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on elite life by fox

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Jul 2nd, 2011
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  1. <Fox> I'm here to kick some knowledge
  2. <Fox> and let you know this shit isn't going to be easy.
  3. <Horrorkid> ok
  4. <Fox> Ok. For those new.
  5. <Fox> Don't fucking interrupt.
  6. <Fox> Or I will rape your facehole.
  7. <Fox> Cause I like ya.
  8. <Fox> Anyways.
  9. <Sav> Ears open.
  10. <Fox> In the past 5 years, I have raised my liquid worth to in excess of 1.4 million USD.
  11. <Fox> In the past 2, I have drained that down to about 250,000 with not a whole hell of a lot to show for it except for a swiss portfolio thats my retirement fund.
  12. <Fox> He whom much is given, much is lost.
  13. <Fox> Remember this.
  14. <Fox> This shit isn't easy.
  15. <Fox> I've restarted my adult life about 4 times so far, new ID, new town, new everything.
  16. <Fox> I've left apartments with thousands of dollars of furniture, behind without a second thought.
  17. <Fox> It drains you physically and emotionally to do this.
  18. <Sav> The higher you fly, the harder's the crash.
  19. <Fox> Now, for those of you that are here and talking like you know shit. Leave behind a condo, with an 110,000$ sports car, and more furniture and suits than you can shake a stick at.
  20. <Fox> I do well, and I'll continue to do so.
  21. <Fox> But I feel that I would be doing you all a great disservice to not let you know about this
  22. <Fox> If you plan on just turning this into a career, and being one of those guys who does a 9-5 then great. Go ahead.
  23. <Fox> But I feel that there are quite a few of you here, that are 'off the beaten path' kind of people.
  24. <Fox> My kind of people
  25. <Sav> (translation for non-US people, 9-5 = day job)
  26. <Fox> Big touch of narcissism, good head on your shoulders, you know your worth.
  27. <Fox> Maybe one of these days I'll tell one of my in the day stories, but not just now.
  28. <Fox> What I'm telling you that if you're up for this, and you see yourself as a ten figure motherfucker, then realize
  29. <Fox> That shit doesn't come easy, and it comes with a pricetag
  30. <Fox> This life, comes with the price of time, of blood sweat and tears,
  31. <Fox> It comes at the expense of friends, of family.
  32. <Fox> But at the end of the day, you provide.
  33. <Fox> You've made a name for yourself, and you leave behind a legacy.
  34. <Fox> If it's what you want, I wish you good luck, and a strong chin. Learn to take punches
  35. <Fox> Because the road to this is filled with haters, and disbelievers.
  36. <Fox> You're gonna take hits to the ego, and sometimes hits to the heart.
  37. <Fox> But you hit that first taste of it.
  38. <Fox> First time you have 10 people on a plane to the tropics
  39. <Fox> you come back with 5x more luggage than you left with
  40. <Fox> That first time, you floor it in a sports car, and buy it on the spot because you fucking can
  41. <Fox> You will never, ever want to go back.
  42. <Fox> Some people here, are just looking to be able to live their life without worry of finance.
  43. <Fox> I am not one of those people. I am here to making living easy for my family, my friends, and generations below me.
  44. <Fox> So what I say to you, is if that's your will. Prepare yourself, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Cause it's rough.
  45. <Fox> Done.
  46. <Sav> yes
  47. <p00pi3> +5 cred to Fox.
  48. <Sav> if I may add something
  49. <Sav> may I, Fox?
  50. <Horrorkid> woah
  51. <Dijkstra> wow...awesome speak
  52. <uno5> yup, nice
  53. <Sav> ok, I assume it's a yes
  54. <Fox> Sure.
  55. <Fox> Also someone log that up
  56. <Sav> I am doing it
  57. <Sav> realtime
  58. <Sav> You guys, please realize that what we give you as knowledge is powerful. Very powerful. Don't lose your head. Don't get it get over you. Master the knowledge, and develop all your qualities.
  59. <Sav> Not everyone can be a Renegade.
  60. <Sav> Some of you have families, and I mean wife, children, parents.
  61. <Sav> On the path of the renegade, no more family, no more wife, your family is your team.
  62. <Sav> And some of its members can be awful traitors, sometimes. So make a choice before taking the great dive. Knowledge is OK. But just don't go attack NSA and then come cry and snitch to try to save your miserable life.
  63. <Sav> Because if you cry, your life will be miserable, you'll perceive it as it.
  64. <Sav> Some in the world are made to be handworkers, others have to be managers, others engineers, others renegades, others warriors, and so on.
  65. <Sav> Don't get on a path you don't really want, just to satisfy your ego.
  66. <Sav> Be yourself.
  67. <Fox> Scuse the interuption.
  68. <Fox> Now
  69. <Fox> Snitches,
  70. <beirut> Sometimes, you can't even keep your family.
  71. <Fox> there has been some talk
  72. <Fox> If I ever hear any of you fucks snitch
  73. <Fox> Doesn't matter a year, or a decade
  74. <Sav> That's the point of a girl who loves her group, and her friends, and her freedom.
  75. <Fox> If I remember
  76. <Fox> I will fucking find you
  77. <Fox> Fly to you
  78. <Fox> and I promise on my mothers life
  79. <Fox> I will break your fucking legs to the point you will be professor goddamn xavier.
  80. <Fox> Go ahead.
  81. <Sav> I'm done. My point is think twice about anything. Listen to your heart, not just your stupid kiddie ego.
  82. <Sav> Be adults.
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