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  5. Mr. Pinball Classifieds: Pinball Machines For Sale: Recent Entries
  7. The following entries are sorted by date with the most recent first. Only entries added to the database in the last two weeks are listed here. If you need to see more listings, view the entire list.
  8. Avatar, 2009 Stern: 4795.00
  9. Brand new in box, signed by Steve Laung, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  10. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348, 1-800-727-8363
  11. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  12. Posted: 22 March 2011
  14. Avatar Special Edition, 2009 Stern: 6395.00
  15. Brand new in box, signed by Steve Laung, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  16. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348, 1-800-727-8363
  17. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  18. Posted: 22 March 2011
  20. Ballerina, 1948 Bally: $175
  21. Rare early flipper game. The game is complete, only missing one bumper cap and the playfield glass. Solid cabinet with bright colors. The playfield is in excellent shape; some age-related cracking, but otherwise, absolutely no wear. Beautiful backglass with small area of missing paint along the side in a solid color. The glass has been sealed to prevent further loss. Needs a new power cord. Sold as is and should be considered non-working but would be an excellent candidate for restoration. Prefer local pick-up. Pictures available upon request.
  22. Dennis Blankenship, Phone: 618-751-0319
  23. Marion, Illinois, 110 miles southeast of St. Louis
  24. Posted: 22 March 2011
  26. Batman Dark Knight, 2010 Stern: 5295.00
  27. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  28. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  29. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  30. Posted: 22 March 2011
  32. Big Buck Hunter, Stern: 4395.00
  33. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & mastercard.
  34. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  35. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  36. Posted: 22 March 2011
  38. Breakshot, 1996 Capcom: 1450
  39. Near mint condition. Everything works 100%. Have manual, promo plastic, and Breakshot keychain. Will consider local trades +/- cash for STTNG, Fish Tales, White Water, Pirates Of The Caribbean, And Frankenstein. Have other titles for sale if interested: Bally: Creature FTBL, Williams: Indiana Jones, BS Dracula, No Fear, Junk Yard, Data East: Star Wars & Gottlieb: Monte Carlo.
  40. Chris
  41. Chadds Ford 19317
  42. Posted: 22 March 2011
  44. Cactus Jacks, 1991 Gottlieb: 1250.00
  45. 100% working, excellent over all condition. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  46. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  47. Ballston Spa, New York
  48. Posted: 22 March 2011
  50. Central Park, 1966 Gottlieb: $1550
  51. I bought this machine about 13 years ago from the only other private owner. He had purchased it from his neighbor in Columbus, NE who was a coin op dealer and had taken off his route in the early 1970s. I have gone through most of the machine and done the following during the time I've owned it: new rubbers, pop bumpers rebuilt with all new parts, new repro backglass, many new coil stops, flippers and linkage new. Very complete and clean original machine. Playfield is a 9.5, backglass 10, cabinet 9. Send email for pictures.
  52. Jay Lockard
  53. Lincoln, Nebraska 68512
  54. Posted: 22 March 2011
  56. Creature From The Black Lagoon, 1992 Midway: 3,900 (or BO)
  57. Second owner midway cult classic machine. Not many hours on this one. Never used for public or pay play. Well kept and in great working order. Some wear to playing field and sides. Includes original manual, key, some spare parts. Please contact for pictures, questions.
  58. Robert
  59. Linden, New Jersey, 20 minutes outside NYC, one hour from Philly.
  60. Posted: 22 March 2011
  62. Csi, Stern: 4395.00
  63. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  64. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  65. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  66. Posted: 22 March 2011
  68. Dale Jr, 2007 Stern: 4095.00
  69. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  70. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  71. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  72. Posted: 22 March 2011
  74. Dracula, 1979 Stern: 600
  75. Nice working game. Replaced rubbers and burned bulbs. Battery checked out and is good.
  76. Frank, Phone: 732-991-2044
  77. Wall Twp, New Jersey 07727
  78. Posted: 22 March 2011
  80. Dr Dude, 1990 Bally: $1295.00
  81. Just shopped, plays great.very nice playfield and cabinet is nice also. Has 1 new display, big shot figure and upkicker. Has the proto game rom. Pick up in Arvada CO or ship NAVL only.
  82. Pauley
  83. Arvada, Colorado
  84. Posted: 22 March 2011
  86. Elektra, 1981 Bally: 850.00
  87. Working, very nice over all condition. Someone by passed the soleniod expander board so all the flippers work all the time. This allows you to play the lower playfield as long as you keep the ball in play. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  88. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  89. Ballston Spa, New York
  90. Posted: 22 March 2011
  92. Flipper Parade, 1961 Gottlieb: $950
  93. Classic wedgehead by wayne neyens and roy parker, this Add-A-Ball features a roto-target and back box animation in which a cannon fires, shoots a ball up a ramp and hits a target that rings a bell. This game has a new reproduction backglass, a beautiful playfield, original cabinet graphics, and has been restored to good working condition with new rubber rings, power cord, and other parts. Pick up in Atlanta or contact NAVL for shipping.
  94. Al Ellis
  95. Atlanta, Georgia
  96. Posted: 22 March 2011
  98. Genesis, 1986 Gottlieb: 900
  99. Good working game . Everything is working. Typical cracks on ramp entry . Strong flipper action. All burned bulbs replaced.
  100. Frank, Phone: 732-991-2044
  101. Wall Twp, New Jersey 07727
  102. Posted: 22 March 2011
  104. Guns N Roses, 1994 Data East: 4000.00
  105. Nicest GNR around. Collector quality pin with rare topper. Email or call me soon. Won't last long.
  106. Ryan, Phone: (813) 504-3935
  107. Tampa, Florida
  108. Posted: 22 March 2011
  110. Indiana Jones, 1993 Williams: 4900
  111. Near mint condition minus some cabinet fading. Here's list of upgrades: new biplane and working propeller, new gun shooter, new translite, pinball pro speakers, ramp protector set, new idol ruins plastic, flipper & pop bumper assemblies re-worked, rare Williams red flipper bats, new rottendog CPU and dm controller boards, sideboard decal set, hi-gloss custom instruction cards, playfield cleaned and waxed (mint condition), all new rubbers, new trough optos, new coindoor, keys, promo plastics (keychains and speaker cutouts), target bank protector, new dot matrix display display, latest CPU ROM installed. Not installed but will throw in: jackpot and lost plastic lightning kits. Have other titles for sale if interested: Bally: Creature FTBL, Williams: BS Dracula, No Fear, Junk Yard, Data East: Star Wars Capcom: Breakshot, & Gottlieb: Monte Carlo.
  112. Chris
  113. Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317
  114. Posted: 22 March 2011
  116. Iron Man, 2010 Stern: 4695.00
  117. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  118. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  119. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  120. Posted: 22 March 2011
  122. Lord of The Rings Special Edition, Stern: $5495.00
  123. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  124. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  125. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  126. Posted: 22 March 2011
  128. NFL, Stern: 8500.00
  129. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  130. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  131. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  132. Posted: 22 March 2011
  134. Ready...Aim...Fire, 1984 Gottlieb: 650.00
  135. 100% working, good over all condition. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  136. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  137. Ballston Spa, New York
  138. Posted: 22 March 2011
  140. Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends, 1993 Data East: 1850.00
  141. 100% working, excellent over all condition. This is the rare black cabinet. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  142. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  143. Ballston Spa, New York
  144. Posted: 22 March 2011
  146. Slug Fest, Williams: 6500.00
  147. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  148. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  149. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  150. Posted: 22 March 2011
  152. Spiderman, 2007 Stern: 5395.00
  153. Brand new in box, with free shipping. We accept Visa & Mastercard.
  154. Michael Daddona, Phone: 203-877-0348
  155. Milford, Connecticut 06460
  156. Posted: 22 March 2011
  158. Strikes N Spares, 1995 Gottlieb: 1250.00
  159. 100% working, excellent over all condition. This is a ball bowler in a pinball cabinet. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  160. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  161. Ballston Spa, New York
  162. Posted: 22 March 2011
  164. Taxi (lola) Harrisburg, 1988 Williams: 1000
  165. Game is good working condition. Some playfield damage around pop bumpers. Left ramp has a crack in it. Will probably need new rubbers and some replacements of 2-3 lights. May have some minor problems since I have not used it in about 6 months.
