The Curse of Stamina (complete, but no bonus material)

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  1. >"Unnnnnghhh! Anon I'm Cumming!!!"
  2. >Liquid pleasure splashes all over your crotch as you thrust into Rarity.
  3. >Her eyes roll back in her head, mind lost in the sensation.
  4. >Mere moments later, she drifts unconscious, and you sigh and pull out.
  5. >Back before you got pulled to Equestria, you were always popular with the ladies.
  6. >Lasting half an hour minimum meant they could always get their fill, but at the same time, you could usually get off.
  7. >Too bad the mares here only last a few minutes...
  8. >Picking up your unconscious marefriend, you start your usual post sex routine.
  9. >A warm shower to clean up before you take her to her bed.
  10. >Assuming the big spoon position, you wrap your arms around her soft white coat and pull up her satin sheets.
  11. >Sleep soon takes you, and before you know it, it's morning.
  12. >Still cradled in your arms, Rarity rolls over and looks at you with her big, sapphire eyes.
  13. >"You were amazing as usual, Darling," she says, before leaning in for a kiss.
  14. >Velvety lips meet your own for a brief moment, before she pulls back.
  15. >"Don't you worry about breakfast. After the work you did last night, I can handle breakfast today."
  16. >She slides carefully from your grasp, and trots from the room, hips swaying just for your eyes.
  17. >The last curl of her tail vanishes around the door frame, and you climb from the bed.
  18. >Chills run down your back, brought about by a slight breeze coming through an open window.
  19. >Quickly dressing, you putter around the room a bit, making sure everything is neat and tidy before heading downstairs.
  20. >Smells of breakfast drift in from the kitchen, making your stomach growl.
  21. >"I heard that. Come on in, it's just about ready, my great big stud."
  22. >There's an ache in your balls, but you fight past it, keeping a smile on your face as you enter.
  23. "Breakfast smells delicious," you comment, nostrils flaring to pick up the smells.
  24. >Her smile lights the room, and she floats over a pair of plates to the table.
  25. >"I'm glad we have the whole weekend to ourselves, since Sweetie is with my parents."
  26. >With a seductive smile, she slowly peels a banana and starts licking it.
  27. "I can tell," you smile back, taking a slow bite of egg, making sure to show off your teeth.
  28. >As your sharp teeth cut through the soft egg, you watch shivers go down her spine.
  29. >"You know just how to turn me on, darling," she says with half-lidded eyes.
  30. "That I do, but we should wait till you're not going to fall over from hunger and thirst."
  31. >"Are you calling me soft?" she asks, playfully swatting you with a soft, marshmallowy hoof, "I may not be as athletic as Rainbow, but I'm not just going to keel over from a little thirst."
  32. "I'm not saying you are, but you don't know how much water you lost last night."
  33. >"Far more than any stallion could make me lose."
  34. >Finishing the last bite, you step over and run your hand through her mane.
  35. "Just make sure to get some water in you while I'm out."
  36. >Nuzzling against your hand, she says, "Of course, Darling. Do have fun while you're out."
  37. >A quick kiss later, and you're out the door and on your way.
  38. >Today is Saturday, the day you hang out with Thunderlane, Dash and Snowflake at the gym.
  39. >Speaking of Dash, the rainbow maned mare is waiting just outside the gym.
  40. >"Hey Anon, how's it goin'?"
  41. "Not bad Dash; how about you?"
  42. >"Been a little bored all week. Nothing exciting has happened at all."
  43. "Man, that sucks. Any word from the guys?"
  44. >"Both of them are already inside. I decided to wait out here for you, since I knew you'd be a little late."
  45. "How so?" you ask, opening the door to the gym.
  46. >"Because you were at Rarity's last night."
  47. "How'd you know that?"
  48. >"Who wouldn't know?" Thunderlane says, waving from where he is spotting for Snowflake, "I bet half the town could hear her last night."
  49. >Embarrassment starts creeping up on you, and it must show, since Dash laughs and jabs you in the side.
  50. >"Oh don't be embarrassed about it. You're pleasing a mare that's one of my friends and I'm happy about it."
  51. "And that doesn't sound weird at all, does it, Dash?"
  52. >She laughs, before saying, "Yeah, I guess that does sound a little weird."
  53. >"Hey! Are you two going to stand around gossiping like school girls in the halls, or are you gonna start working out?"
  54. >Laughing at Thunderlanes outburst, you head over to the treadmills.
  55. >"Hey, I don't think you need to work on your cardio after last night," Dash jokes, hopping on the treadmill beside you.
  56. "Ha. Ha. Very funny, Dash."
  57. >Everything goes fine, up until you start your weighted squats.
  58. >Midway through the first squat, an all to familiar pain in the nuts comes back.
  59. "Urgh..."
