DXN - Shurai - Part 1 (Intros)

Feb 19th, 2016
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  1. Trailer
  2. No matter what you do, days march on. With one evil put to rest, another rises. In the rapidly shifting shadow of City N, on hydra head splits open only to spit out two more, drooling with venom and hate. A hidden war, a grim reality, and a quiet night.
  6. Welcome back to Double Cross. This is the World of Traitors.
  8. [09:34] <Cherem> Saturday. Several days have passed since the last time Honda visited the Yuu household, and things have become... well, familiar, in a way. You're still getting used to sharing a room, Ai, as both you and Akane are sleeping in the same space.
  9. [09:34] <Cherem> At first the competition for the bed was fierce, but after one very loud scolding from your father for having a disagreement over it, you've been playing "look over there" JanKenPon to decide who gets the bed and who gets the futon. Michio's been locked in the guest room next to your fathers, but he's taken to living with others a lot faster.
  10. [09:35] <Cherem> It's morning, waking up with no school (the other two have been attending class and taking a new route home to avoid the UGN people looking for them) and no stress... until you hear glass breaking, and realize Akane's already up.
  11. [09:38] <Mr_Rage> "!" Ai jumps out of bed, wearing an oversized t-shirt, and jogs towards the noise!
  12. [09:39] <Cherem> It's down the stairs you go, feet thumping on the wood. You can hear your father stirring, but as you come around the corner...
  13. [09:39] <Cherem> ou find yourself face to face with Akane, who is carrying a broom, a dustpan, and a broken glass. The rate she's gone through them is kind of astonishing, but as your father puts it lightly, "The glassware we have wasn't really ready for two Overed cleaners."
  14. [09:39] <Cherem> "Did that wake you up." Akane mumbles a little. "I tried to clean what was left over from last night, and get started on..." She looks back at the kitchen, where you can see a breakfast mess forming.
  15. [09:43] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera's leftmost tail twitches, and she shakes her head. "Was already getting up." She stoops to help collect the bigger pieces, cradling them in hands that could deflect a knifeblade. "I'll help with the dishes."
  16. [09:44] * Darkling is now known as Cerys_Doyle
  17. [09:45] <Cherem> "Mm." Akane nods a little, still not quite familiar with the term "thank you" but not denying your help. A start. There's not much: Michio took care of most of them the night after, leaving the harder materials to soak in soap and water. Behind you, Akane gets to work on checking eggs for breakfast.
  18. [09:46] <Cherem> Up above, you can hear your father and Michio waking up, and a moment later Father appears, yawning, "Morning Ai, Akane."
  19. =
  20. [11:28] <Cherem> Ai, you find yourself at the table, helping to clena up after dinner. Your father asked some questions about how things have been at school recently, but really there hasn't been much, nothing that's caught your attention. However, what does catch your attention is the vibrating of your phone, and a sharp, urgent knock on the door.
  21. [11:31] <Mr_Rage> "Rrh--?" Ai fumbles between the two things vying for her attention, going for the phone on her way towards the front door.
  22. [11:32] <Cherem> On the phone, there's a message from Honda, asking you meet up with him at his office this afternoon. Something about Uncle or whatever.
  23. [11:32] <Cherem> Looking through the peephole, outside, there's a pair of figures, a man and a woman, dressed in dark grey suits with silvery lining, with a small pin on their lapels: A globe within a pair of simple hands. UGN agents.
  24. [11:34] <Mr_Rage> "Papa!" Ai calls back as loud as she dares, running back to the group. "UGN." The phone message gets forgotten for the moment; gotta get Akane and Michi (?) out of view.
  25. [11:35] <Cherem> Your Father is up in a flash, walking to the door. "Children, upstairs, no noise." Behind you, you can see Akane already halfway up the stairs, and Michio is hurrying to follow.
  26. [11:36] <Cherem> There's another knock, a solid, thick knock, like a an iron gauntlet against the door. Once the children are upstairs, your Father opens the door. "Ah. What a surprise."
  27. [11:36] <Mr_Rage> Ai huddles down close to the top of the stairs, ears pricked forward to eavesdrop.
  28. [11:37] <Cherem> "We need to speak to your daughter." "Funny, I wasn't aware you made house calls." "This is important. It's your safety at risk." "I'm sure we'll be fine. We've been fine." Your father and the man are talking, firing back and forth.
  29. [11:39] <Cherem> "Look." The woman finally speaks up after a minute of the two riposting back and forth. "We don't have time for this. I don't want to force you, and neither does Raiji." A low, drawl, filled with import. "It's about that Uncle character."
  30. [11:40] <Mr_Rage> A bit of relief, her tails laying flatter on the ground. If they weren't here looking for the kids (so they say), they probably won't be on-guard for them either.
