. Henry Whitacre, tailor. My clothing shop will be opening tomorrow. May I ask who you two are?"
  274. [23:06:33] <Submission> "I... do not remember saying such a thing." Submission takes a drink from the mug and smiles bitterly as the drink goes down. His size, though, mitigates most of the effects. "Not to... worry about Raven. I will... put her up."
  275. [23:06:37] <Nephene> "Raven's a little busy right now, sir...."
  276. [23:07:04] <Henry> "Eh, I see that now."
  277. [23:07:16] * Henry looks at Maka, then, smiling.
  278. [23:07:19] * Raven turns around clumsily, "hm?"
  279. [23:07:38] <Maka> "Um...hi Henry. Name's Maka, and I run the library. This is Raven. She's new to town too, and I'm honestly a bit worried for her right now." she takes a nervous glance at Raven's drink once more.
  280. [23:07:59] <Raven> "Oh, how do you do, sir? I'm the new ossifer, I mean, guard captain, in town."
  281. [23:08:11] <Raven> *hic*
  282. [23:08:17] <Nephene> Raven: THE FLOUR ARMY IS REVOLTING
  283. [23:08:24] <Henry> "I'm doing just fine, but... my goodness, how are you drinking that?"
  284. [23:08:41] * Henry nods at Maka.
  285. [23:08:44] * Maka takes another sip of lumonade and gives a half-worried half-disdainful look at Raven.
  286. [23:08:52] <Henry> "She... does seem like she's gotten into more than she can handle, doesn't it?"
  287. [23:08:58] <Raven> " has a history of love of booze. Granted...this is...quite intense."
  288. [23:09:00] <Nephene> "Far more."
  289. [23:09:18] <Raven> "In the future, i should maybe stick to the Axew piss."
  290. [23:09:25] <Henry> "Maka... so you're Mirror Move, then? Do you prefer Maka?"
  291. [23:09:27] <Balthazar> "Ze demonstration vill vait until later zen. Mr. Barkeep, 'ow about some watered-down wine?"
  292. [23:09:40] * Alex Alex walks in, looking a bit haggard. He's a surprised for a sec at the scene in the bar currently, but beelines for the counter anyway
  293. [23:09:50] <Nephene> "Um, hello there."
  294. [23:09:55] * Maka nods. "Only Sub calls me Mirror Move. My parents tried to make the name stick..."
  295. [23:10:08] <Nephene> "Sorry for the commotion. I haven't really planned for this....what can I do for you?"
  296. [23:10:08] <Henry> "Ah, okay. I had been wondering..."
  297. [23:10:14] * Raven finishes off the drink while Nephene is busy with another customer, before she can get scolded.
  298. [23:10:42] <Submission> Submission takes another drink and pats Raven on the shoulder. "You may... sleep at my home tonight. It is... not wise to sleep alone like that."
  299. [23:10:42] <Henry> "The library, then? Haha, I'll have to come visit. I love reading a good book every now and then. I really should be getting back, however..."
  300. [23:10:44] <Alex> "Hi Nephene (alex has been here for two years so we've probably met, exp since he's the only farmer)
  301. [23:10:52] <Barkeep> "Sorry, Son. can't quite do that for you until two weeks but... how does an arnold palmer or a Roy Rogers sound?"
  302. [23:11:08] <Nephene> "Got a few fizzies, too."
  303. [23:11:10] <Raven> "I'm...fairly new to town myself, Mr. Whitacre. How do you like it so far, yourself?"
  304. [23:11:16] * Maka brightens. "Yes, please do! And...if you have any books you don't need, feel free to donate them so everyone can read them."
  305. [23:11:19] <Alex> "Can i just get a bottle of your strongest spirits and a glass?"
  306. [23:11:20] <Balthazar> "...I don't 'ave an idea of vat those names mean."
  307. [23:11:54] <Nephene> "No can do, Alex."
