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Trace's staff application for Alien Simulator

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  1. Trace's staff application,
  2.  1. How long have you been with ARE Studios
  3. A: I'm pretty sure I started playing around early 2018.
  5. 2. What do you think about Alien Simulator? Does it need anything? If so explain.
  6. A: I'm fine with how it is currently, but if I would suggest anything I'd go with adding more building with higher HP and rewards when destroying it.
  7. The game is pretty good how it is.
  9. 3. How will you help this community?
  10. A:  I could help the community by moderating chat,helping out new players who wish to join the community,enforcing all rules and punishing any player breaking the rules with the respectful punishment required.
  11. I'll set a great reputation for this community and make it known for it's outstanding staff team and player-based community.
  12. If anyone is struggling I'll be more than happy to help them with any of their questions!
  14. 4. What makes you a good moderator?
  15. A: I can stay active most of the time and I have past staff experience on games across the roblox platform and other games.
  16. I can help out other staff members if their struggling or if their new to the staff I'll go along the guide lines with them or teach them anything they have questions about.
  17. I'd rate myself a 8/10 because I know how to deal with exploiters,trollers,rulebreakers, or admin abusers and which ones to bring to a higher up and which ones to deal with myself.
  18. So what makes me a good moderator overall from the normal player perspective? Well I am very kind to all players,I love to help out anybody who needs help.
  20. 5. What is the responsibilities of being a moderator in your personal opinion?
  21. A: In my personal opinion, the responsibilities of a moderator would be moderating chat, players, rules, etc... Mostly punishing rule breakers as in exploiters,ragers or any related subjects.
  22. Being a moderator means you are ready for anything that comes your way from stopping rule breakers to removing exploiters. If you're a moderator you must be mature and handle all situations professionally.
  25. 6. What days are you active? How many hours per day are on per average? What timezone are you in? (think about school, activities out of school, how often you're usually at friends houses etc)
  26. A: I could be active around 6-10 hours per day or more. I'm in EST timezone.
  28. 7. What makes you stand our above the rest of the interviews?
  29. A: I stand out more than other applicants because I'll be as active as possible and already have a memory of how moderating works.
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