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Why to take Iodine supplements

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  1. Why I’m taking Iodine
  3. I'm taking 100-150 mg/day of iodine in Lugol's 2% iodine, (40-60 drops) and 5 mg/day of nascent iodine, and 500 mcg of selenium.  You can order these at amazon.com.  Here's why I take them and why I think everyone should, too:
  4. Iodine is the most powerful supplement I have ever taken for my health.  I first took iodine on Feb 7th, 2016, and I'll never forget it.  It was superbowl sunday, and I took just one drop before going to watch the game.  I was not interested in the game at all though, but that's not unusual, I never am.  I remember just being extra calm, and especially calm on the drive home.  I was able to think over several life traumas, and to my surprise, I was not feeling mad about them, which was very unusual.  It was like I had regained control over my brain.  The biggest change, I'm embarrassed to say but I know realize that I should not be, is that I was struggling with suicidal thoughts, over 100 per day, and that all ended with that first drop of iodine.  
  5. I was in shock at that.  And I have been embarrassed to admit that, but it's the truth.  And why should I be embarrassed about a basic nutritional deficiency?  Since then I have wondered, "Who am I, if I'm not even my own thoughts?"  "Who am I, if my thoughts can change so much for the better, just from iodine?"  I also had better focus, concentration, memory, and of course, I used this to start reading a lot more about iodine.  Iodine also made my hemorrhoid go away within about a week.  It also fixed my heel cracks.  Iodine also made my foot fungus become less severe, and eventually go away; although I do fear that might still come back.  I also feel iodine has improved my capacity for working out, and increased my libido.
  6. I was not expecting those benefits.  I started taking iodine because it was cheap, sounded good, and I was just looking for improved overall health in general.  I did not have any major or significant health problems I was trying to overcome; well except IRS issues, which were causing depression.  I still have the IRS problems a year later, but I'm not quite so depressed about it!  What a shocking awakening.
  7. I was probably iodine deficient.  Goitrogens block iodine, such as some greens, and I had been drinking a lot of green smoothies.  I was not eating much soy, nor much broccoli and only a little kale.  I did not have a goiter, and I was NOT diagnosed with low thyroid.  I was maybe just a little more tired than I wanted to be?  Not overweight.  I thought I was healthy.
  8. Iodine is a vital mineral, and it appears to be the greatest nutrient we can take.  Why?  I have two ideas.  Iodine acts as an oxidant, it reportedly helps the body make H2O2, hydrogen peroxide.  (Selenium is vital to take with iodine, selenium is an antioxidant, and both are needed to make thyroid hormones, and high iodine can reportedly result in selenium deficiency and Hashimoto’s if selenium is not taken.  You can take 200 mcg to 1000 mcg of selenium.)  I believe in the story of Noah's flood.  The flood may have washed away most of the highly water soluble iodine in the earth's soil. But also, prior to the flood, with a water canopy overhead, the air pressure might have been much greater, resulting in much greater oxygen in our bodies, almost like living in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber all the time.  That might also explain giants, dinosaurs, big mammoths, big sabertooths, bigger animals might have an easier time in a more oxygen rich higher pressure atmosphere.  So it may well be that we are all suffering from a bit of oxygen deprivation in our deep tissues, and iodine tends to fix that, at least, in part.  As an aside, H2O2 is also reported to be a near miracle cure, in many different forms, from drinking diluted 3% food grade, to IV therapy, to ozone therapy, to hyperbaric chambers.  However, high iodine appears to be superior and less potentially damaging form of H2O2 therapy, and I don't know how compatible these are to do at the same time.  I would exercise caution when combining oxygen therapies, or simply boosting the taking of antioxidants at the same time, such as selenium, Vitamin C, and especially cloves.
  9. The iodine doctors say that 96% of people are suffering from iodine deficiency, and I believe it.  Maybe 100% if you believe in Noah's flood.  You are probably deficient in iodine, unless you are eating three seaweed salads a day, which can give you 12 mg/day of iodine like the Japanese get, and even then, you still might be iodine deficient.  The US RDA is 150 micrograms, or 0.25mg, which appears to be absurdly low.