  166. Shawn Hager
  167. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  168. Posted: 22 March 2011
  170. The Simpsons Pinball Party, 2003 Stern: $4,400.00
  171. This machine is in excellent condition. There isn't a single scratch on the cabinet. The playfield is also in excellent condition with virtually no wear and/or no broken plastics. This pinball machine has always been used in a private home and well cared for. The pinball machine was completely serviced 2 weeks ago by brady distributing company who is an authorized service center and sales distributor for stern. The pinball machine looks as good as the day it came out of the box. The only noticeable issue is a small crack in the platic near the left front speaker. I tried to show it in the picture. The cash box still has the extra bulbs and parts that came with the pinball machine as well as the stern service/owner's manuel. I will also include the stern simpsons' pinball party pinball machine flyer 2003. If you would like additional pictures or have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Even though the listing indicates local pick-up only, I will assist any buyer who wants to purchase the pinball and have it shipped by freight. The buyer will have to make all the necessary arrangements with the freight company. I have no way to crate the pinball. The pinball machine is in my game room on the first floor. I have used NAVL and wilson trucking and both were very good. NAVL carefully handles all the games and blanket wraps them for extra protection. The machine is located in Cape Coral, florida 33914. Local pick-up is preferred to save on shipping.
  172. Michael Maher
  173. Cape Coral, Florida 33914
  174. Posted: 22 March 2011
  176. Time Warp, 1979 Williams: $450
  177. I have many high resolution pictures available, email or call me. I rebuilt this about 6-7 years ago for my dad. He played it for a little bit (not many games at all) and it just sat there until he decided he no longer wanted it in his gameroom. So here it sits in my gameroom and I have zero interest in it. I state up front that I consider this a project game because it has a few issues. Game was completely torn down and cleaned. All new coil sleeves were installed when rebuilt. The 40 pin interconnect was replaced. Power supply was rebuilt. Some of the drop target switches need to be adjusted as they are awarding points if you bang on the playfield. A few of the lights are getting stray voltage from somewhere making them partially on. The game will reset. I have not tracked down the exact issue but if you flex the right side of the CPU it starts to play again. The interconnect was replaced 6-7 years ago. The coin door need a new switch for the advance button to work. The backglass isn't in the nicest of shape. The 3rd and 4th player displays are having issues. The 3rd player display itself is fine (tested on player 1) but the 4th player display needs to be replaced.
  178. Hugh Mccreight, Phone: (804) 484-5283
  179. Richmond, Virginia
  180. Posted: 22 March 2011
  182. Tomb Raider/black Pyramid, 1984 Bally: 650.00
  183. 100% working, very nice over all condition. This is a one of a kind custom machine. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  184. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  185. Ballston Spa, New York
  186. Posted: 22 March 2011
  188. Waterworld, 1995 Gottlieb: 1150.00
  189. 100% working, good over all condition. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  190. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  191. Ballston Spa, New York
  192. Posted: 22 March 2011
  194. World Poker Tour, 2006 Stern: 1995
  195. This world poker tour is in excellent shape. Playfield is perfect, everything is working. Email for pics. I'm moving and don't have room anymore. My loss is your gain!
  196. Dave
  197. Saco, Maine, South of Portland
  198. Posted: 22 March 2011
  200. World Tour, Al's Grage Band, 1992 Alvin G: 1450.00
  201. 100% working, very nice over all condition. Completely shopped. If interested please call.
  202. George Riley, Phone: 518-885-5818
  203. Ballston Spa, New York
  204. Posted: 22 March 2011
  206. Addams Family, 1992 Bally: $4500
  207. From my private collection. This machine was recently restored and is in excellent condition. Only serious inquiries please. Playfield was stripped and completely cleaned top and bottom all parts removed and inspected and cleaned playfield was waxed then reassembled new playfield rubbers were installed new playfield light bulbs were installed all playfield switches inspected and replaced where needed all solenoids inspected and replaced where needed all electronics inspected and reworked where needed cliffy hole protectors added to electric chair out hole thing box decal added bookcase decal added backboard decal added cabinet was totally stripped, repainted and new side cabinet art installed all hardware was cleaned and/or tumbled all metal ramps and guides cleaned and re-grained.
  208. Steven Johnson
  209. Lambertville, Michigan 48144
  210. Posted: 21 March 2011
  212. Aladdin's Castle, 1976 Bally: 400
  213. Excellent condition, needs some minor repairs.
  214. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  215. Denver, Colorado, Denver
  216. Posted: 21 March 2011
  218. Beach Time (bingo), 1958 Bally: $2195.00
  219. This one of 500 machines build.
  220. R J Shahan, Phone: 817 579 0074
  221. Granbury, Texas, Dallas, Texas
  222. Posted: 21 March 2011
  224. Big Hurt, 1995 Gotttlieb: 1000
  225. Excellent condition.
  226. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  227. Denver, Colorado, Denver
  228. Posted: 21 March 2011
  230. Break Shot, 1996 Capcom: 1175
  231. Excellent condition.
  232. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  233. Denver, Colorado, Denver
  234. Posted: 21 March 2011
  236. Creature From The Black Lagoon, 1992 Bally: $3000
  237. Very nice playfield, cliffy installed at snackbar, no insert wear, ball drop areas at inlanes look great and are not dented or pitted, translite has no scratches, hologram is still very bright, no hacks or burns on the boards, display is bright without issues, coin mechanisms for quarters still present. Cracked plastic over snackbar and broken plastic at KISS lane.
  238. Jim, Phone: 303 526 6760
  239. Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  240. Posted: 21 March 2011
  242. El Dorado, 1975 Gottlieb: $1400
  243. Fully working, nice playfield, no broken plastics, nice drop targets. Average cabinet, decent backglass with a little paint missing in the red areas of sun and cowboy.
  244. Jim, Phone: 303 526 6760
  245. Highlands Ranch, Colorado
  246. Posted: 21 March 2011
  248. Fish Tales, 1992 Williams: 1450
  249. Ave condition, cabinet fade.
  250. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  251. Denver, Denver
  252. Posted: 21 March 2011
  254. Game Show, 1990 Bally: 900
  255. Good condition - missing a few pixels on display.
  256. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  257. Denver, Denver
  258. Posted: 21 March 2011
  260. Harley Davidson 3, 2004 Stern: 1800
  261. Needs driver board and misc. Repairs.
  262. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  263. Denver, Denver
  264. Posted: 21 March 2011
  266. Hot Line, 1966 Williams: 600
  267. The playfield is near perfect and the backglass is very good. Some minor flaking in the red of hot line. Can deliver to the ohio show. Am open to a trade of 1970's Gottlieb. Pictures availible.
  268. Mike
  269. Columbus, Ohio
  270. Posted: 21 March 2011
  272. Lethal Weapon 3, 1992 Data East: 1025
  273. Excellent condition.
  274. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  275. Denver, Denver
  276. Posted: 21 March 2011
  278. Maverick, 1994 Data East: 1200
  279. Average condition.
  280. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  281. Denver, Denver
  282. Posted: 21 March 2011
  284. Monster Bash, 1998 Williams: $6500.00
  285. Total restoration starting with an original playfield that was new in box. Clearcoated, then installed by the world famous Karlzona before he went "mad". Own a piece of history. Paypal accepted.
  286. Dave Imbody, Phone: 623-512-3879
  287. New River, Arizona, North Phoenix
  288. Posted: 21 March 2011
  290. Mousin' Around!, 1989 Bally: 1025
  291. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  292. Denver, Denver
  293. Posted: 21 March 2011
  295. Nip It, 1973 Bally: 1300
  296. Restored cabinet, perfect backglass nice playfield, perfect plastics. Game plays and looks great.
  297. Jim, Phone: 303 526 6760
  298. Denver
  299. Posted: 21 March 2011
  301. Pinbot, 1986 Williams: 1000
  302. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  303. Denver, Denver
  304. Posted: 21 March 2011
  306. Popeye Save The Earth, 1994 Bally: 1325
  307. Excellent condition.
  308. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  309. Denver, Denver
  310. Posted: 21 March 2011
  312. Shaq Attaq, 1995 Gottlieb: 1000
  313. Excellent condition.
  314. James, Phone: 720-277-8900
  315. Denver, Denver
  316. Posted: 21 March 2011
  318. Sopranos, 2005 Stern: 3200
  319. I have a sopranos pinball machine for sale or trade.everything works 100% no errors.have pictures of the game if I am looking for Williams indiana jones, creature from the black lagoon, maybe a cactus and a whole lot of cash on my end.a nice TZ. Can put game on a pallet and ship if needed after funds clear.
