Norman Goldwasser

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  1. Website:
  3. Address: 4607 Yorkshire Circle Miami Beach, FL 33109
  5. Phone no: 252-322-9735
  7. Dr. Norman Goldwasser is the director of Horizon Psychological Services in Miami Beach, Florida and a renowned clinical psychologist. Dr. Norman Goldwasser works with patients dealing with addiction and abuse, marital conflicts, trauma and depression. Dr. Goldwasser emphasizes a holistic approach to achieving success in psychotherapy.  In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Norman Goldwasser consults on organizational management and behavior and provides services such as team building, executive coaching, business development, and clinical supervision to companies and organizations, as well as other psychologists.  In the education field, Dr. Norman Goldwasser has consulted with schools in Richmond, VA, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Baltimore, and has helped both administrators and teachers in being more effective in operating schools and classrooms. The youth outreach organization, NCSY, honored Dr. Norman Goldwasser in 2015 by inducting him into its honor society for lifetime achievement.
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