  31. [11:41] <Cherem> "Besides. Call it a favor." She continues. Your Father is quiet for a moment, "Ai, come down here."
  32. [11:42] <Mr_Rage> Whoop--she retreats back out of view to glance at the other two, and then comes back around the corner. "Coming!"
  33. [11:43] <Cherem> You can get a good glimpse of the two agents as you round the corner: One has black hair with painfully obvious yellow roots, his eyes hidden behind his glasses. He's maybe twenty, not even. The other is a bit older, a woman wearing her suit open, with short, black hair and a very serious look on her face. As you round the corner, she raises her chin a little bit, "That's her?"
  34. [11:43] <Cherem> Father frowns a little, "Yes. This is my Daughter, Ai. I am going to be present for this questioning."
  35. [11:45] <Mr_Rage> Ai presents herself a little more strongly; not one to be messed with! "What's this about... Uncle?" Not like a child wouldn't be eavesdropping anyway.
  36. [11:46] <Cherem> The woman glances over, "See? Told ya she was a good kid." She turns her attention back to you, "We're just asking, when you confronted Uncle, did he say anything, mention any other people like him?"
  37. [11:49] <Mr_Rage> "Mn..." Ai puts her finger to her chin, seeming to think hard. Because she is thinking hard. Words are tricky when you're seeing red like that! "He said something about others; that it wouldn't be over with just him. He didn't get to talk much."
  38. [11:51] <Cherem> Raiji glances at his companion, "Sounds about right." He steps back. "We fear he's brought a friend of his, a False heart Agent he worked with before. We'll be looking for him. And, another thing: do you know what happened to the children Uncle was mentoring?"
  39. [11:53] <Mr_Rage> "He said they were dead," Ai doesn't technically lie, scratching her nose. "False Hearts..." She can't help a glance towards Papa, frowning deeply.
  40. [11:53] <Cherem> Father frowns a bit and takes a deep breath. "Alright. If anything comes up, we'll keep you posted."
  41. [11:54] <Cherem> Raiji looks like the words have been taken out of his mouth, and his companion laughs, "Looks like we're moving." She turns and heads towards the black sedan in front of your house. "Alright. You be careful, Ai."
  42. [11:54] <Cherem> As they walk, your phone buzzes again.
  43. [11:55] <Mr_Rage> A gentle nod, and a moment of hesitation before she checks her phone again, shaking the image of her tank out of her head.
  44. [11:56] <Cherem> Another message from Honda: they've been fired upon, and he's requesting you meet up with them. It's urgent, apparantly.
  45. [11:57] <Mr_Rage> "Ah--Papa, I have to go!" Already she's bounding out the door, making for her bicycle!
  46. [11:58] <Cherem> Your father doesn't even have time to react: you're off!
  49. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  52. [10:00] <Cherem> You're on the twelfth floor of an ofice building, sitting in wait in a lobby room. You've been here for a while, sitting and [10:00] <Cherem> waiting and reading over the many magazines in the lobby. Right beside you is the gaping plunge of the city, the only thing [10:00] <Cherem> guarding you being the thick, cleaned-to-perfection window.
  53. [10:00] <Cherem> Across from you, there's a receptionist sitting behind her desk, a little bit older than you, occasionally asking you if you want anything.
  54. [10:01] <Cherem> You can see cars buzzing by slowly, and the streets look pretty quiet, with the noon sun bearing down hard on anybody who steps out. The only thing out of place you've noticed is the thin black helicopter that occasionally passes by, a dark thing with tinted windows. Some kind of exercise, probably. Your personal phone buzzes, a forwarded text from Ginyomi, with "don't worry, Honda being a busybody" added on top of it.
  55. [10:01] <Cherem> The article you're reading it's particularly interesting, even if it is a little worrying, "Missing children from high school discovered, taken into police care. Details sparse, as children are in custody, marking another string of worrying incidents at City N Public Schools."
  56. [10:04] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu sips at some tea accepted from the receptionist. The helicopter gets a look every now and then, though the article gets the bulk of her attention. After a while she sighs and mutters to herself. "What a crapsack world."
  57. [10:06] <Cherem> "Mm?" The receptionist looks up a bit, "Is there something ma'am?" She glances at the paper you're reading and shudders, "Oh yes, that. I read that coming in, those poor children."
  58. [10:08] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah. At least they were found. Makes you wonder why they went missing in the first place." Miyu says with a sigh, briefly looking out the window again.
  59. [10:08] <Cherem> That's when you hear it. The windows are supposed to be thick enough to block any sound, but it sounds like it's above you.
  60. [10:08] <Cherem> One thick thunderclap, enough to make the receptionist look up, confused. And then another, a second one. Almost sounds like... gunfire.
