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CITADEL | Map Layout [TL;DR Version]

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  1.     The general vision of the map holds three levels, bottom to top. Each level within itself is important to another, and all are meant to create the framework for a society that... well, it was poorly executed. Mostly aristocratic/theocratic, and ranked each area from a "Class" perspective (Lower Class, Middle Class, High Class). Now, if you know government, that's a bomb just primed to detonate... but, the societal aspect is not what is important.
  3.     The bottom level, also known as "Proleta", is a particularly subterranean/mountainside-esque portion of the Citadel, and the most torn-up portion of the Citadel. As you would think, this would be where the poor peasants and lower-class citizens resided. That being said, there are some low-grade housing areas, and so on that dot the subterranean landscape of Proleta. Most of the light you’ll see until reaching the outer-mountainside areas will be lit by torches, if not holes from the outer area. Going “outside” to the garden Terrace of Proleta, the sky is generally starry, with a slight “Synthetic Sun” hanging at the uppermost portions of the map. It is here where you can get a slight outer view of the upper levels, which is possible only if you’re in a spot of which it is visible. Level 2's more direct route
  5. Level 2, or, "Vogue", is a general improvement from Proleta. A working middle-class area of the citadel, really. It’s here where there is more aptly-placed trees and foliage, and where there was higher life standings. This is the part of the Citadel with which the upper-class persons and people holding little poverty would reside, in opposing comparison to Proleta. This area is still torn-up and in ruins, but not in much worse a state than how it was before its ruinaton. Albeit a more flourished spot and good standing, there’s some rooms with enough room to train and some more tighter corridors. This level gives a more noticeable view of the Synthetic Sun’s main workings, yet right now, we’d do better not to worry about it. There is a Lift far enough into Vogue that will lead to the next Level.
  7. Level 3, or, "Convala" is meant to be a more… temple-like. It would show the combination of a more “powerful” side of the Citadel, and a more “religious” side to the Citadel. I’d explain more, but it’s best left to the full map layout, which, I advise you to read instead of this.
  9. Each level is accessible by one spiral staircase, but the only way to access each level and have power to perks and so-on requires the activation of a machine in each level. The machine helps raise the power of the Synthetic Sun back to its prime state, where it can give its power back in stride, to which its light will shine bright enough to reveal many secrets...
  11. There’s more to explain here, but, as I've already said, I’ll leave that to the full map layout…
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