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  1. This is goodbye
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  3. Unread post  by Jade Taredi » Thu 12 Oct, 2017 5:50 pm
  5. Greetings FCON,
  7. I already posted this to CEO forums... I'd just like to know all of you about this. And maybe someone's interested in the citadels we are selling^^
  9. I've made the hardest decision in my EVE carreer and it is with a very heavy heart that we, the Out-of-Space, hereby announce our departure from FCON at the end of this month. We were always proud to be FCON and to fight with you, we will never forget our times together. ...Branch, CFC, WWB, the move to the south, the foundation of Phoenix Federation... it has been the best years in my whole EVE life and I'm thankful for these glorious 6 years and 114 days (by the end of this month).
  10. We are leaving because the path FCON walks is no longer the same we want to take, so we are leaving without any grudge and hope to see you guys on the battlefield - be it on the same side or not.
  13. I also want to take the time and thank some of you personally:
  15. Tark for all his personal time he dedicated to us and all the Top6 for their sheer endless patience with this alliance! *hats off*
  17. Torx Sigma for being my CEO for more than 2 years, for bringing me to the cool people of this alliance: the Officers, also for being a trusted friend through all our time in this corporation. I wish you all the best!
  19. Jake Lightman for all the foodporn and angry talk :D and his recommendation for our robot vacuum cleaner! (we even named him LightmanBot!)
  21. Horus Klingensang for being a hero in managing the Propaganda Team! Keep it up!
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