Jan 5th, 2018
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  1. CHAPTER PROLOGUE: Looting in Progress
  2. (Chapter was conducted on Posting turns are represented in ROUNDS.)
  4. KEY:
  5. Map Piece 1:
  6. Map Piece 2:
  7. Map Piece 3:
  8. Map Piece 4:
  9. Completed Map:
  12. TIME: Reconstruction Period
  13. For the past several weeks, the entirety of Razorback has been under a complete overhaul. Bren and her construction crew have been non-stop reinforcing, remodelling, and improving every structure in the human fortress. The grounds, day and night, bustle with commotion as crews move heavy ironwood planks and steel beams to where they're needed. Even humans were getting necessary strength workouts, as everyone able was required with the renovations. Off site from the Fortress, the Southern Enclave is currently being rebuilt as a primary storage facility. Outfitted with 25 Starborn Elites, and defense systems active, the Enclave is still a pile of messy loot that is slowly being organized and condensed. To relieve the stress of trying to liquidate all of the gold and bits at once, daily teams of humans and ponies are semi-randomly selected to spend several hours to open chests and record a required amount of bits and gems.
  15. Despite the upbeat and badly needed renovation, most around the Fortress would say that Razorback is going through a rough patch. With Las Pegasus gone dark, the Councilerge ever present, threats of growing COnstruct activity, and notable humans and ponies occasionally disappearing , most are uncertain of Razorbacks' aim and future in Equestria.
  17. CURRENT LOCATION: The Command Center
  18. ...
  19. ...
  20. "So, how many are there?"
  21. "A total of five."
  22. "Who are they from again?"
  23. "No sender, and that's all that came through. We already moved them to the Enclave."
  24. "*sigh* Alright, I'll have some guys to crack them open and sort them out. No use having more piled in that place. Now, where's that checklist..."
  26. ROUND 1
  27. CURRENT TIME: 2100 hours
  29. Whether you're a regular around the Fortress, an occasional return visitor, or a wanderer who had to be 'thoroughly' inspected before even boarding the Behemoth to the Fortress. Here you are! Minding your own business, practicing killing shit, or helping with renovations.
  30. *"Attention all Razorback Members. The following are to report to the Command Center, for assignment. Hmm... Lucius, Joel with the shotgun, Nevil Wayne, aaaaaand... Hildemar... you can pull your weight while you're visiting."*
  31. Jeff's voice blares over the Fortress-wide intercom. Guess you have something to do now.
  33. Lucius_the_Weary: Lucius, clad in his usual road leathers and dark green traveling cloak, leans thoughtfully against a post inside the pagoda. He fidgets with one of his cloak ties. 'Damn, those searches were invasive. Guess it's needed. Haven't seen this place so beat up in a while,' He says to himself, carefully sweeping the area. His keen eyes are interrupted, however, by the blaring sound of Jeff over the loudspeaker.
  34. 'Well, guess it's time to do my duty, or something like that.' He picks himself up from his place in the shade and begins to trod un-enthusiastically towards the Command Center. 'Guess it's better than sitting around doing nothing. As father would have said, idle hands are the dragon's playthings...'
  35. Arriving at the door to the Command Center, before anyone else it would seem, Lucius knocks and calls out. "Hello? You called? It's Lucius."
  37. CitrineBlaze: Hearing the blaring voice of the human as he entered the Fortress, Blaze sorted as he looked for where to eat. By the sounds of it the human speaking must of been a rugged rogue who was fine tuned to stealing mares by the dozens. Ignoring the thoughts of mare robbing humans Citrine cantered off to find where ever the food was at.
  38. >Expert Perception
  39. 1d6=3
  40. 1d6=1
  41. 1d6=2
  43. NevilWayne: Straightening up from their very lonely game of solitaire, Nevil quirked his brow slightly as the loudspeaker's voice reached him. Though it took him a moment to process it, as he took the time to put the cards back into its deck on the table he very usually liked to commandeer since the day he'd arrived barely a week ago. The forest green uniformed officer, decorated with as much as the Lieutenant Commander's leaf on the collar; cream colored satchel slung over his side. He sighed heavily, and adjusted his equally green hat with a very distinct Lieutenant Commander insignia emblazoned upon it with a sharp tug; before very gracelessly standing up - pushing the chair back loudly, and then shuffling it back into place with the same amount of grace. "Time, to..." He starts patting his relatively tattered uniform down, tugs his gloves and looked over his shiny black boots, "Be useful?", then strides on in his attempt to find his way around to the command center; a furrowed look to him as he glanced around himself gingerly, though still keeping a light smile as well.
  45. JoelJustJoel: Just when he had been preparing to sweep his friends' money off of the table, Joel stands from the poker game he'd been playing with the ponies and , far more regrettably, the drinks he was downing with them. "Welp, looks like it's tahm 'fer me ta go, y'all just finish without me." Joel waves goodbye to his friends and moseys on down to the command center.
  47. Hildemar: Interrupted from reading his holy texts by the potentially sorcerous voice calling for him, Hildemar gets up from his seat in the library and packs up, donning his armor, overcoat, and feathered hat before leaving for the Command Center. Upon arriving, he finds a group of men that were presumably called as well and makes to greet them. "Greetings, I am Hildemar Veiel; I see that your organization is not adverse to working its visitors prior to negotiating price. Might any of you know why we were summoned?" Taking a cursory glance at those gathered, Hildemar decides that it is unlikely that anyone in the group is a secret Tzeenchian cultist, given how none of them appear magical in the slightest.
  50. ROUND 2
  51. @Lucius As you methodically approach the rectangular metal-armored building, with bold 'COMMAND CENTER' signage, you are immediately answered from within. "It's open." You slowly open the heavy metal door, and walk into a room roughly 30m by 40m. Inside contained several book cases, lockers, and three large map tables littered with tagged and marked maps and cartography tools. Into one corner, a pony cot and several amenities gave hint to a constant resident within the center. Alone, and looking over some papers on the largest map table center of the room, was Jeff; around your height, short cut hair, clean shaven, wearing but a black long sleeve shirt and camouflage pants with polymer kneepads built into them. On his right hip was a rather big and bulky handgun, and strapped to his left forearm was a small lit screen. Behind him was an open door into a secondary backroom, which was occupied by several humans and ponies hard at work. "Hey man, haven't seen you in a while. Liking the Green Arrow look. I'll explain the assignment, once the others arrive."
  53. @Nevil Luckily, the Command Center was clearly labelled just north of the fountain, and you casually make your way over to it. Opening the door into the reinforced building, you find two men standing around a large map table in the center. The one closer to you was in a dark green cloak with a bow, and the second being Jeff. You recalled him greeting you on day one arriving at the Fortress, explaining it was part of his job to keep tabs on all new arrivals. He gave you the rundown on where you are, a room in barracks, and the basics on how Tallus worked; which, unfortunately, included you not returning back home. Jeff looks up from his papers and at you, giving you a small nod. "How are you settling in, Nevil?"
  55. @Joel You mosey on over to the Command Center, and promptly enter through the doors. In the map room, you find an archer, the new guy Nevil, and Jeff around the center map table. Who gives you a nod. "Joel. Just waiting on one more."
  57. @Hildemar You enter the Command Center, three men stood with you on your end of the map table, while one wearing a black shirt stood opposite. "And the witch hunter, how's Manehattan? You remind I need to reach out to Mayor Quill. Consider this little chore payment for allowed visitation." He turns his attention from you and to the entire group.
  59. "Right, now that you're all here..." Jeff walks over to a set of lockers, opens one, and pulls out three crowbars and a small brown leather pouch and sets them on the center map table along with a clipboard. "You guys get the daily duty of helping organize some of our spoils in the Enclave. Now normally, you'd all be sifting through piles of junk for a few hours, but theres a set of five chests I want you to focus on instead. Here's a few crowbars, and a lockpick set." Jeff looks over at @Nevil and slides the clipboard to him. "Nevil, you keep track of all the bits, gems, and whatever else you find in there. Any weapons, armor, or enchants: leave to the side and Amerose can categorize them when she returns. Anything... really out of the ordinary, bring back here." Jeff claps his hands together. "So? Any questions, then you can all vamoose. Got plenty of work here, to do."
  61. @Citrine As you sniffed the air, from the translocation pagoda, the faintest catch of food clips your senses but not enough to pinpoint an exact location. Upon observation, however, you notice north was a building labeled 'MESS HALL' just passed several barracks. Most likely, your chance at a meal would be found there.
  63. Lucius_the_Weary: @Jeff Lucius waves a hand at the Ranger. "Yes, it has been some time. Hardly a chance to shake the Gryphon snow from my boots..." Lucius moves to one side of the map table, leaning wherever he could. "Got the cloak from a Ewe village, in fact. Fine stitching, though the hue is somewhat... Drastic." As the others piled into the room one by one, Lucius gave each a curt nod. Upon hearing the task set out before them, Lucius chuckles, grabbing up a crowbar and the pouch from the table. "After all that time in the wilderness, something simple is just what I was looking for." He then turns to Jeff, "Consider it done." Lucius moves to leave the command center, opening the door and taking a step outside, before glancing back over his shoulder at the rest of the group. "Well? Coming?"
  65. JoelJustJoel: @Jeff "Chrahst Jeff, cain'cha open yer own boxes? 'Er ya just wonna be far away when what's in 'em blows us up?" Joel says with a smirk, grabbing a crowbar and balancing it over his shoulder, following the bowman to the door.
  67. NevilWayne regarded Jeff with a hesitant, two-fingered salute and a nod in greeting whilst his eyes trailed off and glanced slowly around the room - taking a gander over the command center, before the question prompted the uniformed man to fix his gaze on Jeff once more. It took him a moment to reply, as a slight chuckle escape him alongside a "Uhh...", rubbing the side of his neck for a moment whilst he answered, "Discreetly." He said, nodding his head, "About as well as someone who is still very much out of the loop." he finished off with a sigh, his glance once again trailing off to the side to catch the other men who were entering the room in that moment, giving them slow nods in greeting, "Been trying to figure out my place in here, get to know people before i started pointing fingers to be helpful, like i did on my commander's old ship, if you know what i mean." He said, and then sighed out. Managing to put up a small, but genuine smile towards Jeff, as his voice trailed off.
  68. NevilWayne after about a moment of following Jeff with his gaze as he began a 'briefing', the officer in him prompted Nevil to tighten his posture and hold his hands behind his back. He listened intently to 'his' part of the job, and nodded quickly, "Roger..." he said, simply. Stepping up and hesitantly reaching out to get himself a crowbar, put it in his satchel, and the clipboard, furrowing his brow as he looked over it; "Its like I'm working requisitions again, huh." he remarked, before looking back to Jeff. "Who is Amerose, again?" he asked quietly, with a curious hint in his voice.
  70. Hildemar_Veiel 'Perhaps I was a little quick to assume they'd try and get rid of me so soon.' Hildemar affixes a stern gaze towards the man who called him, attempting to discern exactly what allowed him to throw his voice around the whole fortress. "It's much like any other large city; just as bad as you're willing to dig into." Hildemar grabs himself a crowbar once Jeff finishes his instructions. "Very well then, I shall go and earn my visitation priveleges." The witch hunter then takes his leave and and stops with Joel the "Green Arrow" man, thinking on what may also be useful tools for his task. "So then, I presume at least one of you know where you're going, for I'm lost here. Also, some slim wedges and hammers might be of use if these chests don't have big enough gaps to just jam crowbars in."