  60. >Dropping the weights, you clutch your bloated balls and make a dash for the showers.
  61. >This is far from unnoticed, and Dash and Thunderlane rush after you.
  62. >Snowflake, the dedicated pony he is, keeps on with his reps.
  63. >Cranking on a shower's cold water before yanking open the front of your shorts and let the cool water work it's magic.
  64. >"Dude, what's wrong?" Dash asks, flying over before you can close your shorts, "Ouch, what happened?"
  65. >Thunderlane comes around and looks too, the cat already out of the bag.
  66. >"That is a serious case of blue balls; how the buck do you have that? Some sort of magic in the bedroom?"
  67. >Sighing, you close your shorts and lean against the shower wall, the cool water still coursing over you.
  68. "Don't tell anyone this, but I haven't gotten off since I started dating Rarity."
  69. >"How? Why?"
  70. "One, she can only take about six minutes max, and it takes me on average thirty five to get off."
  71. "Two, it's kind of, I dunno, wrong, to jerk off when you have a marefriend."
  72. >"Thir... Thirty five..." Thunderlane stutters, visibly paling.
  73. >Dash can't stop staring at your junk, biting her lower lip.
  74. "Hey, don't think you're getting anything, Rainbow. I'm with Rarity, remember."
  75. >"I..." shaking her head clear, she says, "Why not just keep going till you're done? I'm sure she wouldn't mind, considering how she rants and raves about your skills."
  76. "No, I'm not going to do that because she becomes unconscious from overload and can't talk back after about six or seven minutes. What if I go to far and injure her or go to long? Friction burns can't be pleasant in there."
  77. >This starts Rainbow thinking, and Thunderlane snaps out of his stunned thoughts.
  78. >"So... Thirty five minutes, huh... What's it like; getting to fuck a mare unconscious?"
  79. "It's mixed. Sure, you know she's getting so much pleasure she blacks out, but when you can't get off yourself..."
  80. >"I can see how that would suck. I know you think it's wrong, but dude, with it looking like that, you should just jack yourself off every couple weeks. Heck, why not get Rarity to help?"
  81. >Sighing, you cut the shower, the pain having faded.
  82. "I've considered it, but... It's a lot of work, even with help and to be honest, I don't want her knowing I don't get off when we fuck."
  83. >"Well, I guess I can keep your secret, just... try and fix your little, or rather, big problem," Thunderlane says, and you turn to Dash.
  84. "You better keep it a secret from Rarity too, Dash; or are you going to be disloyal to a friend?"
  85. >"Hey, I can keep a secret dude, but I agree with Thunderlane, you gotta fix your problem."
  86. "Fine, but remember, not a word of this to Rarity."
  87. >"We promise," they echo, and you grin.
  88. "Well, let's get back to our workout. I'm betting Snowflake is missing his spotter right now."
  89. >The rest of the workout goes without a hitch, and you pound Rarity into a puddle of sexed pony that night.
  90. >Fulfilling your side of the promise happens two days later at your house, with the help of a few pictures of your ivory mare.
  91. >A few days after that, a rather concerning thing happens.
  92. >You get a letter from Rarity.
  93. >Most wouldn't find it strange, getting a letter from your marefriend, but when she lives just over a block away, it becomes strange.
  94. >The letter was fairly simple; she wanted to meet you out by the lake tonight.
  95. >Feeling mixed about the secluded location, you spend most of the day preparing and worrying.
  96. >As the clock strikes nine, you stand before your door.
  97. "It's time to go..."
  98. >Steeling yourself, you step out through the portal, and down the streets of Ponyville.
  99. >While your exterior remains calm, your heart is pounding with anxiety.
  100. >Passing the town borders, you follow the path to the lake, the darkness of night setting in.
  101. >Your footsteps in gravel are the only sounds that follow you, and the lake comes into view.
  102. >A form silhouetted by moonlight sits on the edge of the lake, staring out at its tranquil surface.
  103. >Her brilliant white coat is only enhanced by the lighting, and her curls shimmer and sparkle as the light plays off their surface.
  104. >In an instant, all your anxiety fades, simply at the sight of the mare you love.
  105. >She turns to you, her eyes catching the moonlight like two small lakes; infinitely deep and infinitely beautiful.
  106. >"Anonymous, you came... for once."
  107. "What? I always come when you want to see me."
  108. >"That's not what I hear..." she mutters under her breath.
  109. "What was that?"
  110. >You don't get a response until you sit down next to her.
  111. >Her hooves grab your shoulders, her body over yours, "Why don't you cum for me!"
  112. >"Am I too ugly for you? I knew it, but you were too much of a gentlecolt to say."
  113. "No, it's..."
  114. >"Then why? You can rut me till you cum, I don’t care!"
  115. "I won't, because..."
