Xenos Hunters Session 49

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  1. #XenosHunters
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  7.         antoine As the last Kommando pretends to be a bush the rev of an engine grows. The smell of cordite from the stick bomb lingers as a flock of alien birds escape and flitter away on two pairs of wings.
  8.         Bastianus       stamps the Staff of the Unbowed into the mud. ++I fear we will not be able to avoid confrontation after my... display.++
  9.         antoine Sinbad's Doop chops down on a metal "tree" as the engine noise is accompanied by a constant creaking noise and a dull rumble.
  10.         antoine chomps*
  11.         Sinbad  "No, bad doop. Metal makes you vomit!"
  12.         antoine Doop agrees with this sentiment and spits it out, a wide mouthed frown crossing its face.
  13.         Balmung ++We should keep moving++
  14.         Bastianus       ++Indeed.++
  15.         Sinbad  goads the doop back to the group and readies to guide it
  16.         antoine The vehicle is coming from directly ahead, the jungle moves in the distance as tree are snapped or are heard falling to the ground as heavy thuds echo through the jungle. The astropath comes out from behind a nearby tree, "they are coming let us run!"
  17.         Balmung turns and stomps off away from the dead orks
  18.         Bastianus       "You will stay where you are until we decide what to do," Bastianus calls to the astropath. "Petty whelp."
  19.         Bastianus       ++What now, Brother Balmung? Engage the orks?++
  20.         Sinbad  readies his sword and bolter
  21.         Sinbad  ++Make it fast. Once we make visual contact, we would not be able to leave them behind.++
  22.         Balmung ++We have no idea how many there are, it would be smart to keep moving.++
  23.         Bastianus       ++Ah, keep moving, yes, but where? They are heading in the direction we must go. Perhaps we should divert and then return to our intended course?++
  24.         Balmung ++Aye.++
  25.         Balmung ++Hopefully the orks will think it's nothing more than infighting++
  26.         Bastianus       chuckles. ++Yes, I wouldn't put it past the foul brutes to be too distracted marvelling the effects of my powers.++
  27.         Balmung ++Let's get moving++
  28.         Bastianus       follows.
  29.         antoine The group splits off from the current path, tromping through the jungle to the right, as the astropath tries to stay in the middle of the group, his wasted stunted form overshadowed by the genetically engineered superhumans carefully making their way through the jungle.
  30.         Sinbad  "Keep up or I eat you!"
  31.         antoine The engine noise seems to follow you, the crash of trees behind you continues and grows louder by the minute.
  32.         Sinbad  ++They're mounted if anything! We cannot outrun them if they know our trail!++
  33.         Balmung ++We should set up an ambush for them++
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  35.         Sinbad  nods
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  37.         antoine Balmung snaps off a fern-like tree branch and starts to quickly mask your tracks, wiping away the distinct boot prints into a mess of random bumps in the jungle floor.
  38.         Balmung ++We should be good for now but we should keep moving quickly++
  39.         Bastianus       ++Yes. The sooner we learn the Inquisitor's fate, the better.++
  40.         Navarre "Damnable orks!"
  41.         Sinbad  ++Why a damned Ork-held territory?!++
  42.         Navarre ++Perhaps the Inquisitor wished to drop the Tyranids upon them?++
  43.         Sinbad  ++That is a bad idea and it should feel bad!++
  44.         antoine The sound of the vehicle continues to grow but after you change course and head back towards the Inquisitor's position the vehicle grows more distant behind you.
  45.         antoine The astropath visibly eases with relief as you continue onwards. From two gnarled and large trees you can see ork constructions and activity ahead. Their little servants running this way and that carrying scrap metal. The sounds of ork howling comes from the left past vehicle shop of some kind while a pair of gretchin fight over a tooth that they steal from a passing ork's belt.