  72. CitrineBlaze: The smell of fresh food, however faint, roused Citrines stomach to grumble to no end. Thus when he saw the large SOUTHERN building with the Common Writing of "Mess Hall" he began to gallop. Past buildings, ponies, humans and a fountain he ran like a pony possessed. With such speed in fact he did not take into mind if he was going to bash his head into the doors or not.
  73. CitrineBlaze: Bash head on door: 1 - No Bash head: 2
  74. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d2 = 2
  77. ROUND 3
  78. @Lucius "Well, you'll definitely blend in better down here in the Everfree than up in the Gryphon Kingdom." Jeff waves his hand dismissively. "I try to have a group pick at everything a little each day. We're making progress. Not like anyone's in a rush to liquidate everything, at once. You'll see it, when you get to the Enclave."
  80. @Joel Jeff looks up left to the ceiling, and gives you a humorous 'as a matter of fact' look. "Coincidence enough, some poor sap opened a chest the other day rigged with one particularly nasty stink bomb. I heard he had to burn all his clothes, and he's going to smell for at least a month. So yeah, I'd be careful."
  82. @Nevil Jeff looks over at you, interested, as you explain your 'discrete' falling-in. His face drops a little flat, with a solemn understanding. "Trust me. I know exactly what you mean..." Nodding at your prompt salute to orders, Jeff holds up a finger and points it directly upward. "Amerose is the Head Lorekeeper from the Citadel, up on the moon. She's.. I guess on loan to us, to help categorize and reactivate the Enclave. She's off gathering resources from the Citadel, for another day, so she won't be back until at least tomorrow night. For now, there's a chest there specifically for weapons, armor, and enchantments. Just dump them in there, leave an inventory copy in the chest, and I'll need a copy too."
  84. @Hildemar The black-shirted man simply gives you a smirks, and crosses his arms, as you grab a crowbar. "Joel should know, as should Nevil. I was informed the chests that have exterior padlocks are rather old and have a lot of headspace, but if you think you need extra tools there's plenty in the Workshop just next door to here."
  86. @Citrine Honed in on your target, you gallop furiously toward the Mess Hall, and some how manage to NOT ram your head into the doorway. Instead, your snout merely nudges the door as you use a hoof to push it open. Inside, you find a dozen large round tables, cooking stations, a bar to your right, and several humans and ponies scattered around enjoying meals and congregating. You also notice that most of the ponies don armors from difference military factions: Lunar, Night, Day, Royal, Honor, and even some Tartarus mercenaries. In the center cooking station, you spot a blue pegasus, with pink wings, happily cooking something up delicious for a waiting Night guardspony.
  89. Lucius_the_Weary @Jeff the ranger chuckles "From one Ranger to another, blending in is something you choose. In any case, it is good to see you." Lucius then turns back to the group, meeting eyes with @Hildemar briefly before moving away from the Command Center. "Come, new friends - I know where this Enclave is. I will guide us." The Ranger walks on, the party in tow, and after a few moments, pushes open the doors of the Enclave, taking in his new surroundings.
  90. E. Perception
  91. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 3
  92. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  93. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  95. JoelJustJoel @Jeff "Awlraht, let's git a move own. Don't got awl day." Joel starts off toward the Enclave, keeping pace with the bowman. "Name's Joel, just Joel. How 'bouchy'all?"
  96. ·
  97. Hildemar_Veiel @Jeff "I'll take your word on the headspaces." Hildemar follows the Green Arrow fellow to the Enclave; upon entering he casually scans for potential ambush points should he find himself unwelcome any time soon. @JoelJustJoel "I am Hildemar Veiel, and in case you missed what Jeff, I'm fairly certain that was Jeff, said, I hail from Manehattan." Given the similarities in speech between the ancient man and Stirlanders, Hildemar started inwardly preparing to repeat himself and avoid using words with more than two syllables. He then pointed his crowbar towards whatever paths that are currently available. "I presume our "Green Arrow" lookalike knows where the chests are at."
  100. NevilWayne @GM:Jeff raised an eyebrow slightly when he was told the 'up on the moon' part, and his eyes follow the pointing gesture; though only making him look even more bemused. Brows cocking and furrowing, scratching his cheek for a silent silent second. "I... Look forward to meeting them. At least - people are more amicable here than they were back home." He simply said with a glad hint in his voice, before casting his glance back on the clipboard and pursing his lip in thought and giving a quick, and firm nod of acknowledgement. "Shouldn't take too long." He states, nodding his head again to Jeff, and starting to turn around to wander back out of the Command Center, along with his newly assigned crew; though not before muttering one last acknowledgement, "One inventory copy to you, one in the chest. Got it." he said. He started making headway to catch up with the others outside of the command center.
  101. NevilWayne @Hildemar @JoelJustJoel; looked between Hildermar and 'Joel'; offering them both a quick nod of his head as he stepped to a stop at a respectful distance of 3 steps; their clipboard held beneath their arm, "I would correct you and say 'its Lieutenant Commander Wayne for you', but i suppose that doesn't mean anything in Tallus." He offered Hildermar a amused and somewhat cheeky smirk, especially as he adds "No one liners for me.", then his glance returns to a more serious tone; nodding towards Joel in greeting, "Nevil Wayne. Don't bother using the full name, obviously; its awkward." he said simply sounding oddly upbeat, extending his hand towards Joel and, more tenatively, towards Hildermar, "Let's go get to work, then? I roughly know where I'm going." He said, already starting to turn to make headway ahead, to find these fabled chests in RnR.
  102. NevilWayne: Or, rather, to the Pagoda. With Hildermare. He /then/ starts leading the way to find the chests within the Enclave.
  105. CitrineBlaze: @Citrine whinnies in excitement of how stuffed the place was then canters around looking for a nice spot, when he found an empty spot at a vacant table he sat his flanks down on the comfy sofa awaiting a waitress. 'This place is giving me some good vibes!'
  108. ROUND 4
  109. @Group Upon entering and exiting through the translocation stone, you all arrive at the opening of a large coastal bluff which has been purposely carved out quite deeply. Within: everyone spots several mountainous piles of what seemed to range from furniture, unopened chests, and sculptures; all messily piled around bits and gems scattered about. Groups of buildings at the East, North, and West seemed to be under renovations, and to your South led out to a rather bleak and winding dock out to open water. Other than that, the cave walls were lined with empty open rooms, seemingly big enough for maybe half a dozen humans and ponies to fit into. All of your focuses were drawn to a auburn unicorn stallion, lightly armored in black and purple leather armor, approaching you from nearby. "You all must be the group Jeff assembled. Follow me, I'll show you which chests you have to open." The guard turns, and ushers you four to follow him North and deeper into the cavern.
  111. @Group The walk is short-lived. Past the North pile of treasures that seemingly weren't your group's job, you are all lead to a sturdy wooden cart which was still in the process of being unloaded. By a very tall minotaur, at that. The black and purple-robed taur hefts the last antique silver chest, and drops it down with its siblings. Finished with his portion of the work, the minotaur dusts his hands off and heads East off to another job. The unicorn that was leading you, motions a hoof to the five identical chests, the only differences were the lock configurations. "Here are the chests Jeff want you all to open and itemize. Just call me over, when you're all done." The Starborn guard takes his leave, and casually walks past your group and back to the translocation stone, leaving you all with the locked bounties in front of you. On immediate observation all the chests were ornately decorated in silver and with bronze accents, all in varying degree of tarnishing. Three of the chests had single large padlocks keeping them tightly closed, one chest with dual padlocks equidistant front eachother, and the fifth chest's lock was integrally built into the lid.
  112. Crowbar: +1 to all Assault rolls, to open chests
  113. Advanced Lockpick set: +2 to all Lockpick rolls
  115. @Citrine As you plop your rump down at a table, you wait a few minutes without a server walking by to take your order. You look around curiously. Humans weren't serving anyone, as were any of the guards. Maybe you were supposed to go up and order where the pegasus mare was working the heat stones, and surrounded by food. Said pegasus catches you from the corner of her eye and waves a pink wing at you. "Hello, you with the fancy hat! I can help you over here if you're hungry."
  117. Lucius_the_Weary @JoelJustJoel while making his way to the Enclave with the group, Lucius answers Joel's casual query in his normal matter-of-fact tone. "I am what you may call a ranger, though not the same sort as Jeff. He hails from a military organization, as I understand it, where I am a wanderer - a strider of wild, untamed country, if you will. A survivalist by trade and a Dragon Hunter by birth, though i've not slain any drakes as of yet. I've just recently returned from a long, tiresome excursion into the Gryphon Lands. And you'll have to excuse me," Lucius adds, "As I am not quite accustomed to working with others." Lucius pauses for some time before remembering what he'd forgotten to say.
  118. -Lucius_the_Weary @JoelJustJoel "Ah! Right, my name is Lucius. Some call me Lucius the Weary, on account of my apathetic inclination. Despite my preference for isolation, it is good to meet you. I hope we can find ways to work together - if we are to travel as one for long, our survival may very well depend upon it."
  119. -Lucius_the_Weary @Jeff following along to the scene of the chests before them, Lucius sighs. "And here I thought perhaps we'd be working with older, less ornate items. Perhaps then I, for one, will abandon the idea of forced entry all together." Lucius then approaches the chest laden with two padlocks, laying the crowbar he'd gathered on top of one of the adjacent containers, before drawing the lockpicks from their pouch and eyeing the locks. He steadies his hands as best he can before kneeling down and getting to work.
  120. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Lockpicking, +2 Lockpicks
  121. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 3
  122. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  124. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Electing to stay quiet after introducing himself, Hildemar simply nods in response to Green Arrow's abbreviated autobiography. As Hildemar is led to the chests, he inwardly debates the merits of simply letting everyone else crack them open in case one of them holds a worse trap than a stink bomb in it. Ultimately he chose to go after one of the more mundane chests with one external lock, wedging his crowbar in some headspace next to the lock and putting his weight on it to pry the chest open.
  125. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Assault + E. Mercenary Hunter + Crowbar
  126. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  127. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  128. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  129. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  131. JoelJustJoel @Hildemar @Nevil @Lucius Joel turns to each man, taking mental note of them. "Nevil, Hildemar, Lucius. Gud ta meecha." Turning his attention to the task at hand, Joel picks one of the chests with a padlock on front, and steadies his crowbar on the top of the lock, practicing once, twice, and finally bringing it down to try and knock it loose.
  132. JoelJustJoel: B. Assault + Crowbar
  133. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  134. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  136. NevilWayne @GM_Jeff @JoelJustJoel Nevil nodded to Joel and gave him a thumbs up, replying with a hearty "Likewise, Joel, you sound pretty nice to hang out with!", followed by a slight chuckle, and a shifty, worried eyed glance for a split second. Eventually when faced with the crates he was inevitably left staring at the one chest with the integrated lock; his brow cocking as her watched everyone else get to work. Quickly, he put the clipboard away into his satchel and stepped forward. Taking the crowbar that Lucius had left, giving him a slight nod, he walked up to the crate and looked it over for a moment... Before muttering, "Assholes and elbows it is.". and jabbing the crowbar between the lock and trying to pry it open by force.
  137. NevilWayne: E. Assault + crowbar
  138. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  139. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  140. NevilWayne rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  142. CitrineBlaze: Ears perking up at the pink winged Pegasi calling him over Blaze prompty got up and trotted over to her, where he began nosing all the food available. Thanks, its the best hat around! So uh, do I just pick out what I want or do you do that? What do I pay with too?" He said mid sniffing and snuffling some honey glazed broccoli.