  116. >"...I'm no good in bed. I was worried about that..."
  117. "It's not..."
  118. >Her well manicured, and yet incredibly soft hoof presses against your mouth, silencing you.
  119. >"Don't worry, Anonymous. I will find some way to get better and I won't touch a male, just for you; even if I have to abstain for years."
  120. >"while I'm gone, please, find somep0ny else to fill my place."
  121. >"Goodbye for now, Anonymous..."
  122. >Her hoof is removed, but before you can say anything, her lips take its place.
  123. >Like every kiss with her, you feel sparks on your lips and warmth spreads from your core.
  124. >Your eyes drift closed before there is a sudden crack, and the feeling of Rarity's lips on yours vanishes.
  125. >As your eyes open, your gaze finds no sign of Rarity, only an empty lake.
  126. "Rarity? Where are you?"
  127. >Your only reply is echoes bouncing off the trees, and with a fluttering heart, you start towards Rarity's home.
  128. >Tonight is another beautiful, moonlight night courtesy of Luna, but in your worry, you are unable to admire it.
  129. >Time and the streets pass in a blur, and your destination comes into view.
  130. >The tall building glows in the light of the moon, but no lights come from any of its windows.
  131. >Echoes bounce through the house as you knock, but no voice answers.
  132. >With a click, you unlock the door and push it open, a cavernous darkness taking over your vision.
  133. "Rarity, are you here? Please, answer me."
  134. >Fumbling along the wall, you find the light switch, and flicking it, the room brightens instantly.
  135. >You immediately wish you hadn't.
  136. >Everywhere you look, furniture is covered in sheets, photos are taken down and decorations are packed away.
  137. >Ponyquins are bare, rather than covered in her latest fashions.
  138. >Your fingers trace outlines of where pictures used to hang, the images bringing back memories, even though they aren't there.
  139. "Here, a picture from our first date... I can't believe how weird that felt compared to now."
  140. >More outlines and more memories pass by, leaving your heart aching.
  141. >The stairs creak under you as you bolt up them, heading straight for her room.
  142. >Pushing through her door, you see the same here as was in the main area.
  143. >Pictures are gone, closets empty.
  144. >The only thing seemingly untouched is her "special drawer" where hers and your toys and props are kept.
  145. >Sifting through it, you find your erotic photo album, and open it.
  146. >All sorts of pictures fill its pages, from simple, seductive poses to full on sex acts and kinks.
  147. >There is only one photo missing, probably the oldest one in the book.
  148. >A shot of you, top half bare in the middle of helping out Applejack with applebucking.
  149. >Most wouldn't call it erotic or seductive, but Rarity always kept it close to heart.
  150. >Despite the situation, the fact she took only that picture, despite the countless more erotic ones makes you smile, knowing she would at the very least keep her word on being pure.
  151. >Setting the book back in place, you close and lock the drawer, before slumping against the dresser.
  152. "Why did you leave, Rarity?"
  153. >The sad truth is, you already know why she left, raising the more important question.
  154. "How did she know?"
  155. >It's too late to do anything, so you curl up in Rarity's bed, aching for the warmth of her soft, warm body in your arms.
  156. >The bright light of Celestia's sun rouses you from a night of fitful slumber, and you wake with empty arms and an empty heart.
  157. >Making your way downstairs, you quickly check the fridge, which is empty of course, before heading to the front.
  158. >Nothing has changed, not even the front door, which you accidentally left open.
  159. >Making your way over to close it, you come face to face with Fluttershy.
  160. >"Oh, good morning Anonymous, is Rarity home?"
  161. >Looking at the ground, you shake your head, and motion for Fluttershy to come inside.
  162. "She left..."
  163. >"Where did she go?" she asks, looking around at all the covered furniture.
  164. "I don't know. I wish I did, so I could go and bring her back."
  165. >Fluttershy looks at you shocked.
  166. >"You mean she didn't tell you where she was going or when she was coming back?"
  167. "No, but I do know why she left."
  168. >"You mean what Dash told Twilight?"
  169. "She WHAT!"
  170. >Startled by your sudden outburst, Fluttershy lets out an "Eeep!" and ducks back, hiding behind her mane.
  171. "What did Dash say to Twilight?"
  172. >"She um... She told Twilight about your... *mumble mumble*"
  173. "You don't have to worry, Flutters, I'm not angry at you or Dash. At least not yet, in her case."
  174. >A pink matching her mane fills her cheeks, and she softly says, "She told her how you last so long you can't cum because you don't want to hurt Rarity."
  175. >Fingertips press into your forehead as you display your disappointment.
  176. "I thought I told Dash to keep it a secret."
  177. >"If it makes you feel better, I didn't tell anyp0ny when I heard it from Rainbow, so somep0ny else must have."
  178. >Kneeling down, you ruffle her mane a bit and smile.