  46.         Navarre ++How many are there?++
  47.         Bastianus       ++I can make a count, if you so-wish.++
  48.         Navarre ++The question is... shall we charge in and give the greenskins a fine astartes welcome?++
  49.         Balmung ++Wait++
  50.         Balmung ++She's here.++
  51.         Sinbad  ++...You want us to fight the entire planet and territory's worth of Orks?++
  52.         Omniel  ++We have faced worse odds, statistically.++
  53.         Balmung ++Sinbad how do you feel about putting your sneaking skills to good use?++
  54.         Sinbad  ++Where?++
  55.         Bastianus       ++If we time it correctly, Brother Balmung, I could set off a distraction to assist Brother Sinbad.++
  56.         Sinbad  harrumphs
  57.         Balmung ++That was my plan, how many grenades do you have Sinbad and Omniel could you rig them all to go off at once.++
  58.         Sinbad  ++I have my normal complement...but a good frag grenade is always good to have when surrounded. It would be waste to use them here if this doesn't occur properly. What will occur after the grenades blow?++
  59.         Balmung ++Aye though if you rigged one to a fuel tank it would provide us with a nice distraction++
  60.         Sinbad  ++...Could not one of just shoot at a fuel tank? Ork machinery does not need much coaxing to explode.++
  61.         Navarre ++Anyone brought the weaponry needed to pull a shot like that off?++
  62.         Bastianus       ++Why, each of you is armed with one.++
  63.         Balmung ++True enough, perhaps Bastianus could convince a greenskin to help us++
  64.         Omniel  ++Bolter fire may be more noticeable.++
  65.         Navarre ++Does no one have a stalker? Or the bolts?++
  66.         Sinbad  ++Doesn't matter. I'll go shoot at fuel around their encampment. It will save us the grenades. I shall return easily enough. They are raucous enough that it is difficult to notice even a shot. ...There is already much shooting you can hear in their encampment.++
  67.         Balmung ++Alright, make it quick++
  68.         Balmung ++Decimus how long until you are back on station?++
  69.         Navarre nods. ++Of course. And if they charge at us...++ Navarre hefts the stormbolter he brought with him. ++I suppose a good thunderstorm of bolts will learn them.++
  70.         Bastianus       ++Gunfire will rile them up. But with a little push to the right places...++
  71.         Bastianus       lightly swings the staff about. ++I can make them collapse into infighting. Orkish society is not a very stable thing.++
  72.         Balmung ++Head over to their motorpool there should be fuel storage tanks there++
  73.         Sinbad  goes to ask Patriclus to borrow his stummer
  74.         Navarre waits for the fireworks.
  75.         Sinbad  heads off
  76.         Bastianus       ++Brothers. There is something here.++
  77.         antoine Sinbad slinks off into the ork encampment, his steps silenced as the stummer does its work. As he disappears into the ork camp an overweight ork is being herded by some of his brethren to an isolated tower to your right. They poke him forward with sticks and gun butts, it stops half way there and raises a lazy eye to look over at you.
  78.         antoine He starts to bark to the orks nearby, raising a hand to point towards you.
  79.         Bastianus       ++An ork psyker.++
  80.         Balmung ++Can you deal with him?++
  81.         Navarre ++Damn! I thought Orks killed off their psykers?++ He looks at Bastianus. ++If you can deal with the weird boy, Balmung and myself can take care of his brethren!++
  82.         Bastianus       grunts. ++He is strong, this one...++
  83.         Balmung starts fishing around in his assorted trophies for something
  84.         antoine He jumps in place as Bastianus fails to exert his will before clutching his staff and starting to shout
  85.         Navarre readies his stormbolter. Time to kill some greenskins.
  86.         Balmung snaps off one of his trophies and holds on to it
  87.         antoine "WAAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHH!!"
  88.         Bastianus       snarls. ++He is prepared!++
  89.         Bastianus       points the Staff of the unbowed. ++Brother Balmung! I can do away with them quickly, but no matter what we will attract their fellows!++
  90.         Sinbad  ++I hear them screaming! Were you sighted?!++
  91.         Balmung ++Aye that's why I have these++ shows a large string of teef with one the size of a man's hand in the middle
  92.         Bastianus       ++A witch!++ Bastianus looks to Balmung's prize. ++What, do you wish to bargain for their silence?++
  93.         Balmung ++Not a bargain, a challenge. Hopefully this will attract the warboss once he comes you will find the Inquisitor and I'll deal with him then leave I will join you at the landing zone.++
  94.         Balmung stomps out from hiding holding the teef high above his head roaring
  95.         Bastianus       points the staff, and electricity dances between his psychic hood and the Staff of the Unbowed. ++Do it quick if you will do it! They are not bound by reason!++
  96.         Omniel  ++Interesting plan.++
  97.         Balmung ++Kant go with the rest of the squad++
  98.         Navarre ++A space wolf in terminator armor against a warboss? It's not exactly a match up I would like to see.++
  99.         antoine An electrical charge runs up the staff of the lazy eyed ork and a massive incandescent green foot materialises above the Kill Team's head. The astropath screams in terror and scratches at his own face before a bolt of blue lightening from Bastianus' staff banishes the green psychic phenomena.
  100.         antoine more ork gutteral calls are heard throughout the camp.
  101.         Bastianus       ++It's not working, Balmung!...++
  102.         Balmung growls
  103.         Balmung ++Prepare yourselves, if this works the greenskins will be to focused on the duel than you++
  104.         Omniel  ++And if you lose the duel?++
  105.         Balmung ++Then I will hopefully buy you enough time to get Telion out of the camp++
  106.         Bastianus       ++Beware, keep your distance. The instant they open fire on you, I'm unleashing another blast on them.++
  107.         Navarre ++If you lose, I'll be disappointed, Balmung!++
  108.         Balmung ++So will I++
  109.         Balmung ++Decimus how far out are you?++
  110.         Sinbad  ++I hear them getting excited! Is something wrong?!++
  111.         antoine From a distant hill a massive sheet of metal covering a cave entrance is thrown aside by a massive ork in what constitutes ork power armour. One hand grips a complex gunsmithing marvel of components that looks like it fires quick large caliber rounds while the other snaps a massive power klaw.
