Bearded Dragon

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  2. You need a UVB tube light. Not the coil. It should be 2/3 of the length of your enclosure. Just get the 40gal tank now. Get a 75-100 watt because your basking temp will need to be up to 110 degrees F. Humidity 30-40%. I personally never get to 40%. You’ll need a thermometer hydrometer to be able to know what the temps and humidity are. Get a digital, they’re way more accurate. Eventually soaks in warm water will help with shedding purposes. If the water goes passed their elbows, it’s too deep.
  4. Tile, paper towel or carpet flooring. No substrate due to such being a blockage and infection risk.
  6. Your food should consist of veggies and bugs. I’ll post those in the comments.
  8. Make sure they have stuff to climb (anything from outside you’ll need to disinfect before putting it in the enclosure, same goes for used enclosures as well). It’ll help with enrichment and their femoral pores.
  10. Supplements; calcium is a must. You’ll need to dust the bugs in vitamins and calcium. I’ll send you a good schedule.
  12. No heat rocks. No heat mats. They don’t regulate temperature on their bellies and can burn themselves badly. They should only have heat coming from above from your basking bulb.
  14. If you have a hard time keeping the temperature over 65 F at night get a CHE (ceramic heat emitter) bulb. Do not get a red bulb for anything. It messes with their sleep patterns and it doesn’t allow proper dilation of the pupils resulting in eye damage or blindness.
  17. As I stated I’ll send things to the comments section since I can’t message you but give me some time to do so. I’m at work currently so I get pulled away a lot.
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