  179. "I know you didn't, Shy, you're too kind to tell Rarity something that you knew might hurt her. Twilight and Applejack are the ones I'd worried about."
  180. >"We should get all the girls together to see if we can start looking for her. I'm sure the Princesses will want to know as well."
  181. >Nodding in agreement, you follow Fluttershy out, making sure to close and lock the door this time.
  182. >Fluttershy seeks out Rainbow, and you pick up Pinkie and Applejack before heading to the Library.
  183. >From the moment all the girls step into the Library, they can tell something’s wrong, and they all turn to you and Fluttershy.
  184. >"What's up, Nonny? Why'dja bring all of us here but Rarity? Ooooh! Is it some kind of party?"
  185. "Rarity left."
  186. >"Why would she leave ya? The two of ya get along better than two apples from the same tree."
  187. >"That's not what he means, Applejack. Rarity left town, but she left her stuff behind," Fluttershy says, speaking up.
  188. >"And she didn't even say goodbye! I oughta give her a good buck upside the head when I see her."
  189. >"Calm down, Applejack," Twilight says laying a hoof on Applejack's shoulder, "I'm sure she had a good reason for what she did."
  190. "Yeah. Somep0ny," you glare at Rainbow, "Let it slip that I never cum when I have sex with her, but apparently she never got all the details."
  191. >Dash raises her hooves in a defensive position, "Hey, I only told Twilight, since I knew she'd kill me if she found out I knew something siencey about you that she didn't."
  192. >"I wouldn't have," Twilight says, before muttering, "I would have only pulled out your feathers until you told me."
  193. >"I'd like to see you try!" Dash retorts, flying up to Twilight's face.
  194. >Grabbing Dash and pulling her back, Applejack does the same with Twilight.
  195. "Calm down, arguing won't get us anywhere right now. We need to focus and figure out where she would go."
  196. >Both let out huffs, before nodding in agreement.
  197. "Alright; now, there are a few things we do know that may help us find her destination."
  198. "First, she believes that I think she is bad in bed, and for the record, she is good."
  199. "She said she was going to find some way to get better, even if it took years."
  200. >Looking around to make sure everyp0ny understood, you continue.
  201. "Second, she promised she would never touch another male..."
  202. >At this point, Dash bursts out laughing, and all eyes glare at her.
  203. >"Dash, This is no time to judge. Sure, Rarity has always been flirty, but she's with Anon now, and I haven't seen her so much as bat an eyelash at another stallion," Twilight says.
  204. >Catching her breath, Dash tries to settle, but seems caught with the giggles.
  205. "There's one more thing, and this one troubles me the most, since it means she is likely headed for somewhere distant."
  206. "She said, while I'm gone, please, find somep0ny else to fill my place."
  207. >The moment these words pass your lips, the air becomes heavy with silence.
  208. "Don't even think about it," you say, seeing the thoughts percolating through their heads, "I am NOT going to even consider having sex, unless it's with Rarity after we find her."
  209. >Dash visibly sighs, and you can see the dissapointment on Twilight.
  210. >Applejack and Fluttershy seem relieved, and Pinkie is, well, Pinkie.
  211. >"Now that we got that settled, I reckon we oughta ask the Princesses what we should do."
  212. "Fluttershy suggested the same thing earlier, and I agree."
  213. >"Alright," Twilight says, some of her usual enthusiasm coming back before calling, "SPIKE!"
  214. >The addressed dragon comes quickly, confusion on his face when he sees the gathering.
  215. >"Spike, I need you to take a letter for Princess Celestia."
  216. >With a salute, he takes out a scroll and quill, and starts writing as Twilight dictates.
  217. >"Dear Princess Celestia,
  218. >"We are sending this letter because Rarity has dissapeared.
  219. >"To be more accurate, she left without telling us much more than she may be gone for a long time."
  220. >"If at all possible, we would like to meet with you personally, and we eagerly await your reply."
  221. >"Sincerely, The Elements of Harmony and Anonymous the Human."
  222. >Rolling it up, he lets out a puff of flame and the letter is whisked away as magical smoke.
  223. >Several tense, silent moments pass, before Spike's cheeks puff up and he spits out a letter.
  224. >Opening it, Twilight calls out, "Looks like we're heading to Canterlot."
  225. ~~~Meanwhile~~~
  226. "There has to be something here..."
  227. >Flipping through another book, you set it on the quickly growing stack.
  228. "The entire Canterlot library, and not a single thing that will help."
  229. "No wonder Twilight moved to Ponyville, all the books here are too straight and narrow for what I need."
  230. >A stray purple curl bounces down in front of your face, and you brush it aside with a hoof.
  231. >Beginning the long process of putting away the books, you let out an exhausted sigh.
  232. "I wonder how many places I will have to go?"
