Pinkie Pie x Anon (cute)

Jul 18th, 2013
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  1. >You work up the courage to finally ask Pinkie Pie on a date.
  2. >After the singing and the bouncing and the stream of yes'es she stops and looks you in the eyes
  3. >Suddenly very serious
  4. >"Anon....I need you to promise me"
  5. >Uh oh
  6. >"It's a super special, fondant level clearance pinkie promise so don't say yes unless you really really really really really mean it!"
  7. >You nod slowly, almost afraid of what it might be
  8. >She whispers into your ear, as nobody else can hear it
  9. >It's fondant level clearance after all
  10. >You're surprised at what she says
  11. >It's surprisingly simple
  12. >You say yes
  13. >How hard can that be?
  14. >She smiles and serious time is over
  15. >Pulled by the arm down the road to local sundae place
  16. >Guess the date starts now
  17. >Pinkie hasn't stopped talking the entire way
  18. >She only pauses to order her ice cream or when you're expected to say 'yes' or 'go on'
  19. >You're a bit overwhelmed but you knew exactly what you were getting into
  20. >So really, you're enjoying yourself
  21. >Her big smile and cute blue eyes are all you really wanted
  22. >The entire life could have done without but hey
  23. >Others would call you crazy but
  24. >You really like her voice
  25. >"So Anon, we getting separate sundaes or one superduper big one and we share it?"
  26. >Your logical side says get two
  27. >Mostly because Pinkie will demolish a single one
  28. >But its a date
  29. >And you know she wants a lot of icecream
  30. >You opt for the big one
  31. >She squees, orders it, and gets right back to her story
  32. >You try to follow but...
  33. >Hey Icecream is here---
  34. >Ponka's appetite does not disappoint
  35. >The stuff that hit you tasted good
  36. >After she's done gorging, she wants to leave and go for a walk
  37. >You don't see why not
  38. >The second 'sure' leaves your mouth she's tugging you along
  39. >She's so happy but
  40. >Holy crap
  41. >You walk together
  42. >Well
  43. >You walk, she bounces next to you
  44. >Still prattling on about stuff
  45. >It's gotten a little non-first-date conversation though
  46. >She mentions what she wants her first filly to be named
  47. >And stuff about wedding cake
  48. >All with the same happy smile look
  49. >A tiny voice in your head screams for you to abandon ship
  50. >Its not that you expected Pinkie to be a flowers, dinner and quiet chat kinda girl
  51. >But certainly not a desperate to get married type
  52. >She stopped and is looking at you
  53. >Uh oh you missed a cue
  54. >Blurt out 'yes'
  55. >She smiles and bounces, saying she loves a guy who wants lots of kids
  56. >Oh fuck
  57. >What did you get yourself into?
  58. >Make it to the lake
  59. >Find some place to sit
  60. >She's all smiles and happy
  61. >You've been thinking of an excuse to run away
  62. >Curse Equestria for not having cellphones
  63. >You remember when you were on a bad date back home, you'd text your friend and bam, phone rings, instant excuse
  64. >Not here
  65. >She giggles at her own joke, then says she wants a pop
  66. >You tell her you're OK and she smiles and bounces off
  67. >Not the most gentlemanly thing to do
  68. >But...maybe now you can just
  69. >Come up with a good reason to get away
  70. >Forgotten appointment maybe?
  71. >She did initiate the date suddenly it wouldn't be entirely out of nowhere
  72. >Watch her bounce down to a soda stand
  73. >She's so happy right now
  74. >You realize you couldn't handle the look of disappointment if you fed her some BS
  75. >It's just one can make it to the end
  76. >She's bouncing back, soda pop in her mouth
  77. >Its too cute
  78. >You lean back and look at the sky
  79. >Quickly filled with smiling ponka face
  80. >"Hey Anon its been a great time! Lets walk back to Sugar Cube and get more treats!"
  81. >Can't argue with that
  82. >Walk and bounce back toward town
  83. >She's still talking a lot
  84. >You dig your hands into your pockets and force a smile
  85. >She seems oblivious to your increasing levels of discomfort now
  86. >You've seen her friends go as far as to jam a hoof in her mouth
  87. >But that doesn't seem very nice to do to her
  88. >Even if you don't have an opinion about planting chicken eggs to grow eggplant
  89. >You reach Sugar Cube
  90. >Mrs Cake seems surprised to see both of you together still
  91. >Ponka asks for some cheesecake and pulls you to a table
  92. >You follow along, only getting relief from her yapping when she's eating the cake
  93. >You manage to cut a slice this time
  94. >She excuses herself to go to the filly's room
  95. >You're left there alone
  96. >With your half eaten cheesecake
  97. >And the door
  98. >You could tell Mrs Cake your excuse
  99. >She's forcing a smile, much more in-tune with your uncomfortable feels
  100. >She would understand
  101. >Wouldn't even have to face Pinkie's look of upset, just look at your watch
  102. >Say 'oh shit!'
