After School Stress Relief

Nov 12th, 2018
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >It was another wonderful day as a house husband
  3. >You had spent most of it cleaning the house
  4. >As much as you loved your two wives, it shocked you just how much of a mess two grown women could make
  5. >Especially with their clothes
  6. >If it weren't for your tireless efforts, their clothing would be covered in stains of all colors, shapes, and sizes
  7. >Some of the stuff on their clothing you couldn't even identify, and others you didn't want to know how they got there
  8. >The two were principals for goodness sakes, where would they even be to getting oil and car grease all over themselves?
  9. >And you weren't even gonna get into what they did to your nice, new carpet
  10. >If you didn't know any better, you'd have said that Luna stomped cheetos into it when she knew you weren't looking, and Celestia seemed to have the bad habit of spilling her drinks
  11. >The two tried their best to clean up their messes--usually after a healthy amount of cursing--but that always ended up making things worse
  12. >You nearly had a heart attack when you saw Celestia dumping pure bleach onto the carpet when she spilled a little wine
  13. >It wasn't easy work, but you actually did enjoy it
  14. >You were also pretty darn good at it
  15. >What would have taken thirty girls two days to do you did by three o'clock
  16. >Your home was spotless--except for that mess in the bathroom that Luna had "promised" to get finished three months ago. Honestly, you don't know why you let her talk you into putting tiles on your floor. You knew she'd ever get it done-- from the basement to your bedroom to the attic
  17. >But there was no rest of a good husband
  18. >It was Friday
  19. >Friday was usually a bad day at the school
  20. >Something usually happened without fail, be it girls getting into fights or daemons trying to destroy the world
  22. >Today it was probably especially bad since it was that time of the month again
  23. >The school board was convening
  24. >For three hours after school twenty people--mostly bored husbands of the wealthier families in town-- were going to be yelling at your two wives about meaningless things that they honestly had no control over
  25. >Your Celestia usually fared well at these meetings
  26. >She had a knack of letting her eyes glaze over and make noises while she was yelled at
  27. >She had even told you once that she had become so good at it that she wouldn't be able to recall a single thing that was said
  28. >Luna on the other hand, didn't do well at these kind of things
  29. >Your wife, bless her heart, took great pride in her work
  30. >She did all that she could to make her school a great, safe learning environment for all of her students
  31. >She took such pride in her work that she didn't care much for most of the criticisms that were thrown at her
  32. >And by didn't care much you meant that she'd argue and yell until her sister made her leave early to go home before she killed someone
  33. >You totally understood why the two hated the school board so much
  34. >After talking to some of the members you had been ready to launch yourself out of the second story window
  35. >It was on days like these you made sure to go a little above and beyond for dinner and make something that would cheer your girls up
  36. >Luna loved when you made pork chops with homemade breading so you had decided to make that with homemade mashed potatoes and a little cake for Celestia
  37. >No gravy though, and no dumping icing on the cake
  38. >No matter what your wives said about their high blood pressure you were at least making an effort to get them to eat better
  39. >The doctor was especially insistent that Celestia lose some weight
  40. >That little gut she was getting--which had everything to do with your cooking--might have been fun to tease her about, you did want her to live past fifty thank you very much
  42. >You were in your kitchen, humming a little tune to yourself as you put the finishing touches on dinner and just kind of cleaning up, wearing the apron that Luna had gotten you for your birthday awhile back
  43. "Riding down the street in my six-four, something, something, something, good in the hood..."
  44. >Your front door was thrown open, slamming against the little protector that you had Celestia--who FINISHED her home projects--put in, making a thunderous bang
  45. >That bang was followed by a half groan, half scream of frustration
  46. >Cleaning your cake bowl, you looked up at the clock
  47. >Huh, Luna got kicked out earlier than usual
  48. >The meeting must have been particularly bad
  49. >Drying your bowl with a rag, you put it on the dry rack
  50. >You could hear Luna kicking her shoes off from across the house
  51. >She was mumbling angrily to herself as she slammed your door behind her
  52. "Bad day?" you called
  53. >Luna snorted
  54. >"Bad day? I've had bad days. That was..."