  233. >From your saddlebag, you remove a small scrap of paper, a photo, specifically.
  234. >The edges are a little worn and the colors have started to rub off, yet the memories it brings back are as crisp and clean as the day it was taken.
  235. "Ah, Anonymous, If only I were as gifted as you."
  236. >A quick kiss later, you put the photo back before heading on your way.
  237. "Since there's nothing here, I should look elsewhere."
  238. >Through the streets of Canterlot, you travel; admiring many things in storefronts, but with each temptation, you remind yourself of your quest.
  239. >For once, you are glad your colors are so common, at least here in Canterlot, since it means you are less likely to draw any unwanted attention.
  240. >Pausing a moment to grab lunch at a cafe, you enjoy the warm sunlight out on the patio.
  241. "Ah, if only Anonymous were here, this would be so romantic."
  242. >A giggle from a few tables over draws your attention for a moment, until you see it's a stallion leaning over and snorting air at his mare.
  243. "Ugh, I'm glad Anon is above such crude displays," you mutter under your breath, as the mare giggles from another breath blown into her face.
  244. >While you wait for your order to arrive, you let your mind wander to the times Anonymous had taken you on dates.
  245. >How he'd pull out your chair for you, and push it in after.
  246. >The way he'd always clean your face when you got something on it.
  247. >His insistence to always pay the bill, even if you were the one to ask him out.
  248. >The feeling of his fingers brushing through your mane, or gently playing with an ear as you sat together under the stars.
  249. >A light clink brings you back to reality as your drink and biscuit are delivered.
  250. >"Will there be anything else, Ma'am?"
  251. "No; thank you."
  252. >Passing the waitress the bits, you quickly, but daintily eat your lunch before heading to the station.
  253. >As you purchase your ticket, you catch a glimpse of something tall out of the corner of your eye, but as you turn to look, it's gone.
  254. "I must be imagining things," you say to yourself, taking your ticket and walking to the loading platform.
  255. >"All aboard for Las Pegasus!" a conductor calls out, and you climb aboard.
  256. ~~~Back with Anonymous~~`
  257. >"All aboard for Las Pegasus!" you hear called out behind you as your group exits the station.
  258. "So, how are we getting to the castle, Twilight?" you ask, looking around.
  259. >"Celestia said my brother was going to come and meet us here, but I don't see him anywhere."
  260. >"Maybe he got held up by somethin'," Applejack suggests, looking around with the rest of you.
  261. >After several fruitless minutes of looking around, you turn to Twilight.
  262. "So, should we just start heading there ourselves, or keep waiting?"
  263. >"Why not both? Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie can wait here, while you, Twilight and I head up to the castle on hoof," Dash suggests, drifting around lazily.
  264. >"Ah see no problem with that," Applejack says, and the others nod in agreement.
  265. >Twilight and Rainbow group up around you, and Twilight says, "Alright. We'll see you girls when you get there."
  266. >Dash, impatient as always, starts tugging you by an arm, and the three of you start down the road.
  267. >All along the way, you get a few strange looks, since it's not every day the only human in Equestria visits Canterlot.
  268. >Part of the way to the castle, Dash land on your shoulders, straddling your neck and holding onto your head.
  269. "What are you doing Dash?" you ask, almost not wanting to know the answer.
  270. >"I'm making sure no mares get any ideas. A lot of 'em like exotic things, and you're about as exotic as they come."
  271. "So you're not up there because you're lazy, and want an excuse to rub your body against me?"
  272. >She almost loses her grip, but quickly recovers, "What gave you that idea dude?"
  273. "Oh, I dunno, maybe because you are lazy, and because I feel something wet on my neck."
  274. >"It's hot out and I'm sweaty."
  275. "So, you're telling me you're getting your stinky crotch sweat all over my back and shirt?"
  276. >"Uhhh... yes?"
  277. "Get off," you say, shoving her from her perch.
  278. >Twilight snickers, much to Dash's displeasure.
  279. >"Hey, I know you're just waiting to find some way into his pants. At least I'm trying to help him."
  280. >"I'm trying to help him too. Rarity is our friend too, and just because he is allowed to play around does not mean I'm going to force him into anything. Besides, who do you think got us in to see Celestia?"
  281. "Stop arguing, both of you. I don't care that both of you are trying to get into my pants, since it's not going to happen, and the reason we are getting in to see Celestia is because one of her subjects who is also an Element of Harmony just up and dissapeared."
  282. >This silences them for a while, but all good things must come to an end.
  283. >"So, Twilight, why are you interested in bedding Anon?"
  284. >"Science, of course. He's a unique being in Equestria, so we must document as much as we can about him, and every researcher knows first hoof experience is the most reliable. What about you?"
  285. >"Do you even have to ask? What mare wouldn't want to get rutted silly?"