  308. [23:11:58] <Henry> "I will! And Ms. Raven, I'm finding it marvelous. Everyone here is friendly and it's a pleasure meeting new people. I'm hoping I'll be of use here in a community like this."
  309. [23:12:07] <Alex> "Why not?"
  310. [23:12:19] <Barkeep> "An arnold palmer is 1 part Lumonade to one part Iced Tea... Roy Rogers is some grenadine with carbonated soda pop."
  311. [23:12:42] <Nephene> ( holy fuck, I'm acting double stupid today )
  312. [23:12:46] <Henry> "My shop will contain more... mundane works for now, but I hope to expend it in the future. Please do stop by whenever you feel like a new look."
  313. [23:13:01] <Raven> "I'm pleased quite myself. It's...quite different from life in Imperial. Less commotion. Oh and Submission, don't worry, it wouldn't be the time first I passed out in a bush somewhere anyway."
  314. [23:13:01] <Nephene> "Barkeep, what are the strongest spirits we have?"
  315. [23:13:16] <Henry> *expand
  316. [23:13:16] * Nephene sighs. She knows she's going to regret this.
  317. [23:13:27] <Balthazar> "I could take ze Loomonade one and... Ze town guard captain?" Suddenly, Balthy turns to Raven, quite a bit piqued.
  318. [23:13:30] <Barkeep> "Haha, strongest we got, let's see..."
  319. [23:13:44] <Henry> "And with that, I think I'll take my leave. A pleasure meeting all of you. Everything's paid for, right Nephene?"
  320. [23:13:47] <Submission> "I will not... permit you to do that. We have an... extra bed."
  321. [23:13:48] * Maka raises an eyebrow at hearing Raven's latest declaration. "I'll be sure to visit, Henry. I could use some new clothes sometime."
  322. [23:14:03] <Nephene> "Still need payment for your brandy, I think."
  323. [23:14:10] * Henry set down a note before
  324. [23:14:16] * Henry points to where he was sitting.
  325. [23:14:18] <Nephene> "Submission's beer, Raven's poison, Maka's lumonade...."
  326. [23:14:21] <Henry> "Sorry, you must have missed it."
  327. [23:14:28] <Raven> "Night Good, Henry!"
  328. [23:14:28] <Nephene> "Right, right, sorry! It's just a little....hectic."
  329. [23:14:33] <Nephene> "You're good to go, sir."
  330. [23:14:34] <Raven> she waves obnoxiously
  331. [23:14:35] <Barkeep> "Double the poison, sub had one."
  332. [23:14:47] <Nephene> "Right, so it comes to.....
  333. [23:14:51] <Henry> "And please, call me Henry, you don't have to bother with 'sir'." he smiles warmly.
  334. [23:15:13] <Balthazar> "Captain Raven, lady!"
  335. [23:15:18] <Henry> "Good night!"
  336. [23:15:30] <Nephene> "200 P total for Submission, Maka, and Raven."
  337. [23:15:33] <Raven> "hm?" she spins around, a little more clumsily then before, and sets the empty pint on the bar.
  338. [23:15:33] <Submission> "Good... night, Henry," Sub responds slowly.
  339. [23:15:39] <Barkeep> "Anyway our strongest spirits... well we got this stuff but I'm not 100% sure it's legal."
  340. [23:15:42] * Henry strolls to leave, whistling a tune as he goes, taking another look at Maka before he goes.
  341. [23:15:55] <Raven> "I'll cover the tab, Nephene, no worries~"
  342. [23:16:01] <Alex> "It'll have to do"
  343. [23:16:08] * Nephene sighs. "Please do. Come back tomorrow."
  344. [23:16:21] <Raven> "Always so strict, like the big sister I had never!"
  345. [23:16:39] * Nephene sighs. "I'm not strict, am I?" she asks Barkeep.
  346. [23:16:45] <Submission> As he turns back to the barkeep and Nephene, he says, "I..." but Raven beats him to the punch. Rather than argue it, he falls silent and takes another drink from his mug, taking the last of it down his throat. He seems barely inebriated at all.