  61. [10:09] <Shinjou_Miyu> "What the hell?!" And then Miyu is off the chair and away from the window.
  62. [10:10] <Cherem> You can see the helicopter's shadow pass over the window, and.... well, silence. The receptionist is at the phone, "Uh... security, is everything okay?" and her face pales a little. "Alright. Alright."
  63. [10:11] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu has now ducked behind the receptionist's desk, taking slow, deep breaths. "Is everything alright?"
  64. [10:13] <Cherem> "Yes, yes." Her voice is a little high pitched, "We've just... uhm, we're going to get you out of here." She knocks on the door your producer is behind a few rapid times, before stepping in. It's quiet, but you can see her computer at least.
  65. [10:13] <Cherem> There's an open social networking sight and some other company things, but there's also a line to the security room, where they're going through an active shooter drill.
  66. [10:14] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu keeps low as she steps into the other room. Her expression flattens a little as she straightens herself out once inside the producer's room.
  67. [10:16] <Cherem> Inside, your producer is on the phone. "We've got a car outside. We're going to take the stairs, and we'll be out of here soon. Don't worry." He puts his hand on your shoulder, "Deep breaths. It'll be alright."
  68. [10:17] <Shinjou_Miyu> Deep breaths. "Breathing deep. Lead on." Just not deep enough to breathe out chemical clouds of whatever, of course.
  69. [10:18] <Cherem> Your producer nods, and you make your way to the emercengcy stairs. Pushing open the door, there's no alarm set off: seems like somebody turned them off, without alerting the security personel.
  70. [10:19] <Cherem> About four flights of stairs down, you can see why: there's a security officer not moving, his throat swollen and black.
  71. [10:20] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu follows along, at least until she catches sight of the officer. And then... O.Oface!
  72. [10:21] <Cherem> "Alright. Don't look." Your producer steps forward, over him. He's probably old enough to remember Black Saturday, but he's sweating at least.
  73. [10:22] <Cherem> The path to the bottom is thankfully devoid of corpses, and you manage to get out, tasting sweet air and sunlight. In the distance, you can hear the whir of helicopter blades just barely fading out.
  74. [10:22] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Too late." Miyu mutters softly. She seems a little more on edge after leaving the building, though. So much more open space.
  75. [10:24] <Cherem> And your phone goes off several times. Two messages from Ginyomi, one from Honda.
  76. [10:25] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu takes a very quick look at the messages from Ginyomi first, looking over her shoulder all paranoid afterwards.
  77. [10:26] <Cherem> "Are you alright? I heard there was a shooting in downtown." followed by "One of our members is nearby, catch a ride with her, meet with Honda."
  79. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  81. [10:28] <Cherem> How'd you get wrapped up in this... It's supposed to a half-day for you, you shouldn't be here. "Please, I'll really, really owe you one!" Miyuki clapped her hands together and bowed as deeply as possible when she asked you, and unfortunetly, all you could do was accept.
  82. [10:28] <Cherem> "There's a high-profile developer coming to City N, and we're on part of the security detail. I know you just timed out, but could you, I don't know, keep an extra eye out?" She asked with sickening saccarine.
  83. [10:28] <Cherem> So here you are, riding in your car several lights behind the small caravan, consisting of a small sedan for the VIP, and a black humvee. Seems a little over-the-top for some glorified pocketbook, but you can at least listen to your music while doing it.
  84. [10:28] <Cherem> Buildings and small skyscrapers pass you by, casting very little shadow as the sun rests in the middle of the sky. far above, a helicopter is cruising in the sky, circling for a while. Must be part of the caravan. Your phone buzzes once for a text message, but a quick glance shows you it's not marked urgent.
  85. [10:30] <Kisami_Mako> There's a bored look on her face, as she repeats Miyuki's words, mimicking her tone. "I'll really owe you one!" And then comes a sigh. She's too sweet to the girl, she had all the rights to say no. She was used to these kind of convoys, but this seemed to be...excessive. Something just wasn't right.
  86. [10:32] <Cherem> As you drive, there's a glint for a moment. Weird, at the top of a building you're coming up on, there's a little cheeky wink of sunlight.
  87. [10:32] <Cherem> You pass through a green light, the rear humvee in the middle of your windshield and shrinking slightly. But as some idiot merges in front of you without a turn signal, you hear the sharp crack of a gunshot over your engine.
  88. [10:33] <Cherem> The winking light vanishes. Your car is fine.
  89. [10:33] <Cherem> It's loud, louder than any gun you've heard in a while, with a noise closer to a small thunder rumble than the crack of a pistol. You look up at the caravan, but seems like they're still moving. And then it comes again.
  90. [10:35] <Kisami_Mako> She immediatly reaches for her weapon and tries to find a target. "The heck was that? Where did that come from?" She scans her surroundings, trying to find a hostile target.
