210 Jealousy

Dec 21st, 2014
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  1. Jealousy
  3. Motoyasu put the end of the flag into his mouth and stretched it with all his strength as he glared at me with a look of jealousy.
  5. "Wasn't it your own fault! What are you looking at me enviously for!" (Naofumi)
  6. "No way, father-in-law! Doing that as parent and child is a crime! It's not like I'm feeling jealous or anything!" (Motoyasu)
  7. "Don't make it so obvious idioooot!" (Naofumi)
  9. Step by step, Firo is approaching me. Should I run away? I have a feeling Firo is only approaching slowly because I'm within range. Well, I'll confirm with the monster crest item first. It's unrefutably a sandstorm. Operation impossible. Next is, exclude Firo from the party!
  11. "Meteor Shield!" (Naofumi)
  12. "Hindrance-" (Firo)
  14. The developed Meteor Shield was destroyed in one hit! H, hey! This is seriously bad. I'll get done by Firo at this rate!
  16. "So jealous, so jealous-! I'm so jealous of you being loved by Firo-tan" (Motoyasu)
  17. "Shut up-!" (Naofumi)
  19. Who's fault do you think it is! Motoyasu's spear...it seems that spear is granting power to Firo. It probably has an effect of lending power to those overcome by lust. What a bothersome ability to possess.
  21. "Motoyasu, hurry and change that spear!" (Naofumi)
  22. "What are you saying, father-in-law. There's no way I could change a spear that appeared from my love for Firo-tan" (Motoyasu)
  23. "Your beloved Firo will run wild at this rate!" (Naofumi)
  25. I am the main victim. Isn't it normally the opposite?
  27. Defeating Motoyasu for Firo who was brainwashed by Motoyasu...won't happen. It's become to defeat Firo to stop her rampaging caused by Motoyasu.
  29. If I am defeated in the former scenario, Firo will be done by Motoyasu. If I am defeated in the latter scenario, I will be done by Firo. Why is it.
  31. "No gooooood! Firo-taaaaaaaan!" (Motoyasu)
  33. Motoyasu rushed over and stood in front of me as if to shield me. Then he faced Firo and shouted.
  35. "That's no good Firo-tan. Incest is no good!" (Motoyasu)
  36. "We aren't even real parent and child!" (Naofumi)
  38. I've had enough of this state of affairs. From the start.
  40. "Firo-tan! That's no good" (Motoyasu)
  41. "Move-" (Firo)
  42. "Nuah! Even then, I'll show you that I can prevent you from going down the path of evil!" (Motoyasu)
  44. Why Motoyasu is trying to stop Firo's advance with his back turned towards me, I want to consult this with Raphtalia. Why is Raphtalia not here. Raphtalia would be able to understand. This resentment with no comparion.
  46. "Like I said, hurry and change your spear!" (Naofumi)
  47. "Master...haa...Firo's-...haa...n..." (Firo)
  48. "Youuu! Father-in-law. I'm sooooooo envious. Being so valued by Firo-chan, soooo bitterrrrr! Is, how I feel" (Motoyasu)
  49. "Shut up!" (Naofumi)
  51. Who's fault do think it is! It's you! You!
  53. "So jealous, so jealous!" (Motoyasu)
  55. Don't stamp your feet it's disgusting! Don't put on that disgusting smile while getting grappled by Firo. As to why I know what his face looks like, it's because he turned this way and spoke. The idiot.
  57. "So bitterrrrr..." (Motoyasu)
  59. What!?
  60. A black aura is gushing out of Motoyasu's spear. The flag tied to Motoyasu's spear tore...the spear's tip is revealed.
  61. ...Why does it look like the tip of Motoyasu's spear is covered by a mosaic?
  63. "Wha...wha..." (Melty)
  65. Turning to look towards the voice, I see Melty's flushed face. Identically, Rishia who stood recovered from motion sickness was using both hands to cover her eyes with a red face.
  67. "Why do you have a spear with such a shape!" (Melty)
  69. Her loud voice echoed.
  71. "Umm...you can see it Melty?" (Naofumi)
  72. "Naofumi can't see it!?" (Melty)
  73. "Just on the spear's tip, there's a mosaic...it appears blurred" (Naofumi)
  74. "Fuee...I saw iiit..." (Rishia)
  76. What? I can't see because of the mosaic, but it seems Melty and the others can see it clearly.
  78. "Why can't you see it" (Melty)
  79. "What kind of shape is it?" (Naofumi)
  81. On the other hand, I'm welling with interest since I can't see it. Rather why is it only me who can't see it?
  83. "That's sexual harrassment! If you weren't Naofumi, severe punishment would've been dealt! Rather, aren't you just saying you can't see to humiliate me!" (Melty)
  84. "Sexual harrassment...huh" (Naofumi)
  86. Just...what kind of shape does it have? Things to consider...stuff covered by mosaics on television. Guro..probably not. There would have been mosaics when monsters were being dismantled.
