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  1. [9:39 PM] Luuka: Oh also, do you mind if I post it in the NSFW chat :o?
  3. [9:47 PM] Blarg: Not at all o: You drew it after all
  5. [9:47 PM] Luuka: Well ya never know >o< lol
  7. [9:49 PM] Blarg: You drew it, do with it as you wish c: Cutie
  9. [9:50 PM] Luuka: I've just had mixed things in the past so I'd always rather be safe than sorry
  11. [9:50 PM] Blarg: Ahh o:
  13. [9:50 PM] Luuka: Yeah, some people are just mad grumps it would seem
  15. [9:51 PM] Blarg: Well, they're no fun.
  17. [9:51 PM] Luuka: Exactly! Well anyway I'll stop buggin ya >u< lol
  19. [9:55 PM] Blarg: ~Random: I don't mind being poked or anything o.o Unless it's a full blown RP I usually find the time to reply to people~.
  20. Okay c: Go be a cutie butt
  22. [9:55 PM] Luuka: I'm nawt a cutie butt >o<! pouts
  24. [9:55 PM] Blarg: Adorable cutie butt*
  25. [9:56 PM] Blarg: No wait, you're an adorably LEWD cutie butt*
  27. [9:56 PM] Luuka: >:T
  28. [9:56 PM] Luuka: Fine *Wiggles at you*
  30. [9:56 PM] Blarg: <-< >-> Gropes Ehehehe
  32. [9:58 PM] Luuka: *Blushing doing nothing about it* W-Well fine, maybe it is cute, or very lewd
  34. [10:00 PM] Blarg: Ohhh, you were talking about your literal butt! Casually continues groping and caressing it, giving it a playful slap soon after Your butt is better described as "immensely tempting to fuck... and cute too"!
  36. [10:04 PM] Luuka: Teeth finding my lower lip as your words echo in my head as an audible gulp could be heard now softly vibrating lust Y-You, I-I didn't say, you... Uhh umm... barely grasping for words as the feeling of your hands sink into my spine as a ripple of pleasure rushes through it, arching my back visibly
  38. [10:08 PM] Blarg: Hmm? What was that? You really have to speak up, otherwise I'll never hear you~ She teased, her other hand moving to join the first as she continued to hungrily paw at your rear without a second thought, a large smile on her hips as she gave both cheeks another firm slap. Without warning she'd move to grasp your hips, tugging gently until you were firmly planted in her lap, allowing her to torment your chest rather than your delectable behind(edited)
  40. [10:15 PM] Luuka: I-I was saying that~! * A yip escaped her mouth as the second hand found its way around her supple rear, leaning into thr hands her now inner thought tempting and wanting more, but before they could manifest she fell into the Draenei's lap as her round thick mounds of squishy mammary were massaged. The moment those hands felt their peach like softness the tips of those plush caverns sprung up in excitement, her body showing more than what her voice was letting on* Y-You... Do you like these to? she Innocently asked as her back rested and relaxed falling into her posture, rubbing her thighs together
  42. [10:18 PM] Blarg: Mmm... Of course I do, I'd have to be insane not to enjoy such magnificent breasts~ She'd purr in a rather sultry tone as she happily went about feeling up each and every inch of the adorable woman's luscious bust, fingertips lingering around both sensitive nubs simply to tease the beauty with every passing moment. Without hesitation Less would eventually press forward, resting her chin on the beauty's shoulder only to begin peppering the woman's cheek and neck with a series of soft, quick kisses and playful licks Keep acting this adorable and I'll end up doing far more than just simple groping... you won't leave here without a proper cream filling~.
  44. [10:27 PM] Luuka: She'd give completely into her touch, letting the curious figure tips explore as much as they wish, soft breathy moans would escape her. Moving her head to the side exposing her neck for more clearly completely succumbing to her grasp and lip work as teeth bared down and thighs mashed together in bliss as her inner lust was attempting to contain the thought of rushing along Less' 'Noahs ark' as she'd flood around her. W-What if I thought that I was hungry and could use as m-much cream filling you had... Her hopelessly lewd voice coming through as her moans echoed out, her hand squeezing between her thighs, as they parted hot womanly slick drooled down onto Less' lap and Yjora's eyes looked at her with anticipation
  46. [10:33 PM] Blarg: Oh dear lord... not only are you cute, but you're this adorably needy!? The pale-blue Draenei playfully gasped out, giving both of the woman's magnificent breasts one last firm squeeze before teasingly sliding down Yjora's supple form, one hand pressing firmly between the girl's thighs to inspect just how needy her soon-to-be lover truly was. With two fingers she'd begin slowly caressing and toying with the woman's outer folds, playfully staining each and every inch of the two digits with the woman's rich juices before purring out a reply Hmm? If you were that hungry, then it'd be my duty to give you each and every drop my cum-churning nuts had~. If you enjoy the cream filling, I might even stop by from time to time to keep your adorable self satisfied; mind you, you'd have to endure a generous amount of blatant groping... but something tells me you wouldn't mind~. She teased, nibbling on the woman's earlobe playfully soon after Now... how do you want your filling, Dear~?(edited)
  48. [10:45 PM] Luuka: Moving her hand so that Less' fingers could have a go, her soft digits copying her lovers movements almost learning by her example, moans now escaping her mouth as a string of saliva drools from her lower lip before having to make an audible sipping sound as the echo of swallowing came soon after. I-I would like my f-filling, nice and d-deep! And plenty! Just let my insides p-please you until you're satisfied! Yjora hornily and hotly admitted moaning towards the end as her fingers pushed Less' into her, the boiling depth aching as she grinded her hips making her tight pucker run along her thigh, her soft round nubs hard like diamonds at this point showed her inner beast of lust as her mind grew only a stronger craving for Less' baby batter, easily by the sign of her now constant drooling. Never truly giving an honest answer, her new purpose really wanting to be Less' cock sock so that she can use and break her toy as much as her heart content.