  91. [10:35] <Cherem> There's a crackle for your radio, "Hey, Makocchi, you hear that?" Miyuki's voice comes over the radio.
  92. [10:36] <Cherem> There's... well, some people looked up, but, nothing seems to have happened. The sky isn't falling, but it sounds like it was just a really, really loud noise. Two of them. Two identical loud noises, a re-focusing and re-aiming apart.
  93. [10:36] <Kisami_Mako> She calls the radio back. "Yeah, that was like a bolt of thunder! Where did that come from? I think I've seen a glint on top of one of the buildings we've just passed!"
  94. [10:38] <Cherem> "There's not a cloud in the sky though. Alright. You're not on the clock, but it's your call. I'm gonna report shots fired and get this guy home."
  95. [10:39] <Cherem> As she talks, your phone starts to buzz. Another text message.
  96. [10:40] <Kisami_Mako> She checks her phone, finally, a frustrated sigh escaping her.
  97. [10:41] <Cherem> "Honda. Just took fire, moving debriefing to an apartment instead of my office. My boss has a friend in a nearby building, pick her up and bring her please."
  98. [10:42] <Kisami_Mako> "Oh, great. This has been such a great day so far, too." A sarcastic smile on her face, as she prepares herself for the drive.
  99. [10:44] <Cherem> It's not actually that much of a drive. The building with a flashing light beckons to you, but as you put up, you can see the helicopter sinking over it. In fact, you recognize the contact, the idol Shinjou Miyu.
  100. [10:44] <Cherem> She's with a man in a suit, old enough to be her father, probably a manager or something.
  101. [10:46] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu looks terribly frayed, but she gives a quick nod of acknowledgment.
  102. [10:47] <Kisami_Mako> She's quick to open the door for them, her weapon still on her lap. There's a surprised look on her face, one that seems to ask 'just what is going on, anyway?' as she motions them to come in. "I'm your escort, apparently."
  103. [10:48] <Cherem> "The agency was quick," the man comments, "I'll meet up with you, I need to see the other client out."
  104. [10:49] <Kisami_Mako> Agency? She was driving a JSDF vehicle! Sure, it was unmarked, but something was odd. Considering Honda is the one that contacted her, though, she won't question it for now. This is now Tindalos business, apparently.
  105. [10:50] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu heads on inside very quickly. "Thanks for coming on what I assume was short notice." She takes a few deep breaths.
  106. [10:51] <Cherem> The man closes the door, turning back to the other people waiting outside the building.
  107. [10:53] <Kisami_Mako> With that, she drives off, giving her a warm smile. "You look like you've just seen a ghost or something, anything the matter?" She's speeding way above the limit, and caring little about street signs or lights.
  108. [10:56] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Weird stuff. A black helicopter, then it sounded like gunshots going off. After that they had me evacuate."
  109. [10:59] <Kisami_Mako> "Mmh." There's a suspicious look on her face for a moment, but she had a clue as to who could help with details. She starts dialing for the 'Operator' on her way to the apartment.
  111. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  113. [11:03] <Cherem> Honda does this far too often, you've come to the conclusion. You both, rather, Doyle and Goemon, having arrived at almost the same time to meet with Honda. "Ah, were both on you on today?" He looked through his calender, consulted his notebook, double-took a bit, and laughed nervously. "Oh. Ah, I see you were. Uh... Well, today is kind of a boring day, I was going to swing by Yuu's house and see the situation there, and finally get this done."
  114. [11:04] <Cherem> He goes to his desk and grabs a manilla folder, passing it over to you. Inside is... a painfully nicely put together dossier about Uncle, the events that happened last week, who was involved, the information gathered, everything. "Debriefing. I put a lot of work into making it look nice, so if we ever need to look back at it we have something to go by."
  115. [11:06] * Cerys_Doyle flips through the dossier, scanning it, before handing it over to Goemon.
  116. [11:07] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon quickly flips through it before handing it back over.
  117. [11:09] <Cherem> Honda takes it and looks over it himself, "I guess I have to keep up my appearance as an office worker somehow, right?" He laughs a little, "So we'll go check on the two kids. I haven't heard anything bad about them lately, so, good to know. That, or the father is dodging my calls."
  118. [11:10] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Sounds good." Goemon says with a simple nod.
  119. [11:10] <Cerys_Doyle> "Who'd ever avoid ye boss?"
  120. [11:11] <Cherem> "Right? I'm just checking up on them." Honda grumbles a little, "We'll stop by a market or something and pick up some candy or treats. Can't visit empty handed, and I don't think he'd appreciate a dossier." He goes out, stretching, "It's far too hot today."