  112.         antoine quite large*
  113.         Navarre ++And the warboss.++
  114.         antoine ++I have just re-armed. Am I needed?++ replies Decimus
  115.         Balmung ++And where the Inquisitor is++
  116.         Balmung ++Aye, you are to return planetside we will need fast extraction++
  117.         Balmung roars at the warboss and points his frost axe at it
  118.         antoine The orks voice is a deep resonating boom that has the quality of a massive waterfall crashing into a deep cavern and echoing outwards. His guttural cries of delight scare off the local wildlife, "I'z told ya's, puny human woz important after all! Listen up you grotz, I iz Mar'gaz 'Armripper and youz gonna give me a gud foight!"
  119.         antoine He charges down the hill towards you, firing his weapon more in exuberance than in any kind of aimed fashion.
  120.         Balmung ++Now! Go find the Inquisitor++
  121.         Omniel  ++I advise you to protect your arms, Brother Balmung. Replacements are hard to come by.++
  122.         Navarre ++Alright, Kill-team. Time to move!++
  123.         Balmung bashes his axe on his storm shield challenging the warboss
  124.         Bastianus       stamps off in the direction of the hilltop. ++What to do with the apothecary?...++
  125.         Balmung starts charging towards the warboss
  126.         Bastianus       *astropath
  127.         Balmung wolfy runs off after Balmung
  128.         Omniel  leaves Balmung to his duel, heading off with the others.
  129.         antoine As you split off and leave Balmung surrounded by growing hundreds of boys circled around the warboss and the Space Wolf a shape is hurtled into the air, Sinbad strapped to a bright red rocket billowing out fire and smoke from its rear and he corkscrews into the air.
  130.         Bastianus       pauses, and looks to the sky. ++I see now what was mentioned in your Kill-team's post-operation reports.++
  131.         Bastianus       ++Various bits and bobs regarding certain acts of madness committed by very certain members.++
  132.         antoine The entrance to the cave is protected by several massive orks with heavy armory and massive hammers and axes. They heft them in meaty hands and grin at you.
  133.         antoine Balmung slams his axe into the leg of his opponent, grinding the gears that support the Warboss.
  134.         Bastianus       grunts, and points his staff to the farthest ork, the lenses of his mask glowing bright.
  135.         Bastianus       ++Good. These ones are far more susceptible.++
  136.         antoine The Warboss replies in kind with great sweeps of his power klaw while massive boom of his gun fires at Balmung's head.
  137.         Balmung has his storm shield's power field absorb a hit from his claw and the shots from the beasts gun
  138.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Omniel, Serfs, Bastianus”
  139.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Omniel, Serfs, Bastianus, nobs”
  140.         antoine One of the mega nobs takes a hammer to the head of his mate, clobbering him but not killing him.
  141.         Bastianus       ++That's much better. They are very willing.++
  142.         antoine Balmung's furious attacks are deflected or smash into the warboss' crude force field but one strike lands home in the gut of the beast, screeching as it bites and slides along metal.
  143.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Omniel, Serfs, Navarre, Bastianus, nobs”
  144.         Bastianus       ++Now, Brothers, kill them.++
  145.         antoine The warboss' eyes narrow, his crude intelligence focusing on Balmung's axe work and style before hammer back his own set of attacks.
  146.         antoine hammering*
  147.         Bastianus       glances back. ++Brother Balmung is being hammered down.++
  148.         Omniel  rushes in towards the Nobs, paying little mind to Balmung's plight. ++I had assumed as much. Do not let his sacrifice be in vain.++
  149.         Bastianus       points his staff, and a opaque beam of bright light shoots from the aquiline head of the weapon towards the Warboss.
  150.         antoine The Warboss stumbles, looking around at the nearby orks in a somewhat paranoid and angry fashion. "Get that wierd ummie!"
  151.         Bastianus       ++Whither and die, pitiful alien!++
  152.         Balmung grabs the warboss's claw and wrenches the thing from it's socket
  153.         antoine Patriclus and the Canoness charge into combat, slicing at the massive orks.
  154.         antoine a bunch of the weaker boys that are forced by their betters are forced away from the good fight to go after Bastianus, while the weird boy charges his staff once more.
  155.         Balmung lets out a beastial roar at the warboss and tosses the arm aside
  156.         Sinbad  flies low past the triumphant Balmung and stands on the Warboss's shoulders
  157.         Sinbad  "LISTEN TO MY SONG"
  158.         Navarre would look on the horde with utter contempt, and let loose upon it with a veritable metal storm!
  159.         Sinbad
  160.         Sinbad  flies up into the air, circling the Orks overhead
  161.         antoine "I don ned no mega flash klaw. I gonna beat you'ze silly and strangle ya friends!"
  162.         Bastianus       growls, lifting up the Staff of the Unbowed once again as manifest psychic power channels between his hood and the relic. ++You will do no such thing, ork!++
  163.         antoine The Ork psyker is once again foiled as the ork mob charges forward and the mega nobs start to lay into anything near them. The orks intent on the battle completely ignore the ummie rocketing around.