  286. >"Good point."
  287. >For the rest of the walk, you are stuck with the hungry, undressing eyes of the two mares.
  288. >The looks only lessen as you reach the castle, where you are rushed inside by guards.
  289. >Ushered into a large chamber, you need wait only moments before the others arrive, along with Shining Armor.
  290. >"The Princess will arrive shortly. Is there anything you may need in the meantime?" he asks.
  291. "I'm fine, how about you girls?"
  292. >They all mirror your statement in one way or another, and Shining leaves to alert the Princess.
  293. >Applejack, Pinkie and Fluttershy get only moments to settle in before the door opens, and all rise to bow as Celestia enters.
  294. >Motioning you all up, she takes a seat on a cushion before addressing you.
  295. >"So, as I understand it, Rarity has left Ponyville with no information given to anyp0ny."
  296. "That is partially true, your majesty. Allow me to explain."
  297. "It was last night, just after sundown and she, that is, Rarity had invited me to come out to the lake."
  298. "From the moment I saw her, I knew something was off."
  299. "As best as I can remember, the conversation went like this."
  300. "She started by saying, "Anonymous, you came... for once."
  301. "To which I replied "What? I always come when you want to see me."
  302. "She said something under her breath, but I couldn't make it out
  303. "I asked her about what she said, but she didn't respond till I sat down"
  304. "She grabbed my shoulders  and practically yelled "Why don't you cum for me?!"
  305. "She had a small rant about being too ugly, or being bad in bed and I tried to say no, but she was rather insistent on not letting me talk."
  306. "Afterward, she promised to find a way to improve, as well as abstain until she came back."
  307. "Before she left, she told me to find somep0ny else to take her place till she got back."
  308. "She kissed me, and I instinctively closed my eyes, and while they were closed, there was a crack, and she was gone."
  309. >As you finish, silence fills the room, and you take a moment to look around.
  310. >All manners of emotion are displayed on your friends faces, but the one that interests you the most is Celestia's.
  311. >Pure concern.
  312. >before you can react, she runs over and hugs you.
  313. >"How could Rarity be so cruel, running away from her special somep0ny like that!"
  314. >Awkwardly patting Celestia on the back, you gently pull her away.
  315. "She did it for me, but If I was given the chance to tell her properly, I would have told her not to change a thing."
  316. >Celestia nods before asking, "But what does she want to change?"
  317. >Everyone looks at her confused, until you ask a strange question.
  318. "Princess, what do you know about sex?"
  319. >"Why are you asking something like that of her?" Twilight asks, "Obviously she is very experienced."
  320. >"I don't really know anything about it, since it's not relevant to Alicorns," Celestia replies, and everyp0ny gasps.
  321. "Why not?" you ask, curious as to her answer.
  322. >"We don't reproduce, since we're immortal, and we don't have any of the parts either."
  323. >Turning around, she shows you her perfectly smooth backside.
  324. "May I?" you ask, holding up a hand.
  325. >"Sure, I see no reason why not."
  326. >Reaching out, you start gently feeling around her soft, supple plot while the girls jaws all drop.
  327. >"A... Anon you're... you do realize what you're doing?" Twilight stutters out.
  328. "It soft, softer than Raritys, and a bit more pliable," you comment, giving a light squeeze.
  329. >"Is that a good thing?" Celestia asks, looking back at you with concern.
  330. "It depends on the guy, but I'd say it's good. I can imagine you can sit most places quite comfortably, Princess?"
  331. >"Yes, but I think we are getting distracted," She turns back away, before sitting down, "Now, I believe my question was what Rarity wanted to change about herself?"
  332. "She wanted to change her stamina," you reply, and upon seeing some confusion on Celestia's face, you elaborate, "How long she lasts in the act of sex."
  333. >Celestia nods slowly, likely not fully understanding, but time is of the essence.
  334. "Now, while I would love to give you the proverbial 'the birds and the bees' talk, I want to find Rarity as soon as I can."
  335. >"Of course, how can I help?"
  336. "Can you think of any magical artifacts or places powerful enough to allow somep0ny to physically change themselves."
  337. >"Let me see... There's there's a bell that can summon the dead, but I doubt that is relevant."
  338. "Agreed."
  339. >"There's the Yggdrasil seed, which can cause the growth or death of swaths of plants with a thought."
  340. >"Uh... Princess, could ah bother ya to borrow that seed fer spring next year?"
  341. >"I'm afraid not, Applejack. Its hard for even me to control, so I would never let you risk it yourself."
  342. >"Fair enough, ah just figured ah'd ask."
  343. "Any other artifacts or places, Celestia?"
  344. >"Well, there's the gates of Tartarus and Eternia, but neither of those are easily used, nor do they provide much in the way of power."