  145. ROUND 5
  146. @Lucius You pick out the lone double-padded chest, and start with the lock on the left. A quick inspection deduces a tumbler-style lock, and you flip to the appropriate tools on the ring. After felling several tumblers, you over shoot the last one, and a set of rapid clicks signals the reseting the lock. You'll have to try again, it seems. As you reset your tools for another attempt, you notice on the right side of the ornamental silver lid what appears to be dried red paint in some crevasses of the silver ornamentation. You go to examine it, and find it flakes off a lot easier than paint, though.
  148. @Hildemar Looming over a chest with a single padlock, you pry down on the crowbar. The lid cracks open slightly, but your leverage finally wins out as the padlock wines and cracks something internally. The lock's metal loop gives and snaps open, the padlock now hanging awkwardly and broken on the chests sealed lid. As for the lid, the breaking of the lock pops it open, letting out a quick huff of air. One down, four to go.
  150. @Joel You bring the crowbar down hard on the top of the padlock. It does the trick... kinda. The lock makes a satisfying crack, but it seemed after your strike it still held fast protecting the chest's contents. You deduce one more good whack should finally break it off.
  152. @Nevil You try and wedge the crowbar into the lock that was built into the chest's lid. 'Try' was a good term, as you fail to really find any bite point for the crowbar to gain any leverage. Even the seems of the lid were sealed shut, on this one. All you manage to do is scratch the tarnished silver finish around the chest's key entry, as your eyes trail to the fifth unattended chest several feet to your left. With a normal padlock on it.
  154. @Citrine As you walk over to the hot bar, the pegasus mare pushes a freshly bowl of stir-fried vegetables to another dark red pegasus stallion with pink wing tips. "Mmmm. Thanks Pella!" He gingerly picks the bowl up with his wings, and skip-trots over to a table. Ultimately leaving you with the cook-mare, who nods your head at you. "You can pick out whatever you'd like. It's stir-FRYday, so there's plenty to choose from. True to Pella's word, a vast array of chilled vegetables lay in from of you, ready to get searing hot over a hot-stone, along with a sweet tangy sauce ready to be ladled over your selection. There were even some native Crystal Empire produce reserve. "And no need to pay. If you're here in Razorback you clearly have visitation rights, so meals are waved."
  156. Lucius_the_Weary @Jeff Lucius wonders about this strange paint-like substance, but after watching @Nevil struggle in vain with the seamless chest, he realizes that his tools would be best for that chest. The ranger stands and turns to @Nevil. "Nevil, friend, why don't you allow me to take a look at this one for you - my tools are more well-suited to the task." Giving the officer a curt nod, the Ranger kneels down in front of this seamless chest, once again steadying his hand and readying the picks.
  157. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Lockpicking + Advanced Lockpicks (+2)
  158. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 4
  159. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+2 = 6
  161. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Having accomplished the more difficult part of his task, Hildemar looks around and finds that not a single other man was strong or skilled enough to open a chest first try. Sighing and shaking his head, the witch hunter moves on to the next single lock chest with the hope that someone else can successfully crack the more unique, and thus more likely boobytrapped, chests before he can finish up with the mundane chests. Hildemar jams his crowbar in the chest and repeats his previous action.
  162. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Assault + E. Mercenary Hunter + Crowbar
  163. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  164. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  165. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  166. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  168. JoelJustJoel Joel takes a step back, rubbing his back with one hand. "Come own, open up!" Joel takes another swing at the lock.
  169. JoelJustJoel: B. Assault + Crowbar
  170. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  171. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  173. NevilWayne would cast a hesitant, double taking sideglance towards @Lucius_the_Weary. Drawing the crowbar back to himself, and stepping back to let the ranger work and casting his glance back to @JodelJustJoel, who had been very loudly wacking the chest's lock; prompting the officer to pause. "Careful you don't trip some anti-tamper mechanism, mister Lucius..." he quietly, and genuinely muttered towards the Ranger while still looking to the ANGRY Joel. Already picking up the crowbar again slowly, and stepping up closer, "Joel." he quickly called out to the man, blinking a bit to his work, "Do you need some help?" The officer calmly asked, walking around them quickly to get to the unlocked chest and start
  174. NevilWayne: The chest Hildermar had first opened, of course.
  175. NevilWayne: B. Perception
  176. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  177. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 3
  179. CitrineBlaze: In an exaggerated manner Blaze licks his lips as he looks over everything. It was all free, FREE! He didn't have to give away his meager coin for a single leaf of salad. "I'll go ahead and take some Empire pumpkin slices and some fried apple wavers -OH and with a lot of sauce~" As food was gathered he thought about the implications of this, he never got an invitation, all he did was jump onto that old train unitl he reached this fortress. He honestly did not know this place existed. With food on plate he tipped his fancy hat to Pella in thanks before trotting back to his table. "thanks M'mare."
  182. ROUND 6
  183. @Lucius You nudge the armored man aside, and begin working on the chest's internal lock. For a second you thought you were going to trip the tumblers again, and had to start over, but after you feel a sixth pin fall the lid clicks and pops open slightly. Two down, three to go.
  185. @Joel The second swing finally did the trick. The crowbar veers off onto the lopsided portion of the lock and the obstacle breaks off of the chest's lid. The unconventional unlocking pops the lid open slightly, a barely audible *hissing* being heard.
  187. @Hildemar Repeating the same wedging technique on the first chest, you expertly snap the lock off after a long second of downward pressure. The padlock busts off and sails right off of the lid's lock loops. The action was so swift, the lid popped open far enough for you to catch a horde full of odds and ends strewn along with countless bits and valuable gems. Three down, two to go.
  189. @Nevil As Hildemar cracks open his second chest, you move around him to the first chest he removed the lock on. As you lift the lid, no traps appear to go off. No pepper spray, noxious gas, or flesh-eating acid, thankfully. Although you expect bits and gems, the chest was separated in the middle by a wall and contained something more... scholarly. Five old leather-bound books filled the right half of the chest. The languages on the faces were unintelligible script, so you log them on the clipboard as you scour through the rest of the chest, which held several sealed ink wells and a wooden box with some very fancy writing quills in it. You also find a perfectly cleaned and bleached skull of some sort of large bird, and a dark wood carving of a thin figure; about nine inches in height, and very little features. It stood fully erect, with crevasses carved to form legs and two arms at its sides, along with a face with two horizontal slits for eyes and a single vertical slit for maybe a nose or mouth. At the base of it's neck, you spot what might be a inconsistency in the wood grain, and a thin line wrapping around.
  191. @Citrine Pella nods at your request, and grabs a clean saute pan from underneath the counter. "Coming right up!" A satisfying amount of pumpkin and crispy sliced apples are spooned into the smoking hot pan, instantly giving off a sugary caramelizing aroma from sizzling. And it only got better when the cook mare added two generous ladles full of sweet sauce to the pan, making everything bubble and pop for several moments before giving everything a quick toss and a swift transfer into a bowl. The pan disappears, and Pella pushes the fresh hot stir-fry toward you with a content smile. "Here you are. By the way, what ARE you here in Razorback for anyway? Don't look like a guard, a medic, or a mercenary. Those are our usual visitors."
  193. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius breathes a sigh of relief, letting his hands drop to his sides. Putting away the lockpicks, he bends forward to inspect the inside of the chest. As he does so he gives notice to the other members of the party. "Just so you all are aware, I spied some rather strange stuff stuck to the side of that double locked chest. I lack the understanding to determine it's nature, just... Be careful?"
  194. Lucius_the_Weary: >E. Perception
  195. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  196. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  197. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  198. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Thievery
  199. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 3
  200. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  202. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Having opened his second chest, Hildemar decides to actually look through it to further lessen the chance of having a trap sprung on him, digging through in search of anything that screamed 'sorcerous object' to him. "Worry not huntsman, I have no intention to tamper with strange chests until I know they're not rigged."
  203. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Perception + Manehattan Allegiance
  204. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  205. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 2
  206. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+1 = 7
  208. NevilWayne spent a minute or so crouched by the chest, taking things out and putting them back in while jotting things down on paper with the most approximate names he could guess. He paused for moments longer to very gently pick up the skull, raising his brow slightly as he looked at it questioningly, looking inside of it, and then putting it down - soon replacing it with the statuette. "Looks like this was some scholar or artist's box." He remarked softly to nobody in particular, narrowing his brow a bit as he put everything back where it was and note it down on the clipboard. Before slowly standing back up; cliboard under his arm and pen slotted in. "As far as i know they could be "magical scripts"." Nevil added half-heartedly, Stepping back beside @Joel, and looking down to the chest he has busted open from a few steps away. Eyeing it warily with a sideways glance; "Mister Lucius?" He quietly called out for the huntsman, sideglancing them briefly, "Please try to find any hidden compartments if you can." he said, nodding back to the crate he just checked himself, "... Also if you could take a look at this one Joel just opened, in particular. I think i heard a hiss coming from it?..." He said, finishing his words with a concerned hint in his voice as he looked to Joel questioningly.
  209. NevilWayne: B. Perception
  210. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 6
  211. NevilWayne rolls 1d6 = 2
  213. JoelJustJoel Joel quickly stands and steps back, not eager to be near what might be a snake. "Yeah, whut Nevil said. Sumthin's in there." Joel starts thinking to see if he can place the sound with anything he remembers.
  214. JoelJustJoel: B. Perception
  215. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 6
  216. JoelJustJoel rolls 1d6 = 1
  218. CitrineBlaze: He stopped and turned fully around for curtesy' sake for Pella, a solid answer not really coming off his flat tongue. "Oh you know-" He had to think fast since he didn't look like any of those, in fact he has been called out as a pounce by some snooty mares that he totally would never of rutted given the chance! "-I'm here to do the thing, at that place. I foget whats it called, the..." He gave a sheepish grin, honestly was it better to lie? Maybe he should of told her the truth that he just wondered into this super secret sequestered site rather than bull shit from his ass.
  221. ROUND 7
  222. @Lucius Slowly creaking open the chest lid, no trip wires go off, and you gaze into the chest filled with large linen pouches of varying colors. Pulling on the tie of burgundy bag revealed it was stuffed full of bits of varying values, and it was a lot of higher denominations. Another bag, of a deep gold, was full of Gryphon talons instead. After you open a navy blue pouch full of polished gemstones, you realize there's a color coordination and begin to sort them outside of the box for Nevil to jot down when he gets a chance. Until you notice something off about the inside of the chest. It was... shallower than it looked from the outside, and you peer at the velvet laid bottom. In one corner, the lining was lifted slightly, and you pick at it with two fingers until you tear the entire bottom lining off to reveal a single pane mahogany bottom with a flat lying pull tab and an etching of a symbol in the middle: A squared-off ovular circle, sort of resembling a face with two horizontally carved slits for eyes and a single vertical slit for a nose or mouth. Seeing no reason not to, you wedge a finger under the tab and lift the wood flooring to reveal a layer of old dried straw. But you do see something metallic glittering through the packing straw and sift through it until you unveil a rather large intricate silver key measuring around four inches long. It resembled a rather modern tumbler lock, not much like a skeleton make. On the spine there were two protruding spokes of metal, while equidistant between each of them there was a notched cavity just as deep as the spokes were.
  224. @Hildemar As from you caught before, opening the lid fully revealed a chest filled to the brim with loose bits of varying denominations along with gemstones strewn about. It certainly seemed like an owner's sloppy treasure trove as you wade through coins and other valuable, yet uninteresting, odds and ends. Toward the bottom your hand grabs at something long and slender, and you pull it through the coins and gems to find a long wooden carving of some sort of bipedal being. Carvings for legs and arms, along with a head with two sideways slits for what you guessed were eyes and a single vertical slit for a nose or maybe a mouth? But it's head seemed off, at the neck, as it was turned to the left slightly and... pulled out from its shoulders but still connected by a slimmer wooden shaft inside the body. You also feel something shift inside the carved figurine, as you idly shake it back and forth.