  10. I am currently taking 1000 times the RDA, 100-150 mg/day of iodine after being on 50mg/day of iodine for nearly a year.  I have been inspired to take so much by following the testimonials at curezone.com.  This month, on 100-150 mg/day of iodine, I've noticed the following: improved cognition, zero athlete's foot, zero heel cracks, improved vision at long distances when driving, improved overall body feelings in my joints and muscles and especially my back, and increased libido.
  11. Enough with my testimonial, here's what iodine reportedly does, based on the research:
  12. 1.  Iodine kills germs; it kills bad bacteria without killing off the good gut bacteria, kills viruses, kills fungus.
  13. 2.  Iodine boosts IQ, boosts testosterone, boosts energy, boosts thyroid hormones.
  14. 3.  Iodine cures goiter at 9-18mg/day, cures breast cysts at 50mg/day, and cures cysts in general, and even breast cancer at doses ranging from 300 to 800 mg/day.
  15. 4.  Iodine concentrates in the thyroid, and the thyroid hormones contain 3-4 atoms of iodine, so iodine helps the body make energy.
  16. 5.  Iodine also concentrates in the sex organs of both sexes, and female breasts; explaining increased testosterone and libido.  In women, iodine eliminates breast pain, regulates periods, and can reduce or eliminate PMS and period pain.
  17. 6.  Iodine flushes through the body in about 5 hours, about 90% is excreted in the urine at "iodine sufficiency" which takes about three months to reach and achieve at 50mg/day of iodine.  The average person typically excretes only 50% of a high dose of iodine, meaning, their bodies are trying to hold on to it, showing a bit of a deficiency.  So iodine is great for urinary tract infections, bladder infections, and infections in general.  This may also explain the reported benefits of "urine therapy"; people might just be unknowingly engaging in iodine recycling, which I find disgusting, and unnecessary.
  18. 7.  Iodine sufficiency, from a single 130 mg tablet, can help keep the body from absorbing radioactive iodine in case of a nuclear disaster, which primarily causes thyroid cancers from radioactive iodine exposure.
  19. 8.  Iodine helps the body detox from mercury, aluminum, arsenic, bromide, and primarily, fluoride.
  20. 9.  Boron also helps the body detox from fluoride, and boron also boosts testosterone, also kills fungals, also boosts IQ, and is great for the joints, and boron concentrates in the parathyroid right next to the thyroid.  See http://www.health-science-spirit.com/...  
  21. 10.  Iodine also helps the adrenals, helps the pancreas and diabetics, and the liver, and the muscles, and the skin, all the cells of the body, and on and on, too many things to list, but there is a bigger list below, centered around the topic of fluoride.
  23. Iodine helps and cures 182 identifiable conditions of iodine deficiency which are all the same symptoms and conditions that show up with fluoride poisoning, as listed here, in 175 scientific papers and references:  This is an absolutely amazing and very through list.  Source:http://poisonfluoride.com/pfpc/html...
  24. Abnormal Sweating, Acne, ADHD/Learning Disorders, Allergies, Alopecia (Hair-loss), Alzheimer’s Disease, Anaphylactic Shock, Anemia, Apnea (Cessation of breath), Aorta Calcification, Asthenia (Weakness), Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Arthralgia, Arthritis, Ataxia, Autism, Back Pain, Behavioural Problems, Birth Defects, Blind Spots, Body temperature disturbances, Breast Cancer, Cachexia (wasting away), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cataracts, Change in blood pressure, Chest pain, Cholelithiasis (Gallstones), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Collagen breakdown, Cold Shivers, Coma, Concentration Inability, Constipation, Convulsions,  Crying easily for no apparent reason, Death,  Decrease in Testosterone,  Dementia, Demyelinizing Diseases,  Dental Abnormalities, Dental Arch smaller,  Dentral Crowding,  Dental enamel more porous, Dentral Fluorosis (Mottling of teeth), Delayed Eruption of Teeth, Depression,  Diabetes Insipidus,  Diabetes Mellitus, Diarrhea, Dizziness,  Down Syndrome,  Dry Mouth,  Dyspepsia,  Dystrophy, Early/Delayed Onset of Puberty, Eczema,  Edema, Epilepsy,  Eosinophilia,  Excessive Sleepiness, Eye, ear and nose disorders, Fatigue,  Fearfulness,  Fever,  Fibromyalgia,  Fibrosarcoma,  Fibrosis,  Fingernails:Lines/Grooves,  Fingernails:Brittle,  Forgetfulness,  Gastro-disturbances,  Gastric Ulcers,  Giant Cell Formation, Gingivitis,  Glaucoma,  Goitre,  Growth Disturbances,  Headache,  Hearing Loss,  Heart Disorders, Heart Failure,  Heart Palpitations,  Hepatitis,  Hemorrhage,  Hives,  Hoarseness,  Hyperparathyroidism,  Hypertension, Hypoplasia, Immunosuppression,  Impotence,  Incoherence,  Infertility,  Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Inner Ear Disorders,  Irritability, Joint Pains, Kidney Failure, Lack of Energy,  Lack of Co-ordination, Loss of Appetite, Loss of Consciousness,  Loss of IQ, Loss of Spermatogenesis, Low Birth Weight,  Lung Cancer,  Lupus,  Magnesium Deficiency,  Memory Loss, Mental Confusion,  Migraine,  Monisiliasis (Candidasis), More fluorosis/high altitudes, More hypothyroidism/high altitudes,  Mouth Sores,  Myalgia (Muscle Pain), Myotrophy (Muscle wasting),  Multiple Sclerosis,  Muscle Cramps,  Muscle Stiffness, Muscle Weakness,  Muscoskeletal Disease,  Nausea,  Osteoarthritis,  Osteoporosis,  Osteosarcoma, Optic Neuritis,  Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma,  Otosclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Pins & Needles,  Polydipsia, Polyneuropathy, Polyurea,  Pyelocystitis,  Premature Delivery,  Pruritis (Itchy Skin), Pulminary Edema,  Recurring Colds, Respiratory Complications,  Restlessness,  Retinitis, Rhinitis,  Schizophrenia,  Sceroderma, Skin Pigmentation,  Secondary teeth erupt later,  Sensitive to light,  Seizures,  Shortness of Breath,  SIDS, Sinus Infections,  Skeletal Changes,  Sleep Disorders, Slipped Epiphysis, Sluggishness,  Skin Irritations,  Spondylitis, ankylosing,  Stillbirths,  Swallowing Difficulties (Dysphagia),  Swelling in Face (Angioedema),  Telangiectasia,  Testicular Growth/Alteration, Thirst, Thrombosis, Thyroid Cancer,  Tinnitus,  Tingling Sensations, Visual disturbances,  Ulcerative Colitis,  Urticaria (Hives), Uterine Bleeding,  Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Bleeding, Vas Deferens Alterations,  Vertigo,  Vitiligo (white spots/skin), Weak Pulse, Weight Disturbances, Zinc Deficiency
  25. This is a large list.   But it is an incomplete listing of the benefits of taking iodine.  This list is exclusive to 1.  What is known and identifiable in the scientific literature. 2. Restricted specifically to those things that mimic both fluoride toxicity and iodine deficiency.  3.  Restricted to what the person who complied the above list could find.  For example, hemorrhoids are not on the list above, but iodine cured my hemorrhoids and others have reported the same.  Note, boron also helps the body eliminate fluoride.
  27. Bromine is the other toxic halogen, like fluoride.  Iodine helps the body excrete bromine.  Salt helps the iodine work to excrete bromine better.  Bromine is found in bread, as a dough conditioner.  Around 1980, they replaced iodine as a bread conditioner with bromine.  Bromine is also found in flame retardants found in couches.  And finally, bromine is found in brominated vegetable oils, added to Mt. Dew Soda.  Dr. Flechas, in his video linked below, said that bromine in Mt. Dew can cause schizophrenia.  I just about fell off the edge of my seat when I heard that, because my ex's oldest son used to love Mt. Dew soda, he drank it by the case, and he came down with schizophrenia.  Of course, I got him on iodine this year, and he's feeling much, much better, and is now off schzophrenia meds and is better than ever!
  28. Iodine is the only cure for iodine deficiency.  Obviously true.  The body does not manufacture elements within the body, it must get them from what it eats, or from a supplement.