  345. >"Anything else... Ah! The Alicorn Amulet!"
  346. >This draws Twilight's attention further, if that was even possible.
  347. >"It enhances a unicorns powers to the level of an Alicorn, but without the restrictions an Alicorn has."
  348. >"Restrictions?" Twilight asks, devotedly focused on her teacher.
  349. >"An Alicorns magic cannot revive the dead, nor can it kill. It cannot physically or mentally change a pony, except under very specific circumstances."
  350. >"There are others, but these are the most relevant ones, so I'm afraid I'm no help with her problem."
  351. >"But a unicorn with the Alicorn amulet could, right?" Twilight asks, "I'm able to physically change a pony; not by much, but I can, so if I had that, I'd be able to do more?"
  352. >Celestia nods, and says, "More than likely, yes. There is a problem though, since the Alicorn amulet has been missing for centuries."
  353. >This puts a damper on everyone's mood but yours, on which it has the opposite effect.
  354. "Who would have access to information about this amulet? Can just anyp0ny find out about it in a library?"
  355. >"Yes, but one would have to know where to look. It is said that the amulet will only appear when somep0ny needs it's power, which is why it rarely surfaces, but when it does, it causes massive changes."
  356. "I doubt wanting to be a better sexual partner is enough to make it come out, so we don't have to worry about that."
  357. >"I wouldn't be so sure, Anonymous," Celestia says, shifting over next to you, "It is often the most selfless of desires that brings out the most powerful magics."
  358. >With this cryptic message, she starts ushering you out of the room.
  359. >"I would advise looking in the main library at Las Pegasus, it contains some of the most recent information on the amulet."
  360. >Sent on your way, the six of you start back towards the train station.
  361. >"Hey, Pinkie, what's up with you, you've been quiet this whole time?" Dash asks the pink mare as you walk through the streets of Canterlot.
  362. >"I just don't know what to do..." she replies with a sigh, "his kind of problem, I've never had before and I don't think a party's going to help."
  363. >"Ah know how ya feel, Pinkie. Ah'm not sure how ah can help either, I ain't much of one for city knowledge, and we're heading to one of the biggest ones in Equestria."
  364. >Rainbow loops around and claps them both on the shoulder, "I'm sure you'll figure out how to help."
  365. >Fluttershy awkwardly scuffs her hoof on the ground, and you reach down and pat her head.
  366. "I'm sure you'll be helpful as well, Fluttershy, you're one of Rarity's best friends."
  367. >"That's right," Twilight adds, "We're all friends, no matter what and friends always help each other."
  368. >With these words of encouragement, your group rushes on to the station.
  369. ~~~Back with Rarity~~~
  370. "As her fluids rushed from her lips, his girth filled her up and released his white hot love."
  371. >Sighing, you close the erotic novel and set it aside.
  372. "If only we were like that."
  373. >Sifting through your stacks of books, you pull out the only one that contained anything relevant.
  374. >While the information it contained seemed useless, It references something that may help.
  375. >Setting all the other books on the return cart, you start searching the shelves for books that may contain information on it.
  376. "Ah, here we are; "Magical Artifacts of Equestria"."
  377. >The musk of old paper assaults your nostrils as you remove it from its resting place.
  378. >Skimming its multitude of aged, yellowed pages, magical artifacts fly by as you search for it.
  379. "Ah, here it is, the Alicorn amulet."
  380. >Reading through the information given, you slowly feel hope rising in your chest.
  381. "If I could find it, with it's power I might be able to make myself last longer."
  382. >Searching for any clues as to where it might be, your hope starts to fall, as it turns out it has been missing for nearly three centuries.
  383. >After copying down a few notes, you close the book with a quiet slam, and set it on the return cart as well.
  384. "As bleak as the prospect may be, I musn't give up hope!"
  385. >Stepping outside, you start for the "darker" side of town, where all the sex shops lie.
  386. "Of course, I shouldn't narrow my options..."
  387. >For the next several hours, you check out all the shops, none of them carrying what you are looking for.
  388. >Night approaches as you get to the last store, a rather... for lack of a better term, kinky, looking shop.
  389. >Like the other stores, a mare stands behind the counter, but this mare is a little different.
  390. >She's sporting a nose ring, as well as pierced ears, all with little chains hanging off of them.
  391. >"Welcome, what kind of fantasy do you need help fulfilling?"
  392. "That's a rather, "unique" greeting," you comment, looking around.
  393. >Nothing catches your eye, but then, you have no idea what the stuff you are looking for may look like.
  394. "I'm looking for stamina enhancing stuff; for mares, specifically."
  395. >The shopkeeper comes around from behind the counter, and you get to see more of her.
  396. >Such as the chain dangling from what you can only assume is her mare parts, or the short cut of her tail.
  397. >"That's quite a strange request; it's always the stallion that lasts longer."