  347. [23:17:08] <Balthazar> "Captain Raven, a minute of your attention, eh?"
  348. [23:17:08] * Barkeep digs through the bottles loudly.
  349. [23:17:13] * Maka waves to Henry then turns back around and pulls a small notebook from her pocket and mutters. "...two kinds of story....goes on comes to town...oh, maybe he's the main character then?"
  350. [23:17:15] <Barkeep> "Hmmmm what've we got..."
  351. [23:18:34] <Barkeep> "Well..."
  352. [23:18:40] * Barkeep looks at Raven
  353. [23:18:53] * Barkeep looks back at Alex
  354. [23:19:00] <Barkeep> "Well hopefully if it isn't legal she won't remember."
  355. [23:19:22] <Raven> "Hm, yes, sir? I don't believe met we've."
  356. [23:19:23] * Barkeep pours Alex a bit of absinthe.
  357. [23:19:41] * Maka then takes a glance to the side at Raven and crosses something out in her notebook. "...definitely not main character material."
  358. [23:20:33] <Alex> "leave the bottle, it'll save you time"
  359. [23:20:37] <Balthazar> "I-i tried to talk vith you before! About adopting my idea for ze town guard!"
  360. [23:21:37] <Raven> "...did we discuss here this?"
  361. [23:21:55] <Nephene> "I am so confused."
  362. [23:21:56] <Barkeep> "No offense, sir but..."
  363. [23:21:57] <Raven> "becuase to be perfectly honest I don't recall much -after- leaving this place, usually."
  364. [23:22:13] * Nephene buries her face in her hands.
  365. [23:22:16] <Barkeep> "If it's all the same to you I'd prefer if you finished the shot first."
  366. [23:22:46] * Alex downs the shot quick with a strong "gahh"
  367. [23:23:01] * Maka sighs and finishes the last of her lumonade, looking around the bar to see if ANYONE is not getting completely smashed right now.
  368. [23:23:03] <Balthazar> "A few days ago! I vas showing yoo a prototype of ze Rocket-Propelling Rifle!"
  369. [23:23:16] <Barkeep> Balth isn't.
  370. [23:23:48] <Maka> (Balthazar is also loud)
  371. [23:23:48] <Nephene> There are a few heretofore unnamed patrons just drinking lightly.
  372. [23:23:54] <Balthazar> (super loud)
  373. [23:23:56] * Raven is suddenly sobered up a bit at the sound of 'rocket' and 'rifle' in the same sentence. "Do on go."
  374. [23:24:14] <Nephene> Neph and Barkeep aren't drinking, of course.
  375. [23:24:25] * Barkeep looks at alex
  376. [23:24:39] <Submission> (Submission isn't smashed.)
  377. [23:24:44] <Submission> (He's had two drinks.)
  378. [23:24:52] <Balthazar> "Vell, i am currently building weaponized explosive rockets, und i believe if i get ze right funding from ze mayor's office, i can mass produce zem."
  379. [23:25:11] <Barkeep> (one of which was haxorus piss)
  380. [23:25:21] <Barkeep> (well not smashed I'd say)
  381. [23:25:37] <Submission> (He's inebriated, but far from stumbling.)
  382. [23:25:44] <Nephene> (He should be feeling -something after drinking the HP, yeah, considering Mac is very good at what he does.)
  383. [23:25:45] <Raven> "...I speak could with the mayor, but we're going to need a demonstration."
  384. [23:26:00] <Raven> "you might want to ask me about this when I'm not inebraited, however."
  385. [23:26:15] * Alex is noticeably wobbly
  386. [23:26:16] * Maka slowly slinks away from drunken Raven and tries to catch Barkeep's attention. "Umm, hi, I heard you knew some nifty tricks you did for people here and...yeah."
  387. [23:26:28] <Balthazar> "Vell, i can show you a demonstration of ze second idea. BEHOLD!"
  388. [23:26:39] <Barkeep> "Tricks?"