  226. @Nevil After categorizing your chest's contents down onto the paper, you look over to see Lucius pull out neatly tied off bags of bits and other valuables. True to your advise, he seems to have found a hidden cache at the bottom of his now seemingly empty chest, and examines a large silver key in his hand. Hildemar, on the other hand, begins digging through his second chest full of loose cold bits and other priceless gems, eventually producing a similar wood statuette you found in your chest. And as you look over at the chest Joel was working on, from a distance, well you can't really discern anything from where you were. The chest did not give off any odd odors, since being opened, nor did it present any other hints at a trap slowly being sprung.
  228. @Joel As you contemplate on the abrupt hiss that emanated from the chest when you opened it, you come to an interesting conclusion: it wasn't a hissing being forced out of the chest, it was a hiss being drawn INTO it. The chest had been sealed so tight the inside was kept under a vacuum, and audibly equalized its pressure upon opening.
  230. @Citrine As you look down Pella's awaiting gaze, she quickly becomes more and more bemused as you fumble over your words. "Ummm... okay? Well, hope you remember." Surprisingly she seems to buy it, and several Lunar guards trot up to the blue pegasus to order food. With her attention fully off you, you continue to pick out a table to start devouring your fresh hot meal.
  232. JoelJustJoel Joel raises a brow and gives the chest a curious look, wondering if the vacuum was to prevent something from spoiling, like some kind of food. deciding that if everything was fine so far, the box was likely not trapped, Joel raises his boot to the lid, flings it open and begins checking the contents.
  234. NevilWayne sideglanced Joel for a moment, then coughed into his hand awkwardly with his brow rising slightly; "I think we just got spooked by an air-tight chest..." The uniformed officer remarked quietly and with a quiet, amused chuckle- He stepped up slightly alongside Joel to check the contents of the chest with a glance himself, though letting Joel sift through it (unless he visibly needs help with it), and casting his glance to the others... He can't help but notice all the peculiar items they're taking out of the crates. Which prompted him to remark - "--Put everything outside the crate in a nice line, especially the "stranger" of the items - so we can look at them." He quickly said, nodding his head towards @Hildermar as he looked over the figurine. Already readying the clipboard and pen to go walk around and start making different copies of each individual crate's inventory; while noting everything down on another, to bring back to Jeff. "I wonder if all the chests came from the same owner..." Nevil wondered out loud, and pauses... "... Maybe we can unlock the bigger chest without picking the locks?" he added, in the middle of writing on the clipboard - after having noted down the presence of the key Lucious had retrieved. Glancing towards @Lucius briefly after having said that.
  236. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius follows the Officer's instructions, arranging the contents of his chest in neat rows on the floor. He holds up the strange wooden box. "Friends, look - a strange container! This was well concealed." Glancing over, he spots the strange dolls from the other chests. "This container bears the same odd marks as those dolls! Perhaps the three items are related?" He then sets the small wooden item on the floor in a new row of it's own, and approaches Neville, holding out the strange key. "Here, as you are keeping inventory. Besides, this appears to be some sort of puzzle, and I am not a man of these pursuits. Perhaps you may make better use of this than I." After this, Lucius then walks over to the chest that Hildemar had opened, bending down to look inside. "I will check the others for hidden pockets and the like."
  237. E. Perception:
  238. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 5
  239. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 4
  240. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 5
  241. B. Thievery
  242. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 5
  243. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  245. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Hildemar holds his extendo head-o doll out for the group to see, comparing it to Nevil's. "Nevil, turn the head on your doll and pull its head, if it's the same as mine then the head should lift and release something loose in the doll. There may also be a way to actually open the dolls." The witch hunter continues pulling, pushing, and twisting all the bits and bobs on his doll in an attempt to find a means to open it and get at whatever is rattling inside without busting it open. As he does this, he starts lining up his boring junk outside his crate for the supposed officer to catalog.
  247. CitrineBlaze: Taking a deep breath Blaze sat down and ate his delicious *free* meal, though apprehension kept his back still. He felt that any moment a hoof would pat him on the shoulder and he would turn to see a dozen angry guards wanting to know who he was and how he got here. Needless to say he darted his eyes back and forth with every succulent bite of his food.
  248. CitrineBlaze: Totally not looking suspicious:
  249. CitrineBlaze: 1 =No, 2 =Yes
  250. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d2 = 2
  253. ROUND 8
  254. @Joel Opening the lid, the expected treasures of the others is... passed by you. A white ash box, with an strange angular symbol burned onto the top, spanning the dimensions of the chest blocked the view of any further contents inside. You lift it out first and set it aside, revealing the remainder of the chest's contents. The chest is packed tightly with, from your view, lids of glass jars; the tops of which are all labelled with different symbols and numbers. The jars are surrounded by an off-white canvas for cushioning, and blocks your view of the contents. Which you quickly rectify by pulling a jar out, and you wish you hadn't. The jar contained... a severed pony's hoof, perfectly preserved in what you could only assume to be some kind of embalming fluid. The other jars were just as creepy; other random body parts floated in identical liquid-filled jars, one containing a small fetus of unidentifiable species. Pretty morbid... The chest thankfully being empty now, you take notice of the white ash box. The top lifts off easily, and inside contained several items: a small journal adorned with a matching symbol on the box's lid, a small corked glass jar full of rough sapphires(which glowed, upon being agitated), and a carved slender figure whose wood makeup matched the box. Inlets of legs and arms were carved out of the tall figure, along with a head that had two slits for eyes and one for a nose or mouth. Due to the wood's light color you notice the carving is cleanly cut all the way around at the statuette's neck, the grain of the carving not precisely lining up.
  256. @Nevil As you begin checking over the other's progress so far, you stop at Joel who begins pulling out clear jars of severed limbs and organs suspended in some clear viscous fluid. Not creepy, or anything there. At the end, Lucius mentions to you everyone is finding the same wooden statue in the chests, although he hands you a rather large and intricate silver key of interest. You take a hold of it for later analysis, to bring to Jeff.
  258. @Lucius After handing over the key to Nevil, for inventory, you begin a quick scan of everyone else's open chests. Hildemar's was empty and free of hidden caches, after emptying all of the loose gems and bits out of it. Joel's, after removing its contents of morbid organ jars, you deemed completely empty as well. Nevil's whom had found a set of very old books and tomes, looked clean at the bottom. But the lid was more sunken down than the others. You press on it, noticing it has some give to it, indicating a void withing. You pull out your knife, and cut across the edges, the worn fabric easily cuts through. Even before finishing, a wide scroll container begins to slide out of the incision and you pop off the lid as it being the only hidden item. Inside were several pages of heavy parchment loosely rolled up on eachother, and you slide them out to unfurl them. Each page held a drawing... of what you can only describe as a faceless mare and stallion... getting it on. Each page held a different pony position, every one with expertly and intricately drawn details. Nothing was left to your imagination. How lewd!
  260. @Hildemar Despite your initial intentions of trying to pry off every piece of the wooden doll's, a quick tug of it's head rewarded you with a wooden tube deeper into he carving. Held inside the cavity of the statuette you find a rolled piece of parchment, which you promptly tap out of the wooden carving. Unravelling it... didn't really reveal much:a neatly drawn triangle, two symbols up to the left, and a symbol on the bottom right. You notice about the paper that it was very and thin, but well preserved, traces light inside the Enclave easily passing through it.
  262. >Analyze???
  263. >1d6=6
  264. >Roll for: Physical=1, Psychological=2
  265. >1d2 = 1
  266. @Citrine You are positive your shifty eyes and rigid facade had attracted the guards' attentions. Thankfully none in the mess hall had taken a glance at you as you continue to scan the room for any concerned ponies or humans. For now you were in the clear... As you scanned to your left, to continue eating, a human in a plain black shirt and multicolored pants sits across from you at your claimed table. He sets down a bowl filled with the same smelling sauce as you had, except with a lot more varying vegetables along with some sort of thin sliced meat. "You don't mind if I sit here, right?" Despite asking, he doesn't seem to take your opinion into consideration as he starts to nonchalantly chow down on his dinner. "Gotta love Pella's stir-Friday. Whatever she puts in that sauce, makes it." The human glances down at an odd-looking glowing square on his left arm, before looking up at you and swallowing his food. "Never seen you here before. New arrival, on-contract?"
  268. Hildemar_Veiel @GMJeff Hildemar stares at his paper and comes to the conclusion that he probably needs more clues, that or it is the world's sloppiest isosceles triangle. Either way he hands the paper to Nevil and grabs his crowbar once again. "I know not what this drawing means, but it is likely related to whatever is in the other two dolls." He then moves in front of the last chest and contemplates the likelihood of busting both the locks' attachment points at once and decides that calling over someone else might not be a bad idea. "Would one of you care to break the other lock on this?" Hildemar then wedges his crowbar in the headspace next to the right lock from the front of the chest and pries it open using his weight again once someone else is positioned to do the same with the other lock.
  269. Hildemar_Veiel: E. Assault + E. Mercenary Hunter + Crowbar
  270. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 7
  271. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  272. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  273. Hildemar_Veiel rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  275. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius takes the scroll and discreetly tucks it away, rolling it up and sliding it into the folds of his map. He then approaches @Neville and gives a final report. "No other hidden compartments have been found." He then sees @Hildemar making a move on the final chest. Realizing he'll need some help, Lucius moves quickly, swiping @Nevilles crowbar and joining @Hildemar in his endeavor. "Together, now!"
  276. Lucius_the_Weary: >E. Assault
  277. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 3
  278. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 4
  279. new | 2018-01-02 21:03 UTC
  280. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6+1 = 5
  282. JoelJustJoel Joel turns to @NevilWayne "If that spooked ya, yer gonna love this." Joel neatly lines up the jars of viscera, as requested, then moves to the doll he found. He takes a moment to appreciate the handiwork of another whittler before turning the doll's head and sliding it out, shaking it to see if he could get at the paper he expected inside. "Ah would'a said these jars were probably fer somthin' medical, but somthin' about these dolls tells me these maht'a belonged to a sick fuck instead."
  284. NevilWayne: "--Oh my--" Nevil paused over the sight of the viscera and sighed out heavily as he tried to lean away from it - squinting at them from further away with a pursed lip of mild disgust, "--You know, I've seen this kind of stuff once before, funnily enough - and i really, REALLY don't like that." Nevil began to remark; as he glanced down to register Lucius taking the crowbar from their satchel after having finished taking inventory. Putting the clipboard in the satchel instead and sliding the pen in the clipboard's slot, they looked over the strange paper he was given, pausing over it for a couple seconds... Before speaking, "The triangle displayed here is similar to the one on the key... But I'm not sure if its related, yet." he said, putting the 'yet' on a more strong note, before grabbing hold of the figurine he had found. Furrowing his brow at it in thought, he grabs the head and tugs it sharply like Hildermar has done; while the others take care of opening the chest. "Let's see..."
  286. CitrineBlaze: Blaze hiccuped a response from the human sitting his ass down inconsiderately. "S-sure! I mean no, its fine." Slightly annoyed now that the human was his table partner Citrine began chewing loudly out of spite. "Ish tahdee ahieet." With an obnoxious gulp down he cleared his mouth, her food really was good, he wondered if he could repay her with his big crystal di- "Wa?" Shit, questions. "Yup! Sure am to do the thing, ya'know yourself and others. Gotta get all the work (and food) you can while its around." He shut himself up by smashing his snout into his plate as nom'd loudly. "anh ooo?"