  320. Richard
  321. Central, New Jersey
  322. Posted: 21 March 2011
  324. Ice Fever, 1985 Gottlieb: $850.00
  325. Machine is in very nice condition with no playfield wear. It has a new old stock (NOS) backglass. Plug N play with no known issues. Manual included. Grounding updates made and leds in backbox. Photos available upon request.
  326. Vince
  327. Murrysville, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
  328. Posted: 20 March 2011
  330. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, 1995 Sega: 1699
  331. Machine is in great condition with no know issues. No playfield wear and the frankenstein throws the ball as it should. The dot matrix display is crisp with no burn or issues. The only flaw is the upper ramp is cracked. Has no impact on the game play. Leds throughout the entire machine. Photos available upon request.
  332. Vince
  333. Murrysville, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
  334. Posted: 20 March 2011
  336. Monopoly, 2001 Stern: 2400
  337. In very nice shape. Only very very minor scuffs on cabinet but they are very small. Added pinballlife undercabinet red neon accent lighting plus have neat custom "free parking" topper. This is just one of many of my modern stern games I am selling off - ohters include Shrek, WOF, IM, SM, RFM, SWEP1, ELVIS and a super Kixx Bubble soccer game.
  338. Kenny, Phone: 703-209-3234
  339. Vienna, Virginia, metro washington DC area
  340. Posted: 20 March 2011
  342. Shrek, Stern: 3600
  343. Huo.2nd owner - very low plays,,,, pretty much like new in all ways. But has 2 drop targets that need resoldering, or new optical sensors. I have been in contact with a few pinball techs and have sleuthed the fix to that. Fun game and up from the legs to the top of the cabinet head its like new. Can send pix. Stop and get it on your way to allentown. Price is firm.
  344. Kenny, Phone: 703-209-3234
  345. Fairfax, Virginia, metro washington DC area
  346. Posted: 20 March 2011
  348. Wheel of Fortune, Stern: 3000
  349. HUO. 2nd owner. Pretty much mint. Very low plays. Looks like new. I think there is 1 small scuff on the head from the move that got it to me. Legs have a couple chips of paint. But thats it. Wheel has error. Says wheel is broken. (but through tests I know the motor works, led lights work etc) pinball tech person told me the wheel needs to find its home and be reset. I have no time to deal with this techy fix. Its a beautiful game with maunal still in bag that I just took out the other day for first time ever to research the wheel info. Goodie bag and I do have the original stern cardboard box from stern that was all part of what I got with the machine. I actually also have an extra set of contestants as I found them on ebay and well. Just bought them to have them. dot matrix display glare gaurd included. This is a beauty! Selling off others also that are similar to this one, shrek, elvis, iron man, spiderman, rfm, swepi1, monopoly (prices vary but all are in super shape and have some tricked out stuff on them. Price is firm and I can ship or local pick up is fine. I can send pix upon request.
  350. Kenny, Phone: 703-209-3234
  351. Fairfax, Virginia, metro washington DC area
  352. Posted: 20 March 2011
  354. Capt. Card, 1974 Gottlieb: 799.99
  355. Machine works, needs to be cleaned.we have the shematics, will consider a trade for another pinball machine or a motorcycle. No scammers.
  356. Carl
  357. Forest Lake, Minnesota 55025
  358. Posted: 19 March 2011
  360. Caribbean, 1948 United: $700.
  361. This game is mint, only one owner $700. Or trade.
  362. Chuck, Phone: 401-569-2010
  363. Johnston, Rhode Island 02919
  364. Posted: 19 March 2011
  366. Dracula, Bram Stoker's, 1993 Williams: Trade
  367. Looking to trade this for another WPC game. Willing to trade +/- cash. There's no fade in the cabinet reds but there is flipper button wear. It works perfectly and is 100% noflix LEDs, the lower playfield is uv purple light and all star posts are glow in the dark. Looks really cool. Send me an email for pics and more info. I'll be going to Allentown in May so delivery may be possible.
  368. Josh
  369. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  370. Posted: 19 March 2011
  372. Indiana Jones, 1994 Williams: 4400.00
  373. Good condition 100% working no broken plastics, no broken ramps this is a USA machine not and export, inport playfield is in fantastic condition.
  374. Nick, Phone: 1-810-392-8116
  375. Memphis, Michigan 48041
  376. Posted: 19 March 2011
  378. Shaq Attaq, 1995 Gottlieb: $1000
  379. Shopped. EX condition. I can ship.
  380. Herman Rea, Phone: 270=331=1505
  381. Paducah, Kentucky
  382. Posted: 19 March 2011
  384. Sluggin Champ, 1955 Gottlieb: $1600
  385. Came from canada. Wear on playfield. Comes with new playfield plastics and new back glass. I never plugged it in. Needs to be shopped out. You pick up.
  386. Scott, Phone: 717-845-4278
  387. York, Pennsylvania
  388. Posted: 19 March 2011
  390. Spiderman, 2007 Stern: 3750
  391. In excellent condition 9/10 overall -- $3750 OBO. I would also cosider a trade +/- for a Cirqus Voltaire (CV), Lord of The Rings (LOTR), or Addams Family (TAF). Email with your contact information if you want to discuss the details.
  392. Kevin, Phone: (303) 506-3931
  393. Castle Pines North, Colorado 80108
  394. Posted: 19 March 2011
  396. Swing Along, 1963 Gottlieb: 750.00
  397. Really nice. Beautiful playfield, very nice backglass. Clean low hours machine, primarily home use. Game has been serviced and checked, playfield cleaned and detailed. Plays perfect. Cabinet has been repainted, but original finish lies underneath. The first game with spinners. Email for more info or pics. Will prep for shipping if you arrange for shipping.
  398. Bruce
  399. Grey Highlands, Ontario, Canada
  400. Posted: 19 March 2011
  402. Toledo, 1975 Williams: 375 or trade
  403. Works and is playable but has some problems. It occasionally resets the score in the middle of a ball, and sometimes the ball count will start with ball 2 or 3 for a new game (instead of ball 1). We got this totally dead as a project and have gotten it to this point and decided that we prefer the other games we have and need to free up some space. It has been cleaned and has all new rubber, new ball, and has had some touch ups done on the play field paint. Looks nice, but is far from perfect. Backglass does have some flaking mainly on the bottom few inches. It's not bad, but should be sealed to stop further damage. We have decided that we put enough time into it for a game that we are not going to keep and I'm tired of hunting for the reset problem. Includes a manual and the game schematics. Pictures available by email.
  404. Alex Gross
  405. Glen Carbon, Illinois 62034
  406. Posted: 19 March 2011
  408. Twilight Zone, 1993 Bally: 4900.00
  409. Good condition 100% working no broken plastics, no broken ramps this is a USA machine not and export, inport.
  410. Nick, Phone: 810-392-8116
  411. Memphis, Michigan 48041
  412. Posted: 19 March 2011
  414. World Cup Soccer, 1994 Bally: 1450
  415. Need to make room. Pin works well and in decent cosmetic shape, GI connectors replaced. Cliffy Protectors installed at the three saucers, at the scoop and colored Cliffy posts added. Soccer ball, goalie motors good. Display bright with no lines out. Cabinet in good shape. translite, lockdown bar and glass are nice. No battery damage. Playfield is in good shape. Can bring to Ohio Show for an extra $50 on Saturday April 2nd with deposit.
