Newer Minecraft set seed glitchless route.

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  1. Seed: -2063810908146531904
  3.  Head to Taiga biome
  4.  Once you see sheep, go a bit right and forward to a tree where the bottom trunk is touching dirt.
  5.  Mine bottom two wood blocks.
  6.  Head to the grass block that has snow on the left and bottom of it.
  7.  Dig the grass block  
  8.  Grab all iron and one bucket from the chests. Exit the dungeon.
  9.  Go to the darker part of the cave and continue on until you see coal and gravel.
  10.  Convert Wood to planks, make crafting table and 8 sticks.
  11.  Make pick, shovel, sword and shears.
  12.  Mine 3 stone.
  13.  Dig the gravel until you get flint, then make flint and steel and a stone axe.
  14.  Grab the crafting table and piller up while facing the gravel.
  15.  (note: at some point you'll need leaves and snowballs. If you do not have a sufficient amount of gravel (10+), then you must have the leaves before entering the portal later on, otherwise you can pick them up later. The snowballs can be picked up anytime until entering the cave to the stronghold.)
  16.  Make your way to a taiga plains biome where you'll find sheep. Shear sheep until you get at least 12 wool (4 beds), although you can shear more for safety.
  17.  From the sheep, keep moving on a slight right diagonal until you find more sheep. Shear those too (unless you have enough wool)
  18.  Move on to the edge of a taiga biome, marked by a single rose on the ground.
  19.  Stray near the left of the mountain and fill up the bucket from a pond coming up.
  20.  Continue straying near the left of the mountain until you see pigs on flat ground.
  21.  Head to the pigs and use flint and steel to light them, then kill them for a few pieces of cooked porkchops.
  22.  Make the nether portal, light it and eat porkchops to regain full hunger while in the lit portal to enter the nether.
  23.  Enter the nether fortress, placing leaves under your feet,
  24.  Continue to straight to blaze spawner
  25.  Block the spawner up but still leave a hole to kill blazes (optional). The other option is to straight up blitz the blazes, getting the rods as fast as possible while taking as little damage as possible.
  26.  Collect 2 blaze rods
  27.  Head back to the nether portal and go back to the overworld
  28.  Travel left of where you exited the portal from. (Remember to collect snow if you haven't so!)
  29.  Chop down a lone oak tree for wood for beds.
  30.  Continue back on the path you were, climbing up a small inclined hill.
  31.  You should be on the correct path if you find some wolves nearby.
  32.  Keep climbing the hill (avoid the chasm!)
  33.  While running up the hill, collect leaves to about 64 (mine one layer on multiple trees)
  34.  Find a cave opening surrounded by yellow flowers and near a sudden incline, jump down
  35.  (Might need to watch video for this part, hard to describe)
  36.  Fall down to the bottom of the pit, dig straight down from the lowest stone block in the topleft part of the pit.
  37.  As you mine down, flint and steel for light (optional)
  38.  Follow the natural path until you see a small waterfall, fill the bucket again.
  39.  Fall down the hole which the water was flowing down from, dig straight down from where the hole was.
  40.  Enter the strong hold and facing the cobblestone structure in the middle of the room, go left and through some iron bars.
  41.  Grab the bread and 2 enderpearls
  42.  Go through the open iron door parallel to the iron bars you just came from
  43.  Grab the bread and 1 enderpearl
  44.  Open the wooden door at the end of the hallway.
  45.  Continue down the room you're in to find a wooden door that leads to the library
  46.  Go to the left corner of the room
  47.  Dig down and find a chest with your 4th ender pearl
  48.  Craft as many beds as possible, 4 blaze powder, and 4 eyes of ender
  49.  Head out the same door you came in, and go over the tunnel
  50.  Go right and you'll find the end portal
  51.  Place the 4 eyes of ender in the correct locations
  52.  Enter the End
  53.  Wait for the ender dragon to stop charging you
  54.  Pillar up with leaves (Ender dragon can't break leaves). Throw snowballs if it comes at you.
  55.  Pillar towards the main island
  56.  Don't aggro endermen
  57.  If you do, place a water bucket under your feet
  58.  snowball spam all the ender crystals. You have ample amount of snow so there's a wide margin of error.
  59.  Wait for the ender dragon to charge you, and place a block (usually ones with high blast resistance), then a bed
  60.  Right click the bed before the ender dragon destroys it.
  61.  Kill the ender dragon with beds
  62.  Pillar up and jump into portal
  63.  Time stops when credits roll
  65.  People who have helped with this route: Tarokichi, Sethbling, Illumina1337, Funderful1000, Thecoolinator007, TheAwesomeCuber, Bluecrystal004, Izraill, HardRocker, StoneRedGaming, TheMilkMan47, JoshGaming4, and others.
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