  29. Every single vitamin is a vitamin for one reason; they are so vital, that without them, they each are responsible for a vitamin deficiency disease.  Lack of Vitamin C is famous for causing scurvy.  The reported co-supplements for high iodine therapy are, and the reasons for each are as follows:
  30. 1.  Selenium.  This is the most important.  Without it, high iodine can cause Hashimoto’s.  High iodine can cause selenium deficiency because both are needed to make the thryoid hormones.  Selenium, I already noted above, is an antioxident, and thus also protects the thyroid from oxidative damage.  Selenium is so important, I will link to the “Selenium Hashimoto’s article:  http://jeffreydachmd.com/hashimotos...
  31. 2.  Sea Salt or Himalayan salt.  Reportedly, this helps with bromine detox.  The chlorine helps the body excrete bromine.  On my third day of taking high iodine, I was getting a buzz like headache, which I never get.  Reading again, I found I should have been taking the sea salt. So, half to a full teaspoon of salt in a glass of water, followed by a second glass of water is the protocol.  And yes, this made my headache go away.
  32. 3.  B2 and B3 vitamins.  Iodine will boost energy.  So do the B vitamins.  You need both.  But I just take a B complex.
  33. 4.  3000 mg of vitamin C.  They also say you can take as much vitamin C until you reach "bowel tolerance" or just until you reach the point of getting watery stools, and then back off.  Vitamin C helps the body absorb iodine, and should ideally be taken not at the same time.  Vitamin C converts iodine to iodide, and the body needs both.  The prostate is specifically mentioned as needing iodine, and C will block this.  
  34. 5.  Magnesium.  Magnesium is reported to be essential for 300+ metabolic functions, and most people are also deficient in magnesium.  1000 mg/day.  Magnesium chloride is most highly recommended, as the chloride form helps bromine detox, and is also found from the sea.
  35. The following are less frequently reported as iodine co nutrients, but are often mentioned others who are enthusiastic about iodine.
  36. 1.  Boron.  As I noted before, boron is similar to iodine in many ways, and is taken up by the parathyroid.  I take up to 30 mg/day of boron, off and on, as needed, for joint discomfort.
  37. 2.  Zinc.  Up to 50mg/day.  Zinc is similar to iodine, as it also boosts testosterone, kills germs, is great for infections.  Zinc also helps sleep, and reduces histimine reactions.  Reportedly, 1/1000 people are 'allergic' to iodine, but they may well just be zinc deficient, and not able to properly handle the toxin release.  I take my zinc at night as a sleeping aid.
  38. 3.  Copper.  Up to 9mg/day.  Copper is a co supplement to zinc, also kills germs, also boosts testosterone.  Taking zinc without copper can result in copper deficiency.
  39. 4.  Colloidal silver.  Silver is like iodine, in that it is reported to kill 650 different pathogens.  Why try to kill pathogens with only one mineral, when many minerals will obviously work so much better together with a synergistic multiplicative effect?
  40. 5.  Baking soda, sodium bicarbonate.  The alternative health industry loves this stuff too.
  41. 6.  Vitamin D/K both are needed for mineral absorption and utilization.
  42. 7.  Omega 3 oils as found in grass fed butter, fish oils, and coconut oil, and walnuts.  Oils help the body absorb minerals.
  43. 8.  DMSO or MSM is a sulfur compound.  Sulfur in these forms is a solvent helping the body absorb everything, a pain reliever, relieves headaches, and oxygenates the body.
  44. 9.  Chromium and Vanadium appear to be helpful for insulin and diabetes.
  45. I know this looks like a lot of supplements.  It may appear overwhelming.  I still don't always take everything.  This last week, I realized I was not taking enough salt and magnesium, and sure enough, when I added them, it stopped my cold hands, and I was not having cold sweaty hands.  
  46. How I take iodine:
  47. I first took iodine in water.  But it tastes horrible.  Next, I tried lemonade, but lemonade every day is too much.  I initially tried iodine in my coffee, and it ruined it.  However, iodine in coffee with milk, and I can tolerate that just fine.
  48. I also put iodine, Lugol's 2%, directly on my skin, in one place at a time.  I combine iodine with coconut oil.  The oil helps to prevent the skin from drying out.  Also, I typically avoid putting it on my skin for more than two days in a row.  