  416. Eric
  417. Columbus, Ohio 43235
  418. Posted: 19 March 2011
  420. Action, 1969 CCM: 150.00
  421. Working 100% fair playfield good cabinet blackglass has some flaketng.
  422. Keith Blosser, Phone: 309 263 8302
  423. Morton, Illinois
  424. Posted: 18 March 2011
  426. Avatar, 2010 Stern: 4300
  427. Table used for the nyc launch party. About 200 plays. Comes with everything right out of the box, saved the critical foam for storage/transportation. Used for the tournament, then put into storage. Pick up or $100 for delivery. I'll help you set it up and answer any questions. I have two avatar's and a good+ condition world cup soccer ($2100), will negotiate. Send me an offer.
  428. Joe P., Phone: 765.490.1308
  429. Brooklyn, New York 11211
  430. Posted: 18 March 2011
  432. Double Feature (shuffle bowler), 1959 Chicago Coin: 1250
  433. Works good. Plays regulation and high score(flash). Nice condition .
  434. Frank, Phone: 732-991-2044
  435. Wall Twp, New Jersey 07727
  436. Posted: 18 March 2011
  438. Flash, 1979 Williams: 250.00
  439. Project machine, will not turn, good playfield 8, cabinet 8, blackglass 7, for parts or repair.
  440. Keith Blosser, Phone: 309 263 8302
  441. Morton, Illinois
  442. Posted: 18 March 2011
  444. Flip Flop, 1976 Bally: 450
  445. Perfect backglass, average wear on cabinet, playfield decent. Game is complete. Priced to sell.
  446. Joe, Phone: 585-451-0742
  447. Webster, New York
  448. Posted: 18 March 2011
  450. Funland, 1968 Gottlieb: 900
  451. Works great. Nice condition. Playfield and cabinet are in great shape. Can ship anywhere.
  452. Frank, Phone: 732-991-2044
  453. Wall Twp, New Jersey 07727
  454. Posted: 18 March 2011
  456. Jurassic Park, 1993 Data East: 1700
  457. Shopped a few years ago. Many new parts, has some tasteful modifications. Has topper. Clearcoated playfield. Works 100%. Drilled cabinet.
  458. Brian
  459. Romeoville, Illinois
  460. Posted: 18 March 2011
  462. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Sega: 1500
  463. Beautiful shape and super reliable. Ramp has a non-visible crack that doesn't effect play. Everything works and looks great. Frank throws the ball at the glass and scares the hell out of you.
  464. Brian
  465. Romeoville, Illinois
  466. Posted: 18 March 2011
  468. Melody Lane, 1960 Gottlieb: 400 OBO
  469. Currently has startup issue. Backglass 5/10 playfield 7/10 cabinet 7/10.
  470. Jeff Hoover
  471. Westerville, Ohio
  472. Posted: 18 March 2011
  474. Mustang, 1977 Gottlib: 400.00
  475. Nice machine, working 100%, nice cabinet, good playfield, good blackglass 8.
  476. Keith Blosser, Phone: 309 263 8302
  477. Norton, Illinois
  478. Posted: 18 March 2011
  480. NASCAR, 2005 Stern: TRADE
  481. Not looking to sell my pinball but just to trade even up. Just looking for something else to play. Email what you have and lets talk.
  482. Robert, Phone: 804-833-4967
  483. Midlothian, Virginia 23112
  484. Posted: 18 March 2011
  486. Space Odyssey, 1976 Williams: 1100.00
  487. For sale is my true HUO space odyssey pinball machine made by Williams. Game is what you would expect for being home use only. Bought new in 1976. I am the third owner. It is a beautiful machine that plays perfectly. Playfield, backglass, cabinet or all 9-9.5. Coin door is perfect and shines like brand new. Inside the cabinet is pristine with all shiny contacts. Comes with paperwork and manual, coin box. New white rubbers were added along with new mirror chrome ball. I can send pictures and wrap if shipping is needed. If you have any questions, please ask.
  488. Kevin
  489. Hanover, Virginia, near Richmond
  490. Posted: 18 March 2011
  492. Spirit, 1982 Gottlieb: 6800.00
  493. This ad is for my Gottlieb S P I R I T pinball machine . Made by Gottlieb in 1982 . Only 1230 of these pins were made . A very rare and hard to find pinball machine . The spirit is in great condition in and out. Here is your chance to buy a highly sought after Gottlieb spirit needs absolutely nothing. Plug and play.
  494. Kevin, Phone: 914 582 2789
  495. White Plains, New York
  496. Posted: 18 March 2011
  498. Top Score, Gottlieb: 400.00
  499. Near mint playfield, cabinet solid and bright, backglass has some fading and flaking. Also incl. Second set of playfield plastics. Presently game is 90% reassembled, simply no time to finishit. Worked 100% before diassembly and all parts are there, will throw in an extra partially populated playfield with excessive wear. This game only needs a little time and tinkering to be near mint.
  500. Email
  501. Middlesex Boro, New Jersey
  502. Posted: 18 March 2011
  504. World Cup Soccer, 1994 Midway: 2100
  505. Good+ condition wcs94. New dot matrix display, bill acceptor +$150, on location. Playfield could use a cleaning, ramps great, soccer ball has visible wear, new lights, everything works well. Pick up or $100 for delivery. I'll help you set it up and answer any questions. I have two new avatar's ($4300), and would be willing to give up the location, will negotiate. Send me an offer.
  506. Joe P., Phone: 765.490.1308
  507. Brooklyn, New York 11211
  508. Posted: 18 March 2011
  510. Big Buck Hunter Pro, 2010 Stern: $3400
  511. HUO bbh, looks and plays brand new. Approx. 250 plays. Fun addicting game. Please email with any questions.
  512. Jay, Phone: 404.725.0594
  513. Atlanta, Georgia
  514. Posted: 17 March 2011
  516. Dixieland, 1968 Bally: $900.00
  517. Needs a rubber band on a flipper, and fuses. Cannot ship.
  518. Wendy Stratton
  519. St Augustine, Florida, near Jacksonville FLorida
  520. Posted: 17 March 2011
  522. Fathom, 1981 Bally: 2,995
  523. Completely restored Fathom. Plays great! New CPR playfield installed, cabinet completely restenciled - looks fantastic! All new drop targets new plastic set everything hand polished and cleaned new legs many more new parts- too many to mention about $4000 invested.
  524. Johnny G, Phone: 727-480-5336
  525. Houston, Texas 77074
  526. Posted: 17 March 2011
  528. Fun Park, 1968 Gottlieb: $850
  529. This Add-A-Ball is 1 of 580 produced. One of only a few games that has a 2 free ball skill shot. Collector quality, plays great, it has new rubbers, bulbs, just shopped inside and out.
  530. Doug
  531. Rochester, New York
  532. Posted: 17 March 2011
  534. Guys Dolls, 1953 Gottlieb: 950.00
  535. Playfield is in excellent shape as is the cabinet. Colors are bright and vibrant. Backglass has been triple thicked and minor repair work done. Looks great. Mechanically everything plays and works as it should. The artwork on the playfield is in great shape and could use a minor cleaning. Guys dolls was one of the feature games in a recently release documentary about pinball collecting. One of a kind and interesting flippers. High resolution photos upon request.
  536. Kim
  537. Longmont, Colorado
  538. Posted: 17 March 2011
  540. Haunted House, 1982 Gottlieb: $1,500
  541. 4 player game in very good condition. The game has a new rottendog power supply board installed and a new rottendog driver board installed. The game has a new reproduction backglass in perfect condition. It also has a new classic playfield reproduction playfield insert installed on the main playfield providing excellent visibility into the lower playfield. The game has all new rubber rings and new pop bumper caps installed. All the recommended grounding modification have been made to the circuit boards. There are some wear spots on the main playfield under the pop bumpers and to the right of the secret passage. A cliffy protector is installed on the chute from the lower level. The cabinet is in very good condition with minimal wear and tear. The top glass is new with no scratches or dings. The game comes with an owner's manual. Call Dale to check it out.
  542. Dale, Phone: 509-994-0328
  543. Spokane, Washington
  544. Posted: 17 March 2011
  546. Liberty Bell, 1977 Williams: $800
  547. Nice mechanical score game, plays perfect, has coin mechs, takes quarters. Family oriented game. Art work is very patriotic liberty bell, eagle, the red white and blue color scheme is nice.last of the bells and chimes game era for Williams, a lot of fun to play, a great game for a beginning family game room. Can be shipped if buyer arranges and pays for shipping, local pick up is always welcome, I'll help you load. Pictures available to serious USA buyer. Please email me any questions for prompt response. USA sales only!