  50. [10:46 PM] Blarg: ((Might take a bit to reply, helping with an invasion c: ))
  52. [10:46 PM] Luuka: ((Oh yeah no rush >///u///< ))
  54. [10:47 PM] Blarg: ((Adorable~ ))
  56. [11:11 PM] Blarg: ((So the cutie pushed Less's fingers into her? o: ))
  58. [11:12 PM] Luuka: ((Mmmyes~! ^///^ ))
  60. [11:27 PM] Blarg: The moment she felt her fingers push into the magnificently hot passage, Less's smile grew even further as she casually began to push deeper and deeper into the beauty's passage, relishing in the silky feel of Yjora's inner walls. Without the slightest bit of hesitation the pale-blue Draenei began to pump her fingers in and out of the woman before her with an ever increasing pace, Less's thumb paying extra attention to the girl's sensitive clit, casually bumping into it again and again if for nothing else but to tease her. Oh my... Be a good girl and hop off me for a moment, I'd like to stare into those eyes of yours while I slam away at your tight little pussy~. She'd whisper out, giving the woman's earlobe one last nibble before withdrawing her fingers entirely You can stare at me while I fill you, it's a bit of a win win~.
  62. [11:38 PM] Luuka: Yjora's mind was foggy but her body knew exactly what to do, she moved forward and spread her legs with her ads towards Less' pride as she pulled her tight pants around her generously full ass, her panties coming off as the wet patch on her crotch was revealed. A sticky thick string of girly excitement hung from her eager cunny down to her now soaked underwear. With one swift movement she fell from her knees to her side pulling her pants down her legs then to her back pulling them completely off spreading her woman hood as her legs parted, pouring out hot womanly nectre along her ass until it spills slowly onto the floor below U-Use me you beautiful stud~! She moaned out putting both of her hands on her inner thighs pulling her ass and lips a part showing off in all her lewd pride as she looked at the Drae-stud before her hungerly, needily, greedy as she oozed and dripped all over herself in excitement in which that could only be described as the primal need to breed.
  64. [11:47 PM] Blarg: Less would remain seated as she watch Yjora's each and every move, happily gazing at the adorable yet lewd actions that the beauty was undertaking just to remove her pants and panties, the sheer amount of juices that the woman was able to produce in such a short time actually managing to coax a soft gasp from the Draenei's lips. The woman's words would be practically like music to Less's ears as she happily moved to stand up, hands hooking into the waistline of her hefty long skirt before harshly forcing it down, revealing inch after inch of her fully-erect equine shaft that bounced happily out, now free from its confines and able to stand proudly above her heft cum-churning sack as she gazed down at the woman below. Oh my.. I'm definitely going to visit you regularly... You are... Well, 'cute' doesn't quite cut it... She'd giggle out before moving to kneel between the woman's legs, pressing the thick flared tip of her shaft against the entrance to Yjora's experienced passage before firmly pressing forward with a few gentle grunts escaping Less's lips until she finally managed to work the fat tip of her shaft inside, hips suddenly bucking to slam inch after needy inch of shaft into her newest lover O-Oh fuck yes!
  66. [11:55 PM] Luuka: O-Oh god yes! Claim me. Break me please!! Is all Yjora could moan out before her silky walls were pulled around that thick shaft and it was gladly and warmly accepted into her, the slick and ready walls having experienced some Draenei before knew just how to clamp down on Less' Devine equine as she felt her progress deeper into her. The feeling of accepting her new position already taking place as she untied her top and she mashed and played with her own breasts, sucking on her own hard tips, bar piercings being pulled by her tongue, only to muffle her lewd moans as she felt her abdomen as the fat pole of horse meat reshaped her insides to the perfect design and she fit like a glove almost sucking her in as her soft fingers pressed and squeezed on her cock as it bulged out in her.