  103. >Rattle out something you're late for
  104. >Out the door
  105. >....come on you're not a scumbag, Anon
  106. >Just wait for her to come back
  107. >Tell her you had a good time and go home
  108. >Mrs. Cake is still looking at you, eyeing the door every so often
  109. >You tell her the cake is ok but not a big fan of cheesecake
  110. >She nods and goes back to what she was doing
  111. >Strange...
  112. >The door to the bathroom opens up and Pinkie comes out
  113. >Slowly peeking
  114. >Its cute but she looks...
  115. >...nervous?
  116. >"You...didn't leave!"
  117. >Ponka walks slowly back, visibly uncomfortable
  118. >Sits across from you and smiles a small smile
  119. >Dare you say it, a real smile
  120. >The first tiem on the whole date, now that you think about it
  121. >"And kept your promise!"
  122. >Promise?
  123. >Oh yea!
  124. >It was so odd you didn't even think about it till now
  125. >What did she say?
  126. >'Promise to be nice'
  127. >She's fumbling with her mane
  128. >Twirling a little lock with her hoof somehow
  129. >"I...because I'm such a bouncyjumpypartyanimal..ponies get the wrong idea about me...and what I want"
  130. >She's looking at the cake, poking it with a fork
  131. >"And I get a lot of....ya know....meanie bad pony types who don't really like me but ya know...they think the party isn't just balloons and yummy syrup!"
  132. >You see her tail lower and you feel awful for even thinking about running off
  133. >Everything about the day is beginning to make sense but you don't stop her from explaining herself
  134. >"I feel bad being a horrible date but...I had to be sure you weren't another 'brohoofs and bimbos' kinda guy"
  135. >She looks back up
  136. >Her eyes are a little moist
  137. >"You're the first guy who ever....made it to cheesecake"
  138. >She sniffs and smiles
  139. >You don't know what to say so you take another bite of cake
  140. >It tastes a lot better this time around
  141. >"I understand if...if you think I'm a stupid liarliarhoovesonfire stup---"
  142. >You shush her
  143. >The first time the entire day you felt comfortable about stopping her mouth from moving
  144. >But to be fair she smiles when you do
  145. >You tell her that you're not entirely thrilled about the act
  146. >But you understand her worry regarding not so nice colts
  147. >You go on to say if she's willing to forget about it and have a real first date with you--
  148. >Your turn to talk has ended
  149. >"Oh of course, Anon! Look watch!"
  150. >You watch as she makes a bunch of motions that seem to literally mean she's taking her memory of the day out of her noggin' and throwing in the waste bin
  151. >It was also a really clever way to wipe her eyes without it being obvious
  152. >You've had too much sugar already to handle this level of adorable
  153. >When she's done, you tell her if she's OK with it, you want to go on another date tomorrow
  154. >You mean, a first date, because you never went on a date with her before
  155. >She nods so fast its just pink blur
  156. >Which leads to pieces of cheesecake hitting you
  157. >When she stops she sees what she did and blushes
  158. >Fumbles for a napkin and leans across the table wiping you off
  159. >You've never seen her embarrassed about getting baked goods on anyone before
  160. >"Sorry Anon....I...need to work on that"
  161. >You tell her you'll just wear cheaper clothes around her
  162. >She giggles
  163. >You do too
  164. >Now you're both laughing really hard
  165. >It feels good to laugh with her like this
  166. >Her laughter was what made you like her in the first place
  167. >It was really cute and it made you smile no matter how bad your day was
  168. >When you both settle down, you decide its getting late and you should go
  169. >But you tell her you'll come here tomorrow to pick her up after her shift
  170. >For your first real date
  171. >She smiles and leads you to the door
  172. >Not before giving you a to go bag full of cookies and other assorted treats
  173. >When Mrs Cake hands them to you, she mouths 'thank you'
  174. >She must have seen the bad end of this 'date' so many times before
  175. >Pinkie prattles off whats in the bag and leads you to the door
  176. >Not bouncing, actually walking
  177. >She seems unsure of where to stand around you now
  178. >You get to the door and bid her goodnight, telling her to dress nice tomorrow
  179. >She blushes and gives you a nice long hug
  180. >Nothing more than that of course, not yet
  181. >You start to head home
  182. >You're not five feet from the doorway when she calls out to you
  183. >You see her kicking her hoof at the ground, looking away shyly
  184. >"Anon...umm...this is going to sound silly but...I've never...ya know...been on a real date before think maybe we can go to that place Rarity takes her coltfriends?"
  185. >You know the one, the one where they charge you an extra bit for a glass of water
  186. >But for Pinkie Pie, you tell her sure thing
  187. >She beams and says she needs to get ready and dives inside
  188. >Get ready its....never mind you don't think about it
  189. >"Hey Anon!?"
  190. >You've made it another three feet but you turn around
  191. >"Don't forget your promise!"
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