  548. T. Houston
  549. Oak Ridge, Missouri, About an Hr. South of St. Louis, just off I-55 at exit 111 in S.E. MO.
  550. Posted: 17 March 2011
  552. Lord of The Rings (Limited Edition), 2009 Stern: 5100
  553. Brand new in box. Purchased from Pinballsales and is still factory sealed. Can ship with NAVL or palletize and deliver to terminal to help reduce shipping costs. Local delivery or pick-up is also available. Can also deliver Pittsburgh and to the Ohio pinball show for free. Email me if you have any questions.
  554. Rj
  555. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  556. Posted: 17 March 2011
  558. Solar City, 1977 Gottlieb: $900.00
  559. Case is in great shape. Game did work for us but does not turn on now. Has all parts and wiring diagram.
  560. Wendy
  561. St Augustine, Florida, near Jacksonville FLorida
  562. Posted: 17 March 2011
  564. Cue Ball Wizard, 1992 Gottlieb: 1200
  565. Very nice game. Plays great. Open to trades for WPC games. Pictures available upon request.
  566. Chris
  567. Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
  568. Posted: 16 March 2011
  570. Cybernaut, 1986 Bally: $650
  571. This is a pretty decent Cybernaut. Lower cabinet is very nice, head has some scratches. Playfield is also very nice. It has factory mylar. It has one scratch by the left flipper. Drop targets don't match. Backglass is mint. Has the 6802 CPU in it. Works 100%.
  572. Jeff Meyer
  573. Jefferson City, Missouri
  574. Posted: 16 March 2011
  576. Cyclone, 1988 Williams: 2050
  577. Email
  578. Baltimore, Maryland 21209
  579. Posted: 16 March 2011
  581. Eight Ball Champ, 1985 Bally: 800
  582. In very nice shape. The game has just bee cleaned, waxed and re-rubbered. It seems to be workng as it should and plays very fast. The playfield is in very nice shape, but does have some wear in the black up above the pop bumpers and could be touched up. Some of the mylar is coming up around the pops. Overall it is in very nice shape. The cabinet looks very nice as will. Pictures available upon request.
  583. Chris
  584. Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
  585. Posted: 16 March 2011
  587. Jolly Joker, 1955 Williams: 1000.00
  588. This machine is a 1955 in good condition.
  589. Joe, Phone: 602 647 4776
  590. Independence, Missouri, Kansas City area
  591. Posted: 16 March 2011
  593. OXO, 1974 Williams: $600
  594. John, Phone: 240 793 3079
  595. Silver Spring, Maryland
  596. Posted: 16 March 2011
  598. Scared Stiff, 1996 Bally: 3100
  599. A nice clean players game, not a museum piece. If that is what you are looking for, than keep looking. Yes it is a reimport, but this machine has worked and played great for US for the past 10 years. It has new rubbers and balls. The playfield has the usual wear around the kickout holes and crate door.(comes with new set of crate decals) no broken plastics or ramps. This machine looks nice and plays fast! Serious buyers please, no lowballers. Cash and carry only, no shipping available. Pics upon request.
  600. Daryl
  601. Sterling Heights, Michigan
  602. Posted: 16 March 2011
  604. Slugfest, 1991 Williams: 750
  605. Cabinet is very faded. Playfield is very nice. Game plays as it should and is working 100%. Comes with the card dispenser. Open to trades for WPC games and have a Eight Ball Champ to trade with it if interested. Picture available upon request.
  606. Chris
  607. Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
  608. Posted: 16 March 2011
  610. Wipeout, 1993 Gottlieb: 1000
  611. Game works and plays great. Excellent condition.
  612. Mickey Johnson, Phone: (309) 521-8351
  613. Cambridge, Illinois, Cambridge
  614. Posted: 16 March 2011
  616. Black Knight, 1980 Williams: 1450
  617. Well, the time has come. I have decided to put black knight up for sale. It has served me pretty well for the last 9 years. If you are looking for a professionally restored machine with no issues, please look elsewhere. If you are looking for a better than average example of a popular classic machine that is 31 years old.well then you may want to keep reading. Let's get the details out of the way first :) shipping - no - pickup only price - $1450 whoa, did I lose you there? yeah, it may sound high, but that's what I need out of this machine. If that does not work for you then I am sorry in advance. No need to flame me for the asking price please, just go to the next post :) or, check out the photos if you want something to do thank you. Machine is in above average condition (in my opinion). Here's a breakdown: playfield - original, good condition, very minimal wear (many many pictures available) cabinet - original with normal scrapes and dings - was drilled for lockdown bar. Backglass - good but not perfect. Some missing paint, but sealed to prevent worsening. Pop bumber cap is a reproduction replacement drop target decals - they came on the game but I don't think they are original. They are glossy, and I don't recall the originals being glossy, but I could be mistaken. Plastics - good condition, all original with the exception if the return lane plastics - these were alan meyer repros. Ball lock plastic is not broken. Apron is in very good condition. Mechanical - this is the slight downside to the machine. 40 pin connector (both sides) have been replaced. Power supply caps replaced per clay's guide. Prior to 40 pin connector replacement, boards were repaired by chris munson. The bad: game boots into audit mode. Cycling through this gets to normal game over mode. I am told this is may be a ROM issue, but it is something I have not gotten into yet. Machine will, at times, lock up during gameplay. This was the reason for the 40 pin connector replacement and the ps parts replacement, but it still happens. Left slingshot does not work. Wire is disconnected. When connected, this locks on. May be a tip but I have not gotten to it yet to check. Photos and video available.
  618. Chris Mckinley, Phone: 267-471-5612
  619. Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Outside Philadelphia
  620. Posted: 15 March 2011
  622. Black Rose, 1992 Bally: 1700.
  623. A clean, well maintained machine. Recently shopped with new rubbers and balls. Has a few cosmetic flaws but overall in very nice condition. Playfield has very minor wear with no broken plastics or ramps. Cash and carry only, no shipping available. Pics upon request.
  624. Daryl
  625. Sterling Heights, Michigan
  626. Posted: 15 March 2011
  628. Cirqus Voltaire, 1997 Bally: $6500
  629. Domestic, home-use only machine. Bought 9/1998 from an authorized Williams distributor, delivered to my residence, and in my collection since. Fully documented. Outstanding original condition. Purple neon, yellow menagerie ball. 2.0 ROMs installed. Has scrolls (not installed). Game will include extra NOS. Parts for the major wear items that I bought before black monday (rm top plates, rm head, "wow" decals, etc). Has original game manual and most if not all of the original paperwork. A beautiful example of one of best '90s Williams titles. Local inspection and pick-up strongly preferred. Digital pictures available. Feel free to call or email with questions.
  630. Brandon Miller, Phone: 704-995-7886
  631. Charlotte, North Carolina 28210
  632. Posted: 15 March 2011
  634. KISS, 1979 Bally: $3400
  635. Fully restored. New playfield, plastics, standup targets, drop targets, rebuilt pop bumpers, all new playfield switches, all coils resleeved, back glass original but in exceptional condition. The cabinet has been repainted with stencils. This pin looks new. Pics on request.
  636. Don Edwards, Phone: 502 648 1428
  637. Louisville, Kentucky
  638. Posted: 15 March 2011
  640. Original Frank Kozik Pinball Machine, 1960 Bally: best offer
  641. This is a one of a kind Frank Kozik pinball machine hand made by Frank himself for the music video of the Steel Pole Bath Tub single "Twise" from the full length album "Scars From Falling Down" released by Slash Records in 1995. A 1960s Bally pinball machine was modified and detailed extensively by Frank to match the tone and lyrics of the song and appeared extensively in the video. The machine is technically playable but will need some minor repairs. It was designed as an art piece and is primarily being sold as such.
