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Quackerson's Needy NEET guide

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  1. This pastebin is intended to assist NEETs in moving on to a better state of living.
  2. The scope of this guide is to the immediate placement of NEETs into employment, education or formal training.
  3. These resources are intended to get you started on the path to self improvement.
  4. This guide will only use legitimate avenues to placement, none of which are illegal or degrading.
  6. This guide is intended solely for residents of the U.S. and possibly Canada.  
  8. %%%%%%%%%Contents
  9. @Employment
  10. --The employment section will provide links to jobs which can easily be done at home using a standard phone/computer.
  11. --It will not contain any illegal or degrading avenues of employment.
  12. @Employment Listings
  13. --This section will provide links to websites and job boards you might not be aware of.
  14. @Interviews
  15. --This Section will contain information on how to land the job.
  16. @Education
  17. --This section is intended to assist users in finding free methods of education, and help in pursuing formal.
  18. @Heathcare/Counselling
  19. --This section contains information on helping with psychological and physical problems.
  20. @Contact/Credits
  22. %%%%%%%%%At Home Employment
  23. ------------Preface
  24. Before you can start working from home you need to take the following steps:
  25. 1.You need to open a checking account to ensure you are paid.
  26. --You should pick a bank with no checking account fees, and a free debit card plan.
  27. --Local Credit Unions are good for this; however, checks will take a longer time to clear with most.
  28. --As an independent contractor you will be listed as a business under U.S. tax law and will need to file
  29. ---taxes as such.  You should consult information at irs.gov
  30. --You should not be using Paypal to get paid.
  31. ----Paypal is not a bank and is not regulated via the federal safeguards on banking institutions.
  32. ----Paypal can seize all of the money in your accounts, and deny you access to transfer.
  33. ----Paypal charges insanely high fees per transfer.
  35. 2.Get on a decent sleep schedule.
  36. --A decent schedule utilizes at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  37. --Sleeping during the day may have unintended consequences.
  39. @Leapforce :
  40. --Pay 13.50/hr
  41. --Search evaluation work max:40hr a week
  42. --SmartPhone required
  43. --leapforceathome.com
  45. @LionsBridge
  46. --Pay $13/hr
  47. --Search evaluation work min:10hr max:20hr a week
  48. --http://www.lionbridge.com/careers/
  50. @Mturk
  51. --Pay variable/possibly below min wage
  52. --Work for amazon doing tasks.
  53. --https://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome
  55. @ClickWorker
  56. --Essentially the same as Mturk
  57. --http://www.clickworker.com/
  59. @Appen(Formourly ButlerHill)
  60. --$13.75/hr
  61. --Search evaluation work/Crowd Sourcing
  62. --http://www.appen.com/company/opportunities/
  64. @Writer's Domain
  65. --$20 per standard article $40 per premium article.
  66. --Write articles
  67. --https://www.writersdomain.net/
  69. @CrowdSource
  70. --Essentially Same as Mturk
  71. --http://www.crowdsource.com/workforce/
  73. @TextMaster
  74. --Pay:Variable based on project.
  75. --Translation/ProofReading
  76. --http://www.textmaster.com/freelance-writer-translator-jobs
  78. @Talk 2 rep
  79. --Pay:*Information needed*
  80. --Phone service
  81. --http://talk2rep.com/
  83. @Allvoices
  84. --Pay:See page/possibly below min wage
  85. --Promote a brand
  86. --http://www.allvoices.com/incentive
  88. @SmartBrief
  89. --Pay:*Need info*
  90. --Condense articles into a few sentences.
  91. --https://smartbriefcareers.silkroad.com/
  93. @ODesk/Upword
  94. --Pay:Variable
  95. --Takes 10% off the top.
  96. --Freelance work.
  97. ---Programming,Data Entry,Image Commissions, some CAD work.
  98. --You are an independent contractor
  99. --This is an extremely competitive job.
  100. --www.odesk.com
  102. @Freelancer.com
  103. --Essentially the same as ODesk
  104. --You need to pay for licensing on certs.
  105. --Essentially a rip off compared to Odesk/Upwork but has more jobs for some reason.
  107. @PostLoop
  108. --Pay:?/needs Confirmation
  109. --Visit other people's forums/blogs and post comments
  110. --http://www.postloop.com/
  113. -----Work at home job listings.
  114. @www.wahm.com/jobs
  116. %%%%%%%%%%%Employment Listings%%%%%
  117. @@Advice before we proceed.
  118. --You never want to become involved with a multi-level marketing company.
  119. --If something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.
  120. --Your local paper's classified section can help you find some jobs.
  121. --Always be working on something in your field even if you are unemployed.
  122. --If your field has a related organization like ACM for CS, join them as they have job listings.
