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  1. $.bootstrapGrowl("Você tem um nova nota fiscal de entrada!", {
  2.   ele: 'body', // which element to append to
  3.   type: 'success', // (null, 'info', 'danger', 'success')
  4.   offset: {from: 'bottom', amount: 20}, // 'top', or 'bottom'
  5.   align: 'left', // ('left', 'right', or 'center')
  6.   width: 250, // (integer, or 'auto')
  8.   delay: 5000, // Time while the message will be displayed. It's not equivalent to the *demo* timeOut!
  9.   allow_dismiss: true, // If true then will display a cross to close the popup.
  10.   stackup_spacing: 10 // spacing between consecutively stacked growls.
  11. });
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