Announcer - 02 by GrimeyGrimes

Jun 16th, 2020
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Notable Characters:

Name / Hangul Description
Yoo Jae-woo (Jae-woo) / 유재우 MC
Kang So-yoon (So-yoon)/ 강소윤 MC's girlfriend / lead sports announcer
Park Won Bin (Chief Park) / 박원빈 Department Head - Director of Political Affairs
Han Jaehee / 한재희 red-haired slutty sports announcer

Don't forget to add these two to the credit:

Author : 허스키팀

Artist : 유지로

Script Information:

Jae-woo JW
So-yoon SY
Park Won Bin PWB
Han Jaehee HJ

{Inner talk / Thought}

Chapter - 2

All scenes pre title are from previous chapter and can be copied over.

Title Drops

Phone: I can't come to the phone right now. If you'll please leave a message~

[Phone text - Kang So-yoon]

PWB: 흠...기어이 내 전화를 안 받는단 말이지. - Hmm...She still isn't answering my calls...

PWB: 언제쯤 강소윤이가 따라주는 술을 마셔보려나..? - When will So-yoon come and have a drink with me..?

PWB: 우리 귀여운 강소윤 아나.. - My cute So-yoon...

PWB: 아무리 그래도 너무 튕기는데..? - You're still playing hard to get..?

PWB: 이쯤 되면 웃으며 쪼르르 엎어져 줄 때도 됐잖아? - Isn't it about time for you to lay down and smile for me?

PWB: {근래에 얘만한 -인재가 없는데= - There's no talent quite like her these days...}

PWB: {옛날에 누가 말했지. 새가 안 울면 울 때까지 기다린다고. - There was a saying I heard long ago, if a bird doesn't sing, make it sing.}

[sign - Let's give it our all!!]

PWB: 언젠가 강소윤이 먼저 기어오는 때가 오겠지! - Someday soon, So-yoon will come crawling!

[sign - top - Director of Political Affairs - bottom - Park Won Bin]
[sound effect - Knock Knock Knock]

PWB: 응? - Yes?

HJ: 이제 퇴근 하시나봐요? - Oh, are you heading home now?

HJ: 안녕하세요. 박원빈 부장님. - Goodbye Mr. Park Won Bin

PWB: 누. 누구? - Who...who are you?

HJ: 저는 스포츠부 신입 아나운서 한재희 라고 합니다. - I'm Han Jaehee, a new announcer in the sports department.

PWB: 아아~ - Ah~

PWB: {누군가 했더니.. - I've heard about her...}

PWB: {우리 방송국 지방 채널에서 기상개스터 했던 그0H구만. - She used to be the weather girl on a local channel}

PWB: {중간에 스포츠부로 옮겨서 야구 맡았고, - However, she was moved to the sports desk in the middle of a shift}

PWB: {팬티만 입고 시구해서 논란이 됐었지.. - It was a controversial move because she once threw out the first pitch in only her underwear..}

PWB: {1그렇계 몸부림 치더니, 결국 서울로 옮겨 왔나보네. - I guess she struggled, but eventually made the move to Seoul.}

PWB: 그런데 스포츠부 아나운서가 나한텐 무슨볼일로 - What sort of business does a sports announcer have with me..?

HJ: 같은 보도국인데, 부서 차이가 뭐가 중요하겠어요? - We're all part of the same news station. Who cares if we are in different departments?

HJ: 평소 존경하던 대 선배님인 박원빈 부장님께 인사도 드리고 - Besides, I really wanted to meet you Mr. Park Won Bin, I've always admired your work.

HJ: 아나운서 생활에 대한 조언도 듣고 싶어서요. - I was hoping you could give me some advice on being an announcer.

PWB: 그래요 ? - Is that so?

HJ: 자세가 좋은 친구네. - Yep. In fact, I was hoping we could become good friends.

PWB: 들어가서 얘기할까요? - Shall we step into my office and talk?

HJ: 영광입니다. - It'd be an honor, sir

[sign - top - Director of Political Affairs - bottom - Park Won Bin]

PWB: {모처럼 일찍 들어가나 했더니, 이렇게 건수가 생기네. - I thought i'd be going home early today, but it looks like something unexpected has come up.}

PWB: 술 좀 마실 줄 아나? - Would you care for a drink?

HJ: 혹시 커피 주실까봐 걱정했는 걸요 - I was afraid you'd offer me coffee.

PWB: {그래. 꿩 대신 닭이라고. - It looks like i'll be having chicken instead of pheasant.}

PWB: {오늘은 너다! - But you'll do for today!}

PWB: 원샷! - Bottoms up!