  289. ROUND 9
  290. @Hildemar Using the same technique you masterly applied to the last two chests, the lock you were targeting creaked for a split second before snapping off and flying several feet away. The force was so... perfect the lid was visibly more open than on the left side, which had somehow managed to stay locked. But you definitely warped the chest's hinges from ever closing properly ever again. Lucius breaks his lock, right after you, and the chest's lid flies open from your combined efforts.
  292. @Lucius Sort-of expertly sneaking away Nevil's crowbar while he was busy inventorying, you quickly begin tag-teaming the last chest with Hildemar. Both of you pry down at the same time, but Hildemar's padlock almost instantly busts apart, the shear force alone helped along your own attempt which breaks your own lock off a second after his. Between you both, the unified force swings the lid of the chest open. You both peer inside. A red velvet cloth covering up the chest's hidden secrets, and you can't help your self but remove it. Underneath the shroud, a pair of identical, silver ornate, and ruby-encrusted straight knives lay set in velvet cushioning. Across both scabbards were etched seven different emblems ans sigils, none of them you were familiar with. And set into the cushioning, in between both daggers, was another wood carved figurine. This time of a reddish wood, going with the chest's color-themed contents.
  294. @Joel Turning the head of the figurine, the head slides off, revealing a cavity which held a rolled light piece of paper. You shake the paper out of the doll and unravel it, revealing an extremely sparsely detailed drawing. Two identical symbols at the top half of the paper, along with a single at the bottom and a bold dot near the middle right.
  296. @Nevil After shaking off the creepiness of Joel's chest contents, you remove the figurine's head the same way Hildemar did. Off it comes, and you shake out a similar rolled thin parchment. Unrolling it held more strange and confusing symbols? More like lines, in your case. Three crudely-drawn lines emanating from the borders of the paper all meet at one point on the paper, along with a single short line, near the bottom.
  298. @Citrine The human across from you eyes you oddly, as you trip over your half-baked explanation, and shrugs his shoulders as he continues on eating. "Oh me? Just someone who watched you step off the Behemoth and waltz right into the Fortress." The man smirks, cheekily, and continues eating. "Pretty bold. The guards are usually too busy monitoring our ironwood deliveries to check for travellers on the train, and the demi-sentient must've passed over you for one of the workers. So far, as anyone's aware, no one here knows you're intruding, Mr. Fancyhat." He rolls his eyes, as a-matter-of-factly. "For the time being."
  300. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius takes the knives in his hands. "Ah, what workmanship! For shame that I could not keep one for myself!" He sets them in line with the rest of the items, ready to be inventoried. He then grabs hold of the figurine, and, having watched the others with their own wooden dolls, goes about trying to remove it's head, to uncover any secrets it may contain.
  301. Lucius_the_Weary in addition to examining the doll for secrets, Lucius also decides to have a look at this chest, as he had the others, for hidden secrets.
  302. Lucius_the_Weary: E. Perception
  303. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  304. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 3
  305. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 6
  306. Lucius_the_Weary: B. Thievery
  307. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 1
  308. Lucius_the_Weary rolls 1d6 = 2
  310. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Satisfied with opening the last chest and with Lucius digging through it, Hildemar decides to check through all the items for anything of note that has not yet been seperated from the rest. Hildemar grabs the white ash box from Joel's chest and the books from the first chest he opened, deeming them the only items he thought were of note. "Unless one of you happens to be fluent in this native language, we'll have to find someone who can tell us if these are sorcerous grimoires or just particularly large journals." With the mention of journals, the witch hunter decides to skim through the journal found in the ash box, looking for any indication of just what kind of person, or rather pony, had all these related chests.
  312. JoelJustJoel Thinking over the things they'd found so far, Joel comes to a conclusion. "Ah think these drawin's 'er parts of a whole. Wonder what they'd make if we drew 'em awl on the same page?" Joel places his doll and paper along with Hildemar's "items of interest".
  314. NevilWayne took the various drawings and slid them together for a closer look between them, crossing his arms and pinching his chin; eyes shifting over the patterns and mumbling something unintelligible. After a moment of that, he quickly checks over his clipboard's listed inventory to double check, while at the same time putting the dolls and papers carefully in his satchel - alongside the key. "Okay..." He starts picking up his voice, looking over the group; namely @Joel , to whom he nods quickly in response in agreement before speaking, "The ... " he paused as if unsure... "Commander, said to bring back all the things that were out of the ordinary. So let's bring these drawings and such back while we leave the rest for Amerose, who's going to have "fun" categorizing it all; while we play 'connect the dots' with these *weird* drawings." He calmly said, with constantly shifting eyes, looking over @Hildermar and the journal in his hands. "We'll talk with Amerose later about them, if it comes up. Unless you think its better to bring them straight to the commander center, mister Hildermar?" He said, eyes finally coming to an intent stop; gazing at the witch hunter with an attentive focus.
  316. CitrineBlaze: Citrine stopped mid-chew, pupils turning into pinpricks as he stared in terror at the smug human. For a long pregnant pause he just gazed at him vacantly until drool slipped past his tight lips. "Ugh-" Realizing his mouth was still full the crystal stallion swallowed hard and gasped in desperation for a breath. "Fucking ponyflanks...where were you that you saw me and me not seeing you?" Cheeks red Blaze grabbed his hat hugged it tightly, a snear forming across his mouth. "Alright Mr.Smuggy McSmugger, what are you gonna do about it? Snitch me out like a bitch?"
  319. ROUND 10
  320. @Lucius After examining the knives, you set them aside with the other items and set your attention of the slightly cedar-smelling carved figurine. Mimicking the same process everyone else has opened their's you twist and pull of the head of the wood carving to reveal yet another piece of parchment inside. It held... even less detail than the others: an oval, and two parallel lines(pay no attention to the hole in the bottom left corner).
  321. @Lucius Seeing as it was rather lackluster, as the rest, you check the red-laiden chest for any secret compartment. Nothing in the lid, and it didn't take a thief to realize the knives' resting place barely sunk into the rest of the chest's cavity. You grab onto the red velvet cushioning, finding it was stitched in, and pull the shallow wooden knife case out. Inside the rest of the chest rested an unmarked cedar lid, and you lift it open to reveal a small collection of trinkets. All about the size of your hand, different shapes and sizes, you deduce these were a collection of enchanted sigils and emblems.
  323. @Hidemar You open and begin skimming through the journal included with all the jarred unmentionables. Unfortunately the language used was beyond your grasp, but you notice in the corners of each page held different symbols and numbers, much like how the jars were labelled. They seemed like journal entries most likely describing the jarred contents, but there far more entries than the several jars included in the chest. You actually manage to match up all the journal pages associated with the jars sitting on the Enclave's floor, not like it did any good past that.
  325. @Everyone As you all collectively itemize and mull over your findings, you all hear a familiar voice break your concentrations. "Looks like you've all finished opening the chests. Find anything noteworthy?" The unicorn guard from before approaches your bounty, taking note of the daggers and small hoard of enchantments still being sifted through by Lucius. "Those look like rubenine daggers... um eww..." He nudges one of the jarred unmentionables with a hoof daintily with a small look of disgust. "You can finish up your filing and bring what you want back to the Fortress, when you're all ready."
  327. @Citrine "Now that would be telling, wouldn't it?" The human points his fork at you, before going back to eating. He smirks mid-chew at your quick, yet rude, rebuttal. "Now where would be the fun in that? Most of the ponies that give a damn are away on tasks, and ratting you out to the guards would get your ass beat and tossed into the Everfree. That's only entertaining for a few minutes, before the Fortress's defenses chase you off our grounds." Swallowing, he taps his fork on the table in thought. "Could always take you to Jeff, our admin. He'll pardon you from the guards and the demisentient, providing you do something for him. Probably would love you know how you slipped through our security, might even reward you..."
  329. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius approaches @Neville and hands him the new piece of whatever this collection of odd scraps was supposed to be. "Here, I have no use of this." He then approaches the returning pony. "I presume we are to give to you what items we should like to keep?" He hands over the bag of trinkets and the two daggers. "These, if you would not mind." Lucius turns back to the rest of the group. "Well? If our task is complete, I should like to return to Jeff. Perhaps he has in store for us a more... sporting... task."
  331. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Having gained at least a small understanding of the journal, Hildemar closes it and puts it back in the ashbox he got it from. He then grabs the books found in the first chest he opened and brings it all to the stallion from earlier. "Excuse me sir, do you know the language used in these books and journal?" As he says this, Hildemar is already handing off the first book to be identified and possibly selected for further study, after he's done with the books he hands off the glowing saphires. "I second the notion of returning." With his taskings said and done, Hildemar retrieves his crowbar to be returned to Jeff.
  333. JoelJustJoel having watched @Hildemar match the jars and journal pages. Joel pipes up to @NevilWayne. "Ya got a spare page? Reckon it'd be easier to mark down what pieces go with what entry than walk outta here with bits 'o who knows who." Joel then walks over to the pony. "Nothin' too interestin' to me. If everybody's finished, let's git."
  335. NevilWayne was very hastily turning to the next blank page of the clipboard to start working on the second copy of the inventory which he'd have to drop off. @Joel's remark makes him pause and cast an eye towards him, blinking and squinting as if trying to focus in on the man; rolling and rubbing the wrist with the little time he has before @Lucius brings him another paper and statuette, which he folds and *carefully* folds, trying not to ruin the drawings somehow, and puts in his satchel; as he mutters a quiet "Thank you..." with instinctively quickness, but a nonetheless genuine tone to his submissive voice in Lucius' direction. "You mean which items go in which chests? - I did that. Especially for the statuettes and -- the papers." He hastily said in @JoelJustJoel's ways; as he continued to carefully, but with distinctive speed, make the second copy of the inventory. "Where did these chests come from, anyways?" He asked the pony - lightly turning towards them, not looking to them at first as he asked, "They are riddled with hidden compartments. The statuettes have hidden compartments, i wouldn't be surprised if the books had sub-texts in whatever language its written. Not to mention the viscera in-a-jar and explicit drawings.-- And the 'possibly' sacrificial daggers." He said, just as he puts the final letter on the inventory's copy. Clearing his throat once, then looking to the pony more intently with a weakly smiling, but serious gaze, "We're all done here though, supposedly." He said, giving them a nod, and starting to make head-way back through the way they came, still triple checking everything on the clipboard to make sure he hadn't missed anything, or each item was marked as belonging to one chest. He slows down, however, looking to the pony to both check if he needed help and to pay attention to if he answered to his absent-minded questions, smiling weakly in their direction as he walked very slowly, backwards.
  337. CitrineBlaze: Blaze did not like this human, not one bit, a smart ass for one, and blackmailing him for another. All he wanted was to travel and gett some free food, motherbucker! "Feh, fine, take me to your leader." He said before eating up the rest of his food hastily, gulping down hard which caused some pain.
  340. ROUND 11
  341. @Lucius "If you would find them useful, then yes." The unicorn guard looks over the dual daggers and trinkets and nods as another guard nearby shows up with a crate, ushering you to deposit the items into. Which you promptly do. "Amerose is still at the Citadel, but Krinza will give everything a once-over for you. They'll be brought to the command center, when he's done with them."
  343. @Hildemar You draw the unicorn's attention from Lucius, and he curiously looks over the tome's cryptic writing. "Wewww, those are old." His face scrunches and closes the book, and shakes his head. "It's definitely old unicorn script. I don't know it, but it's usually something you can find out at Canterlot University. You can learn about anything magic thee, especially old dead-language texts. As for that journal you already put away? It might be an anthropologist's research journal, in short script only they might be able to read. Scholars, you know? For what though..." He looks over the jarred miscellanea again. "-I don't want to know."
