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  1. well, there is something that you might have not mentioned/agree with.
  3. 1. they were seporate attacks. each delt with inturn. once we found out about it.
  4. 2. did you really have to take 3? destroy them would be one thing. but Outcast took 3. It hay have been a large attack from the idiot. but retaliation was mutliple attacks.
  5. 3. the reason the idiot is still in YOB, is we are getting into position to take is towns from him. that way, others dont try to take them. what better way to make example for others.
  6. 4. well, just get back to me on these subjects.
  8. ~Raynor
  11. Being that I informed the YOB members in chat this morning that I would not deal with your gm from that point forward, this message is being sent to you, Raynor. This message is Outcast's response and resolution offer to YOB for the attacks made by Scorpiansking and the following retaliatory attacks that resulted in Scorpiansking's loss of three towns to Outcast and Outcast 2 members.
  13. 1. Being that said attack by YOB member was unprovoked and blatant, along with it being the 3rd such attack since the inception of Outcast brotherhood, we took action against the latest attacker, Scorpiansking. The outcome of our attacks against him cost him a total of 3 towns being captured.
  15. 2. The attack consisted of many seige weapons, which are built mainly for attacking a good town's wall and tower. That fact tells us that his intent was to do much damage to the target town. We, in turn, took appropriate action against this large threat.
  17. 3. YOB members informed Outcast members in chat this morning that Scorpiansking would be terminated from YOB. This hasn't happened at the time of this message, however.
  19. 4. Outcast will in no way willingly give any of the towns captured back to members of YOB. We took action against a serious threat, and we were successful. Towns were lost. It happens in this game.
  21. 5. Outcast suggests that both YOB and Outcast put this situation to rest and both brotherhoods move on and enjoy the rest of the game. We are willing to let this rest.
  23. In conclusion, the fact that YOB's gm thinks that these towns are property of YOB is absurd. They were the property of a YOB member until he chose to attack a member of Outcast. Those towns, through hard work and determination, became the property of Outcast and Outcast 2 members. For this attackers gm to demand these towns be returned to YOB is unthinkable. This is one of the many things that take place in this game and YOB's gm should have realized that by now.
  25. Kenwood
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