  164.         antoine The warboss is forced back by the wrathful curving strikes that cut deep into the beasts flesh, flaring its anger and causing to bellow in Balmungs face, hot spittle sticking to the terminator helm.
  165.         Balmung pummels the warboss with more strikes
  166.         Balmung roars back just as loud through his external vox
  167.         antoine The dominated Mega Nob finishes his mate off with a backswing that send the body into a nearby tree, splintering the bark.
  168.         antoine The warboss drops his gun and reaches behind his body, slightly off que as a couple nobs figure out what he is waiting for, they bring forth two massive axes, red stained and strangely familiar to the imagery these orks use to daub themselves.
  169.         antoine The warboss runs the axes' edges along each other, sending sparks into the air before renewing his attack.
  170.         Balmung lands two more blows on the giant greenskin roaring at the beast
  171.         antoine The Warboss is beginning to slow, the two beings' reaction times are super fast but the Space Wolf has the edge now and is desperately pressing it with relish as the Warboss is worn down in single combat. Wolfy growls eagerly as it senses the killing blow soon.
  172.         antoine "You'se gonna die, den iz' take ya pet for a cloak!"
  173.         Balmung growls and continues his assault ""Your head will be on my wall as a trophy! Right next to Grimzod Backbreaka's! "
  174.         Omniel  follows through with his shield, sending one of the Nobs sprawling so he can focus his efforts on dueling the other.
  175.         Navarre would go and do what the actual missions stipulates while everyone is fighting everyone and everything and go try and get the wayward inquisitor.
  176.         Bastianus       ++Keep your weapon to her head, Apothecary, and await my presence. We'll see what we can get from her.++
  177.         Balmung ++Decimus how far out are you?++
  178.         Omniel  ++Good thinking. We can hold them here, at least.++
  179.         antoine ++Closing on your vox traffic, I am observing is significant ork vehicle and mob movement from up here.++
  180.         antoine observing significant*
  181.         Balmung ++Relay our coordinates to madam Rogue Trader, tell her once we're clear of the side to fire a full broadside!++
  182.         antoine Balmung feints a right swing which 'Armripper over commits to parry and the reverse stroke slides under the attack, slicing through armour and opening up the Ork's abdomen while sending a thunderous punch into the Ork's face and breaking its jaw. The Ork drops and axe to hold in its guts and continues to swing maniacally.
  183.         Bastianus       ++Ah, Brother Navarre, do be sure to inspect her for any Orthoproxy measures.++
  184.         Balmung blocks the warboss' clumsy attack
  185.         Balmung swings his axe in one last chop and decapitates the ork
  186.         Balmung picks up the ork's head and his power klaw high above his head and roars at the other orks
  187.         Navarre ++I'm fairly certain she does!++
  188.         Bastianus       ++Try to remove them then, Apothecary.++ The Epistolary looks down to Balmung. ++Brother Balmung, excellent work, but we must hurry. Please vacate that area quickly.++
  189.         Balmung hurries to join the rest of the squad ++Aye, clear a landing zone for Decimus. Decimus how much longer?++
  190.         antoine The remaining orks decide that the humans are of a lesser concern than the line of succession and begin to squabble, the mega nobs turn on each other immediately while the lesser nobs start cracking boys' heads to try and restore order. A few particularly brave grots start to loot the still warm corpse of the massive Warboss.
  191.         antoine The sudden upsurge of numbers of orks and the general mischief has the wierd boy howling in pain and gripping his head. His handlers seem to know what that means and are legging it.
  192.         Bastianus       "Please, wretched greenskin!" Bastianus snidely calls. "Let me ease your passing!"
  193.         Sinbad  picks up the Warboss' head and offers it to Balmung
  194.         Sinbad  "Fancy a snack, mighty veteran?"
  195.         Balmung "No I will be taking it back to Fenris with me, someone has to show that lot how you deal with orks!"
  196.         Balmung laughs
  197.         antoine The ground around the begins to rot, the moisture in the air somehow condenses into hail that is whirled around in a psychic storm while two nearby grots suddenly ignite and run around screaming.
  198.         antoine around the wierd boy*
  199.         Sinbad  is knocked back as some sort of invisible blade-like attack surprises him
  200.         antoine Suddenly it is brought to a halt as Bastianus' lightning strike pops the head of the weird boy in a flash and the headless corpse collapses onto the ground.
  201.         Sinbad  recovers from the minimal damage in time to laugh at the spontaneously combusting grots
  202.         Bastianus       beckons the ork he had overpowered earlier to approach him.
  203.         Bastianus       ++Brother-Apothecary, have you found the Inquisitor?++
  204.         Navarre ++I have. I wish to have her surrender with as little violence as possible. We could not convince the other that he had done wrong, but I will have her admit to her wrong doing.++
  205.         Balmung ++Just grab her and hurry!++
  206.         Bastianus       ++Don't bother. As Brother Balmung says, take her and let's be along quickly.++ Bastianus looks to the meganob shudders in revulsion. ++Brother Omniel, if you could put that drill of yours through his head?++
  207.         Bastianus       ++Actually, nevermind that request, Brother-Techmarine, I wish to test the Sword of the Unbowed today...++
  208.         Omniel  ++Excellent. Afterwards you may test the efficacy of various solvents in removing Ork ichor from your blade.++
  209.         antoine Wolfy takes a piss on the Warboss' corpse before striding off after Balmung.