  55. >You heard her throw open your jacket closet, toss her coat into it, and slam it shut, all the while quietly cursing
  56. >"First I had to spend half the day explaining to a group of angry parents why their sons couldn't wear their tight pants while on school property, then the superintendent comes into my office, angry that the supplier we get the school's food from it trying to raise their prices, AND THEN, AFTER ALL OF THAT, THAT DAMN SCHOOL BOARD!"
  57. >She stomps through your house
  58. >You look over your shoulder just as she steps into the kitchen
  59. >She was a far cry from the neat professional that had left this morning
  60. >Her hair was messy and all over the place, like she had been pulling at it all day
  61. >Her eyes were half-lidded, and her eyeliner was smeared
  62. >The top two buttons of were blouse were undone, and she was gritting her teeth
  63. >Her fists were clenched and you could see that her whole body was as tense as a rock
  64. >You undid the knot of your apron, pulling it over your head and putting it through the handle on your oven
  66. "Please don't put a hole through my walls. You know Celestia doesn't like it when you do that."
  67. > "One of those damned husbands had the GALL to accuse me of hitting on his son," Luna snarled, ignoring you. "As if I'd even give the fat little stuck up prince a second look! That's why we've have to put cameras in all of the offices and classrooms, to protect ourselves from nonsense like that!"
  68. >You frowned, wiping the water from your hands with your pants
  69. >"All my staff want to do is teach, to make sure these kids leave the school with the ability to become well-rounded adults, but everywhere we turn there's someone stopping us! The kids won't stop looking at their phones, the boys walk around like sex workers and everyone thinks it's fine. Someone had even came in demanding that we put in a trans bathroom. A TRANS BATHROOM! These children aren't even old enough to drink and they're trying to make decisions like what gender they are! And what's worse the parents are letting them do it!"
  70. >Luna was, by thing point, pacing your kitchen, gesturing as she spoke
  71. >You watched her for a few moments, letting out a sigh
  72. >You walked over toward her as she growled, wrapping her hands around an imaginary throat right in front of her
  73. >"Half of what I do now is keeping angry parents from trying to sue us, and goddess forbids if any teacher says anything that they're not supposed to. It's ridiculous! If I were some of these kids' mother I'd take a belt to them until they learned proper respect! Oh, and I'd ENJOY it too..."
  74. >She spun around on her heels, intent on pacing toward the other side of the room
  75. >You were right there however, wrapping your arms around her as she collided with you
  76. >You braced yourself to keep her from knocking you over, and your arms wrapped around her to keep your silly wife from spinning out of your grip
  77. >Luna made a startled sound, twitching in your arms
  79. >Reflexively, she tried to take a step back, her brow still furrowed in anger
  80. >You were able to hold on though, placing your face in the crook of her neck
  81. >Luna struggled for a few seconds before letting out a sigh
  82. >The tension left her body as she returned the hug
  83. >"...I'm sorry, honey," she said. "It was a very long day."
  84. "I'm sure it was," you replied, rubbing the small of her back
  85. >"I shouldn't have barged in and blown up on you. I apologize."
  86. "It's what I'm here for."
  87. >Luna's grip around you tightened
  88. >She closed her eyes, resting her chin on your shoulder
  89. >"It's been a long week actually," she said. "I really need to unwind."
  90. >You broke your hug, grabbing your wife and holding her at arm's length
  91. "Well, you got the next two days to relax," you said with a smile. "I have your favorite for dinner just about ready. It should be done in just a few--"
  92. >Eyes still closed, Luna sunk to her knees
  93. >She undid the knot holding your pajamas up
  94. >You watched as she yanked your pants down with a single tug
  95. >Your underwear was next, getting pulled down past your knees
  96. "Honey? What on earth are you doing?"
  97. >Luna finally opened up her eyes
  98. >"I'm unwinding," she said, giving you a smile
  99. >Leaning forward, she engulfed your soft sock into her mouth and began sucking
  100. >You twitched, eyes widening
  101. "H-Hoooooonnnnnneeeeeey!"