  68. [12:02 AM] Blarg: A slight blush would come across the Draenei's cheeks, eyes widening as she processed the woman's requests to be claimed by a girl that had just now begun to fuck the clearly experienced beauty. Without a second thought however Less's casual demeanor would return, blush fading soon after as her hips furiously slammed forward to continue forcing the equine fuckmeat into Yjora's tight passage, the only hiccup being the primordial ring of that shaft, but even that was consequently forced inside of the beauty below as Less continued to slam buck her hips forward with increasing intensity until she had finally hilted each and every needy inch of equine shaft inside of the woman. Mmm... Keep talking like that and you might just make a girl's heart flutter~ She giggled as she moved to press harshly against the bed, using it for support for the coming thorough fucking that she would give the beauty below, hips harshly yanking back to deprive Yjora's silky passage of all but the Draenei's flared tip, bucking furiously forward to fill the void made just seconds prior as Less eagerly began to fuck her lover with the intensity of an animal in heat, clearly intending to do exactly what the woman wanted... claim her, and break her~.
  70. [12:13 AM] Luuka: Yjora couldn't have words, her heart started to race as her friendly womanhood was taken once more and she felt her powerful lover sink her most favorite part of her equine anatomy into her feeling her insides full to the absolute brim, her mouth hung lewdly open as her tongue flicked out as her insides were rearranged over and over to the wonderful demands of Less' Draenic anatomy. B-By the fucking light yes!!! Y-You're thr biggest I've e-ever taken! Breed me like an animal, use me and don't stop even for a second you fucking marvelous creation of.. Of Fuuuuck~!! Yjora moaned as her walls closed in tight and her hands gripped onto Less' wrists as an orgasm went from clit to brain in mere pinto seconds making her squirt as she came, her slick hot lust coated her lovers lower half and her own making herself all the more easy to move in and out of.
  72. [12:29 AM] Blarg: Yjora's words would only serve to widen the Draenei's smile as well as quicken the woman's pace, Less's strong hips yanking back before furiously slamming forward mere milliseconds later to once again fill the very passage she was in the process of ruthlessly fucking. Without a word Less would lean down, forcibly pressing her parted lips against her lover's to embrace the woman in a deep kiss, the Draenei's tongue pressing out and forth to practically demand entrance to the beauty's happily exploring the new area once inside while gazing deeply into the needy woman's eyes all the while. Less's hips would surprisingly continue to quicken in their pace, slamming forward and yanking back so quickly that they became a practical blur, clearly taking the woman's words to heart as she treated the new passage as though she already owned it, and was clearly keen on breeding it as Less's endurance was slowly eaten away. With each thrust the once soft stream of rich pre that drooled forth from the flared tip would grow heavier, only adding to the already immense lubrication and overall messiness that the two seemed to be making.
  74. [12:39 AM] Luuka: Another mind shattering orgasm over took Yjora making her cum and squirt all the while moaning intensely, it was soon muffled by her tender but deep kiss as she played and followed along her tongue, twisting and pressing agsinst it as she tried to keep her sanity. Feeling that potent pre spill into her was enough to excite a primal reaction as her legs got ready to wrap around those powerful hips locking her into giving her needy womb everything she had and then some. Yjora's hands now gripping the slick base of Less' cock stroking it as she bucked and pulled out of her massaging the underside of her cock to maximize how smoothly she'll be able to cum into her as veins gained more blood flow and widened, her knowledge of anatomy coming in handy more than just being a rogue as her body quaked and trembled, ready to be broken and claimed.
  76. [12:47 AM] Blarg: The Draenei's rational mind had all but faded by this point, able to think of nothing beyond filling the woman beneath her with a thick, rich load of baby-batter that was sure to breed her lover. She paid the woman's strong hips no mind, knowing full well that Yjora was intending to get the thick, creamy load and all that in entailed, the act of being locked in actually managing to bring a smile to Less's lips as she finally pulled away from the deep kiss. Her breath had hastened to a deep pant, eyes slightly glazed as she stared down at the beauty below, hips squirming as she slammed forward again and again, the act quickly eating away at what modicum of endurance she had left. Once she felt the beauty's hand coaxing the underside of the thick equine shaft, that would mark the end of the Draenei's ability to contain herself, a gutwrenching moan escaping Less's parted lips while her hefty, cum-filled nuts rose and tightened within her sweaty, pre and womanly juice stained pouch, forcing a heavy stream of Less's thick seed directly into her lover's womb, quickly filling it up only for the flow to continue for what felt like an eternity after... in reality it was only a minute or two, clearly Yjora's coaxing and knowledge pushing the Draenei far beyond what she was used to as Less soon collapsed on top of the woman, lazily licking at the side of the newly bred beauty's cheek in a loving manner.