  210.         Bastianus       calmly, casually stabs the Blade of the Unbowed into the oversized ork's chest, humming to himself as raw power courses into his blade.
  211.         Balmung ++Decimus what is your status?++
  212.         antoine A Thunderhawk appearing overhead answers your questions, the craft goes into a close holding pattern above you. ++Presently at your location Balmung.++
  213.         Balmung ++Bring the ship down, Navarre how are you coming?++
  214.         Navarre ++I am working on it.++
  215.         Omniel  ++Do you require assistance?++
  216.         Navarre ++Sinbad has just shown up.++
  217.         Sinbad  ++I require answers before we take her in. This shall be quick.++
  218.         Balmung ++Don't you think you could ask them on the thunderhawk?++
  219.         Bastianus       ++It would need to be, if we're to get out of here in time.++
  220.         antoine The Thunderhawk touches down as the Ork continues to fight, the nobs now fighting for control since the Warboss' body guard now lie dead as well.
  221.         Balmung stomps on board the thunderhawk and stores his new trophies
  222.         Bastianus       hobbles onboard the Thunderhawk behind Balmung. ++We must move quickly. We will need to see to removing any barriers the Inquisitor has.++
  223.         Omniel  boards along with the others. ++Barriers?++
  224.         Bastianus       looks down to Omniel. ++Inquisitors have many numerous layers of defenses around their psyches, protecting their inner thoughts. And Tellion, if my suspicions are correct, is likely better-defended than most...++
  225.         antoine Decimus calls out, ++I have enemy fighters closing, on my long range auspex.++
  226.         Balmung ++ Navarre hurry!++
  227.         Bastianus       sighs. ++Apothecary, we are about to lose our access offworld, I advise you move quicker than this.++
  228.         Sinbad  ++The Traitor asks that we allow her to deploy her technology before we leave. She will leave with no qualms should she be allowed to activate it.++
  229.         Sinbad  ++I await your order, Brother Leader. I am ready to take hold of her.++
  230.         Bastianus       ++Put a boltgun to her head, I say.++
  231.         Sinbad  ++You are not my Brother Leader, psyker.++
  232.         Sinbad  ++Quickly, Brother Leader, her hands do not stop until you say so.++
  233.         Bastianus       ++Forgive me, Brother Sinbad, but haste beckons me to fall back on my primary role as an advisor.++
  234.         Balmung ++Tell her to keep her mouth shut and get on board, the Rogue Trader will handle the orks++
  235.         Omniel  ++What technology do you refer to?++
  236.         Sinbad  ++She is trying to enact her machine to call the Tyranids to this planet against the Orks. ...We are losing time. Your decision now, Brothers.++
  237.         Bastianus       ++Brother Balmung, tyranids here would mean tyranids on every planet leading to the Green Zone, and soon it would also mean tyranids on every planet past here.++
  238.         Balmung ++We must not attract the Tyranids!++
  239.         Navarre ++Yes. By my calculations, it would be no worse then a small scale version of Inquisitor Kryptmann's gambit. Tying the greenskins and tyranids into a war that the Crusade could annihilate at it's leisure...++
  240.         Sinbad  ++...The witch-thing is right. It will trade our problem of one xenos for another, much more difficult to remove.++
  241.         Omniel  ++I concur. Orks are slightly less troublesome than Tyranids.++
  242.         Balmung ++You can ignore the greenskins but not the Tyranids++
  243.         Balmung ++Now get on board before those aircraft get here!++
  244.         Navarre ++We're going to be quicker then we'll need to be. She was using an isotropic fuel rod!++
  246.         Bastianus       ++Ensure you strip her of her rosette, also. They often have the nasty effect of overriding standard Imperial access codes.++
  247.         Balmung ++Oh I might need that.++
  248.         antoine Sinbad and Navarre emerge from the cave entrance, Tellion in hand and Scientists close behind. The astropath is running across the open field shouting "WAIT FOR ME!"
  249.         Navarre comes running out of the cave, followed by the scientists and possibly Sinbad. ++I will be happy to do so once I'm away from the exploding power core! Everyone aboard the thunderhawk, we'll sort this when we're not about to get killed three dozen different ways!++ He'd try and fish Tellion's rosette while running towards the Thunderhawk.
  250.         Bastianus       ++What are you talking about?++
  251.         Bastianus       ++What in the name of--++
  252.         Sinbad  ++Hell. Handbasket. Get in your seat. We're leaving.++
  253.         Balmung ++Decimus go! NOW!++
  254.         Sinbad  slams onto the Thunderhawk ramp, leading up his doop and human friends
  255.         Bastianus       ++Leave the researchers, I say. And the astropath. Any more psykers than we have now is dangerous. There is something in that infernal cave...++
  256.         Navarre will make sure that everyone gets on. He's not one to leave people behind. Call it the instincts of a medicae.