  102. >Luna ignored you
  103. >She tilted her head from side to side, rubbing her nose against your pubes
  104. >Her tongue looped around your knob, making you twitch
  105. >You grabbed onto her head for dear life as she grabbed your legs for support
  106. "Not innnnnnn the kitchen! I just--fuck!"
  107. >You found yourself quickly hardening
  108. >Luna continued to pressed her nose against your groin right up until you felt your top poking at the back of her throat
  109. >It was only then she pulled back with a nosy suckle
  110. >Her tongue teased the underside of your shaft as she sucked on you like you were her favorite piece of candy
  112. >She took her time, stopping when she felt your cockhead on her tongue, drool freely falling from her mouth as you throbbed
  113. >Her eyes snapped up to your face, gauging your reaction
  114. >You stared down at her, doing your best to look upset
  115. >The effect was ruined when a particularly powerful suckle made your eyes cross
  116. >Smiling around her mouthful, Luna lapped at your head, bathing it in her spit
  117. "L-Luna, honey. The food is g-gonna--"
  118. >In one smooth motion, Luna pushed herself forward, swallowing your cock
  119. >The air left your lungs in a wheeze as she once again pressed her nose against your pubes
  120. >She held the position for several seconds, tongue slipping out of her mouth to lap at your balls, before she pulled back
  121. >With a wet pop your tip left her mouth, sending spit and your pre onto your nice clean floors
  122. >You would have fallen into a helpless heap if your butt hadn't hit your kitchen counter
  123. >You leaned against the thing for support, breathing hard
  124. "Fucking... hell... honey..."
  125. >Luna smiled, unbuttoning her blouse
  126. >"Oh hush and let me have my fun before sister gets home, will you?"
  127. >With one final button, Luna pulled off her blouse, revealing her midnight blue bra
  128. >The thing was two sizes too small, hiding just how large her bust was
  129. >You could see her boobs straining against the fabric, and there was even a bit of redness from where the straps rubbed against her flesh
  130. >She placed a hand under her boobs, lifting them up with a grunt
  131. >With her other hand she grabbed your cock, settling it between her tits and letting them go
  132. >Her skin was as smooth as butter, and with the generous amount of spit coating your cock there was absolutely no friction was the two masses of flesh engulfed your little soldier
  133. >Your breathing hitched as her tits hit your hips with a dull slap
  134. >You were just big enough that your tip poked out of her cleavage
  135. >The sight was enough to get a groan out of you
  137. >Luna leaned down into her cleavage, giving your tip a lick
  138. >Her hands found their ways to the side of her tits
  139. >Giving them a squeeze, your cock vanished completely
  140. >"There we go. Does that feel good, love?"
  141. >Luna began rubbing her breasts together
  142. >It was so tight, so warm
  143. >If you didn't know any better you'd say you were balls deep in a pussy
  144. >You moaned, bucking your hips
  145. >Your cockhead barely peaked above the mountain of tit flesh before once again disappearing
  146. >You tried thrusting again, only for Luna to press you firmly against the side of the kitchen counter
  147. >"Ah, ah, ah. None of that now," she said, wagging a finger at you. "You just sit back and let me do all the work."
  148. >She let go of her breasts, releasing your member from it's prison
  149. >Luna popped your head into her mouth, sucking hard as she reached around behind her
  150. >With a click, her bra fell onto the floor
  151. >Her breasts, freed from their confines, feel just a little ways from her chest
  152. >Her two darkish, fat nipples dug into your stomach as she once again hefted her boobs
  153. >Pressing them together, your cock once again disappeared
  154. >She squeezed her own nipples, biting her lip as she looked up at you
  155. >"Now, let's hear that moan."
  156. >She began bouncing her tits along your shaft
  157. >Her movements were slow
  158. >She seemed to savor each dull slap her flesh made against yours
  159. >You could feel yourself drooling
  160. >Your cock was pulsing, sending little spurts of precum all along the valley of her breasts
  161. >She squeezed her breasts together hard, hands forming into fists the sensation making your whole body tingle
  162. "L-Luna...."
