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  1. "Nyaaa~ Let's get out of these." Fumi sighed, prodding a black-nailed finger into the top of his now soaked kneesocks and peeling them off over his accordingly black-nailed toes.
  3. Flicking them carelessly over his shoulders, Fumi rested his hands behind him in the waters of the North Atlantic, while his bare chest and face were warmed by the rays of the sun.
  5. "This world is so nice; such a shame for you all I didn't just come here for some beach time."
  6. Each idle pass of his slender fingertips through the ocean unknowingly obliterated countless ships and tossed aircraft about like so much dust.
  8. "I think I'm a bit overdressed for the beach though, don't you all think? Fufu."
  10. Fumi rose to his feet, the sea filling in the shallow crater his butt had pressed into the oceanic crust. Shifting his shoulders the black and red robes slid off and with a flick he dissipated them to some unseen arcane space.
  12. Clad only in a pair of black lacy panties, Fumi was cut every bit the attractive, if exotic magi. His feminine hips and smooth hairless thighs tapered down elegantly to his manicured feet, and likewise stomach curved pleasantly past his navel towards his taut chest and pert pink nipples. His face could almost pass for a girls, with thin pink lips and an elegant nose- not even accounting for the slight black eyeliner the young magi applied every morning- all part of his occupational attire assuredly.
  13. The most obvious betrayal of his otherwise effeminate appearence was the impression of his manhood- substantial even mostly flaacid- outlined in silk against his waist.
  15. Fumi licked his lips and gave an ominous glare towards the distant continent he could discern across the swimming-pool length ocean. Eyeing another trail of little islands Fumi briefly considered toying with them before deciding they were too sparsely populated to be worth his trouble, and merely smeared them into so much salty ooze between his now bare toes.
  17. Leaving the remnants of the Azores behind it was only a few moments before a miles-long shadow fell across a straight length of rocky coast, spotted with forests and tan-grey splotches of human settlements. Perusing his options carefully, Fumi found what seemed to be the largest of these on a lowlying spur of land at the mouth of a river.
  19. "Nya! Look how many of you there are here, I don't think I've ever seen a city this big."
  21. Carefully lowering himself to his knees Fumi placed his hands astride the natural harbor the city rested upon and did as much sightseeing as his size allowed. Most of the city was made of tiny orange-tiled houses and apartments, with a few large cathedrals and civil buildings catching his eye.
  23. "Pretty neat, nya." Fumi observed. "But I'm still not impressed!
  25. Fumi quickly shifted onto his rear, lifting his feet and placing his heels together. The microscopic humans who fled from the coast were overshadowed by the young catboy's soles, which stretched like a pale wall well past both horizons. The inconcievable height of his feet however meant every slender toe twinkled with seawater in the cloudless sky, menacing like something otherwordly as Fumi's face smirked down above them.
  27. "Walking here was tiring, I could use a little stretch~!"
  29. With a long breathy "Nya~!" Fumi's stretched his legs out in front of him, driving his white soles over Lisbon effortlessly. Towns, villages, forests, and fields alike were bowled over and pressed into featureless streaks of tan gravel and fractured stone before being buried beneath the uncountable tonnage of Fumi's thighs and calves. Fumi reached forward and touched his toes, which had cut clean across the entire width of Portugal and now towered above Merida in Spain.
  31. "Nya~ That's good!" Fumi shivered, his tail whipping miles of ocean into white peaks beneath his perky butt. "Makes me wanna just get all limber before we really get started."
  33. Without any fanfare Fumi rolled onto his stomach and continued turning over as his lower body obliterated the length of the coast. Each time his front made contact with the earth entire river valleys and dozens of towns were flattened against his legs and belly, or made into dusty stains on the front of his panties. Then came his rear, hardly cushioning the apocalyptic impact for the hundreds of thousands of humans who it flattened beneath it.
  35. Fumi stopped rolling when he felt his back splash into the Bay of Biscay, having turned the entire Western coast of Iberia into a sweat-dampened sandy ruin and splattering his legs and hips with tan-colored mud.
  36. Giggling, Fumi rose to his feet. With a flirty flick of his hips a cloud of debris drifted off of his hot  skin like the ejecta of an erupting volcano.
  38. Fumi glared down at the continent beneath him with a dark ravenous expression, rivulets of sweat trickling down his bare skin.
  39. "That got me really worked up, little humans." He sighed, a hand working to his waist and fondling his now barely contained bulge.
  40. "Let's find a lot of you."
  42. Fumi payed no mind to Bordeaux as his heavy footsteps obliterated its city center and kicked its debris high into the air. Eyes fixed on a distant metropolis his path cut across miles of forest and farmland as Anjou became host to a long string of immense footprint shaped lakes and craters.
  44. "This looks perfect!" Fumi smiled toothily at the immense city before him, his sensitive ears picking up the sound of sirens and aircraft below him.  It seemed like the humans hadn't given up on repelling him, and now countless contrails of fighters and bombers swarmed around his legs.
  46. "It's hard to see you from up here, let me get nice and close, nya."
  48. Taking care to preserve the cityscape, Fumi settled slowly, sitting with his legs locked around the urban sprawl. The thousands of jets that had responded to his arrival were either popped like even more unnoticeable mites against his thighs or clapped between his butt as his seating pinched them together. Biting his lower lip he threaded a finger underneath each waistband and slid his panties slowly down his thighs.
