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  1. MysticalMomo has joined the chat
  2. MysticalMomo: welcome to the pack, i devved most of it myself
  3. KibaKnightmare: So if i see people here, I can just join for a laugh ?
  4. KibaKnightmare: Of you dev, Let me check it out
  5. MysticalMomo: you can do waht you want in here if ur a pack member, were more on discord than anything cause of alot of members cant get on imvu
  6. KibaKnightmare: Thats okay, I understand
  7. Mimikyutie has joined the chat
  8. KibaKnightmare: You have done great here
  9. MysticalMomo: hi mimi
  10. MysticalMomo: ty kiba
  11. Mimikyutie: pounces momo
  12. MysticalMomo: o.o
  13. Mimikyutie: licks momos face-
  14. Mimikyutie: how chu been
  15. MysticalMomo: -pats her head- hru
  16. MysticalMomoMysticalMomo Whisper: im alive
  17. KibaKnightmare: Hello Mimi
  18. Mimikyutie: i missed you
  19. KibaKnightmare  Kiba would show a slight smirk as he walked over and fell on the both of them, Taking them to the ground with his giant ass body xD  
  20. Mimikyutie: -warps kiba into a snowglobe-
  21. KibaKnightmare: -Flop-
  22. KibaKnightmare: :o
  23. MysticalMomo: -she uses tail and wings to wiggle her way out of the dog pile, once she gets free she watches them both-
  24. KibaKnightmare: Okay in 13 years i have never seen that xD
  25. Mimikyutie: snuggles on momo
  26. Mimikyutie: mine
  27. MysticalMomo: never seen what -she pets mimi-
  28. KibaKnightmare  Smiling at the two of them, He thought he would give them some peace. In his snowglobe, Kiba lowered himself to lay down, His tails quickly shifting to fall over him " Brats" He spoke quirtly before placing his hand in his palm, His eyes simply watching them.
  29. KibaKnightmare  Snow fell on him xD  
  30. MysticalMomo: you can sit with us
  31. KibaKnightmare: <.<
  32. KibaKnightmare: She kinda Snow globed me, I really dont want glass in my furry :D
  33. MysticalMomo: mimi let him go
  34. Mimikyutie: fine owo
  35. Mimikyutie: pewfs out
  36. MysticalMomo: hes a member on trial
  37. KibaKnightmare: Im sorry, Im not sulking or anything xD
  38. KibaKnightmare: Mimi please stay xD
  39. KibaKnightmare: Im okay being in the Snowglobe
  40. MysticalMomo: -hops up on her bed then curls up-
  41. Mimikyutie: owo
  42. Mimikyutie: licks momo
  43. MysticalMomo: ur at the couch how can u lick me
  44. MysticalMomo: -curls up watching them-
  45. Mimikyutie: snuggles momo
  46. MysticalMomo: so what happen to u mimi, u up adn poof with no reason
  47. Mimikyutie: mimi kinda went through a bought of heavy depresssion
  48. KibaKnightmare: Sorry to hear that
  49. MysticalMomo: so you just vanish without a thought in the world, i see, while the rest of us who also have depression are trying to stick it out for ppl who say they need us
  50. Mimikyutie: in meh case it was a bad break up
  51. Mimikyutie: sorrys
  52. MysticalMomo: mhm
  53. Mimikyutie: lays on the momo-
  54. MysticalMomo: -sighs laying there-
  55. KibaKnightmare: I know this has nothing to do with me, Just gone through the same thing. Had weeks away from everyone.. Sometimes everything gets too much and real life can really get on top of you making it impossible to be okay.. I know this means nothing xD
  56. MysticalMomo: even if i wanted to get away for those reasons i cant there is too many ppl who need me
  57. KibaKnightmare: Just didnt want to sit here and make out as if you are the only person that needs that escape, Always people around to talk too, Yet sometimes you just need to shut it all out to regain who you are. You should have just mentioned it, But Its not always to admit your state of mind
  58. MysticalMomo: mhm
  59. Mimikyutie: sorry
  60. KibaKnightmare: So Momo has a right to be upset, Yet everyone who loves you, Would be very you are okay.. Your never alone, How ever much it feels that way.
  61. Mimikyutie: im sorrys
  62. MysticalMomo: stop saying that
  63. MysticalMomo: i hate it when ppl say sorry when they did nothing wrong
  64. MysticalMomo: -pokes kiba-
  65. Mimikyutie: love chu momo
  66. MysticalMomo: -pokes her- if u did u would have told me
  67. Mimikyutie: i do though
  68. Mimikyutie: i just kinda had to get away
  69. Mimikyutie: im sorrys i pewfed without reason
  70. Mimikyutie: i still do love chuu
  71. MysticalMomo: << stop saying sorry
  72. Mimikyutie: kk
  73. Mimikyutie: momo listen
  74. Mimikyutie: I was really struggling, Everything together ecliped me and i ran. I keep apologising because i really am sorry i didnt tell you, Of all people i need your forgiveness. It will never happen again, I will get advise before getting to that point, I promise
  75. Mimikyutie: it all hit at once
  76. Mimikyutie: and ya i was just x.x
  77. KibaKnightmare: :/
  78. MysticalMomo: ok jsut stop saying sorry
  79. Mimikyutie: okay
  80. Mimikyutie: its still a badhabit
  81. Mimikyutie: even my rl mom gets on me
  82. MysticalMomo: and ill continue to tell u to knock it off
  83. KibaKnightmare: xD
  84. KibaKnightmare: You alright Momo ?
  85. MysticalMomo: -paws at kiba- im never ok but i manage
  86. Mimikyutie: licks momo and snuggles her
  87. MysticalMomo: humans shouldnt be licking furrues u will get a hair ball
  88. Mimikyutie: mimi ish not a human
  89. Mimikyutie: mimi a ghosty owo
  90. MysticalMomo: ur sill a fleshy
  91. Mimikyutie: not anymo :P
  92. MysticalMomo: now ur a naked furry
  93. KibaKnightmare  Kiba would smile his eyes lighting up as they followed suit, His eyes lowering to Momo's paw as they stroked him "Well thats sad to hear, Just gotta smile though things i guess" His eyes raising once again to her face he would once more, Nodding his as if bowing slightly
  94. MysticalMomo: -lays her head on kiba lap then closes her eyes-
  95. Mimikyutie: yush
  96. Mimikyutie: bunny bewbs
  97. KibaKnightmare  Kiba would turn his attention to Mimi for a moment, Nodding his head in respect for her hardship. slowly shifting his hands to Momo, One being places on her back the other lightly stroking her hair. "You are fine Momo, Always have people around to push you through things also" His voice cracking through, Sounding forced, Yet demonic. His eyes would sway to loom over her  
  98. Mimikyutie: flops on momo and huggles her-
  99. MysticalMomo: -she wraps her tail around mimi while slightly purring at the petting-
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