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  1. The United States has a systematic problem protecting our most vulnerable citizens that many of us are not aware of.  Out of all the advanced statistics that are uploaded to the FBI each month there is one that is shockingly nowhere to be found: Missing Children.      
  3. Over 800,000 children in the United States will go missing in 2016(1). Many of them will be returned to their families and guardians, but there is a large number who are never heard from again and are swept under the rug of a judicial system and government that has a history of making these controversies disappear or never even heard of.  
  5. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a private non-profit organization in charge of keeping up with the statistics that will be used by the FBI.  Why is a statistic this important monitored by a private organization?  The FBI has all the tools, money, and manpower it needs to actively keep track of it themselves.  When police departments are uploading the current month’s stats to the FBI databases is it that much harder to add one column in the spreadsheet to keep track of?
  7.     I would like to propose to the United States Government that we start to finally hold our Criminal Justice agencies (mainly the FBI) accountable for keeping track of missing children in their own databases that will be open and available to the public.  These statistics will be uploaded every month so the public may look for their own answers and possibly assist in finding the child.
  9.     The following categories are what I propose the FBI updates each month in a public database for the public to search:
  11. o   Actively Missing – searchable database explained below
  13. o   # of cases that were Kidnappings by family members
  14.     # of cases that were Kidnappings by family members, child returned
  15.     # of cases that were Kidnappings by family members, actively missing
  17. o   # of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers
  18.     # of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers, child returned
  19.     # of cases that were Kidnappings by Strangers, actively missing
  21. o   Total # of missing children < 21 for month and year to date.
  23.     In addition to these statistics the FBI will be in charge of keeping an actively missing person’s directory that is viewable by the public.  When viewed, the public will be able to go and search by date missing, name, last known location, etc.  When you click on a specific case # it will bring the public to a page with the child’s info and any relevant tips that may assist the public in finding the missing child.  This is a great alternative to making the parents of the missing child go through setting up a website to try and get publicity to find their children at their own cost.  
  25. Why you may ask?  Accountability.  Someone in the Federal Government has to start explaining to us why so many children go missing but are never returned home.  That agency also needs to not be allowed to be a private organization that the public cannot look into.  This issue calls and demands for transparency.  Putting this in the hands of the Federal government holds them responsible and forces them to answer the questions as to why this systematic issue only seems to be getting worse every year.
  27. Sincerely,
  29. A Concerned Citizen
  31. PS.
  33. If you feel like you agree with the above please take the time to fill out our White House petition to try and bring awareness to the US Government that its citizens do care:
  35. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/bring-us-home-letter-urging-american-government-make-fbi-track-statistics-related-missing-children
  37. 1.  ABC News: http://abcnews.go.com/US/missing-children-america-unsolved-cases/story?id=19126967
  40. Suggested reading material and independent research topics to further knowledge and serve as reminders for what our species is capable of:
  41. - The Franklin Cover-Up by John W. Decamp
  42. -Child abuse at the Presidio military base
  43. -The Dutroux scandal and possible cover-up
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