Little Crossover Start

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  1. [The time is the afternoon. Students are done with school. Two students are seen exiting the main entrance of the School building. They are walking together, and seem to be taking each other home. The two names are Marcia and Rosalinde.]
  3. Marcia: What's the homework?
  4. Rosalinde: Math, AP... and I think that's it.
  5. Marcia: Alrighty. Hey, I have a question to ask.
  6. Rosa: Yeah? What's up?
  7. Marcia: Have... you heard of a criminal called Blake?
  8. Rosalinde: No. Doesn't ring a bell.
  9. Marcia: Well... he looks scary. He robs banks with a crew of his own... and other crimes. And no police-man can even stop him. Wherever he goes, it's always crime...
  10. Rosalinde: He shouldn't be lurking around here. I'll call authorities the moment we see him-
  11. Marcia: He kills them all... what would he be doing in the Philippines...?
  12. Rosalinde: As much as we have problems... I doubt that he would have any business in the Philippines- wait. Who is that man over there?
  13. [Marcia Marquez "eeps" in fear. There is a man sitting in a bench. He is wearing a mask, and some tropical attire. He is talking through a phone. It seems to be incomprehensible, to them at least.]
  15. ???: So... what exactly am I doing here? It reeks of fucking smoke. You want me to supply- wait. I have visitors. I'll call at a much more desirable time. [Closes phone] You two. I recognize you.
  16. Marcia: Who... are you?
  17. ???: The man you spoke of while you were walking in my direction.
  18. [The two are in utter shock. Marcia is seen visibly shaking, as the man casually looks at them like it was no big deal. Rosalinde just has a frozen, shocked face.]
  19. Marcia: PLEASE! DON'T KI-
  20. [Blake reached for his holster and springs up from the bench]
  21. Blake: Keep your mouth shut fool! I'm in the middle of a contract, and I want out of this place already. If anyone knows that Blake Clancy is in the Philippines, they will hunt me down. I want to do this quietly and quickly, and not massacre a bunch of different cops.
  22. Rosalinde: Give me one good reason that we shouldn't fight you now. Or call the cops.
  23. Blake: Oh... I know things. My contacts see alot of things. So called... the Knights of Aether? And they are two innocent schoolgirls? I expected a lot more. I haven't watched those kids shows since a long time ago. Either way, I know the two of you damn well. And I won't hesitate to use force if you get in my way. I also already have these... Neon Devils to deal with in the Philippines as well. I don;t want my job to be any harder.
  24. Marcia: Where... your crew?
  25. Blake: Back in America. Someone is in my stead while I get this job done. Now you two. Go. This conversation never happened. Or I'll make it so it NEVER happened.
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