  345. @Nevil Returning the book back to Hildemar, the guard pony shrugs at you. "It was an anonymous delivery to the pagoda, with no identity on the sender. In my opinion they don't seem to be from the same owner despite being identical chests. Why would one be haphazardly filled with loose bits, yet another neatly stored with bagged ones? It seems to me you already found the real treasure in them anyway." He points a hoof to the satchel where you were storing the statuettes, drawings, and the large key.
  347. @Enclave Group: Both guards nod to eachother, as you all seems satisfied with your findings. "Follow me, then." The unicorn urges you all to follow him back to the Enclave's translocation stone. Once all of you are on it, he taps the single rune to Razorback and everyone is sucked up into the metallic wormhole and instantly spat back out into the pagoda. The unicorn Starborn takes the box off of the other guard's possession and begins to exit the pagoda. "I will bring these to the command center, after Krinza has appraised them. You all go find Jeff so he can debrief you." He disappears outside, leaving you all to your devices.
  349. @Citrine The bothersome human across from you finishes his meal just as you irritatedly finish your own. "There wasn't a need to rush, not like he's that far off." The human gets up from the table with his empty plate. "Follow me, would you kindly?"-And begins walking out. The table full of Night guards that were still eating abruptly stand up almost at attention as he passes by, and give you stern looks. "He's with me, gonna take him to Jeff." One of the guards, the deep red pegasus with the pink wingtips from before, cocks his head to the side as his fellow guardsponies mimic him. "But-OH!" The pegasus snorts manically to himself, and ushers the others to mind their own business and continue eating. All through this, the human hadn't stopped strolling toward the exit and deposits his empty plate in a receptacle next tot he entrance. "Just a quick stop at the command center, and we'll get you all cleared up, yeah?" He passes through the door you entered before, expecting you to follow him out.
  351. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius strides uneasinly from the rift, still not fully accustomed to the sensation. After a moment, he moves out for the command center. "Well, we had better be off then. Shall we?"
  353. NevilWayne pursed his lip slightly as the pony replied, putting a hand to his chin and furrowed his brow deep in thought; eyes glancing off distantly. Though when the unicorn told them to follow, he snapped back to attention with a rapid blink, and simultaneously slid out the copy of the inventory he made. He walked up to the second guard pony, and the chest that was brought out, then handed the paper to the pony that was bringing out the chest. "Jeff said to put a copy of the inventory we found in the chests, in a crate for weapons, armor, and enchantments... Assuming this it, --I'll uh... -- I'll leave this in here." he quickly said to the guardspony with a bit of hurry, putting the copy in the chest. Then, quickly before the group left him behind, pivoting on his boots to make a 180°turn, striding up by the unicorn and walking through the Enclave, back the way they came. The 'teleportation' back to the pagoda leaves him stumbling and grimacing slightly, but other than that, the uniformed man took it in stride - stumbling forward, then resuming his rapid, walking pace to the command center, not waiting for anyone. Nevil bringing out the clipboard and holding it in his hands in anticipation, his other hand adjusting his green Lieutenant Commander's cap as he moved ahead; eyes ahead as he walked with a purpose, eager to report back to Jeff. "We have defeated the evil crates and acquired LOOT," he seemed to mutter with a hint of cheerful amusement, "A first of many victories for the Assorted Group of Modestly Armed Mercenaries." He said, pitching his voice to sound like the quiet, exaggerated tone of a generic narrator. Nevil casting a glance back to the @Party for a second with a cursory smirk, before looking ahead again - already approaching the Command Center and its doors.
  355. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Having been informed of the relationship between the language of the books and magic, Hildemar's eyes narrow as he puts it and the jars of body parts together and finds a concerning possibility: necromancy. "I'll be sure to look into the books then." The witch hunter follows everyone else to the translocation stone and subsequently to the command center, only allowing a furrowing of his brow to show any discomfort from teleporting. Upon entering the command center, Hildemar briefly takes notice of the strangely translucent pony, waiting for a lull in whatever conversation they were having to insert his far more important statement. "We completed our task and found 5 old tomes in "old unicorn" as well as some other unique items; I would like to be notified when the tomes are translated to english, please." After he says this, Hildemar sets his crowbar on the table for Jeff to return it from whence it was originally retrieved.
  357. CitrineBlaze: Blaze followed, and despite himself being aas mad as all Tartarus, he felt his dock press down tightly in an instinctual sign of fear. He ignored the Nightguards, as he always did. Ecspecially that red one, he did not know why, but he did not like that one. 'Fuck that one in particular.' he thought to himself as he followed the human outside. He was expecting at least an army to greet him before the chains and shackles appeared on his neck.
  359. ROUND 11.5
  360. @Citrine Despite your growing paranoia, the short walk to the command center was quiet and uneventful. There seemed little bustle outside, this time of the night, as the human guides you to an armored bunker just south of the Mess Hall. He opens the door, revealing a sort of map room with three large tables covered in... you guessed it- maps. As you follow him inside, the door closes behind you, and the human looks you over unimpressed as he leans against the middle map table. "So, Citrine Blaze, before I know what to do with you, I'd like to know... who you are, exactly; and where you got on that train from."
  362. CitrineBlaze: Blaze sniffed at the air in the bunker once, the smell giving him an expressive face. "Ew." Finding a comfy spot at the same table, he tried to sit opposite of the human as he went to explain, he was not gonna stand for this. "In case you missed it I'm a crystal pony, born in the Empire and came from there. Hopped onto your train when I saw it pull into the station, the same one I think the humans arrived on the first time too. Not sure though." He shrugged, he added this in hopes of appealing somewhat to the human, maybe he was there for all he knew. "And you, whats your story?"
  365. ROUND 12
  366. @Citrine The human let's you explain your coming to the Fortress, nodding as he furrows his brow. "That old thing, huh? Must have found its way onto our delivery circuit somehow. You have my thanks, for... unintentionally exploiting a hole in our security. I should ask you WHY you found it to travel here, but you seem harmless enough so I won't look into it that hard. You have limited access to the Fortress, you'll know when you hit a restricted area. Doesn't mean you're still not off the hook for putting you to work." He scratches his chin, deviously, as he then points to himself. "Me? Well, it just so happens that-" Before the human can finish his revealing sentence the main entrance to the bunker abruptly opens behind you, a tall armor-clad man with a huge sword on his back and a crowbar in his hand announcing he had found several tomes in ancient unicorn. "Uhhhh, okay?" Then deposits his crowbar onto the table to your now-shocked tour guide. You turn around to find three other oddly-dressed humans followed the armored one.
  368. @Enclave Group: You all make your way to the command center in unison, Hildemar quickly breaking ahead to announce your arrival. Before any of you can get a word in, Hildemar declares the tomes to be translated and sets his crowbar on the center map table. A rather dazed Jeff stands across from a gold-orange crystal pony with a rather fancy hat, as you all pile in behind Hildemar. "Uhhhh, okay?" Jeff looks past Hildemar to the rest of you, scratching the back of his head, awkwardly. "I'm guessing the task I gave you guys, at the Enclave, was a successful find?"
  370. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Only after Hildemar makes a fool out of himself does he realize he kind of fell to his old habits like the good old days when his authority was absolute and potential necromancy was about. He then removes his hat, holding it to his chest and ever so slightly bowing. "I apologize for my... abruptness; it seems I fell back into an Old World habit and forgot my manners." The witch hunter then steps back into the group and puts his hat back on, scanning everyone for signs that they think anything other than him being a tad rude.
  372. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius struggles to contain a laugh as he enters the command center. He fails. "Haha! Yes, we have completed the task, as instructed." The ranger finds the nearest chair and adjacent improvised footrest, leaning far back on the rear legs and putting his hands clasped behind his head. "Though I have to admit that while the discoveries proved enjoyable, the danger level was... less than expected. Or desired." He then moves his legs back down and rights the chair. "And who might this be?" He waves a hand in @Citrine's direction. "Another misfit you plan to toss into this rag-tag band of miscreants? Hah! I should tell you that our friend Hildemar accounts for all of the oddity we require - so now you presumedly present us with this... off-color pony, with such a suspicious piece of headwear?" He then resumes his earlier, reclined position, nodding at Jeff before turning his gaze to the ceiling, finally. "I daresay, master Jeff, that I am beginning to appreciate your instincts!"
  374. JoelJustJoel Joel takes a deep drink from his canteen to better deal with the queer fellers around him. As he screws the cap back on he adds "Ah, yup! Chalk wun up fer the Modestly grouped immodest... whatever sissy shit Nevil said. Nothin' blew up and nobody died, borin' tahm had by awl."
  376. NevilWayne , a man in a distinct, forest green uniform with some kind of gilded leaf insignia on their collar, which also shows on the front of their similarly colored cap. Their uniform had gilded inscriptions on one side reading, "USCM", and "Wayne" on the other. They were the second to stride in following Hildermar who had burst inside and began delivering his demands, which left the officer looking dude eyeballing the witch hunter with a perplexed, furrowed brow, "Do you always do that, or is it something urgent?" he asked with a heavy tone of mild concern, quirking a brow to @Hildermar as he turned a clipboard in his hands so it'd be facing Jeff, and quietly holding it out for them. At the same time, bringing up a weak, albeit brief smile as he nodded to @Jeff in greeting, seemingly unphased by their comrade's behavior, "Commander." He began, his smile fading for a more serious, neutral glance, "I have compiled your copy of what we found." He said. And when Jeff takes the clipboard, he'd lean back slightly to reach into their satchel, bringing out the bundle of various little papers found inside the dolls, "Additionally, we found some 'interesting things'. Could be a map, possibly." He holds up the papers in his hands, towards Jeff, in case he'd want to take a closer look at the mysterious things; "Its the most interesting thing in the chests, sir." he said. It was at that point that he considered the pony in fancy clothing in the room, awkwardly looking them over for a moment before furrowing his brow slightly. For some reason, he was compelled to say "Hi. Nice hat." in @Citrine's direction, with a tone that wasn't sure if to be amused or genuine.
  378. CitrineBlaze: Citrine blinked, he hand't heard ancient unicorn in a while, least from a non-unicorn. "What the buck?" He looked to the first human, then the shouty one. "So he is the boss then huh? Should of guessed with his big fancy hat." Blaze stared at the hat, scrunching hard and vibrating on the spot.
  379. CitrineBlaze: Hildemar his name was, that info he got from the very talkative human who sat down. "Thanks, too talky human." Citrine said to @Lucius (not that he knew his name) giving him a good view of his scrunching face.
  380. CitrineBlaze: At the comment from @Nevil about his hat, Blaze gave a squee and went to boop the good human with his snoot, but he was too far away sadly.
  383. ROUND 13
  384. @Hildemar Jeff exhales relieved, holding a hand up in understanding. "It's okay, man. Once Amerose gets her hooves on those books, she or someone else will start on them right away."
  386. @Lucius & Joel Jeff nods at both of you, in confirmation of your added details of the finds, and looks at Lucius extra pertaining to his other questions. "Well, opening a bunch of old chests can only be so exciting, but the help is appreciated." Jeff's eyes widen at @Lucius, looking over at he crystal pony momentarily and scratching his chin. "This is Citrine Blaze. He is helping me evaluate the Fortress's security systems, seeing as Spiral isn't here to properly maintain them anymore. Hmm, maybe I will. We'll see if your guys' finding turn up anything good."
