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My Best Friend Jessica [part 1]

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Dec 27th, 2013
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  1. ------------------My Best Friend Jessica [part 1]------------------
  2. -----------------------by Threepwood for FSA-----------------------
  3. [ageplay] [foot fetish] [daddy]
  6. Hey daddy! Guess what! Mommy promised Jessica, my best friend from class, that she could spend the night tonight, she's almost here.
  8. --pause--
  10. I know you're busy but we're mature for our age, we can watch ourselves. Plus, you talked about wanting me to invite a friend over to play our secret game. I asked Jessica if she would and she said she plays games with her daddy all the time!
  12. --giggle--
  13. [knocks on door]
  15. Oh, she's here! Daddy, you should wait in the bedroom, I'll get her and we can play right now!
  17. --pause--
  19. Okay, daddy here she is! Do you think Jessica's pretty? She's small like me and has blonde hair just like you asked. Can we play now? [begging] Please daddy, I promised her you would play with us. She said she loves daddy cocks and wants to show me something new.
  21. --giggles--
  23. Yay! Okay daddy. Lie down on the bed. Jessica told me about something called a 'foot'...'job' and she said her daddy loves it. We're going to give you a foot job together!
  25. --pause--
  27. Oooh daddy, your cock feels so hard tonight! I can barely wrap my little girl feet around it. Oooh, Jessica, I have an idea. How about you lick the tip while I hold the cock with my toes. [slight moaning] Does that feel good daddy? Your baby sluts toes wrapped around your cock while her cute little friend licks the pre-cum from the the tip.
  29. Jessica says the arches of my feet make a foot pussy and daddy's love to fuck their little girl's foot pussies. Do you like my foot pussy, daddy? Is it tight like my cunt is when you fuck me at night? [moaning] It feels good daddy, I want to make you cum with my foot pussy. Jessica, let's make daddy cum with our little girl feet. Oh daddy likes that, two sexy little girls fucking his huge cock with our baby slut foot pussies. Squeezing it tighter than even our tiny cunts could.
  30. [moaning and improv teasing]
  32. Oh come on daddy, cum on our toes. Cum on your princesses toes. I want to feel it pour over our feet. I want to feel your cock throb while it squirts cum over our toes just like it does when you cum down my throat. Ooh daddy's getting close. I can feel it. Come on Jessica, we have to try harder. I'll squeeze my foot pussy even tighter, play with the tip with your toes while I pull the cum from his cock. [moans] Oh wow daddy, this is the dirtiest thing i've ever seen! Two tiny slutty girls milking daddy's cock....Stroking the shaft with my foot pussy while Jessica uses her baby toes to rub the tip. [begging] Oh yes, I'm your baby slut daddy, i'm your tiny fuck princess. Give your foot slut what she wants. Cum for your little girls, cum all over us. We're your baby girls now, both of us. You own us, you own these feet, these cunts, these 9 year old bodies! Cover us with cum, cum daddy! Cum on my baby feet! YES, OH YES DADDY THAT FEELS SOOO GOOD. It's so warm and sticky!
  34. [giggles]
  36. Oh daddy, I hope that felt as good for you as it did for us. I hope Jessica can play with us every weekend. Maybe next time you can fuck her while I watch. Thats sounds like fun, right!
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