  121. [11:13] <Cerys_Doyle> "I know o' a place we can stop on the way." She pulls the carkeys from her pocket. "Shall we get going then?"
  122. [11:13] <Cherem> "Of course." Honda climbs into the car.
  123. [11:14] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Ok." Goemon gets into the back.
  124. [11:14] <Cherem> As you drive, Honda fires off a text, and you both get the same text: seems he's sending it out to everybody at once. No personal touch required. The market you stop at isn't too far from Yuu's house, and as a stop-over goes it doesn't take that long. Honda emerges from the candy aisle with some sweets, stopping outside at a soda machine to pop in a few coins. He looks over his shoulder and steps towards you, "Hey, you guys want anything?"
  125. [11:15] <Cherem> The soda machine's top half explodes. The wall and floor behind it crumbles and crunches inwards, with an impact crater about two feet wide. Honda drops the candy, falling one one knee, his khaki pants staining black as his white shirt arm blossoms with red.
  126. [11:16] <Cherem> In the distance, there's the soft roll of thunder on a cloudless day.
  127. [11:16] <Goemon_Hozuki> "SHIT." Goemon rushes over to drag honda to cover.
  128. [11:17] <Cerys_Doyle> "What the shite?!" With Goemon on Honda she looks around to see what the hell just happened.
  129. [11:19] <Cherem> Goemon, you grab him and pull him, and Doyle, you can see a little flash, like if somebody lit a match a mile away in the middle of the night, and a second later, the ground Goemon and Honda were standing on a second ago vaporizes, kicking up into dust, smoke, and concrete.
  130. [11:19] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Damnit."
  131. [11:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "Keep moving, I doubt that's the last of whatever the hells that is!"
  132. [11:20] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon picks up honda and keeps moving.
  133. [11:20] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Got it."
  134. [11:20] <Cherem> "Please do... Don't forget the candy." Honda grunts a little, kind of stumbling until he's picked up.
  135. [11:21] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon quickly grabs some of the candy before running off.
  136. [11:22] <Cherem> The smoke starts to settle, but your car doesn't explode. It just might be over.
  137. [11:22] <Cherem> Honda goes for his phone, "Doyle, you know anybody nearby where we can take cover for a bit? Your friend is around here, right?"
  138. [11:23] * Cerys_Doyle keeps an eye on the spot she saw the light as she walks back towards Honda and Goemon. "She doesn't take visitors." Despite that, she's already dialing.
  141. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  144. [11:59] <Cherem> This is the perfect example why companies should keep their games locked from foreigners. You watch in frustration as the item economy of the latest MMO collapses into the ground, and with it, at least three hours of hard macroing and alt-tabbing your way to the top of the item market. Reiko, it's another saturday for you as you minimize the game while general chat lights up with complaints, switching to a news feed.
  145. [11:59] <Cherem> "Famous developer visits City N" "Meeting with City Council" "Missing children discovered"... everyday stuff. Your phone buzzes, and the app on your computer flashes, unpacking the text and examining it for anything before flashing it in the corner of your middle screen.
  146. [11:59] <Cherem> "Hello everybody, Honda here. Was wondering if people are alright with meeting up today and going over the situation from last week. Also discuss what might be coming up next. My office is at.." followed by an address.
  147. [12:03] <Otomo_Reiko> Haha, yeah right Honda. Leave her apartment. Good one. She decided to flop back onto her futon, hands behind her head as one foot expertly used her mouse to close several open tabs.
  148. [12:03] <Cherem> The chat in your game is still going crazy, and you scan over the item offers and rapid, high-school tier understanding of economics. You type up a brief response to an accusation that your corner on a rare item is responsible for artificial inflation, and as you're about to hit SEND another flurry of texts hits.
  149. [12:04] <Cherem> "Shots fired. Took a hit." "We're close." "Does your landlord have a spare room."
  150. [12:06] <Otomo_Reiko> "How am I supposed to know?" Geez. She offers a more polite response of course, even as shes starting to search for information of any shootings.
  151. [12:07] <Cherem> The police scanner is lighting up a bit: two shots fired, one body. Nothing much. Seems like it was just your guy.
  152. [12:09] <Cherem> There is an empty apartment though: right next to yours even. The neighbor there left a few months ago, and nobody's come in yet.
  155. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  158. [12:10] <Cherem> The drive to the apartment is hectic, but the landlady is nowhere to be found. On being told there was an empty apartment, Doyle and Goemon, you took Honda to lay down on a dust-sheet-covered couch, where he's forcing his body to regenerate slowly.
  159. [12:10] <Cherem> It was kind of a pain in the ass to get him up the stairs, but he's able to move his leg without it spurting more blood.
  160. [12:11] <Cherem> "Jesus, what the hell was that even," He grumbles. You can hear all of this, Reiko.