  642. Jessica Anthony, Phone: 415-823-6944
  643. Pacifica, California 94044
  644. Posted: 15 March 2011
  646. Simpsons, The, 1990 Data East: 1400
  647. Very nice condition works 100%.
  648. Jim Bly, Phone: 440-352-1220
  649. Cleveland / Painesville, Ohio 44077
  650. Posted: 15 March 2011
  652. Stars, 1979 Stern: 750
  653. Everything works good & has coin meck. In good used cond.
  654. Richard, Phone: 973-694-6374
  655. Wayne, New Jersey, NORTH NEW JERSEY BY RT. 80 & RT 23
  656. Posted: 15 March 2011
  658. World Beauties, Central Park, Eight Ball For Trade, Gottlieb And Bally: Trade
  659. Will trade one or all up or down for Ten Strike or similar manikin bowler. Also interested in genco two player basketall. I also have 1940s ad 50s jukeboxes for trade. Let me know if you have any of these and we can talk.
  660. Denny
  661. Minnesota
  662. Posted: 15 March 2011
  664. Amazon Hunt, 1983 Gottlieb: 900
  665. Everything works. Some work has been done on the circuit. Most of the electronic work is from before I got it, but I replaced a couple of things. The coin door is a little bent, and the paint on the cabinet isn't great, but it's completely functional and otherwise in decent shape. Backglass looks good, though there's a small flaw on a corner. Playfield has wear on two spots where the ball pops out from the specials. Also, one of the bumpers has a couple of notches. Other anomalies on the cabinet are a plastic square that holds the license and four small velcro squares my wife stuck on for a high score board. Original documentation is included. Also included is a little flyer I got off ebay. If you want to check it out, let me know. $900 is a firm price. Would also trade (and probably add cash) for whirlwind.
  666. Aaron
  667. Montgomery, Al
  668. Posted: 14 March 2011
  670. Bank Shot, 1976 Gottlieb: $500
  671. Nice Add-A-Ball pool-themed game, fully restored, backglass 8.5, cabinet. 8, playfield 9, bottom cabinet repainted, head original, varathane/touched up(kick out hole wear)plays 100%, flippers/pops rebuilt, plays very fast. Local pick up or possible delivery to allentown show. Email for pics.
  672. Mark
  673. High Falls, New York, HIGH FALLS
  674. Posted: 14 March 2011
  676. Card Whiz, 1976 Gottlieb: $850
  677. One of the best poker-themed drop target games of the 1970s. Fully restored, backglass 8.5, cab.9, playfield 9, many new parts including playfield plastics, drop targets, acorn nuts, shooter housing, leg bolts, and side rail nails. Minor touch ups, varathane clear coat, rebuilt flippers/pop bumper. Cleaned motor board. Plays 100%, fast/strong flippers, all original paperwork. Email for pics, local pick up or possible delivery to allentown show.
  678. Mark
  679. High Falls, New York, HIGH FALLS
  680. Posted: 14 March 2011
  682. F-14 Tomcat, 1987 Williams: $1,200.00
  683. Good solid f-14 tomcat pinball. Average condition playfield, with full mylar, that has been cleaned and waxed. Very nice cabinet. Works great and is fully serviced with rebuilt flippers, new rubbers, re-sleeved coils, new bulbs, polished metal parts and more. Nice machine for your home gameroom. Delivery available. Feel free to email or call on any questions.
  684. Troy North, Phone: 314-570-7631
  685. St. Louis, Missouri
  686. Posted: 14 March 2011
  688. Funhouse, 1990 Williams: $3,800
  689. Game is very very nice shape. Price non-negotiable. I'll do my best to answer any questions. Buyer must arrange pick-up/ shipping which includes coming up one flight of stairs from my game room.
  690. Anthony
  691. Denver, Colorado
  692. Posted: 14 March 2011
  694. Galaxy, 1980 Stern: $725.00
  695. Clearcoated playfield 9+, backglass 8+ upgraded volt card, displays all working, good sound playing game, owned for over 6 years call or email for more info.
  696. Gary, Phone: (734) 649-9427
  697. Ann Arbor, Michigan
  698. Posted: 14 March 2011
  700. Lord of The Rings SE, 2009 Stern: Trade
  701. Looking to trade my HUO Lord Of The Rings SE for a very nice Attack From Mars. My LOTR has been upgraded with LED'S & the back box flasher mod. It has less then 100 plays. Has the factory installed shaker motor & includes COA.
  702. Steve
  703. San Diego, California
  704. Posted: 14 March 2011
  706. Monte Carlo, 1976 Bally: $2,000
  707. Bally monte carlo pinball machine. My wife has asked me kindly to sell the machine. Kept privately, bought directly from pinball restoration company in CA. Great backglass artwork and playing field, a true pinball collectors machine, gambler's edition, will send photos.
  708. Thomas
  709. Daytona Beach, Florida 32168
  710. Posted: 14 March 2011
  712. Pinbot, 1986 Williams: $1000.
  713. Very nice pinbot. New spiral ramp. Board gone through 5 years ago. Playfield has been clear coated. Has one cracked plastic. Everything works great on this machine. Can send pics upon request.
  714. Email
  715. Christiansburg, Virginia
  716. Posted: 14 March 2011
  718. Pirates of The Caribbean, 2007 Stern: 4200.00
  719. HUO bought brand new in box, have goody bag. Looks and plays like new. Only 2 adults used machine. Only 291 plays. New movie coming out soon will be a hot item.
  720. Johnathan
  721. Central, Connecticut
  722. Posted: 14 March 2011
  724. Pro Pool, 1973 Gottlieb: $650
  725. Nice classic low production, drop target game. backglass 7.5, cabinet 8, playfield 9. Varathaned playfield, minor touch up (kick out hole wear)cabinet has some touch ups but looks good, rebuilt flippers/pop bumper. One small chip on side plastic. Plays 100%, adddictive 'wow' knocker, fast and fun game. Email for pics, local pick up or possible delivery to allentown show.
  726. Mark
  727. High Falls, New York, HIGH FALLS
  728. Posted: 14 March 2011
  730. World Series, 1972 Gottlieb: $950
  731. Very fun baseball-themed game in immaculate condition. 3 inch flippers and 5 inch bell announces runs scored. A rare game in very rare collector condition. Fully restored, very minor touch ups (one scratch on side of cabinet, one 1/4 inch kick out hole spot)bg 9.5(would be 10 except for felt marks), playfield 8.5 (minor age cracks in upper field, hard to see)cabinet 9, (very solid, not cracks in joinery as commonly seen, varathane clear coat)95% original(legs/bolts/correct lock down bar perfect, only upgrade is a new coin door original had two spots of rust). Game was stored in dry location for 20 years, low plays, looks almost home use for pics, pocal pick up or possible delivery to allentown show.
  732. Mark
  733. High Falls, New York, HIGH FALLS
  734. Posted: 14 March 2011
  736. Class of 1812, 1991 Gottlieb: 1000.00
  737. Machine in excellent working condition with very little use.
  738. Evelyn
  739. Los Angeles, California 90071
  740. Posted: 13 March 2011
  742. Eight Ball Deluxe, 1981 Bally: offers over £1000
  743. One private owner with light home-use since mid-80's. Very good condition, full working order. Non-original multiplier drop-targets (easily renewed, $20 on ebay). Small dent to left play-field glass rail. Otherwise excellent all round, back-glass looks great. Numerous photos - email or call for details.
  744. Andy Ball, Phone: +44 2392 812810
  745. Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  746. Posted: 13 March 2011
  748. Harley Davidson, 1999 Sega: 2500.00
  749. Nice harley just shopped about 4 months ago selling to put towards another pin intersted in Addams Family so if want to trade pins and money to make the differnce let me know.
  750. Mike
  751. Buena Vista, Virginia
  752. Posted: 13 March 2011
  754. Johnny Mnemonic, 1995 Williams: 1300.00 OBO
  755. Great game completely redone, plays great, what a buy on this Williams! I can wrap and pallet take to airport for 75.00.
  756. Brad
  757. Santa Cruz, California, Bay Area
  758. Posted: 13 March 2011
  760. Nip It, 1973 Bally: 1450.00
  761. Collector quality. Backglass, cabinet & playfield are beautiful. Absolute survivor, no touch ups. From my private collection. No day dreamers or scammers please. The Fonz would be impressed.
  762. Bruce
  763. Neenah, Wisconsin
  764. Posted: 13 March 2011
  766. South Park, 1999 Sega: 1700.00
  767. Very good condition, plays great, it has new rubbers, bulbs, just shopped inside and out, new side armor with flipper button protectors. This is the one to have .
