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  1. In an alternate future, a mysterious event changed the way our world operated. Ingesting semen grants an individual super powers, but at a cost. Nut is addicting, and men have been known to tear open their own bodies in a manic episode trying to get more semen when they were tapped out. The world government has banned the ingestion of semen in any capacity, but crime runs rampant across the country.
  6. The first time I remember cumming, I stared for a solid ten minutes at the viscous potion that stretched and leaned between my fingers like an erotic and delicate web of possibilities. I was 16 the first time I forwent my usual routine of flushing my potential down the toilet in favour of saving it in a bag that once held the animal crackers my mother packed me for lunch that day… I manipulated the bag and stared at the discoloured and mysterious spunk… I kept it under my pillow for three days before our maid came in to clean the sheets and discarded it silently.
  8. I know what she was thinking. That fear in her eyes the next time she passed me in the kitchen was clear… How could I not wonder, however? How could I not marvel at the power within my testicles just aching for a way out through a powerful and finite climax?
  10. While the laws are clear and concrete, there are always those who test what’s restricted. I knew a boy in high school, James, who told us, whispered through math class, that he had tasted just one drop of his precious juices. He said the flavour was awful, but soon after, he felt almost giddy with the high. He said he felt lighter, like if he tasted anymore, he’d float away. I remember shaking my head and laughing under the yellow glow of the projector, thinking the story far-fetched. Thinking he was putting on to impress Samantha with the watermelon titties who sat only a row away.
  12. The next day, though, James had been removed from school and I saw him three weeks later, picking up trash in a row of inmates by the main highway.
  14. I am 23 now and have never tasted semen. I know something is changing, though… I can sense it. They have increased patrols, the elite force of JerkOfficers in all public spaces, and have included graphic depictions of the spunkors*, those unfortunate souls who have indulged themselves on so much jizz for so long, that their dicks are mere husks and their eyes are sunken and empty. We see their poor faces in between commercials for hormone induced milk and afternoon cartoons.
  16. Today, I sit at the kitchen table, staring into my phone as I eat my cereal, hoping my father doesn’t notice me listening to his conversation into his bluetooth across the room.
  18. “... How much of the stuff had he ingested, Jerry? You said he was just lucid yesterday aftern-” I watch in the corner of my eye as he pinched the bridge of his nose. “I can be there by three tomorrow morning. I’m on my way to the train station now.”
  20. My father nods a goodbye as he leaves the house, terribly unceremoniously. I drop the spoon into my bowl. I am alone for the week as my father deals with some higher-up business with one of the more elusive cum guzzlers, my mother off, teaching first graders around the country the dangers of sipping jizz juiceboxes. This is an opportunity.
  22. The door to my father’s study is locked, but years ago, when I first began indulging that siren call of my penis, I learned to pick it without being detected. I slip through the door in an easy ten minutes and lock it behind me. After logging into my father’s computer and crafting a simple email to our maid that her services are unneeded for the week, I begin the trickier work of hacking into the chat-rooms, dedicated to luring CG’s and those curious to taste…
  24. Perhaps it’s sad, but these are my only true friends, the ones I’ve met through the dark web. These people are the ones who really speak their mind. These are the ones who truly identify with my thoughts of being incomplete and afraid and… pure. I feel unnaturally pure. A few of them who have had the guts to aim into their mouths, they tell me it is the dirtiest and more freeing feeling imaginable. They tell me it’s like finally waking up, after being drugged and groggy for your entire life. I want it.
  26. And so I seek these people out often, desperate for a vicarious freedom and hopeful that it can sate what I can never truly appreciate in myself.
  28. Lately, however, there has been less talk of experience and more talk of rebellion.
  30. CumJuicer114: we need to put a stop to this
  31. Giggal0: no one has seen BigaBoobs since last thursday. i think something bad’s happened.
  32. ReelyWet: the joffs got em for sure.
  33. CumJuicer114: it’s time.
  35. I stare into the screen and feel my heart quicken. This talk of rebellion… it’s always been so passive. A hypothetical dream to coax us to sleep as we think of unleashing our true power. But now… they’re serious. They want to overthrow the government.
  37. I think of the freedom behind their promises… I imagine whatever power may be behind my own sticky palms if I was only given the rights to choose… Would I be strong? Would I be smarter? Faster? Better looking?
  39. My jeans lift off my lap from the thought. I answer back in hastened key-strokes.
  41. chodeman: meet up?
  42. ...Several are typing…
  44. I bite my lip as I wait.
  46. Giggal0: Warehouse on 8th at 2am. Wear a mask, do not use real names.
  48. I clear any evidence of my business on the computer and power it down.
  50. To overthrow the government means to overthrow my own dad; to go against everything he’s raised me to believe… I think of Gig and chode and juicer… perhaps they could be my family now. Perhaps this is what the world needs. I hear girls at school talk of their reproductive rights since we’ve completely outlawed abortions and mention of menstrual cycles is considered fulger. I heard, once, a couple of boys in the street whisper to each other about the fact that they could never get married. To think, I thought to myself as I passed them, if they could only put themselves in our shoes, the shoes of the men who are barred from the liberty of tasting their own cum and therefore unlocking their full power, then maybe they could appreciate what true oppression is.
  52. I step away from the desk and unzip my pants. This needs to be done standing up. I need to be ready for the aftershock of my own quaking. Today is the day… I will taste my semen, I will know it’s flavour, and I will use my newfound strength to finally free all men!
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