  389. [23:26:41] <Barkeep> "... I know a few."
  390. [23:27:06] <Submission> Submission begins to stare at the ceiling, his eyes staring into nothing as he thinks.
  391. [23:27:25] * Balthazar points the Phaser at the ceiling and... gives a shot with it!
  392. [23:27:48] <Barkeep> "NO BLASTERS!"
  393. [23:27:53] <Maka> "Can you show me one?" Maka's happy to be interacting with someone who isn't busy fucking themselves up as quickly as possible.
  394. [23:28:02] <Raven> "oi!"
  395. [23:28:20] <Raven> "I like guns next as the next Imperial Guardsmen, but shoot don't in here!"
  396. [23:28:35] <Raven> "'s like a flashlight or something."
  397. [23:29:30] * Nephene crosses out a few items on the notepad.
  398. [23:29:51] <Balthazar> The phaser is ready to shoot a piercing beam that would punch through the ceiling like paper!
  399. [23:30:08] <Balthazar> ...But it stops due to MYSTERIOUS POWERS. "Mérde!"
  400. [23:30:15] * Barkeep squeezes his lucky coin in his pocket oh thank god
  401. [23:30:36] <Raven> "..."
  402. [23:30:41] <Raven> " is...a flashlight?"
  403. [23:31:08] <Barkeep> "Uh, look son, if you wanna shoot that thing around I don't mind so long as you do it outside."
  404. [23:31:53] * Raven turns around all paranoid toward the bar...
  405. [23:31:58] <Raven> "Ididn'tdoit"
  406. [23:32:10] <Nephene> "....."
  407. [23:32:16] <Nephene> "What is going ON over there?"
  408. [23:32:21] <Barkeep> "Okay, sure."
  409. [23:32:25] * Raven whimpers.
  410. [23:32:29] <Nephene> This is the closest she's ever been to getting legtimately angry.
  411. [23:32:32] <Raven> whimpers, even
  412. [23:32:35] <Submission> (So is there an actual hole there now?)
  413. [23:32:39] <Balthazar> "It's uh, kind of jammed. I... Vill try later. Outside."
  414. [23:32:50] <Balthazar> (Nope, DL prob controlled it to fail)
  415. [23:32:50] <Nephene> "What made you think this was a -good idea-?!"
  416. [23:33:09] <Barkeep> "Miss Maka, I want you to think of a drink. Then describe it for me in one word. Off that one word I'll guess what drink you're thinking of."
  417. [23:33:10] <Raven> "I told him not to," looks scared.
  418. [23:33:20] <Submission> (Oh, I see.)
  419. [23:33:23] <Nephene> "Out! OUT!"
  420. [23:33:43] <Raven> "PleaseDontDoThatThingWhereYouHugMeAndICantMove"
  421. [23:33:53] <Nephene> "OUT!"
  422. [23:34:03] <Barkeep> "Aww come on, Sis. Calm down." D:
  423. [23:34:13] <Maka> "Um...perfumey"
  424. [23:34:14] * Raven gets all teary eyed and runs out "waaaaah!"
  425. [23:34:14] <Submission> "Neph, leave Raven be... I will keep her in line..."
  426. [23:34:43] <Barkeep> "Perfumey, perfum- aww sis..."
  427. [23:34:43] <Nephene> "The one with the machine. You too."
  428. [23:35:09] <Balthazar> "Vat."
  429. [23:35:22] <Barkeep> "Well to be fair you haven't really ordered anything so..."
  430. [23:35:53] <Barkeep> "Anyway Miss Maka, you said Perfumey, right? Would that happen to be a Liechi Freeze you're thinking of?"
  431. [23:35:55] * Nephene is completely stressed out.
  432. [23:36:07] <Balthazar> (i think i ordered the lemonade)
  433. [23:36:22] * Maka 's eyes widen. "Y-yes. I didn't think I did a very good job of summing it up in a word..."