  163. >Your wife grinned
  164. >Her hands move, one applying pressure going up and the other down
  165. >The sensation is strange, mind numbing
  167. >Your cock managed to poke out, firing a spurt of pre and hitting her chin
  168. >Luna chuckled, shaking her tits with an alternate wobble
  169. >You want her to slow down, you want to savor this, but Luna wasn't having any of it
  170. >She was in control
  171. >The next time your cock crowns she leans down to lick at your cum smeared tip
  172. >"I can feel you twitching honey," she said, her frantic pace slowing down just a hair. "Be a dear and tell me when you're gonna cum. I want it all over my face~"
  173. >She laps at your tip again
  174. >Your cock spurted, coating her lips, which she licked clean without a second thought
  175. >Your legs were starting to shake
  176. >Another squeeze, another change in pressure
  177. >Her fingers tugged at her hard nipples
  178. >You closed your eyes tightly, feeling your whole body tense
  179. "G-Gonna..."
  180. >Your cock is released from its fleshy prison
  181. >Luna grabbed it stroking you as fast as she could
  182. >She opened her mouth with an "Awwwwww" sticking her tongue out
  183. >With her free hand, she played with a tit, making it jiggle like unripened fruit
  184. >Back arching, you let loose the first spurt of cum
  185. >It hit Luna square on her tongue
  186. >She let out a groan, angling her head to catch the second load
  187. >Her judgement was a bit off, resulting in it missing her mouth completely and coating her left cheek
  188. >She tilted your cock up, sending a spurt into her hair and on her forehead
  189. >Your cock them disappeared into her mouth
  190. >Her tongue swirled around your tip, toying with your urethra
  191. >She sucked hard, sending stars exploding across your vision
  192. >Luna moaned, rubbing her cum-covered boobs together as she coaxed a few more ropes out of you
  193. >Even when you had finished she continued sucking, a dreamy look in her eyes
  194. >You twitched and jerked
  195. >A pained murmur escaped you
  197. >Luna's eyes snapped up at you
  198. >She released you from her mouth, leaning back on her heels
  199. >With no one to hold you up, you slumped down onto the floor in a sweaty, breathless heap, letting out a groan as you did so
  200. >"Too much?" Luna asked, dragging a finger across her face to clean up a bit of your cum
  201. >She popped it into her mouth with a hum
  202. >It took a few tries, but you were eventually able to open an eye
  203. >Your oven timer rang
  204. "Get... that," you said. "And... you're... cleaning the... kitchen..."
  205. >Luna giggled, rising to her feet
  206. >"Yes sir."
  207. >You heard your front door being opened
  208. >"Anon? Luna? Are you there?" Celestia called
  209. >"In the kitchen," a still topless Luna said, putting on your oven mitts
  210. >You heard your other wife running through the house
  211. >Picking your head back up, you saw that she looked just as frazzled as Luna had when she had come into your kitchen, though, for some reason, she didn't seem to be wearing any pants
  212. >"Dang It, she got to you first," she said, walking over toward you.
  213. >Luna stuck her tongue out at her sister as she dragged you into the center of the kitchen
  214. >"First come first serve, sis."
  215. >Celestia, ever the adult, stuck her tongue back at her as she positioned her pussy over your face
  216. >"You don't mind, do you honey?" she asked, giving her big bubble butt a wiggle. "I'd prefer to ride you but I know how you get after Luna's finished with you."
  217. >You stared up at your wife's womanhood
  218. >She was already wet; she had probably fingered herself a bit while driving
  219. >Without saying a word--mostly because you were pretty sure you couldn't actually talk right now--you gave your wife a thumbs up
  220. >She gave you a smile, so bright and cheerful that it seemed to light up the room
  221. >She then squatted down, pressed her thighs around your head, and sat on your face
  222. >...
  223. >Shit
  224. >You forgot to tell Luna to put on the gravy...
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