  161. [12:12] <Cerys_Doyle> "Some sort o' artillery or someting?" She makes a round, checking all the windows and exits out of the apartment.
  162. [12:12] <Cherem> There's one window that opens out to the street, but it's a two story drop. And a balcony, but the sheets have already been pulled over it.
  163. [12:13] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Was it an overed that shot at us?"
  164. [12:13] <Cherem> "Shinjou and Kisami are on the way." Honda has his pants pulled down, trying to pull out a shrapnel, "I think so. I didn't even see where the shot came from."
  165. [12:14] <Cerys_Doyle> "I saw something, far off though. Light o' some sort."
  166. [12:14] <Cherem> "Light? Like... well, I just wonder how you could see it during the day." He grunts, a fresh bit of blood splattering the couch, dropping a long, metal shard onto the floor.
  167. [12:15] <Cherem> Outside, you can hear a bike screeching to a halt.
  168. [12:16] * Cerys_Doyle peeks down out the window. "Stay by the door." She says to Goemon."
  169. [12:16] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon moves to the door.
  170. [12:17] <Cherem> "What? Something?" Honda steps up, and crumbles cursing his leg. You can see the skin knitting closed, but it's taking an awfully long time.
  171. [12:17] <Mr_Rage> "Haa... haa..." Ai sizes up the building itself--wait where are we supposed to meet? Her nose twitches, ears forward.
  172. [12:19] <Cherem> Honda stumbles to the window and peeks out, "Oh, it's Yuu. ONe of you, get her in here. And Doyle, is your friend awake even?"
  173. [12:19] <Otomo_Reiko> "Hard not to be with all the noise," the hikikomori complains through the thin wall.
  174. [12:19] <Mr_Rage> Oh! There's mister Honda. Ai scrambles her way up like the freakish little mutant she is, making a straight course for the window.
  175. [12:20] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Alright i'll go get her." Goemon goes out through the door to go get ai.
  176. [12:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "No need."
  177. [12:20] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Ah." Goemon stops in the hall.
  178. [12:20] <Cerys_Doyle> "Nice of you to join us love." She directs at the wall.
  179. [12:20] <Cherem> "Ah!" Honda looks back, "she can do that? She just did that." He makes sure to open the window.
  180. [12:21] <Otomo_Reiko> "As for Cerys-san's observation and what I can see of the scene, you're looking at either one or two Overed."
  181. [12:22] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon goes back inside and closes the door again.
  182. [12:22] <Mr_Rage> Hup! "--drone?" Ai remarks on hearing the same voice as was on the cellphone earlier. Damn ears.
  183. [12:23] <Cherem> The final members arrive as your car pulls in, Mako, Miyu. And it's up the stairs to the abandoned apartment, and the others.
  184. [12:23] <Otomo_Reiko> "Between range and damage you're dealing with the Angel Halo syndrome and maybe Black Dog," she continues to drone on through the wall.
  185. [12:25] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu squints at the sight, not exactly inspired. "Great. I guess this is the place?"
  186. [12:27] <Cherem> Honda peeks out the door, waving. "Hey, up here. I was gonna do a debriefing, but, this seems serious.
  187. [12:28] <Cerys_Doyle> "Ye really should be sittin and not poking yer head out to get shot at again." She scolds.
  188. [12:28] <Shinjou_Miyu> That's enough for Miyu to get moving. Out of the car and off to the door she goes.
  189. [12:28] <Cherem> "But then it'd be easy money, right?" Honda grins a little.
  190. [12:30] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Be a bit more careful."
  191. [12:30] <Cerys_Doyle> "Anything else ye can tell us love?" She's speaking to the wall again.
  192. [12:31] <Cherem> Honda grumbles something about, "What are you, my parents." He closes the door after the others get in. "Alright. Yes. The shooting."
  193. [12:32] <Mr_Rage> Ai blinks, trying to drink this all in at once. Being pinned down by enemy fire was a new experience.
  194. [12:33] <Otomo_Reiko> "Nothing just yet."
  195. [12:34] <Cherem> "Shinjou, Kisami... Actually, Shinjou, what happened?" He frowns a bit, "I passed the message to Ginyomi but I mean, you look a bit shaken up. Did you know about any of this?"
  196. [12:36] <Shinjou_Miyu> "I got the message. There was just a weird incident at the building. The room I was in is usually soundproofed pretty well, but we heard a loud noise, then gunshots, and then they evacuated me. Saw one of the security guards and his neck was messed up."
  197. [12:38] <Cherem> "... Huh. How many shots? Two?" Honda frowns, "You know, that seems like an awful lot of effort."
  198. [12:39] <Otomo_Reiko> "Guess you didn't win many fans killing that Uncle guy."
