3 ways to find targets ip and bypass cloudflare

Jun 9th, 2015
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  1. i am going to go throw 3 ways to bypass cloudflare and get the victoms ip
  3. 1:use the tool called cloudip
  4. link:
  5. info: it useage's 7 different ways to try to bypass cloudflare
  7. 2:Sagehack's python 3 tool Cloudbuster
  8. Link:
  10. 3: my way :
  11. cloudflare are just put on the main index.html , its in 90% not on the subdomains and most hosting providers provide 1 ip with unlimted subdomains so if u ping the subdomain (for exampel then ur not pinging the frontend ur ping the same ip but from another way so it will give another ip (the real one)
  13. keep it codeing
  14. ~PH1K3
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