  78. [1:01 AM] Luuka: Yjora groaned once she felt that boiling nut butter fill her insides as it rushed so quickly inside of her, Yjora's strong thighs clamping together forcing Less into her as she unloaded into her none stop, Yjora later back and from her parted mountains of tit meat saw her stomach take shape and her primal lust finally becoming satisfied as her one hand held her lower stomach, whilst another ran along Less' beautifully soft and kept hair, giving her kisses over and over as her affectionate passion had boiled over and her mind was blank, rewritte to obay her lovers command as she felt her cock still snugly inside of her, keeping all of the studs seed for herself as the feeling of fertility rushed all over Yjora making her glow with a motherly look, her body and mind nurturing her lover as Yjora snuggled with Less inside her. So I'm yours~ Play with me as you see fit dear, I'll do Anything you want me to. Yjora said tenderly as she bit her lip before kissing Less again, drunk on her hot cum as it churned and mixed inside of her
  80. [1:10 AM] Blarg: It would take Less quite some time to finally regain her breath, nuzzling her cheek against Yjora's in a rather affectionate manner meanwhile, panting soft breaths of hot air onto the woman's ear as a result while the Draenei's hips remained firmly planted against the woman's, ensuring each and every drop of the rich seed had made its way into the needy beauty's deepest depths and ensured that she had been bred. Less clearly wasn't ready for the sudden comment, a furious blush coming across the pale-blue beauty's cheeks as she cast a playful glare down at the woman beneath her as if upset that Yjora had managed to surprise her and actually coax another blush from the usually calm and collected Draenei. Less would embrace the kiss without a second thought, eyes becoming lidded as she enjoyed each and every second of the embrace, tongue assaulting and licking at her lover's again and again until the kiss was finally broken, allowing the blushing woman to finally speak up D-Damn cutie, getting me flustered... She'd groan out playfully before wiggling her hips, her still erect shaft rubbing against the woman's silky walls for a few moments But I accept, I'll happily use you again and again~. Don't be surprised if I just start groping you out of nowhere~... I rather like your breasts and your ass... so you'll end up groped a lot to be fair..
  82. [1:16 AM] Luuka: Yjora giggled playfully smiling at her tall lover. I can't wait, you feel great on me~ And don't be scared to use me whenever you feel hansom! I'll have you know that I give pretty good head, and this big, round squishy ads wasn't just for grabbing either Yjora said pushing herself against the pale-blue Draenei grinding her hips on her cock as she grinned at her lewdly as her hungry eyes narrowed at her soon planting a kiss on her cheek.
  84. [1:20 AM] Blarg: Mmm... I'll use you for snuggling and cuddling too, then~ She'd tease with a soft smile, leaning down just enough to nuzzle her cheek against the woman's some more, withdrawing soon after as she felt Yjora's hips grind against the still throbbing fuckmeat Mmmf... That's still sensitive, Dear~ She'd purr, chuckling gently as she felt a kiss planted on her cheek, quickly leaning down to return the favor while adding a slow lick soon after Try to be gentle, I don't exactly have all the endurance in the world right now~
  86. ((>//-//> Claiming is a cheap shot... that crap is hot -/./-' ))
  88. [1:25 AM] Luuka: Don't worry, I will~<3 Yjora said, the night going on as sweet pillow talk and flirty remarks exchange and the two slowly drift off to sleep cuddling close warm in each others embrace.
  90. ((It would seem I read your Christmas list >:3c!! >/////> and yeah that was intensely hot, got the vapers! Hehehe~))(edited)
  92. [1:26 AM] Blarg: ((>-> You're aware that I actually might randomly grope you now, right~ ehehehe c:< ))
  94. [1:28 AM] Luuka: (( May have secretly hoped for that <///< >///> ))
  96. [1:29 AM] Blarg: ((... >->' Cute ))
  98. [1:30 AM] Luuka: (( I'll accept being called cute. But only by you >//o//< hehe~))
  100. [1:33 AM] Blarg: (( Awww. If you keep blushing and acting all adorable then you'll never stopped being called a cutie~ ))
  102. [1:36 AM] Luuka: (( I-I'll try >u<!))
  104. [1:39 AM] Blarg: ((Anyways Hugs Imma go clean up and pass out ^-^'. Snugglefuck you later, Cutie~ ))
  106. [1:51 AM] Luuka: (( oh my~! Hehe ni ni and here's hoping! Hehe ^o^ hansom~))
  108. [1:28 PM] Blarg: ((Gropes randomly before going back to WoW Eheheheh ))
  110. [1:31 PM] Luuka: (( Leans into gropes wiggling happily Have fun~ Spanks her booty giving a flirty wink as she's off ))
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