  768. Brad
  769. Santa Cruz, California, Bay Area
  770. Posted: 13 March 2011
  772. South Park, 1999 Sega: 1700.00
  773. Very nice game, all new rubbers, lights, cleaned inside and out like new. Replaced side rails with new flipper protected ones. I can wrap and strap to a pallet and take to the airport for 75.00.
  774. Brad
  775. Santa Cruz, California, Bay Area
  776. Posted: 13 March 2011
  778. Star Wars, 1992 Data East: $2000.00
  779. Machine has been fully shopped out with a new plastics set, new rubbers, playfield was stripped down, and all pieces hand cleaned and polished. Has an x-wing fighter topper on it instead of the darth vader topper.
  780. John C. Kula, Phone: 616-534-7227
  781. Grand Rapids, Michigan, Located at Goldmine Comics & Cards, SW Michigan
  782. Posted: 13 March 2011
  784. Star Wars Episode 1, 1999 Williams: $2600
  785. Nice game recently shopped out, playfield is excellent with no wear issues. Converted to Nucore with: new Acer x223w lcd monitor with GLM mounting kit, custom Nucore case, new Asus M2N68-AM plus motherboard with AMD 64X2 5200 2.6ghz dual core processor, 2 gb ddr2 pc2 6400 ram, new Corsair 400w power supply, new audio amp. *in all over $900 worth of upgrades. Original manuals and nucore software disks. Pics available.
  786. Tim, Phone: 479-452-9840 (daytime)
  787. Fort Smith, Arkansas, Northwest Arkansas
  788. Posted: 13 March 2011
  790. Teed Off, 1993 Gottlieb /premier: TRADE
  791. Looking to trade an unshopped teed off with topper for black knight 2000 (unshopped/shopped).
  792. Email
  793. Holden, Massachusetts
  794. Posted: 13 March 2011
  796. Batman, 1991 Data East: 950
  797. Looking to sell my DE batman pinball. Game is in great shape and plays fine. It is a reimport pin from England, but has been converted over to US voltage. Listing this for a great price for an easy sale.
  798. Randy
  799. Burton, Michigan, Near Flint
  800. Posted: 12 March 2011
  802. Eight Ball Deluxe LE, 1982 Bally: $2,800.00/FIRM
  803. I have 2 Eight Ball Deluxe LE pinball machines. In addition, I have an origial replacement never used playfield that is nice. One of the machines is working, and the other is needing work. Both have nice backglasses and cabinets. Both have paint missing on playfield, but the replacement playfield will satisfy this. Extra charge for the swap. Will make the working machine look very nice. Both units have all new drop targets, not improperly marked wrong color replacements. The second unit does not have the original cardholder (apron). It is from the original eight ball by Bally. One of the sound boards will need reworked (proms reprogrammed, etc.). One of the games is out on location, and is still well-liked. Will downsize the route if fuel costs don't return to normal, whatever that is. Really hate to have to sell anything, because "new" is too expensive, and the older ones earn better, as long as they work properly.
  804. Dan Tiemeyer, Phone: 316 262 1325
  805. Wichita, Kansas 67213
  806. Posted: 12 March 2011
  808. Elvis Gold, 2004 Stern: 6000.00
  809. HUO gold balls no shipping 1 of 500 $6000.00 cash.
  810. Dan, Phone: 651 487 3777
  811. Ham Lake, Minnesota
  812. Posted: 12 March 2011
  814. F-14 Tomcat, 1980 Williams: $1500obo
  815. This is a great working machine. Signed by steve richie him self.(original designer) very nice shape fast and ready to play. Machine is located in everett WA 98208 but can deliver to any local loading bay dock the rest is up to you.
  816. Bret Cornelius, Phone: 425-357-8249
  817. Seattle, Washington, located in everett WA. 98208 20min north of Seattle WA.
  818. Posted: 12 March 2011
  820. Fishtales, 1992 Williams: 1650
  821. Plays 100% and is a very nice game and in great condition.
  822. Greg
  823. Central NJ, New Jersey, Tri-State
  824. Posted: 12 March 2011
  826. Flash, 1979 Williams: 1795.00
  827. Mint / backglass is brand new. Game is in show room condition, restored from the ground up. One gorgeous pinball machine. Comes with red cabinet protectors and all new manuals. Shipping is no problem I do a great wrap job /strapped and wraped on a pallet.
  828. J, Phone: 510 421-0131
  829. Oakland, California
  830. Posted: 12 March 2011
  832. Funhouse, 1990 Williams: 1750
  833. Game plays 100% and fast. Translite perfect. Cabinet has a few nicks/scuffs. Playfield is pretty nice. New driver board.
  834. Greg
  835. Central NJ, New Jersey, Tri-State Area
  836. Posted: 12 March 2011
  838. Pinbot, 2000 Williams: $1000 obo
  839. Gently used Pinbot machine. It pretty much has outlived it's usefulness! Left flipper sticks occasionally, otherwise, excellent condition!
  840. Sue Eves
  841. Lake Orion, Michigan, 40 mins N of Detroit
  842. Posted: 12 March 2011
  844. Quintette, 1952 Gottlieb: $400
  845. Photos available and it does work.
  846. Alan Fisher, Phone: (401) 683-9452
  847. Portsmouth, Rhode Island, portsmouth
  848. Posted: 12 March 2011
  850. Secret Service, 1986 Data East: 800
  851. Nice secret service. Playfield looks great, cabinet is decent, has some paint checking but overall very nice. Lots of LEDs in the game to really make it shine. All coils switches and mechanicals have been testing and work great. Only remaining issue is player 4 display is out, and can be replaced with PinScore or a Rottendog display, takes about 5 minutes. Pictures and video available upon request.
  852. Eric Bundy, Phone: 860-841-9755
  853. Vernon, Connecticut 06066
  854. Posted: 12 March 2011
  856. Surfer, 1969 Gottlieb: $300
  857. Alan Fisher, Phone: 401-683-9452
  858. Portsmouth, Rhode Island, Portsmouth
  859. Posted: 12 March 2011
  861. Terminator 3, 2003 Stern: 2800
  862. This is a very nice example of a Terminator 3 pinball machine manufactured by Stern in 2003. As you can imagine, it is a based upon the movie of the same name. It was designed by the King of Flow, Mr. Steve Ritchie. Steve designed such classics as Black Knight 2000, Spiderman and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The game play is great and very family friendly. The is rocket propelled grenade in the backbox that swivels and shoot at targets, very fun. The cabinet is in very nice shape. The playfield is excellent. The display is brand new. This game is a domestic game in beautiful shape. I have completely disassembled the playfield, cleaned, polished and waxed the playfield, cleaned and polished the plastics, replaced all bulbs with leds, replaced all rubbers, re-assembled the playfield and tested/verified everything on this machine is working perfectly. New colored cliffy post sleeves have been installed. The game play of this machine is fast and a lot of fun. The rule set is great and will both challenge and develop the skills of the talented player while being friendly to the novice player while they develop their skill set. This machine comes with working locks and keys. This is perfect for the home game room or to generate revenue. Please take a close look at the pictures to see the quality of this machine. Each of my machines goes through a 50+ point refurbishment process to ensure the machine is functioning flawlessly now and in to the future. For payment, I take cash, personal checks(with time to clear), and all major credit cards(with a small PayPal fee added on). If you are interested in this machine, please call me at 408/888-0805. I have simplified my delivery rates to the following schedule below. Pick up is always free. Delivery and setup schedule: south bay area $50 flat rate east bay area $75 flat rate san francisco $100 flat rate north bay area $125 flat rate I am qualified to service pinball machines. However, I only service the machines I sell. I also have an active trade-up program. This is an option for those that get tired of playing the pinball machine you currently own. There are over a dozen titles in stock. Contact me for details. Reserve yours now with a 25% deposit. The balance is due when the machine is complete.