  49. HIGH IODINE FOODS:  Seaweed, Himalayan salt, cranberries.  (Cranberries are reportedly good for urinary tract infections, and the iodine may help explain why.)  In case people want to avoid taking a supplement, even tomatoes will take up iodine if they are grown in iodine, but I'm not sure how you would control for dosing; and it might not matter very much.
  50. IODINE CONTROVERSY:  The standard medical establishment will say that anything over 1 mg. of iodine per day is "dangerous" because it might cause hypothryoid, because a sub clinical level of  low thyroid was observed in rats on iodine.  As usual, they have no valid, non fraudulent evidence for this position, but a single discredited rat study that could not be duplicated.  
  51. I honestly think there is a deliberate conspiracy to mislead doctors by the medical establishment, to discredit iodine, because it is so successful in keeping people healthy, and not in need of medical help.  I don't necessarily think most doctors are deliberately lying about iodine, instead, I think they have been misled about iodine by their training.  
  53. 1.  The medical establishment thinks that 5 mg of aluminum in the vaccine schedule is perfectly non toxic, but over 1 mg of iodine is highly dangerous, and yet, there are no known aluminum deficiencies, no known tissues or any bodily function that needs aluminum, and aluminum is only noted as toxic.
  54. 2.  The medical establishment knew that taking up to 6 grams, or 6000 mg, or 6,000,000 mcg of iodine was fine for when you were sick in the early 1900's, but now, anything over 150 mcg is unsafe?  What changed?
  55. 3.  The medical establishment insists that there is no known cure for MRSA, which infects 2 million people per year, and kills from 30,000 to 60,000 per year, as a direct result of antibiotics, and yet, refuses to prescribe iodine and colloidal silver, which bacteria cannot adapt to, because iodine might, although there is no proof, might cause low thyroid.  Death is better then than "maybe low thyroid"?
  56. 4.  The medical establishment's top three classes of medicines most commonly prescribed are (1) antibiotics, which cause yeast infections, cause brain damage, and cause MRSA and kill people, and (2) antidepressants half of which contain fluoride and cause brain damage, and (3) pain killers.  Iodine is not only a viable substitute for all three, but is vastly superior, and is cheap, and requires no prescription, kills yeast infections, improves brain function, kills MRSA, relieves depression, and heals the body which relieves pain, and 180 other positive things.  
  57. 5.  It is no wonder that the medical establishment has waged, and will continue to wage, a purposeful propaganda war against iodine, starting after WWII, beginning with the age of antibiotics which were much more expensive and thus lucrative for doctors and drug companies.
  58. 6.  The last irony is, of course, that if you can’t emotionally process these ideas, or the information in this article, it’s probably further evidence that you are iodine deficient.  Try taking iodine, and then re-read this article, and you might just be amazed at your improved memory and ability for understanding everything.
  59. IODINE REVEALS THE FRAUD OF THE ENTIRE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT, AND REVEALS THE FRAUD OF WATER FLUORIDATION.  Taking iodine actually helps to wake you up to be able to emotionally process these mammoth frauds, which are, of course monstrous and horrible to contemplate.
  61. optimox.com  -- This is the site of research that started the modern day resurgence of iodine discoveries within the medical community, pioneered by Dr. Abraham, who died about two years ago.  His co researchers were Dr. Flechas and Dr. Brownstein, below.
  62. curezone.com  -- This appears to be a forum of people who have been sharing their stories on iodine with each other for the past ten years or more.
  63. https://sites.google.com/site/iodin...  Grizz on iodine, from curezone.
  64. Dr Jorge D. Flechas, MD - Whole Body Iodine Sufficiency:
  65. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBM...  
  66. --This is a great 42 minute video by Dr. Flechas, one of the original iodine doctors with Dr. Abraham.
  67. Iodine: The Most Misunderstood Nutrient Presented by David Brownstein MD
  68. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_I...
  69. --This is an hour long video from Brownstein, one of the original iodine doctors with Dr. Abraham.
  70. See also his book: https://www.amazon.com/Iodine-Witho...
  71. http://www.breastcancerchoices.org/...  --This is a list of about 100 iodine literate doctors.
  72. Lynne Farrow:The Iodine Crisis
  73. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOk...
  74. The iodine debate:
  75. http://www.townsendletter.com/AugSe...
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