  257.         antoine The Iron Hand raises the ramp and jams the throttle, pushing upwards from the ground.
  258.         Balmung ++Madam Rogue Trader are you prepared to bombard the site from orbit?++
  259.         antoine The Astropath begins crawling at his sunken eye sockets screaming, "Its awake, its awake, its awake.
  260.         antoine "
  261.         antoine After a tiny delay from the orbiting ship the reply comes in ++Yes++
  262.         Bastianus       looks over the group of mortals, electricity dancing from his head as bitter-cold frost covers the area around him.
  263.         Sinbad  ++...Brother Leader, may I have access to the vox?++
  264.         Balmung turns to Bastianus ++What is it?++
  265.         Balmung ++You may++
  266.         Sinbad  attempts to reach Oriel
  267.         Navarre ++What did you have there, Tellion!?++
  268.         Bastianus       ++Do you even need to ask?++ Bastianus snaps.
  269.         Bastianus       grasps at his head. ++Ugh. These roaches are nothing more than pawns, I suspect. There is no mark of corruption upon them.++
  270.         Bastianus       looks to the Inquisitor. ++As to this one, however...++
  271.         Sinbad  grasps his head, looking at Tellion in betrayal
  272.         antoine The astropaths head explodes, shrapnel from his skull kills a nearby scientist and wounds another two.
  273.         Bastianus       flinches from the detonation of gore. ++I warned you, Apothecary. He was a risk.++
  274.         Navarre ++... you really do not see that every day...++
  275.         Bastianus       harumphs as he casts his staff over Tellion. ++In my line of work, Navarre, you do. I have seen far more horrific things than that unfold, I promise you.++
  276.         antoine The Thunder hawk is buffeted as it heads skywards but continues its ascent.
  277.         Bastianus       stamps the Staff of the Unbowed against the decking. ++I sense taint. Her will is strong, and has impeded progress, but it festers nonetheless.++
  278.         Bastianus       "Tell me, Inquisitor Tellion," he calls out through his mask. "What would you call your branch of ideology? No point in hiding it from me, I'll take it from you later."
  279.         Navarre ++I was discussing that with her earlier. I see influence from the Xanthians, but with xenos instead of the enemy. Of course, my first guess was Istvaanian, myself. But at this point, she may as well be an Oblationist!++
  280.         Bastianus       ++Quiet. The Inquisition harbors far darker things than Xanthites.++
  281.         antoine "Your labels do not apply to me. There is no one like me Bastianus, only me."
  282.         Sinbad  stands, mag-booting himself over to Tellion
  283.         Balmung "Well there won't be when we kill you"
  284.         Sinbad  lays his hands around her neck lightly
  285.         Sinbad  "What have you done?"
  286.         Bastianus       chokes out a hiss of a laugh. "I have heard much akin to this. You are no individual, Tellion, I will tell you this much."
  287.         Omniel  ++I count myself lucky that the Priesthood of Mars does not have so mant schisms.++
  288.         Sinbad  shakes her
  289.         Sinbad  "What have you done?!"
  290.         antoine "I did nothing, you did it for me Sinbad."
  291.         Navarre ++The EMP grenade? What did it release? What psychic warp spawned horror have you unleashed!++
  292.         Balmung ++Where is her rosette?++
  293.         antoine "Sinbad shut down the isotropic fuel rod and disabled the null fields. The Tyranids will come, and this sector will be saved."
  294.         Sinbad  "...You do realize that the grenades only work for seconds, right?"
  295.         Sinbad  "Then things turn back on again."
  296.         Sinbad  "...It's probably on again now."
  297.         Sinbad  "If it hasn't exploded."
  298.         Navarre ++Her rosette is in my hand.++ Navarre offers it to Balmung. ++I took it from her when I brought her aboard.++
  299.         Bastianus       "What is undone by an electro-magnetic pulse cannot be simply 'restarted,' Brother Sinbad. You have destroyed much.++
  300.         Omniel  ++It is a shame you could not recover the device...++
  301.         Balmung takes it from Navarre and looks at it closely
  302.         Sinbad  "Then explain to me why all machine spirits reawaken after the haywire field has subsided, witch-thing?"
  303.         Balmung "Such a small thing grants them power they think they can use even against us"
  304.         antoine "That was how I tried to stop it in my initial tests Sinbad, its too late. The beacon will have overidden the controls by now and will be calling the xenos to the planet."
  305.         Sinbad  "And if that planet is no longer there?"
  306.         Balmung smiles under his helm
  307.         antoine "What?"
