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  1. Gang Submissions
  3. This thread is for information on submissions for Gang Hideouts, Hats, Gun Skins and Melees.
  4. Gang Hideout submissions should be emailed to with the Email Subject being the Gang Name, all files should be attached.
  5. Send multiple emails if you need to only.
  6. Hats, Gun Skins and Melees can be sent to either Koda#9378 or Keir#6651 on Discord.
  9. Gang Hideouts:
  11. In order for your Gang Hideout to be worked on or added to or even make changes to you will need to submit the following:
  12. Designs of the levels, this can be a simple drawing on paper or a drawing on paint or photoshop etc
  13. Any Graphics you want used in the hideout such as decorations
  14. Any custom Tiles you want using that aren't already available in game
  16. Once the hideout has been started you may be allowed to change a few minor things but the layout, tiles and graphics will be final. So before submitting make sure everything is final and you are happy with what you are submitting.
  17. If you want changes like graphics updating or statues updating then either contact Keir##6651 on Discord or message me in game and if i'm not busy I will update them.
  18. If you want bigger changes then that will be decided between myself and Koda and other staff.
  21. Gang Hats:
  23. Gang Hats must not be stolen graphics from another game or anything copyrighted
  24. They must also not be edits of other gang hats or other hats in game
  25. The max file size for Gang Hats is 250kb
  28. Gun Skins:
  30. Gun Skins have to be of guns that can be purchased and no reward guns like the PSG
  31. Yet again gun skins must not be stolen or copyright
  32. And also not a copy of another gun skin in game
  33. You can't copy the skin from Exotic weapons either
  35. Melees:
  37. Melees must not be copyrighted or stolen
  38. They also cant be minor edits of other melees in game
  41. More Notes:
  43. As the Gang Admins we deal with the Gang Rewards and such.
  44. We don't deal with Gangs being traded and if a trade goes sour there is nothing we can do about it.
  45. We will not tolerate USDing for Gangs or Gang Rewards and if this happens and you get scammed it is your fault.
  46. Any bad behaviour from Gangs or Gang Leaders can result in Gang Rewards being delayed.
  47. All existing gang rewards in place will not be touched.
  48. This includes any weapons, hats, or items which gangs have won through GST, Gang Hour rewards and Crypt rewards.
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