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Dec 14th, 2019
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  3. Labour, meanwhile, must have imagined that things couldn’t get worse. Jeremy Corbyn, however, proved them wrong. In a graceless interview for TV, he repeatedly declined to accept any blame for his party’s landslide defeat. He’d “done everything I possibly could to win”, he sniffed, despite all the “personal abuse” he’d suffered at the hands of the media (“More than any other leader”). No, he didn’t think the result “would have been any different” with someone more moderate in charge. And don’t forget, “Since I became leader, the party membership has more than doubled…”
  5. When Ed Miliband resigned, after the election of 2015, he told his party that he took “absolute and total responsibility” for their defeat, and was “truly sorry” he’d failed. Compare that with the snippy self-pity of St Jeremy the Martyr. He sounded like Morrissey pinning the failure of a new album on an unfavourable picture caption on the NME website. As seen during the election campaign, Mr Corbyn really does seem to have a problem with the word “sorry”. Then again, to say sorry, you first have to believe you’ve done something wrong. Mr Corbyn clearly doesn’t think that he has. Now, or perhaps ever.
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