  308.         Balmung ++Decimus contact the rogue trader tell her to turn the planet to ash.++
  309.         antoine she looks at you incredulously
  310.         Balmung "Handing you over to Oriel is too good of a punishment for you"
  311.         Navarre ++I believe your zealousy, Sinbad, was your undoing for this one. And I doubt that the Rogue Traders' ship has the firepower to carry out an exterminatus!++
  312.         Bastianus       points the Staff of the Unbowed to one of the scientists. ++Someone grab that mortal, now.++
  313.         Sinbad  looks into Tellion's eyes
  314.         Sinbad  "It shall burn. All shall burn in His Wrath. you too, my once friend and sister."
  315.         Bastianus       ++You fools! Can you not hear? Grab him now!++
  316.         Balmung snaps his fingers at wolfy
  317.         antoine The lights in the cabin flicker off and the thrust dies, Decimus calls out from the cockpit ++The controls are dead brothers.++
  318.         antoine You feel the grip of gravity floating you upwards.
  319.         Omniel  ++Worrisome.++
  320.         Bastianus       ++Why does nobody trust the Librarian?++
  321.         Navarre ++What the hell happened?++
  322.         Bastianus       ++You ignored me, that's what happened.++
  323.         Bastianus       ++When I give an order out of line, it is not without very good reason.++
  324.         Balmung ++Omniel assist Decimus in the cockpit!++
  325.         Sinbad  ++Because you make things cold every five minutes with hoarfrost.++
  326.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  327.         Omniel  moves up to the cockpit to see what he can do.
  328.         Sinbad  maglocks himself to the floor, still holding Tellion by the neck
  329.         antoine Wolfy grabs the scientist by the arm with his jaws. The man shrieks in pain and terror. He has atteched some device to a mechanicus purity laden port in the wall.
  330.         Sinbad  ++Patriclus, come to me.++
  331.         Bastianus       ++Kill the researchers, they're working to kill us.++
  332.         Navarre ++Damnit!++ Navarre would kick off the wall and see what the device on the researcher's arm is. ++I may be able to undo what he did from here!++
  333.         Balmung ""Kill!"
  334.         Bastianus       "Well, Tellion. You're about to die for your heresies."
  335.         Sinbad  ++Reverend Mother...kill the heretics.+++
  336.         Navarre ++And everyone else in here.++
  337.         antoine "Every moment we stall is another Tyranid ship pulled away from our front lines." Tellion states as she tries to wriggle free.
  338.         Balmung "Quiet!"
  339.         Sinbad  puts on his skull helm and looks again at Tellion
  340.         |<--    Omniel has left (Ping timeout)
  341.         Navarre ++Every moment we stall is another moment we fall into gravity's harsh EMBRACE!++ He's busily working on the device on the researcher's arm, seeing if he can't do anything with it!
  342.         Balmung ++Decimus! What is going on?++
  343.         antoine The craft enters a flat spin and you are throw against the walls by the force until you enable your mag boots. However, Sinbad and Patriclus float in the middle of the cabin, the Chaplain staring down at Tellion as a bright light emanates from inside of Sinbad's armour.
  344.         antoine ++I am experiencing difficulty in coaxing the machine spirit to respond, it has been violated."
  345.         antoine ++
  346.         Balmung ++Use what ever prayers you have learned as a son of Ferrus Manus to try and appease it!++
  347.         Bastianus       sighs.
  348.         antoine Tellion begins to sob uncontrollably
  349.         Bastianus       "This, I suppose, was not how I had intended to die. Master Lexicanum Herick must be laughing from his more dignified grave."
  350.         Balmung "What's wrong? We're here to protect humanity we do not fear death"
  351.         antoine A single engine ignites and begins to slow the uncontrollable spin as the ground rushes up to meet you by the minute.
  352.         Balmung ++Very good Decimus!++
  353.         Navarre ++We do not fear death, but a death such as this is ignoble!++ Still fiddling!
  354.         Balmung ++Aye but we do not sob like welps when we know death is near++
  355.         Bastianus       "I never said I feared it. Otherwise I would be crying as hard as this pathetic mortal does now." The Epistolary gestures to Tellion. "Nor would I be having this casual conversation as we approach the hard face of death by impact at terminal velocity."
  356.         Sinbad  Turn this craft around, and ram her cave facility!
  357.         antoine Navarre slams a panel shut as a second engine ignites and the craft levels out point downwards, now it is up to Decimus' flying to prevent utter destruction.
  358.         Bastianus       ++Worthless,++ Bastianus deadpans. ++From what I heard of it, it was too deeply-buried. The crash will kill us and leave hordes of orks to pick the remains apart.++
  359.         Balmung ++Decimus get us out of here now!++
  360.         antoine The wind running along the fuselage screams as Decimus pulls back on the controls to try and level out, but its not enough and a wings break off and the craft goes hurtling through the air over the jungle
  361.         Bastianus       heedless of his now-inescapable doom, Bastianus looks Tellion again. "You know, I have some great difficulty comprehending the incredible stupidity of this plan of yours, child. Every tyranid vessel that comes here will be feasting on unresistant victims, and will only grow Hive-fleet Dagon faster than it would have elsewhere. You take away the enemy of today, but two more replace
  362.         Bastianus       him tomorrow."
  363.         antoine The craft comes done hard, breaking up on impact into smaller sections and scattering them along the ground. Some cling to wreckage, other are thrown clear.
