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  1. First, you'll need to install an addon called Stylish
  3. For Firefox:
  4. For Chrome:
  6. Once that's installed, you'll need to add the CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) code to block our favorite trolls.  Please note, you can add or remove users by copying (or deleting) one of the blocks that looks like this:
  8. .comment-author-pseudonymous > div > .comment-body {
  9.     display: none!important
  10. }
  12. To set up fresh:
  13. Click the Stylish icon in your browser’s menu bar.
  14. >> If you already have a NoPolsTrolls style installed, note the author names you’ve included and delete the style.
  15. Click the customize button (3 dots, like a sideways ellipsis, in the upper right corner) and choose “Create New Style.”
  16. Enter a name, I used the name "NoPolsTrolls", but it doesn't matter what name you give the style
  17. Paste the following in the “Code” window
  19. .comment-author-pseudonymous > div > .comment-body {
  20.     display: none!important
  21. }
  22. .comment-author-drunken-rage-monkey > div > .comment-body {
  23.     display: none!important
  24. }
  26. Change the author names as needed and add more blocks if there are more names to include.  Author names are usually their displayed names, with spaces replaced by dashes, but this isn't always true.  To find an author name, you have to view the source of a page with their comments included, find the comment and look for the nearby .comment-author information.
  27. Click the Specify button
  28. Choose "URLs on the domain" from the list that appears
  29. Type in the box just to the right and click “Add.”
  31. It’s not necessary, but I’ve also chosen to hide the brief comment chunks that show up on the main page in the Recent Comments list.  You can replace the brief quote for all users with “A comment” using the following.  This is all or nothing, not per-user.
  33. .recentcomments > a {
  34.     visibility: hidden;
  35.     position: relative;
  36. }
  37. .recentcomments > a:after {
  38.     visibility: visible;
  39.     position: absolute;
  40.     top: 0;
  41.     left: 0;
  42.     content: "A comment"
  43. }
  45. Click the Save button (up on the left) and close any tabs that opened up.
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