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  1. MourningCrow: humans woke up o.o
  2. MourningCrow: brb
  3. Starlette: cause im about to dance
  4. Guest_CherieTheCat121: o.o
  5. Guest_JoshReynolds: I'm human
  6. Damnit nobody told me
  7. Starlette: no you are not
  8. Guest_JoshReynolds: I know smiles
  9. Just joking
  10. Starlette: ah
  11. Starlette: fur up toy
  12. Starlette: or that
  13. ReIevation: oh oops sorry
  14. ReIevation: ;-;
  15. Starlette: if they are in newb furs or trolling then you boot otherwise give a warning
  16. Starlette: newb skins*
  17. Guest_JoshReynolds: I room surf
  18. Guest_CherieTheCat121: cool
  19. ReIevation: they looked like a troll
  20. Guest_JoshReynolds: Yeah
  21. CookiesBeware: I don't warn owo
  22. Guest_JoshReynolds: It's when rooms are dead or boring
  23. ReIevation: /me takes after father
  24. ReIevation: xD
  25. CookiesBeware: xD
  26. Eugh: Even though rules say 1 warning before boot.
  27. ReIevation: are you a mod?
  28. Guest_JoshReynolds: Tits got a point
  29. Eugh: Are you the room owner?
  30. ReIevation: nope
  31. ReIevation: but wasn't your convo
  32. Guest_JoshReynolds: Kibawolfy is
  33. CookiesBeware: I mean owo that being said, the only ones I do boot are when I tab back to see humans runnin amok that are less than a month old
  34. CookiesBeware: On average
  35. ReIevation: and that person looked like a mod
  36. ReIevation: troll
  37. ReIevation: i meant
  38. CookiesBeware: x'D
  39. ReIevation: *
  40. ReIevation: typo
  41. ReIevation: xD
  42. CookiesBeware: "looked like a mod" <w<
  43. ReIevation: >->
  44. Guest_JoshReynolds: But people should read to
  45. Starlette: yeah Kiba told me that starter avis can be a boot on sight
  46. ReIevation: ^u^
  47. ReIevation: exactly
  48. Guest_JoshReynolds: Awesome
  49. CookiesBeware: I dun even know what a starter avi looks like anymore
  50. Starlette: as in they are wearing the starter set of clothes that they give you
  51. CookiesBeware: I just see newb
  52. MourningCrow: back
  53. MourningCrow: o:
  54. MourningCrow: I have a newb
  55. ReIevation: weba crow
  56. Guest_JoshReynolds: But my point is they need to read how hard is it
  57. Starlette: you would be suprised
  58. ReIevation: also
  59. ReIevation: if they have nothing on there profile
  60. ReIevation: liek when you first
  61. ReIevation: start
  62. ReIevation: nothing
  63. ReIevation: like*
  64. ReIevation: default picture
  65. ReIevation: too
  66. Starlette: no
  67. Starlette: just if they are dressed in their starter set of avi
  68. Guest_Babygirl661078: Hi can someone plz get me this black tie up shirt plz
  69. Starlette: we cant boot them if their profile is not to your liking
  70. Guest_Babygirl661078: Plz
  71. Starlette: fur up or leave please
  72. Guest_SoranAkashiya: Ayo Lovelies
  73. Guest_Babygirl661078: someone plz get me this black tie up shirt plz
  74. ReIevation: well ill judge by myself
  75. ReIevation: ty star tho
  76. ReIevation: ^u^
  77. ReIevation: this conversation doesn't really need to be dragged on anymore o .o
  78. Guest_SoranAkashiya: O.o
  79. Starlette: anytime, im just sayng that if you boot based on their profile and not upon what they are wearing then he will take the Mod Star away
  80. ReIevation: drop it star
  81. Starlette: >.>
  82. Starlette: excuse me?
  83. Eugh: Oof.
  84. Eugh: LMFAO
  85. ShadowDarkrose: Ello everyone
  86. ReIevation: well you got your point across no need to drag it on more
  87. ReIevation: like no point o .o
  88. Starlette: i was clarifying a rule because you booted without reason
  89. ReIevation: you clarified
  90. ReIevation: it
  91. ReIevation: enough
  92. Starlette: you need to chill out before you cross a line sis
  93. ReIevation: again we can dropp it
  94. ShadowDarkrose: O_o
  95. CookiesBeware: o.,o
  96. ReIevation: im not cross anyline ? just saying drop it
  97. Starlette: ok.
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