SY: 아아~! Ahn~!

SY: 하양! - Ahn! (or some other random moan)

SY: 아욱이!! - It's so good!!

SY: 오빠 - Oppa~!

SY: 아아! 좋아!! - Ahn! Yes!!

SY: 오늘 오 격해 (watermark makes it hard to read part of it))? - Why are you so intense today, oppa?

JW: 몰라서 물어? - You don't know?

JW: 내가 이번 주에 얼마나 참았다고~ - I've had to hold back all week~

JW: 오늘안재울거야~!!! - We aren't sleeping tonight!

SY: 꺄악! - Ahn! (or some other random moan)

SY: 아아앙!!! - Ahhhh!

SY: 으응... - Mmm...

SY: 하아...오빠.. - Sigh...Oppa...

SY: 힘이 넘치네? 회사에서는 맨날 지쳐보여서 걱정했는데. - You're so full of energy. I was worried because at work you always look so exhausted.

JW: 힘들어. 그런데 자기 보니까, 살것 같아. - I am exhausted, but just looking at you gives me energy.

SY: 바위빈 부장 그빼문에? - Is Chief Park running you ragged?

JW: 워. 그렇지 - Yea, he's declared war on me.

{보도국 제일 실세인 박 부장님한테 찍혔으니까... - Because of the Department Head, Park Won Bin, the most influential man at the station...}

PWB: 으흠... - Ahem...

{회사 생활이 편할 순 없지... - I no longer feel comfortable at work...}

JW: 가끔은 그 때 부장님이 시기신 일을 하고 분 라인을 탔으면 편했겠다는 생각도 들어. - Sometimes I think it'd have been more convenient for me if I had followed the department heads proposition and helped him do his dirty work.

SY: 그랬으면 나는 오빠한테 정말 실 망했을 걸? - If you had, wouldn't you have been disappointed with yourself?

SY: 부당한 압력과 회유에 굴하지 않고 양심을 지킨 오빠가 나는 자랑스러워. - I'm proud of my oppa, who didn't give in to the unjust pressure.

SY: 우리 줄 같은거 잡으려 하지 말고, 가슴 속 양심이 시기는 대로 살자. - You should let go of the past, and live with your full heart and clean conscience.

JW: 그래, 소윤아.. 그럴게. - You're right So-yoon, I will.

SY: 런데 박 부장 그 사람이 오빠 괴롭히는 건 싸증나~! - But Chief Park is a bully and I hate that he's tormenting oppa!

JW: 너무 나쁘게만 보지 마. - It's not so bad

JW: 그래도 한 때는 내가 존경했던 분이니까. - He's actually someone I once admired.

JW: 가서 먹을 거 사올게. 쉬고 있어. - I'm going to go grab something to eat, you get some rest.

SY: 히히 - ~Giggle~

JW: - 더 사올 거 있으면 메시지 추고의 - If you want me to pick up anything while i'm out, send me a text.

SY: 아! 그러고 보니 내 핸드폰! - Ah! I forgot to check my cell phone!

SY: {이 인간이 또.」 - This asshole again..!}

[phone - Chief Park - 3 missed calls]

SY: {왜 자꾸 밤마다 전화를 거는 거야? - Why does he keep calling me every night?}

SY: {내가 불편하다고 하지 말라고 알아듣게 말했는데도! - I even told him to stop because it was making me uncomfortable!}

SY: {재우오빠가 알면 걱정할까 봐, 일부러 티 안 내고 넘어간 거였는데.. - I can't even talk to oppa about it, because I know he would just worry..}

SY: {신고해버려 ..? - Should I report him..?}

PWB: 끄윽 - Ok~

PWB: 취기가 오르는데? - Are you as drunk as I am?

HJ: 저는 아무렇지도 않은걸요? - Should we try something else?

HJ: 입으로만 마셔서 그런가 봐요 - Maybe it's because I only drank it with my mouth,

PWB: 오 ? - Oh?

HJ: 온 몸으로 마셔야 술기운이 오르겠어요. - I need to drink it with my whole body to really feel it.

HJ: 다음 잔부터는 여기다 따라주세요. - Please pour the next shot into here.

HJ: 잔이 좀 큰가요? - Isn't this a big glass?

PWB: 대한민국이 어렵다 어렵다 하지만, 아직 희망이 있군. - Achieving something big in Republic of Korea is something truly difficult, but now I can see a glimpse of hope.

PWB: 자네같은 젊은 친구가 있어서 말이야. - I think i'm going to like having a young friend like you.


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