  199. [12:40] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Yeah, maybe. I'm not sure what it was all about. We left really quick after the initial noise."
  200. [12:40] <Cherem> "You could be in danger then. People who worked with me. Maybe Akane and Michio." Honda frowns, "Do we have any leads?"
  201. [12:41] <Cherem> - Speaking of leads, while you're talking, Operator is looking into that event: parsing through several office buildings' security footage, there's a moment where he can get a sort of glimpse of the top of the building.
  202. [12:43] <Mr_Rage> "!"
  203. [12:43] <Cherem> - The Camera was turning, but it was long enough to see at least five men, two armed with rifles, one on a radio, and another with a giant rifle, at least as long as a human. And beside them, a spotter, laying down and just... looking.
  204. [12:44] <Otomo_Reiko> "Looking like a professional job."
  205. [12:46] <Cherem> "Professionals then." Honda rubs his chin. "We can start with that, then. Anything about how they look?"
  206. [12:47] <Cherem> - They look like they get off on looking like black ops agents from a movie. Black uniforms, radios, no words or slogans on them. However, they do all bear a patch on their left arm, like a stormcloud with a lightning bolt stabbing down.
  207. [12:49] <Otomo_Reiko> "PMC maybe. There are a lot that don't register with governments so it may take some time to-- ah. Toilet, toilet." You can hear the hacker get up and head to another room of the apartment.
  208. [12:49] <Cherem> Honda listens, and glances at the others. "Alright. Anything else suspicious about it?"
  209. [12:53] <Otomo_Reiko> "Right, back." The faint sound of the keyboard being lightly abused returns as well.
  210. [12:55] <Otomo_Reiko> "Got quiet over there, did someone die?"
  211. [12:55] <Goemon_Hozuki> "No."
  212. [12:55] <Mr_Rage> "Fine! Just... erm..." Ai rubs her shoulder, glancing at the door. Normally she'd be fighting the enemy by now...
  213. [12:56] <Otomo_Reiko> "Could've fooled me. Haaah. What is this blue pny and why does it keep popping up? Damn gaijin."
  214. [12:56] <Cherem> "Not yet." Honda rubs his leg. "We'll start by investigating these people. Figure out who they are, and work from there."
  215. [12:56] <Otomo_Reiko> pony*
  218. [00:00] <Cherem> ======
  221. [13:00] <Cherem> - Ai, you recall that the insignia. It's kind of like a bad dream, but it's something that your father once explained as "If you see this sign, tell me, and stay away. They're bad people. Very bad people."
  222. [13:01] <Cherem> - Operator, you managed to pull up information about the insignia, specifically, a name. "Thunder Unit". A group of False Heart mercenaries that used to operate in western China and the middle east.
  223. [13:02] <Cherem> You're also able to pull up that the UGN is worried several members of theirs have entered Japan: they have a reputation of using children.
  224. [13:08] <Cherem> - And you have a location now: in City N's industrial district, there's been rumors of vans, cars, moving in and out a lot more often then normal. Jackbooted thugs, armed to the teeth.
  225. [13:09] <Cherem> "We could investigate that," Honda comments when he hears about it. "Sounds look a good place to start."
  226. [13:09] <Otomo_Reiko> "Listen. I have a request, in return for all of my hard work on your behalf." The entire time you can hear her keyboard going.
  227. [13:10] <Mr_Rage> "--ah?"
  228. [13:10] <Otomo_Reiko> "I want Shinjou-san to sign a CD cover."
  229. [13:13] <Cherem> - They're made up of several small sub-units, but the one that has gained notoriety is the one lead by a man his enemies called a cyborg, a sniper with an ungodly good shot. The others usually perform fire support and lure opponents into spots where their leader can take shots.
  230. [13:14] <Cherem> "We should check that place out. I know this wasn't supposed to be like this, just some quiet talk about what happened, but, I need your help. I can't dodge a bullet like that again."
  231. [13:19] <Cerys_Doyle> "BEst to take care o' this sort o' thing right away."
  232. [13:19] <Cherem> And it's into the car you go. Way too cramped. Honda should invest in something better.
  233. [13:20] <Mr_Rage> Ai wriggles, eventually settling in someone's lap.
  234. [13:20] <Cerys_Doyle> At least Cerys is spared that fate, being the driver an all.
  235. [13:21] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemone does his best to give the others some room.
  236. [13:21] <Cherem> Smoke is the best impression you get of this place. It's the middle of the day and people are on lunch, but this place is just unbearable. It's hot, and it feels like you could get jumped by goons any moment as you get closer to the last sighting of these goons.
  237. [13:23] <Cherem> And you can see one of the vans. There's a pair of men standing guard over it, crossed arms, pistols in their holsters.