  388. @Citrine While the large hatted man you learn is Hildemar is most likely the boss of the group that waltzed in, enough names directed at the first human indicate that he is in fact Jeff. The guy who caught you red handed... and was supposed to pardon you from a rather cruel fate into the Everfree. And who was also, just now, effortlessly lying through his teeth about your being here to the group of humans. As a blockily-armored human hands over some papers and trinkets, Jeff takes them with interest as he begins clearing off the map table to examine them further.
  390. GM_Jeff: <Intuition
  391. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6 = 6
  392. @Nevil Clearing everything up with the others, Jeff looks at you with some prospect and takes the clipboard. "This is what I wanted, thanks Nevil." Before he gets too far into reading the reports, he notices the sheets of paper and carved figurines you offer him as well. "Oh what are these? Matching statues with... twist-off heads? That's awesome!" An uncharacteristic grin cracks on Jeff's usual scowl, and he sets everything to a corner and completely clears the center table of strewn maps and other documents to reveal a top of smooth white opaque paneling. "Let's see here." Jeff reaches underneath the table, and the sounds of a scratchy wheel turning can be heard by all, as a pale white light slowly emits from the table-top from left to right. "All the map tables have glow stones underneath them to read maps much clearer if needed, or to overlap them." He then reaches for the old pieces of thin paper and arranges then side by side. Looking them over for a moment, he whistles in amazement. "Wow, you guys really found something here, didn't you? Some sort of map, broken down across four pieces. Did you guys try to solve it at all yet?" Jeff begins aimlessly overlapping the pages, trying to make any discernable connections as the light from the table clearly penetrates all four layers of paper to reveal every underlaying drawing. He doesn't make any progress, and steps back to think over other options. "There's just too little detail between each of them, but I think I know someone who can probably make sense of it. I'll be back in a few minutes. I have to go find a batpony." Jeff begins passing by everyone for the entrance, looking back and pointing at @Citrine. "Don't go anywhere."
  394. @Everyone As Jeff leaves the Command Center, literally leaving you all to your own devices for the time being. He is stopped right outside by an unknown party, however. "Why? Oh sure, they can take it all. I don't care." The same Starborn guard that followed you all through to the pagoda returns with the same box full of items and places it on the table, taking out a sheet of paper. "I see Jeff left for a few minutes. Luckily, Krinza appraised these rather quickly." He hovers the dual ruby daggers out first, unsheathing one to show off a dual-edged dirk make up of a crimson metal with gold inlay across the flat of the blade. "So Krinza's dating on these daggers is a little over the place, as the designs and workings are a couple hundred years ago, but they're quite old yet functional. The insignias signify seven different nations that existed back then, but he couldn't come up with a reason why they would all be on the same scabbard. They're made of rubenine so they're extremely sharp, and stay as such, but he noted the grain of the metal is weak for blocking and advises if you're going to use them only do so for offensive attacking." He then magically sets the rest of the small trinkets and sigils neatly on the table, along with the paper in descending order, taking the box with him. "The rest of those are listed on the paper. It sounded like you're all entitled to whatever's here. Good luck." The Starborn promptly exits to return back to the Enclave, leaving everyone with free loot.
  396. CitrineBlaze: Sneezing at @Jeff pointing at him, Blaze nodded begrudgingly. Upon seeing the Starborn however the Crystal Pony lowered his frame in a meak effort to hide in plain sight. However when the guard began to go into detail about the items in the box he carried the wandering pony with the fancy hat shot his hoof up. "O, me me me pick me!" He whined, wanting to chosen first and thus getting to take whatever he wanted before the others. His hopes were dashed sadly when the Starborn left, leaving him with more human strangers. "Soooo @everypony, can I call dibs on the box?"
  398. Indurian Lucius cocks an eyebrow from his seated position at @Citrine. "You may, however I fear it is a bit too late for that - did you miss it? That other odd pony took the box with him." He then stands and leans over the objects on the table, contemplating something momentarily. He then returns his piercing gaze to @Citrine. "However... I see not why you should be given a single thing, stranger. Jeff has not yet assigned you to our number, and you had nothing at all to do with retrieving them." He then squints, crosses his arms, and leans in close to @Citrine. "Explain to me why you should have any of these things." He then returns to the table, gathering up one of the Rubenine daggers, the Mistcreeper's Heart, and the Tempest Orb. "I shall take these, I think. If no one else wants the second dagger, I would be more than happy to take the set."
  400. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Ignoring the translucent pony's whining for free handouts, Hildemar looks over all the items before deciding on and taking the Keening Charm and the Regal Sphere. "I rather think these shall serve me well well in my line of work. As for our 'friend' here, I see no reason why he can't take this trinket..." He then takes the Hoof Stomper Special and briefly holds it out towards the pony before closing his hand around it. "In exchange for some information about himself." Pocketing the items he wanted for himself, the witch hunter takes a seat directly across from his new 'friend.' "Now then, who are you and why were only you in particular told not to go anywhere?"
  402. JoelJustJoel Joel grabs the Determined Defender's Sigil and turns it in his hand, holding it up to the light to examine it. "Ah think this thang's gonna suit me just fahne." Joel looks over to @Lucius. "Anybody know if there's sumbody in the shop? That extra nahfe maht make a good pig sticker fer Annabelle." He then speaks over to Hildemar and Citrine. "Maht as well spread the love, not lahk we worked too hard fer 'em."
  404. NevilWayne would wriggle his brow in a brief moment of surprise and amusement to @Jeff's first reaction to the statuettes, "I'll keep it in mind that you like statuettes with twist-off heads, sir." The cream colored-plate armored Lieutenant Commander would quietly remark with a joking hint to his voice, smirking for a moment; watching the Commander fiddle with the papers and aligning them whilst he leaned in and simply watched in interest... Slowly shaking his head at the question Jeff offered them, "Noo... The others suggested i try to trace it on an empty page, but i thought I'd bring it to you first, to make it easier." Nevil said. He was paying most of his attention to Jeff - nodding as he left to 'get a batpony', though he does spy Cirtrine trying to reach up for him. It was... Cute. and made him smile, reaching down and slightly kneeling down to put a finger on her snout and boop her first from his advantageous height, grinning, for a moment, to the little pastel horse beside them; silently watching as items are brought in and others start to crowd around the Stallion. Nevil frowned a bit, but said nothing for the time being, Simply nodding to the Starborn with a smile in thanks, before going up to the box for last. Seeing as the only items left were perhaps the most useful to him, he fished out the two charm amulets, (The Superior Negation Charm, and the Superior Charm Amulet), looking them over curiously as he looked over the paper of inventory notes for them left by the Starborn. Then looking back to the conversation at hand, resisting the urge to speak over the others by pursing his lip a bit, and looking to Citrine attentively. And perhaps holding the charms in his hand in the meantime...
  406. CitrineBlaze: Citrine blinked then looked up at @Lucius then where the box had been, ears sagging down. "the box though..." Sniffling with temperary saddness he turned his attention to Lucius as he leaned in then away to grab some fancy shit. "Wow, rude."
  407. CitrineBlaze: Raising an eyebrow at @Hildemar_Veiel coming to show off the Stomper and his offer, the pone made up his mind quickly. 'This human serious?' "Nah, I'm fine. I don't need any fancy trinkets." He said boastfully, chest puffing out with pride. If he were a Pegasus he would be a ball of feathers thats for sure.
  408. CitrineBlaze: As @JoelJustJoel spoke the Crystal Ponies' muzzle broke into a smile before raising a hoof and pointing at the heavily armoured human. "You sound funny, I like you!"
  409. CitrineBlaze: Blaze sneezed hard when @NevilWayne booped da snoot, leaving his eyes unfocused for a moment afterwards. "L-lewd." He stammered before regaining his composure, albeit nose wrinkling and wiggling with tail slowly waggling. "Now I must do it to you, even if your nose smaller!"
  410. CitrineBlaze: 1 = boopin' time, 2 = flails and fails
  411. CitrineBlaze rolls 1d2 = 2
  413. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Shaking is head and denying Joel's idea of just giving free minor artifacts to a stranger, Hildemar pockets the hoof stomper special and stands back up. "Very well then... ah, I do believe I've forgotten my manners; I am Hildemar Veiel." As he says this, he moves to offer his hand for a hand/hoofshake, taking care to not interrupt whatever shenanigans the pony seems to be up to with Nevil, lest he ruin the potential trust building.
  415. NevilWayne cocked his brow slightly in mild surprise and concern as the pony sneezes and utters those words. "I'm sorry? - Lewd?" Nevil asked, his voice trembling a bit as a chuckle is stifled beneath that question - his lip instinctively drawing into a smile while he watched the stallion reached up for him like that, staring down at him but otherwise passively not moving as he took in the comical scene. Though while he spends a second or two watching the small stallion try to lean up for him; he quietly ends up muttering, "What am i witnessing here, exactly? Are we friends now?" with a soft, amicable and, mostly, amused tone of voice; as they started to crouch down on one knee to, perhaps, officially enter booping range.
  418. ROUND 14
  419. @Everyone As you all continue to interact with eachother, the door you had all entered through opens again. Jeff, back from his pony-hunt, strolls in with a dark blue batpony shuffling in behind him; who looks like they were just woken up from a good nap. "Okay, I'm-" He stops, mid-sentence, looking over you all as several of you passively harass @Citrine. "Well... you all seem to be getting along, nicely." Jeff struts passed all of you and back to the center map table, where he presents the map pieces to the blue bat pony stallion on the lit table. He looks over the sheets of paper, shuffling them randomly over eachother then lazily looks over at Jeff. "Not a whole lot of detail to these." "Told ya." "Alright give me some time..."
  420. GM_Jeff: >Expert Cartography
  421. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  422. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 8
  423. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 6
  424. GM_Jeff: >Expert Geography
  425. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 9
  426. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 4
  427. GM_Jeff rolls 1d6+3 = 5
  428. Jeff leaves the bat pony to try and make sense of the map pages, while he turns his attention to @Everyone. "So, this is Torven. Local map and treasure hunting expert. Hopefully he can make some sense of those pieces of paper, while we... did you all pick through your spoils?" He points at the now- empty table, save for the item's list. "Once we're done here, Krinza can tack on any enchantments you all decided on. Might even do some improvements on your equipment, while he's at it."
  430. CitrineBlaze: "Yes, very lewd..." Citrine muttered softly, like how a virgin would ask if they were 'doing' it right to their partner. He leaned up further, eyes dilating, lips quivering, body shaking madly as he reached for @NevilWayne. But sadly, it was not meant to be, and Blaze went off balance being on his tippy hooves and fell face first onto the floor. Tongue drooping out he saw nothing but stars.
  431. CitrineBlaze: Getting up the crystal stallion shook his head to get out of it, though this only made his eyes roll about longer. Sitting his rump down Blaze raised a hoof into the air to get Jeffs attention while his vision stabilized. "Mr.Jiff wadda we all doing here?"
  433. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius chimes in after @Jeff is finished. "Yes, I think we've all found a few things we like. Krinza, you say? I'd like to be off to see this pony as soon as possible." He casts a sidelong glance @Citrine. "That is, assuming we can all manage to pick ourselves off the floor." He begins leaning against a nearby wall. "This pony is with us, isn't he? Please tell me I'm wrong..."
  435. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Having been completely ignored by the potentially mentally unwell pony, Hildemar slowls lets his hand down to his side and straightens up upon Jeff and the vaguely hellsteed-like pony's arrival. Thankfully he only glared but a few moments at the batpony before reminding himself that bat wings on a horse doesn't necessarily mean 'necromantic hellspawn' in this world. "Ah, the cartographer, hopefully you can make more sense of these map fragments than the rest of us." Hildemar nods and gestures towards the crystal pony as Lucius mentions him. "I think I have to agree with Lucius here, at least from first impressions he'll be difficult to work with for members of your organization."
