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  1. -**suggestions after playing normally for around 4 hours**
  3. -The properties menu for items should have the Delete button a little further away from normal buttons, or near the bottom in a red box that says **Delete** possibly also stating the amount that specific item will be deleted for(at a time i tried to move an item and deleted it on accident, unintentionally sending myself back 2k, currently the buttons feel a bit too squished together )
  5. -The starting base price of Pharm-o-matic should be raised to 225, Earnings are very sluggish for a player starting out, and likely wanting to customize their plot who might neglect base-price.
  7. -With the inflated purchase price of the snack vending machine, it should be 60 a sale. (Drink machine should be 50)
  9. -While selecting an item in the storage tab, the description of the item should state its inventory/stock size
  11. -Extend the time gap that staff members are paid by 1-2 extra minutes. (this will allow for a few more sales to take place for starting players, as it takes a brutal cut from a starting player with 4 staff forced to be hired, while their current account is sitting around 1-6K around the time of completing the tutorial, depending on how many items they placed. Compared to a further progressed player that can easily cover those salary's)
  13. -Basic wall price should be lowered to 25 (all others are fine)
  15. -There should be a darker outline around the "order amount" textbox when in the Restocking UI, Along with a bit larger or bolder text for the actual value amount. as i could imagine some smaller displays would barely be able to make out the thin green numbers.
  17. -There should be a way to go back to the title screen and change your plot without having to leave the game, when players leave the game there's a chance they would just move to a different game completely. (even if it means rejoining to a different server to change your current plot, its safer to keep the player active in their game client)
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