  238. [13:23] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera pants heavily, fanning herself fruitlessly with two tails.
  239. [13:23] <Shinjou_Miyu> "It's like a jungle." Miyu mutters.
  240. [13:25] <Cherem> "Urban jungle comes to mind. I just hope they don't process people." Honda comments. "There's two of those guys now. They have the insignia. We could jump them."
  241. [13:25] * Cerys_Doyle loosens her tie a bit, but otherwise doesn't complain out loud.
  242. [13:26] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon shrugs a bit not minding the heat.
  243. [13:26] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Up to you."
  244. [13:27] <Cherem> "Well, I have a gun. Shooting to wound is harder than you'd think. And if we kill them, well, there's a lead."
  245. [13:29] * Cerys_Doyle looks to the others, drawing a gun out of her jacket. "Any other plan?"
  246. [13:30] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Maybe they've got cell phones or something we can get info off of if that happens. Only alternative I can put on the table is watch them until they go somewhere."
  247. [13:30] <Mr_Rage> "Rrh." Doesn't sound like it.
  248. [13:31] <Cherem> "The Cell phones might work." Honda draws his gun.
  249. [13:31] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon's hand's ignite "I got no other ideas."
  250. [13:32] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Hate doing this in daylight but let's hope for the best."
  251. [13:40] <Otomo_Reiko> "So here's my advice..."
  252. [13:46] * Cerys_Doyle lines up a shot, and blinks at the wrong second as a bead of sweat rolls down and into her eye, her aim just off the slightest bit and the bullet skims the front of the guys face taking off his nose.
  253. [13:55] <Mr_Rage> Ai bursts from the car just a moment or two before she transforms, transitioning from an upright human to a loping, agile figure as she closes in on the goons with terrifying speed!
  254. [13:56] <Shinjou_Miyu> Miyu breathes out a barely there cloud of dust in the direction of the guy who still has his nose. It whispers "Die" repeatedly.
  255. [13:57] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon gets out the car his arms and legs on fire and charges towards the 2 men.
  256. [13:58] <Cherem> The first man drops, holding his nose in horror and shock, trying to burble out words.
  257. [13:59] <Cherem> The second goes for his gun, but gets choked up, coughing and hacking. Neither of them are ready for the two overed right in their faces.
  258. [14:05] <Otomo_Reiko> "So lets try something different this time..."
  259. [14:06] * Cerys_Doyle lines up another shot. This time no distractions, and as her two team mates charge up, her targets head showers the other goon with blood.
  260. [14:07] <Cherem> If he could scream, he'd let out a noise. But the other guy is a little busy...
  261. [14:13] <Mr_Rage> Doing her best not to actually kill him, the transformed Ai tackles the man to the ground, claws sinking into his arms and teeth snapping at his face!
  262. [14:14] <Cherem> He goes down, kicking and trying to grab something on his belt, yelling and cursing the whole time. Today is not his lucky day.
  263. [14:18] <Cherem> He does grab for his vest, and you can see him pull a tab. A loud, shrill noise goes out, like a dog whistle for people. In the same motion, he pulls his gun from his holster.
  264. [14:18] <Shinjou_Miyu_> "My advice is to aim below the belt if he doesn't have the good sense to surrender."
  265. [14:28] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon punches the second guy solidly in the head.
  266. [14:29] <Cherem> Honda, this whole time, has been fiddling with his safety, and looks up to see you've finished. "Okay. Okay. Holy shit. You knocked him out?" The high-pitched alarm noise is still going off.
  267. [14:29] <Mr_Rage> "Yus!" Ai happily reports after checking the man's pulse.
  268. [14:30] <Goemon_Hozuki> "Yup."
  269. [14:31] <Cherem> "Alright. We'll figure something out. Into the car with him. Operator, do you know anybody who could help us find a place to keep him."
  270. [14:31] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon picks him up and makes way to the car.
  271. [14:31] <Cherem> While he says this, he opens the door for the car.
  272. [14:31] <Otomo_Reiko> "I know someone that owes me a favor."
  273. [14:32] <Shinjou_Miyu> In she goes!
  274. [14:32] <Cherem> "Then I really will owe you one." Honda gets into the car. "Let's get out of here, before any of them show up." You can actually hear the sounds of people shouting.
  275. [14:32] <Shinjou_Miyu> "Speaking of that, how are we going to arrange the autographing?"
  276. [14:32] <Mr_Rage> Hup!
  277. [14:33] <Goemon_Hozuki> Goemon stuffs the unconcious man into the car and gets in after him.
  278. [14:33] <Otomo_Reiko> "I can slip the case out of the door's mail slot."
  279. [14:35] <Cherem> The car screetches to life, burning rubber and leaving behind a trail as it roars off.
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