  124. @LinkedIn
  125. --Website useful for corporate networking.
  126. --Headhunters actually do look on LinkedIn.
  127. --https://www.linkedin.com/
  129. @Monster
  130. --The Generic website for employment
  131. --Very few actual employers.
  132. --http://www.monster.com/
  134. @Dice
  135. --Technology Related Jobs.
  136. --http://www.dice.com/
  138. @Craig's List
  139. --Alot of interesting jobs are listed on here.
  140. --Job might be pretty Sketch.
  141. --craigslist.org
  143. %%%%%%%%Interview Questions%%%%%%%%
  144. @@Overview
  145. --Naturally I can't offer you the answer to every interview question.
  146. --Section will offer some excellent sources for answers though.
  148. @Forbes Top 50 interview Questions
  149. --Gives a decent overview of common questions
  150. --http://www.forbes.com/sites/jacquelynsmith/2013/01/11/how-to-ace-the-50-most-common-interview-questions/
  152. @Interview Cake
  153. --Interview questions for programming
  154. --https://www.interviewcake.com
  158. %%%%%%%%%%%Education%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
  159. @edx
  160. --Free college courses offered by Ivys like harvard.
  161. --edx.org
  163. @MIT OCW
  164. --Free course materials from MIT classes.
  165. --http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm
  167. @W3Schools
  168. --Web Design Courses
  169. --http://www.w3schools.com/
  171. @Khan Academy
  172. --Simple explanations of higher education concepts.
  173. --Especially Useful for math
  174. --khanacademy.org
  176. @codecademy
  177. --Learn how to program
  178. --Very simple lessons.  You will probably need to study later.
  179. --codecademy.com
  181. @Coursera
  182. --Free courses from Universities
  183. --www.coursera.org
  185. @Articles which are useful
  186. --Life Hacker on free courses
  187. ----http://lifehacker.com/5615716/where-to-get-the-best-free-education-online
  189. @fafsa
  190. --Apply for government aid for college.
  191. --fafsa.gov
  193. @collegeboard.org
  194. --Information on college costs on a per college basis
  195. --They don't show placement rates for employment.
  196. --collegeboard.org
  198. @@Getting through college should you choose to go.
  199. --Select a major based on employment rate trends *Analysis to come*
  200. --Find universities in your area which you can afford using collegeboard.org.
  201. --Research employment placement rates per university on your selected major.
  202. --Select university with highest rate in your price range.
  203. --Obtain a copy of the major requirements
  204. --Search through transfer guide of selected university for a local community college which has a good prerequisite transfer rate.
  205. --Make a plan based on said prerequisites.  Do not trust a consular to do this for you at the community college.
  206. --Apply for financial aid at fafsa.gov
  207. --Complete prerequistes with at least a 3.5 average in core classes at CC and apply to selected university.
  208. --Finish junior/ senior year at selected university.
  209. --Do internships throughout university, don't be afraid to take a year off.
  210. --Use fucking khan academy.
  212. @@For Students seeking an internship.
  213. --I would advise using your college's employment office.
  214. --You may find the following sites helpful.
  216. @AfterCollege
  217. --Provides listings for entry level jobs which companies are recruiting new grads for.
  218. --Provides listings for internships.
  219. --https://www.aftercollege.com
  221. @Internships.com
  222. --Provides listings of internships.
  223. --http://www.internships.com/student
  225. %%%%%%%%%%%Heathcare/Counselling
  226. @@This section is intended to help people who are in need of physical or mental support.  
  227. @@I am not a doctor or a trained healthcare professional, but I have tried my best to verify the contents of this section.
  228. @@As per the rest of this guide, follow this section at your own risk.
  230. @http://www.cci.health.wa.gov.au/resources/consumers.cfm
  231. --Pamphlets dealing with mental conditions and how to address them.
  233. @HRSA search
  234. --Provides a list of local clinics which can be used without health insurance.
  235. --http://findahealthcenter.hrsa.gov/Search_HCC.aspx
  237. @Suicide Hotlines
  238. --1-800-273-TALK (8255)
  239. --US Hotline
  241. @Suicide TextLine
  242. --http://www.crisistextline.org/get-help-now
  244. %%%%%%%%%%%Contact Plus shit to add
  245. @Changes
  246. --Added additional data to employment sections.
  247. --Removed training section because I don't have the time.
  249. @Contributors:
  250. --This bin utilizes some information from the ongoing NEET document hosted at the address below.
  251. --https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MOL822Z70BLJZNmDsVQeB5PEeFCFgpIbVLFkfb5eELw/edit?pli=1#
  253. @Contact
  254. --Trips: !!0OlW03uiM+8 , !!Px6V6kPmvIj
  255. --For suggestions or corrections contact: quackerson@gmx.com
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