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Xactimate Troubleshooting

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  1. SQL 2008 Failed to Install
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  10. SQL Server 2008 failed to install when installing Xactimate 27
  12. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Express Edition) is typically installed automatically during setup as a pre-requisite from the Xactimate installation CD or download. SQL 2008 may fail to install properly when the computer is currently waiting certain Windows Updates and/or any pending restarts.
  14.     *Note: If you are already using SQL Server 2005 Express edition for any other programs and their corresponding databases (ie, certain Backup utilities, etc) then SQL 2008 may not install properly even with the following steps. Contact Support for assistance in installing an Xactware instance of SQL 2005 to run alongside your existing instance(s).
  16. Step 1 - Check for any Windows Updates regarding SQL.
  18.     This can be done by opening Internet Explorer and browsing to: http://update.microsoft.com/ or potentially by clicking Start - All Programs - Windows Updates. If there are any updates regarding Microsoft SQL waiting to download and install, go ahead and download and install those.
  20. Step 2 - Reboot the computer.
  22.     After rebooting the machine in question, try installing the SQL service again by running the Xactimate installer. If it again fails, continue on to Step 3.
  24. Step 3 - Check for an existing "XACTWARE" instance of SQL Server on the computer.
  26.     Check to see if there is a previous "SQL Server (XACTWARE)" instance showing in the Services list within Computer Management. The Services list can be opened by right clicking on Computer (or My Computer in Windows XP) and selecting Manage. Expand the Services and Applications option, then choose Services from under it. Look for a service called SQL Server (XACTWARE). If that is listed, right-click on it and choose Restart, or Start if it is currently Stopped.
  28.     If the service is listed but will not start, proceed to Steps 4-5.
  29.     If the service is not listed, proceed to Step 5, skipping Step 4.
  31.     If the service will start successfully, then SQL is installed and functioning properly already. Simply move on to the remainder of the Xactimate installation and configuration and don't worry about the remainder of the steps within this document. Contact Support for any other trouble installing Xactimate itself.
  33. Step 4 - Uninstall SQL Server (XACTWARE) through Programs and Features.
  35.     Click Start - Control Panel. Within the Control Panel, open Programs and Features or Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down in the list and locate the listing for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to uninstall. Highlight that Microsoft SQL Server 2008 listing and click Uninstall or Remove.
  37.     A new window will appear. Select Remove, as in the screenshot below.
  39.         Image
  41.     Be sure to select the proper instance to remove. Select XACTWARE as the instance to remove.
  43.         Image
  45.     Click "Select all" when asked what features to remove and continue through the prompts to remove the XACTWARE instance.
  47.         Image
  49. Step 5 - Reinstall SQL Server.
  51.     See AID 1929: Manually installing SQL Server 2008.
  53. For assistance at any time please contact us through Live Chat, available 24/7 at our eService Center http://eservice.xactware.com. For a nominal fee, telephone support is also available Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM MST at 800-710-XACT(9228).
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