  437. JoelJustJoel Joel views Citrine's attempts at booping with a raised brow, thinking to himself that this one is strange, even by the standard he's learned to judge ponies by. At @Hildemar's pocketing the enchantments, he remarks "Have it yer way, but y'know, it maht make 'im a little more... earnest. if ya gave 'im sumthin' ta be thankful for." Joel's only response to the introduction of Torven is to shift his glace to the bat pony and give a mild-mannered "Howdy."
  439. NevilWayne blinked and furrowed his brow with worry as he passively watched the pony clumsily fall over like a sack of potatoes. The officer mumbling beneath his breath for a moment, "I'm a... A little uncomfortable, but okay." he could be heard whispering alongside a nervous little chuckle, eyeing the pony for a moment as he stood up - as usual letting everyone else voice their comments and replies. Before, after putting his hands behind his back and looking to Jeff in particular, "Commander - assuming that by 'testing the security measures' you meant ..." he paused, sideglancing Citrine for a second with a concerned little glance, and nodding back to Jeff with a knowing look to his green eyes, "Do you know this pony, sir? I think its relevant..." He said, finally. Acknowledgnig the batpony with a nod of his head and a earnest smile, before going back to Jeff.
  442. ROUND 15
  443. @Citrine As Jeff watches intently as Torven slowly makes sense of the map pieces, he glances over to you as you pick yourself up from your unsuccessful boop attempt. "We'll all know, very shortly, Citrine. If someone went through the trouble of making a map like this, it must lead to something very important... or valuable."
  445. @Lucius Jeff looks up at you, after making a sort of unintelligible squeak down at Torven, who seems to shift a map piece at some sort of suggestion. The bat pony gives a slight nod at its placement. "Krinza's usually free this time of night, so he can take care of all of your things when we're done here. And for the time being..." He looks over at @Citrine, quickly. "Citrine is under my watch as a guest."
  447. @Hildemar Torven's sleepy gaze is completely unaffected by your fading suspicion, as you already know most batponies still get looks for their predatory asthetics. And Jeff waves a hand dismissively at your concern of Citrine. "Trust me, Mr. Blaze here won't be any trouble. And you may just might as well give Citrine that Hoof Stomper Special, unless you want the soles of your feet to be as hard as stone. It's not as practical OR comfortable as it might sound, if you don't have hooves."
  449. @Joel As Jeff laid out the pieces of paper for him to look over, Torven's tuffed ears swivel in your direction and gives you a half-lidded tired smile, stifling a yawn as he does. "Evening, human."
  451. @Nevil Jeff raises an eyebrow at you, then glancing over at Citrine as he furrows his brown in thought. "Ever since we started using the older train, before the Behemoth, to bring in iron wood for the renovations I haven't properly tested it against our security for stowaways. Citrine here is sort of a wandering scribe, so he didn't mind the trip when I employed him to test the train for holes in our security." Jeff's attention gravitates back to Torven's progress, then glances at @Citrine. "He just might accompany you all as such, for additional compensation. Wouldn't that sound agreeable, @Mr. Blaze?"
  453. @Everyone "... I think I have it." Torven takes several back from peering over the supposedly finished map puzzle. You all give it a good look over, as the light from the map table clearly illuminates each layer of the map. The geometric shapes align to for what appeared to be a very simble body of water, given the cartoonish sailboats, as well as a stylized cardinal direction marker in the corner. The main structure, in the middle, was however oversimplified and under-detailed.
  455. @Everyone Jeff frowns at the map's completion, as does Torven who doesn't seem satisfied. "Well that's definitely a lake or pond, and that's a North marker." The batpony nods in agreement, but points a talon to the triangular formation in the middle. "This... just doesn't have enough definition. The triangle could be a designated area... but the lines... too straight. Maybe borders, or paths, but they all merge at an intersection." Jeff crosses his arms, then makes a few chirping squeaks at the bat pony, who perks up with his eyes widening fully in realization. Torven replies with a couple screes, and Jeff nods as he walks over to a map cabinet stuffed with large rolled-up overworld maps. While he picks through each one, Torven looks at @Everyone. "Do any of you know what ley lines are?"
  457. Lucius_the_Weary @Jeff Lucius' hand darts up suddenly, as if he were in a classroom. "If they are the very same as those from my home, then Ley Lines are veins of magical energy, used to carry power from one place to the next. In my home, Ley Lines are numerous, though I suspect they may not be so numerous here..."
  459. CitrineBlaze: "Of course, that makes sense." Blaze responded to @Jeff, half amazed by the humans scary intellect. Hearing what the human had to say to @Lucius made his eyes roll. "Yeah huh." And at the explanation given to @Nevil he just sighed and nodded. 'Might as well just play a-fucking-long.' He wished he knew what Batpony was, but he did not want to go around saying "kek" all the time, for he felt he might look silly. 'Wonder what they're talking about, possibly about lunch, or all the hot mares around here. Definitely not the crappy map, I mean come on just look at -OH fuck he's asking questions look natural'. Straightening his back and clearing his throat, Citrine said "Well I think they're borders or paths, uh wait. I mean they're OBVIOUSLY markers like statues or something, then you use them to pinpoint where whateverthefuck is in the centre."
  461. NevilWayne gave Jeff a flat look as he soaked in the explanation, slowly nodding his head in silent understanding. His glance then moves suddenly, darting to the side and down to Citrine again, keeping his lips firmly shut - and even slightly pursed into his cheek. As everyone talks and discusses the map, the officer sort of stares down towards the ground distantly, seldom blinking and briefly taking on a melancholic note to his slowly growing frown. Then, with a light tug on the brim of his hat, his head darts back up again to stare blankly towards the others, and pause over Jeff; even if it takes him a second or two to answer him simply: "No, sir..." he quietly said, eyes darting off to the side once, before snapping back to the attention - moving his hands behind his back in a rather stiff posture. "I have no idea what a lay line is." He added, voice finally picking up again, somewhat. Seemingly not acknowledging the words from Citrine and Lucius, in the slightest.
  463. Kraut_Spacewizard @GM_Jeff Hildemar glares back and forth between Citrine and Jeff and only only tosses the HSS to Citrine once he hears just who the pony supposedly is. "The problem wasn't that I had a use for it; the problem was some unknown pony offering to relinquish us of our acquisition without so much as an introduction, but you have graciously solved that problem." As Hildemar is huddled around the map like everyone else, he tries his hardest to not display his lack of proficiency in understanding maps without neatly labeled streets and buildings. He cocks his head and briefly ponders how a language can be made up of just variations of squeaks and screeches, shrugging once the group is asked about leylines. "The Winds of Magic from the Old World are fickle forces, unable to be structured by any sort of lines. My experience won't be of assistance here." Hildemar then gives a sort of 'come on, did you even try' look to Citrine and his obvious lack of focus on the topic.
  465. JoelJustJoel Upon hearing the topic of magic broached, Joel stares at the map, trying to look thoughtful, and turns his brain off. 'Don't know the first damn thang 'bout magic, best let everyone else handle it.'
  468. ROUND 16
  469. @Everyone As the sleepy-eyed Torven scans you all for any guesses, he nods impressively in @Lucius's direction. "You are very close, archer. The ley lines can be best described as concentrated fault lines of ambient magic that encompass Tallus. In the sense on a map, as @Mr. Blaze mentioned, some are used as naturally established borders of regions." Before the batpony can continue, Jeff returns to the table with a large rolled up map. Torven quickly grabs the solved map with his claws before Jeff unrolls the huge map, covering the entire lit portion of the table, picking up where Torven left off. "Their concentrated magical energy usually works out for magic users, since they have more magic to draw from around them. What's good about ley lines is that they're pretty stationary in their shapes, so it's just a matter of matching up a ley junction that co-relates to our map." Jeff scratches his chin, as Torven gets to work on trying to pick possible locations as he darts a wing claw to and forth red highlighted lines on the map. "Speaking of- ley junctions are when two or more lines intersect eachother, and they tend to make zones of magical... fluctuation I guess. Which is what that triangle on our map probably is. I heard they can create overcharged pockets of magical energy, and even areas that are completely devoid of it." "Jeff, can you grab me a map of this region over here?" "Sure." Jeff takes a moment to search for and pull out a smaller map, and lays it on top of the larger overworld one. It was an area North of main-territory Equestria several scaled square miles between it and the Crystal Empire." "That one." Torven points a wing claw to a triple ley junction on the smaller map, which was near by a large lake to its North. He flexes two wing claws across the small lone dot on the puzzle map and two corner points and checks distance on the region map, resting one claw near the center of the junctions affected zone. "I believe that's where the dot should be located." "You sure?" "I believe so. Need anything else?" "No, that's it. Thanks for the help Torven." "You're welcome, Jeff." Torven turns from the table and shuffles his way out, yawning as he does, and gives @Everyone a lazy wing wave. "Good luck on your treasure hunt."
  471. @Everyone With Torven having taken his leave, Jeff looks over the ley junction the batpony had deemed a clear fit. "There's no easy way to get there, oh wait there's some sort of settlement twenty miles south. And they have a translocaton stone... hmm." Jeff runs a hand through his hair, face visually expressing contemplation. "Alright, I can get you guys a transport and supplies ready by tomorrow morning. Should give you all time to get geared up a decent night sleep." Jeff looks between @Everyone, looking for input. "Any questions?"
  473. Lucius_the_Weary Lucius grins. 'Almost correct is better than wrong.' Once the mark is set and the destination known, Lucius responds to Jeff's closing question by gathering his leather armor, which he had stripped off while Torven was explaining ley lines, and his ancestral longsword in his arms, along with his prize of the two enchantments he'd claimed. "Only question is: where to find this Krinza character."
  475. CitrineBlaze: Rubbing his chin in shallow contemplation as Torven and Jeff talked with maps and stuff, Citrine wondered why he never seenknew about this place. 'Then again I kinda made a B-line to get out of the city than wander the buck around...' "Seeing how close that settlement is I could be useful, being a friendly familar face might make things run smoothly." He piped. "And uh, where will I sleep Jiff?" He did not know what a Krinza is, but it sounds like a virgin.
  477. Hildemar_Veiel @GM_Jeff Hildemar nods along with the improptu magic lesson, marveling at the idea of magic so orderly and consistent that it could be used in cartography. "Other than Lucius'question of this Krinza's whereabouts, I only wish to know if you have a library and where it is located, assuming it is open to people outside of your organization." He then reaches in his jacket's pocket to feel the disk(?) and internally ponders how powerful and precise a sorceror it would take to graft it and its effect onto his armor as it was implied Krinza could do.
  479. JoelJustJoel "Ah think ah'll be payin' this Krinza a visit as well, before ah continue helpin' mahself ta yer booze. An thanks fer the lesson on wizardry Torven, maybe it'll come in handy." Joel turns to @CitrineBlaze. "Guess that means we together fer now little'un."
  482. ROUND 17
  483. Jeff look towards @Lucius and @Joel, whom both share the same initial query. "Krinza is just next door to us, at the Workshop. Everyone can put their orders in, and he should have everything done by the time we have to head out tomorrow."
  485. @Hildemar Jeff looks over to you, pointing through the door. "We do, South end of the Fortress. Can't miss it."
  487. @Citrine "Citrine, there's plenty of open rooms in the Pony Barracks." Jeff then looks overt at @Nevil, who was surprisingly quiet and shrugged it off. "Well, if that's it, you all can head out for the night. Put your work orders in with Krinza, and get a good night sleep. I'll make some supply and transport arrangements ready for you guys, tomorrow at eight. Now, get outta here."
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