  88. In which case, I'm guessing it probably has the shape of that thing in the wagon of Elizabeth's portable shrine. //phallic festival
  89. What kind of game did the men's thrusting spear appear in again. A spear that does double damage to females.
  91. I'll confirm the shape of Motoyasu's spear once again. An ominous scorpion and snake ornament adorn the handle. The spearhead is still covered by a mosaic.
  93. "Fa, ther..." (Motoyasu)
  95. This guy is still calling me father-in-law at this point. Even while being corroded by the Curse Series. How admirable. It already feels like it'd be fine to call it my loss.
  97. "I will steal, your daughter. With this Lust Envy Spear IV" (Motoyasu)
  99. ...Haa. I'm about to be corroded by melancholy.
  101. "Firo-tan! I, will stop you, and take your purity!" (Motoyasu)
  103. Motoyasu pointed his spear towards Firo.
  104. ...Just where are you pointing at. Don't set your aim at the lower half of her body.
  106. "Uu...I'm not going easy if you get in my way" (Firo)
  108. Firo also seriously gathered power and took a stance. Thus Firo and Motoyasu began slowly approaching each other as they looked for openings.
  110. "...Um, what would be good for us to do?"
  112. Atla and Melty ask with half-amazed expressions while standing as if to protect me. I don't know either.
  114. Why is Motoyasu protecting us? Motoyasu is acting like an enigmatic ally. It's so baffling my head is starting to hurt.
  116. "I don't know" (Naofumi)
  118. I just want to quickly return. But, I won't be able to return at this rate. Motoyasu started circling towards Firo's rear with his spear still pointed downwards. Where are you intending to set your aim!
  120. "Fire! Ressentiment!" (Motoyasu)
  122. Again, something is passing through nearby. Temptation also affected me. But, the skill this time....
  124. Fumu, for some reason I recall the incident when I was had by Motoyasu and Witch. But these feelings of resentment are a daily thing, nothing was affected by seeing the betrayed and ruined Motoyasu. Or rather, Raphtalia's face came to mind right afterwards but nothing happened. What kind of skill was that?
  126. "Uu...my head is getting strange" (Melty)
  127. "Fueee...Itsuki-sama-" (Rishia)
  128. "Onii-sama...I'm envious..." (Atla)
  130. Melty, Rishia, and Atla are moaning painfully. Is the skill a mind attack type? Temptation was also a mind attack type, you could say Motoyasu is a pro in that field. To be using it himself, even though he's badmouthed and attacked me over a brainwashing shield....
  132. "Get yourselves together!" (Naofumi)
  133. """Hah!?"""
  134. "What did you feel?" (Naofumi)
  135. "..." (Melty)
  137. Melty quickly averted her line of sight. Next, Rishia muddled her words with the usual "fuee".
  139. "The image of onii-sama and Naofumi-sama having a harmonious relationship appeared in my mind" (Atla)
  140. "Why should I get along with Fohl" (Naofumi)
  142. It seems to set a field with the effect of amplifying feelings of jealousy...that kind of feeling? Well, it wouldn't be strange even if everyone held one or two feelings of jealousy. As I thought, it was a mind attack type. Why did this guy use this kind of skill!
  144. "The power in my heart, is increasing" (Motoyasu)
  146. Ah, boosting yourself with the power of jealousy.
  148. "Reach it! My! Heart of love!" (Motoyasu)
  150. Motoyasu hoisted his spear up high.
  151. ...What part of Firo are you planning to thrust that spear.
  153. "Don't, get in Firo's way-!" (Firo)
  155. Firo was able to turn and dodge faster than Motoyasu could thrust. Maybe thanks to the curse, Motoyasu's movements are considerably fast. No, I have a feeling it's not just that. He's even faster than Ren. Not that he wouldn't be able to keep up at all, but I doubt he'd be able to catch up.
  157. "Firo-tan! Meteor Spear!" (Motoyasu)
  159. Bashii! Motoyasu fired his skill aimed at Firo.
  161. "Nnnngghhhhh!" (Firo)
  163. Firo dodged Motoyasu's Meteor Spear by a paper-thin margin and kicked Motoyasu's chest.
  165. "Gu...Firo-tan's kick, I'm so happy..." (Motoyasu)
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