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  1. []
  2. User Prefs|Ignore Target=0
  3. User Prefs|Target Destination=0
  4. User Prefs|Ignore Unrequested Popups=1
  5. User Prefs|Force Encoding
  6. User Prefs|Local CSS File={Resources}styles/user.css
  7. User Prefs|Allow script to raise window=1
  8. User Prefs|Allow script to lower window=1
  9. User Prefs|User JavaScript=0
  10. User Prefs|Always Load User JavaScript=0
  11. Network|Enable Content Blocker=1
  12. Network|UTF8 Escape URLs=1
  13. Extensions|Frames Show Active=0
  14. User Agent|Spoof UserAgent ID=1
  15. User Prefs|Strategy On Application Cache=1
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