  434. [23:36:39] <Submission> "Tch," Submission retorts, annoyed that she left. "Maka... do not go far... I am going to put Raven in the guest room... I will return." With that, the lumbering hulk pulls out 400 Poke, double what they were supposed to pay before and puts it down in front of Nephene. "Watch my sister."
  435. [23:37:02] <Nephene> She takes a few deep breaths. "I will. Just....the one with the machine. Please leave. Come back tomorrow."
  436. [23:37:25] <Raven> (nephene so mean ;_;)
  437. [23:37:29] * Maka whips around to see Submission leave. "Oh, okay Sub...You'll have to move my books off the bed then. Be gentle with them!"
  438. [23:37:54] <Alex> "hey barkeep, can i get a tall shot for the road . . . I think i may have bit off more than i can chew"
  439. [23:38:13] * Alex almost slouches off the stool
  440. [23:38:19] <Barkeep> "Haha, sure thing. Be lucky I didn't give you the Everclear."
  441. [23:38:43] * Barkeep gives him a shot. "Stay safe."
  442. [23:38:43] * Nephene sits down, and rests her head on the counter. She feels awful.
  443. [23:38:59] <Alex> "what do i owe, figure i should pay it while i can still count"
  444. [23:39:03] <Submission> With that, Submission stalks off to find Raven and put her in the guest room of the Elyse home. (Do you want to RP this part, Zoof?)
  445. [23:39:10] <Balthazar> "B-but i need to talk something else vith captain Raven. I saw your name before, und i believe ve are... Related!"
  446. [23:39:30] <Barkeep> (I think she left already)
  447. [23:39:38] <Raven> Raven is by now...
  448. [23:39:46] <Raven> 1d20+6...
  449. [23:39:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Raven, 1d20+6...: 25 [1d20=19]
  450. [23:40:05] <Raven> ran into the woods a good distance, scaled a tree and passed out on a limb.
  451. [23:40:34] <Submission> (... Submission is a woodsman.)
  452. [23:40:45] <Raven> (I'm just giving you her current situation :3c.)
  453. [23:40:53] <Raven> (blame dicemaid, she aced her "running while drunk" check!)
  454. [23:41:32] <Submission> 1d20-2 Looking for shit
  455. [23:41:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Submission, Looking for shit: 14 [1d20=16]
  456. [23:41:35] <Balthazar> "Vhere ze fuck did she vent!" Balty suddenly storms out of the bar, searching for Raven!
  457. [23:41:47] <Nephene> "Finally." She breathes a heavy sigh.
  458. [23:41:53] <Nephene> "I never wanted to do that."
  459. [23:41:57] <Balthazar> 1d20 looking help for subby?
  460. [23:41:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Balthazar, looking help for subby?: 7 [1d20=7]
  461. [23:41:58] <Barkeep> "Umm... anyway, Maka please, have yourself a Liechi Freeze."
  462. [23:42:14] * Barkeep mixes one up for her quickly.
  463. [23:42:51] * Maka nods furiously. "It's been forever since I've had one. And...I'm glad it's not so loud here anymore." she scribbles a bit more in her notepad.
  464. [23:43:30] <Submission> After a bit of wandering about looking in town for the guard, Submission finally hears the woman asleep in the trees. "Tch," he spits as he reaches up and literally grabs the end of the limb Raven is on and pulls her down to his level.
  465. [23:43:49] <Barkeep> "That'll be 150, Alex."
  466. [23:44:02] <Alex> "here you go"
  467. [23:44:18] * Alex counts out the money, and leaves 50 as a tip
  468. [23:45:41] <Raven> "Hm?"
  469. [23:45:58] <Submission> "Do not... sleep in the tree. We have a bed."
  470. [23:46:22] <Barkeep> "Thank you, Sir. Feel free to come again."
  471. [23:46:26] <Balthazar> "Oh mérde, Maybe it vas ze relation comment i made? Miss Raven, vhere are..." He overhears Submission do the same bed comment.