  364.         Balmung ++Brothers!++
  365.         Balmung ++Ork ships engage our allies in space!++
  366.         Balmung ++We must make a decision++
  367.         antoine Somehow by sheer happenstance, coincidence or divine intervention you land hard but you land alive, skimming across pools of water to roll into safety or falling into the embrace of relatively soft tree branches, the human are injured but are walking wounded. You are scattered over a 100m radius, exceptionally small for the speed you were moving at.
  368.         Bastianus       rises from the mess of his wreckage. ++I hope dearly that fall slew the mortal whore.++
  369.         Balmung ++Indeed++
  370.         Bastianus       looks about. ++Who has her?++
  371.         Navarre lies there on his back for a moment, before getting up. ++'Oh, brother Navarre! You served in the Deathwatch! It would be a grand honour to return! You enjoyed it so much the last time!'++ Space Marines may not know fear, but at this point... they know grumbling.
  372.         antoine Tellion lies unconscious on the jungle floor, bruised and battered.
  373.         Bastianus       stamps over to the Inquisitor, and stoops beside her. ++Now or never, I suppose.++
  374.         antoine Sinbad runs off into the distance, back the way you came from.
  375.         Balmung whistes for wolfy
  376.         Balmung ++Brothers there is something I must tell you++
  377.         Bastianus       stabs the Blade of the Unbowed. ++Speak. I'm getting what this traitor has to tell.++
  378.         Balmung ++The Rogue Trader has engaged orks in orbit and I have informed Oriel to break off from them and head to the edge of the system and request aid++
  379.         Balmung ++We're stuck here for a while until then++
  380.         Bastianus       ++It is for the better. The lack of choice forces action. I suppose we should have done this before we took off. But now, there is the matter of several radical xenobiologists...++
  381.         antoine A light appears in the distance, sudden and massive it spills upwards immolating the area and blinding anyone who stares for more than a microsecond.
  382.         antoine Explosion obliterates the area near the cavern you fought at in an instant.
  383.         Bastianus       ++By the Throne, Sinbad, you fool...++
  384.         Bastianus       ++He did it. He killed it.++
  385.         antoine Patriclus nods, holding a pair of space marin gauntlets to his chest and bowing his head.
  386.         antoine ++zzzrght, I say again. This is Wolf Squadron, any survivors do you read?++
  387.         Balmung ++This is Balmung go ahead Wolf Squadron++
  388.         Bastianus       stands, having taken what he needed.
  389.         antoine Shapes appear on the horizon, the flash of lascannons and heavy bolter fire as the furies engage the Ork aircraft. ++We have come to get you, and also disobeyed direct orders so if we survive this please put in a good word with the Captain.++
  390.         Balmung ++Will do++
  391.         antoine The Furies spear through the enemy's ramshackle fighters and a pair of Aquila landers descend to pick you up.
  392.         Bastianus       grunts. "I see now why Anselm puts so much faith into you lot. I'm rather touched."
  393.         antoine The furies dogfight above you as the pair of transports set down, ramps extended.
  394.         Balmung ++Everyone on board now!++
  395.         Bastianus       smashes Tellion's head beneath his boot before rushing onwards.
  396.         antoine The serfs, Doop and Wolfy all push on into the transports loading up and preparing for take off.
  397.         antoine A fury is knocked out of the sky by tracer fire as another is rammed by the insane ork pilots.
  398.         antoine Once everyone is loaded the ramps are raise and the aquila take off, the furies engaging in a fighting withdrawl to stem the tide.
  399.         antoine raised*
  400.         antoine As the Aquilas break out into space the craft power on towards a retreating imperial frigate, ork ships on your right and left closing in.
  401.         Bastianus       ++Throne on Earth, the Council was wrong. We were all wrong.++
  402.         antoine The Ork ships turrets pepper your ship with flak, shaking you in your seat, a panel blows off an a pilot calls back, "Some one reroute that power!"
  403.         antoine Decimus pulls at some wires and sits back down, the thrust of your ship returning to normal levels as you run the blockade.
  404.         antoine "Were low on fuel from that hard burn, its going to be close. Hang on!" calls the Wolf Squadron Pilot.
  405.         antoine Furies fall behind you, having wasted too much fuel in the dogfight, leaving only the two Furies and your transport that careen towards the hanger.
  406.         antoine The Aquilas come down hard, screeching as they slid across the deck to a halt. The Pilot lets out a long whistle before opening the hatch, "If anyone needs me I'll be in the brig."
  407.         Bastianus       "Just a moment, pilot," Bastianus calls.
  408.         Bastianus       sheathes the Blade of the Unbowed. He removes his mask and clasps it to his belt.
  409.         Bastianus       "I would see you and your fellows commemorated for this heroism. Let us speak with your Captain post-haste about this matter."
  410.         antoine The Pilot unbuckles himself
  411.         Bastianus       trails off, marching off through the hangar. "I will see to it you are all venerated for your heroism! This bravery will be rememberd in the annals of my Chapter's history, I shall see to it!..."
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