  50. Even only half-erect Fumi's smooth uncut shaft flopped out and spanned half the width of the metropolis beneath him. He let his waist settle and turned the neighborhoods beneath his smooth balls into his first victims, as they were flattened utterly beneath their incalculable spongy mass.
  52. Fumi placed his slender fingers atop his surprisingly thick shaft and gently waved it back and forth over the millions of germ-sized humans beneath it's shadow. The warm rosewater scent of his skin mixed with the heady sweat of his earlier exertions as great clouds of steam rose off his skin in the cool atmosphere.
  54. "Nya, A-am I too big for you humans?" Fumi mocked coyly. "It's my first time being with so many boys, so be gentle. Girls I think you won't have anything to complain about, fufu."
  55. Fumi gently pressed the tip of his foreskin-wrapped penis into the densely packed urban center and sighed at the sensation of so many cool tiny buildings popping beneath the sensitive skin.
  57. "Mmm." Fumi pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows. "Feels nice but you might be just a bit too puny for me. I could get smaller or-" Fumi smiled after a moment."That's right I've got something better, nya!" With a flick of his wrist Fumi conjured a small pink crystal flask.
  59. "This is a special tincture I made. For everyone I squish this should steal a little bit of soul energy and make things a bit more- noticeable- for me. Not like you magically lame humans need that energy anyway!"
  61. Fumi closed his eyes and quickly downed the potion, licking his lips and brushing a stray drop with his pinky.
  62. "Nyaaaa~. I feel even warmer inside now." He noted, pressing his hands against his cheeks in exaggerated bliss.
  64. Fumi brushed his fingertips across the soft flesh of his cock and let out a shaky breath, suddenly gifted with vastly more sensitive nerve endings, as each responded to the magical flow within his hands. His length stirred in arousal and his glans slid free of his foreskin. Fumi's cock pointed at the dense heart of the metropolis menacingly, his cavernous urethra flaring and letting the first slow trickle of clear precum drip onto the city beneath.
  66. With a final swipe of his black-painted fingertips Fumi pressed his throbbing length against the landscape, it's miles-wide bulk completely smashing everything beneath it into dust. Slowly he began to rub his hand back and forth along his penis, each stroke pushing his foreskin slighty around his glans and mashing any rubble that survived around his frenulum into sticky paste.
  67. For Fumi it was indescribable. He had used this tincture before when taunting the minsicule inhabitants of other worlds, but they had never been smaller than an onahole which limited his play to perhaps only a handful at a time, even with shrinking magic.
  68. On this exceptional world however the tincture made each microscopic human his body claimed release a burst of soul mana that soaked into his skin like ecstacy. After only a few thrusts of his cock through the metropolis his tongue probed at his lips and his eyes were lidded with pleasure.
  70. "N-nya- yes, unh! S-so good!" He panted, his free hand rubbing his chest sensually or darting a finger into his mouth.  "S-so many of you cute little things want to have sex with me?" He taunted, every other breath a panting laugh.
  71. By now precum was leaking and spurting out wildly; each thrust turning a miles-long stretch of city into a swamp of hot transparent fluid and wreckage. If the eminations of his scented flesh hadn't dominated the atmosphere before the raw scent of his semen and sweat completely replaced the atmosphere for hundreds of miles around where Fumi sat.  
  72. Beneath his shaft his balls tightened, and Fumi cried loudly in pleasure as the souls that splattered against his flaring glans soaked down every nerve of his cock and filled his balls with their heat and eminations.
  74. His voice grew husky at first, then rose to a high gasp as with a final thrust and buck of his hips Fumi pushed his cock through a dozen miles of uncrushed cityscape. In a final orgasmic instant Fumi's cock bulldozed through Paris, stopping just short of the Arc Du Triomphe.
  76. For a brief moment, the hundreds of humans who had been observing Fumi's self-indulgence from the historic landmarks had their entire horizon filled with the miles-high wall of his glans. His hot pink flesh braced for less than a second and as if in slow motion his cockslit opened and the entire colossus of flesh gave one final immense twitch.
  77. Fumi practically shouted as his cock unloaded rope after rope of thick semen across what was left of Paris. Each seizing clench of his pelvic muscles spurted out another spurt of his prodigious ejaculation.
  79. The Eiffel tower could have fit within his urethra easily, and it dissapeared within a blast of sperm which then rolled out to cover miles of city. No human attempt to flee the surging tide of cum could possibly do so, and hundreds of thousands found their end under a thousand foot wave of roiling catboy semen.
  80. To those inside buildings there was no protection, even as the sticky blasts flowed further from their epicenter and only half-covered the skyscrapers of Paris' economic district. Those on lower floors had windows blasted open and billions of gallons of semen, filled with uncountable sperm several meters in length flood in.
  82. The clouds around his waist thickened as his persperation radiated heat and moisture into the air, and the new sea of semen he had ejaculated onto Paris seemed to steam like a volcanic flow.
  83. As Fumi finally regained some presense of mind and looked down upon his handiwork he bit his lip and giggled sultrily at the utterly drowned ruins beneath his cock.
  85. "T-that was the best." He panted. With a quick movement he brushed a finger along his cocktip and stretched a debris-laden strand of cum between his fingers.
  87. "I gotta find another city, nya~."
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