  472. [23:46:41] <Barkeep> "Miss Maka, is it to your liking?"
  473. [23:46:44] <Alex> "no thank you barkeep"
  474. [23:47:04] <Barkeep> (is there supposed to be a comma in there?)
  475. [23:47:04] * Nephene sighs.
  476. [23:47:09] <Barkeep> (or is he saying he doesn't want to come again D:)
  477. [23:47:24] <Maka> "Mmhmm" Maka finishes taking a big gulp. "It's delicious!"
  478. [23:47:29] <Alex> (no he was just thanking you for your service)
  479. [23:47:34] <Raven> She seems too upset and intoxicated to really resist.
  480. [23:47:34] <Barkeep> (okay)
  481. [23:47:37] <Alex> (sorry)
  482. [23:47:44] <Alex> (i'm tired)
  483. [23:47:46] <Barkeep> (np just needed to clear that part up)
  484. [23:49:07] <Raven> "Nephene's gonna chase me down and beat mee~" she whimpers.
  485. [23:49:19] * Alex mutters something about "corphish" and "went too far." Then manages one coherent sentence before he pounds down the shot: "Heres to the inescable past!"
  486. [23:49:54] * Alex then stumbles his way out the door, presumably back to his farm
  487. [23:50:00] * Balthazar gets lost on the town.
  488. [23:50:24] <Barkeep> "Take care of yourself, friend."
  489. [23:51:01] * Maka takes another gulp. "Owww..." she sets her head on the counter and winces. "Brainfreeze..."
  490. [23:52:03] <Submission> "No... Neph is just tired," Submission says, helping the girl back to the Elyse cottage, carrying her, if necessary.
  491. [23:52:43] * Barkeep looks around... just him, Maka, and Nephene right?
  492. [23:53:05] <Submission> (Zoof, can I assume Raven gets put up just fine so Sub can go back for Maka?)
  493. [23:53:08] <Nephene> Along with a couple of unnamed patrons, yes.
  494. [23:53:16] <Raven> (yes.)
  495. [23:53:24] <Nephene> Amon takes a break. He wishes he could have dealt with the noisy ones.
  496. [23:53:44] <Maka> After recovering from the brain freeze, Maka suddenly realizes the bar is a lot emptier. "Oh...I should probably get home. Sub will be worried..."
  497. [23:54:02] <Submission> Some time after he left, Submission returns to the bar, right as Maka opens her mouth. What a strange coincidence.
  498. [23:54:16] <Nephene> "He's already paid for everything." The statement comes out muffled.
  499. [23:55:51] <Maka> "Hi Sub. How's Raven now?"
  500. [23:56:15] <Submission> "Thank you... Nephene," Submission says, moving to get Maka. "Raven is... sleeping now. I was careful with your books."
  501. [23:56:54] <Nephene> "Have a good evening, Submission." she says deflatedly. Her head is still resting, face-down, on the counter.
  502. [23:56:55] <Maka> "Thanks~" Maka glances out the window and suddenly looks a bit downcast. "Oh, it's too late tonight to visit the shrine, isn't it?"
  503. [23:58:08] <Submission> "Yes..." Submission says tiredly. "I do not want you out this late when I am not going to be awake... You may go in the morning..."
  504. [23:58:48] <Maka> "Fiiiine." Maka jumps off her stool. "Thanks Neph, Barkeep. I...hope you feel better?"
  505. [23:58:54] <Barkeep> "Sorry about the mess. Come again soon, won't you? I'll keep that 150 on the tab."
  506. [00:03:15] <Submission> "Thank you." And thus Submission takes Maka home and promptly passes out.
  507. [00:03:51] * Barkeep puts his hand on Nephene's back, "Sis, you wanna go talk about it in the back?"
  508. [00:04:07] <Nephene> "I think I just want to sleep."
  509. [00:04:38] <Barkeep> "Sis, come on... you can talk to me."
  510. [00:04:49] <Barkeep> "Please?"
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