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  1. Furianshi: What is your problem dude? The only time you ever seem to interact with me on these forums is when you think you've found a flaw in something I've posted.
  3. You making up for all the times you were picked on at school, or what? I don't get it. Do I make you feel threatened? I don't mean to do that.
  5. ...
  7. Benza: It's funny cause you think I have any idea who you are. I honestly don't remember the last time I talked to you about anything. There is nothing personal in anything I've written to you I'm just responding to the posts you make.
  9. ...
  11. Benza: so in retrospect, that last message was me being ... well a right ****., so sorry about that. Basically what I was trying to say with out being an unlikeable **** is that sorry I don't remember the last time we talked (I remember people by Avatars, I'm pretty sure you changed you'rs recently?) I don't mean anything personal by my arguments, I just enjoy a good argument. If I had anything against you personally I wouldn't hide it behind comments about statistics and missatributted phobia diagnosises. I'd tell you.
  13. So yeah, sorry if I've come off as a dick it honetsly wasn't my intention.
  15. ...
  17. Furianshi: Hey, I don't want to make this a habit, so this will be the last time I message you about this...
  19. Okay, first of all, I made the petition, kind of on a whim. My daughter completed Skyrim, but the spider thing was a huge problem for her. I'm talking riding around in circles on a horse in the game when there's spiders around, because she has one of her hands covering her eyes. Huge problem. Her arachnophobia is that bad, I can't even make spider-like movements with my hand without freaking her out. A **** huge dragon that can kill you with it's breath and takes 20 hits from a two-handed battle axe to defeat? No problem. A couple of spiders that can be cleaned up in seconds? Dear god, no. It strikes me as unbalanced, and not exactly what Bethesda had in mind. And I just assumed it was pretty much common knowledge how widespread arachnophobia is.
  21. Anyway, I had just discovered twitition and, having never created a petition before, and being the type of father to encourage, and set an example of being pro-active with things like this, I excitedly created my first petition.
  23. It was a petition that did not affect you, Ben Shambrook, in any way. And anyone who would've signed it would've had their twitter usernames publicly displayed at the bottom. You came in and said that the petition I created was 'insane'. You didn't have any logical, or well-informed argument to back what you were saying, but that's beside the point. It just seemed like you saw what I posted and, for some reason, decided to have a quick crack at fucking it up for me. Who is going to sign a petition where their name shows up publicly, if their peers think the petition is insane, right?
  26. Now, you say you like arguments, but holy crap do you suck at them...
  28. Agoraphobia? Why not make a petition for people with agoraphobia? If agoraphobic people actually had a problem with being inside their homes playing videogames (which I'm sure they don't), why would they care about an open-world game, let alone even be playing anything that isn't a 15yr old corridoor shooter?
  30. Why is arachnophobia more important than agrophobia? Pretty damn simple if you think about it, right?
  32. These are questions you could've asked yourself and found the answers for. You have the internet at your fingertips too, why set yourself up to look like an idiot?
  35. Anyway... next time you feel like challenging one of my posts, or anyone else's for that matter, please think first, and maybe ask yourself if it's REALLY worth it. It would prevent the forum from getting cluttered with stupid arguments, and also save a lot of wasted time. And please keep in mind that this isn't 4chan. I know that old habits are hard to break, but you aren't entirely annonymous here. So it's almost like a step closer to saying all your crap and swearing at people in real life. Something I'm guessing that you don't do. If you did, I'm pretty sure you'd be posting in the 'what ticks you off' thread every 2nd day about how you got your head kicked in for being a rude cunt AGAIN.
  37. ...
  39. Benza: jesus man I didn't sit there and decide "Oh yay lets **** this up for someone" i sat there and thought "That's kind of stupid, I'm going to comment on why I think it's stupid"
  41. **** christ man how self important are you that you think everything I say is some direct stab at you personally.
  43. Oh and congratulations you know my full name, is that supposed to be some kind of threat or something? Jesus man if you can't handle people criticizing your ideas without throwing a damm temper tantrum then maybe the Internets not for you.
  45. ...
  47. Furianshi: Are you still standing by your original comment? I don't understand you, you just seem to constantly move on to the next thing you qualify as a reason to argue, without any acknowledgment of the last thing.
  49. I used your name because I want you to think of reality and yourself as a person, even when you are here. It might make you come to the realisation that you are dealing with other actual people here, not just comments.
  52. ...
  54. Benza: jesus man I don't care
  55. I know I'm dealing with an actual person, but from the way you've taken this the person I'm dealing with is an absolute tool so to be honest I don't give two rats if I've hurt your delicate feelings.
  57. Get the hell over it and grow up. It was a throw away comment.
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