  863. Sean Casey, Phone: 408/888-0805
  864. San Jose, California
  865. Posted: 12 March 2011
  867. World Poker Tour, 2006 Stern: 3500
  868. Very nice. This machine has never been in a commercial environment. It has less than 400 total plays since new! Made by Stern in 2006, this machine was designed by the King Of Flow, Steve Ritchie. More machines have sold that were designed by Steve Ritchie than any other pinball designer in history. This game is based on the tv show of the same name. This wide open playfield with tons of drop targets is a players dream. There is even a mini playfield that is elevated and includes two flippers. This game would look great in your game room. This game is a domestic game in beautiful shape. I have completely disassembled the playfield, cleaned, polished and waxed the playfield, cleaned and polished the plastics, replaced all playfield general illumination bulbs with leds, replaced all rubbers, re-assembled the playfield and tested/verified everything on this machine is working perfectly. New colored cliffy post sleeves have been installed. The game play of this machine is fast and a lot of fun. The rule set is great and will both challenge and develop the skills of the talented player while being friendly to the novice player while they develop their skill set. This machine comes with working locks and keys. This is perfect for the home game room or to generate revenue. Please take a close look at the pictures to see the quality of this machine. Each of my machines goes through a 50+ point refurbishment process to ensure the machine is functioning flawlessly now and in to the future. For payment, I take cash, personal checks(with time to clear), and all major credit cards(with a small PayPal fee added on). If you are interested in this machine, please call me at 408/888-0805. I have simplified my delivery rates to the following schedule below. Pick up is always free. Delivery and setup schedule: south bay area $50 flat rate east bay area $75 flat rate san francisco $100 flat rate north bay area $125 flat rate I am qualified to service pinball machines. However, I only service the machines I sell. I also have an active trade-up program. This is an option for those that get tired of playing the pinball machine you currently own. There are over a dozen titles in stock. Contact me for details. Reserve yours now with a 25% deposit. The balance is due when the machine is complete.
  869. Sean Casey, Phone: 408/888-0805
  870. San Jose, California
  871. Posted: 12 March 2011
  873. X's & O's, 1984 Bally: 825.00
  874. This is a great pin! Everything is working and recently shopped. The cabinet and backglass are in great shape, 9 out of 10. The playing field is also in great shape. Please email if interested. Pics available upon request. Would interested in a trade for Firepower, Sea Witch or Black Knight.
  875. Dennis
  876. Wilimngton, Delaware
  877. Posted: 12 March 2011
  879. Firepower, 1980 Williams: 1000
  880. Right side flipper needs (ordered it) new coil. Everything else works. Good playfield minor paint repair around center world not noticeable. Back glass shows minor where. An 8 in my book. Would make a great and easy restore. Would trade for an upright 1983 Atari Star Wars.
  881. Jay, Phone: (916)230-5626
  882. Elk Grove, California 95758
  883. Posted: 11 March 2011
  885. Hot Tip, 1977 Williams: $450.00
  886. Cabinet is good, playfield is good, the backglass has some cracking. This game plays nicely. Most lights are on and it needs a few contacts cleaned. Call for more information or email for photos. This is the EM version.
  887. Rusty, Phone: 909-941-1774
  888. Alta Loma, California 91701
  889. Posted: 11 March 2011
  891. Pin-bowler, 1949 Chicago Coin: $500
  892. I would consider this a fixer uper. Machine hasn't been powered up in over 25 years. I have kept it thinking one day I will work on it. Now it can be your project. Pictures are available.
  893. Jeff Linhorst
  894. St. Ann, Missouri, St. Louis
  895. Posted: 11 March 2011
  897. Shaq Attaq, 1994 Gottlieb: Trade or $1000
  898. I am looking for Batman Forever. My machine is in great condition. Works 100%. Will also condiser other games.
  899. Donte, Phone: (267) 257-8389
  900. Middlesex County, New Jersey
  901. Posted: 11 March 2011
  903. Spiderman Black, 2007 Stern: $6500
  904. Home use only. One of the 500 special editions. Signed by Steve Ritchie. Plays and looks like brand new.
  905. Clay Dubofsky
  906. Mercer Island, Washington, Seattle
  907. Posted: 11 March 2011
  909. Cyclone/Bride of Pinbot, Williams: 1800each
  910. Both machines in super nice shape.
  911. Jay, Phone: 707-888-6708
  912. Dixon California
  913. Posted: 10 March 2011
  915. Fish Tales, 1993 Williams: trade only
  916. Williams Fish Tales no fade cabinet no wear on the playfield new boat ramp will trade for another pin equal in value. No shipping please. Pin is in a warm building and can be seen by apointment. Again it is not for sale just looking for a pin I can use on the route.
  917. Ed Kelsey, Phone: 860-794-7834
  918. West Springfield, Massachusetts, connecticut-mass line
  919. Posted: 10 March 2011
  921. Hokus Pokus, 1976 Bally: $950
  922. Very good condition. Works well. Pickup only. Pictures available.
  923. Ben
  924. Benton, Pennsylvania 17814
  925. Posted: 10 March 2011
  927. Pinball Magic, 1995 Capcom: 3500.00
  928. Mint condition inside and out. This machine has been completely restored and is in perfect working condition. If you want a machine that you can plug in and works perfectly, this is a great machine. Asking $3500. Pictures available.
  929. Scott Maizlish, Phone: (435) 901-4309
  930. Park City, Utah, Park City
  931. Posted: 10 March 2011
  933. Seven Up, 1969 Williams: $ 500
  934. This is a very interesting 4 flipper machine based on a skiing theme. These are a little rare and a lot of fun to play due to the many features. The backglass, cabinet, and playfield are in very good condition.
  935. Tom Wiethorn, Phone: 248 722 4060
  936. Rochester, Michigan
  937. Posted: 10 March 2011
  939. Space Station, 1987 Williams: $900
  940. Game is working 100%. Playfield is nice with factory mylar. Translite is brand new. Cabinet is nice but does have the typical scuffs from it being moved. Coin door is nice and was repainted black and looks great. Playfield has led lighting installed and looks awesome, there is also some LED lighting in the backbox as well, just enough to set it off. This game puts on a great light show with those LED's, it really makes the playfield pop. This game plays fast and shows no mercy when being played. Three ball multiball. Just a nice game with a very family friendly theme to it. Willing to work out a trade for your none working or unwanted pinball machines or will sell outright of course. Email or call and ask for john.
  941. John P. Dayhuff, Phone: 269-979-3836
  942. Battle Creek, Michigan
  943. Posted: 10 March 2011
  945. Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball, 1991 Bally: 1900.00
  946. Shopped out & ready to play very nice home use since 1998 you will not be disapointed!
  947. Keith Woelk
  948. Hutchinson, Kansas
  949. Posted: 9 March 2011
  951. Fire, 1987 Williams: $700
  952. In good working condition. Also have pics available.
  953. Tommy Lee, Phone: 606-785-0718
  954. Hindman, Kentucky, near Prestonsburg, Hazard area
  955. Posted: 9 March 2011
  957. Nine Ball (9 Ball), 1980 Stern: $4,000 OBO
  958. This machine is immaculate. It was fully restored by phoebe smith. The playfield, cabinet, backglass and all parts are immaculate. Every part is working, there are no broken plastics, targets or issues of any kind either mechanically or cosmetically. The restoration alone was $3,300. I had to buy three machines to make one perfect one. Pictures furnished upon request. Price is firm unless you want to come to my house and pick it up. If I need to ship it, I use NAVL which runs around $375 in the US.
  959. David Schneider, Phone: (214) 695-3300
  960. Dallas, Texas
  961. Posted: 9 March 2011
  963. Power Play, Bobby Orr's, 1978 Bally: $750
  964. This is a full size pinball machine. Bobby orr's power play. Machine plays well. Nice backglass, playfield very good. Nice cabinet. Lots to shoot at. Drop targets, jet bumpers, targets, has four flippers and more. I can bring it to the pinball swap meet in buford GA on April 23. I am just south of Nashville. I can ship at your cost.
  965. Bob Graham
  966. Columbia, Tennessee, Can bring to the April 23 Swap Meet in Buford GA 30515
  967. Posted: 9 March 2011
  969. Theatre of Magic, 1997 Bally: 4200.00
  970. Game is home use only with original receipt and all service work done by company pinball machine was bought from. Game is collector quality, you won't find nicer original anywhere.
  971. Kandkpinball, Phone: 309 631 7136
  972. Rock Island, Illinois 61201
  973. Posted: 9 March 2011
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