  398. >Looking at the shelfs, she asks, "I hope I'm not offending you, but I'm guessing you have some sort of premature ejaculation problem?"
  399. "When compared to Anon, yeah," you say partly under your breath.
  400. >Reading over a package, she puts it back before continuing on in her search.
  401. >"Anon, huh, that's an unusual name for a pony. Is he a minotaur, maybe?"
  402. "No, but they share a few similarities. He's whats called a human."
  403. >"A human, huh? Never fucked one of those before. They any good?"
  404. >She turns back to you, and your embarrasment must have shown, because her eyes light up and she smiles.
  405. >"That good, huh?"
  406. "Better than you could ever imagine," you whisper, mostly to yourself.
  407. >Having covered most of the shop in her search, the shopkeeper heads over to the bondage section.
  408. >"It looks like we don't have any sort of stamina enhancers for mares, but we do have some nogasm gear."
  409. "Nogasm?"
  410. >"Stuff that's enchanted to stop a pony from orgasming. It's not very popular, but it can be fun. Or so I've heard."
  411. "Thank you, but no thank you. It wouldn't help much, since I would likely still get rutted unconscious."
  412. >Almost immediately after letting this slip, you cover your mouth with a hoof.
  413. >The smile on the shopkeepers face serves only to increase your regret in saying it.
  414. >"He's THAT good!?!? There must be something about him then, isn't there. I bet he's an arrogant, lazy slob, am I right?"
  415. "He is a far better stallion than any mare deserves, myself included. He would be better suited to be married to the princesses, but he chose me," you retort angrily, before covering your mouth again, pink crawling up your cheeks.
  416. >Slowly edging towards the door, you are stopped by a hoof.
  417. >"Hey, could you maybe bring him in some time? I'd love to do a casting, and maybe get a demonstration so I can make a toy that goes like him. I'd be willing to give you a good chunk of the profits."
  418. "As.... fun and lucrative as that may sound, I'm afraid I have to turn down your offer for the time being."
  419. >Gently removing her hoof from your shoulder, you start towards the door again.
  420. >The shopkeeper sighs before saying, "Alright, well the offer stands if you're interested later. Have a nice day."
  421. >Out in the now darkening streets, you head to the hotel you rented out for the night.
  422. >A modest three star place, but good enough to be considered a four star except for its location near the rough side of town.
  423. >Retiring to your room, the bed calls out to you, and you answer, curling up under the blankets, wishing for the familiar warmth of Anonymous wrapped around you.
  424. ~~~Several hours ago, Anon's perspective~~~
  425. >Coming to a slow stop, the train pulls into the Las Pegasus station.
  426. >The doors open and you and the girls file out onto the platform.
  427. "So this is Las Pegasus, huh. Reminds me a bit of Vegas back home, but a fair bit cleaner."
  428. >"Cleaner? How so?" Twilight asks, as she leads everyp0ny to the library.
  429. "Everything kinda, you know, fits better. All the buildings look like they belong next to each other."
  430. >"Interesting, what else is different?"
  431. "This place is a lot more PG."
  432. >Twilight spares a confused glance back at you, and before she can ask, Dash answers, "I remember about that. Those were used to rate movies and stuff."
  433. >"PG was... Parental Guardian, or something like that."
  434. "Parental Guidance, actually, but yeah."
  435. >"So, what was Vegas like?"
  436. "For the most part, it was like most other cities, but in the entertainment district, the signs and buildings were all huge and extravagant, and often a little suggestive or graphic."
  437. >The conversation is halted there, as you arrive at a large library.
  438. >"Here we are. Remember that we are looking for information on the Alicorn amulet, as well as anything Rarity might look for."
  439. >Everyone splits up and starts looking around all over the library.
  440. >Looking over your section, everything is fiction, so after a quick skim, you head for the return carts.
  441. >The first yields nothing, filled with more fiction books and a few non fiction.
  442. >Both the second and third are much the same, filled mainly with history and non fiction respectively.
  443. >Starting into the fourth, you are immediately excited by the first couple titles.
  444. >They read as cheesy romance titles, which you know from looking at some of Rarity's books, means they are thinly veiled porn.
  445. >Along with them, you find a few biology books and and a copy of "Legends of Equestria".
  446. "Twilight, I may have found something."
  447. >The purple mare comes over, Pinkie bouncing along behind her.
  448. >"What did you find?"
  449. "A bunch of erotic books, a few biology books and a copy of this," you hold out the book to her.
  450. >Turning the book over in her telekinetic grasp, Twilight scans the back, before skimming through it.
  451. >"She may have read this," she comments, "It mentions the Alicorn amulet, but it's mostly useless information."
  452. >Turning to Pinkie, she asks, "Can you go tell the others to keep a look out for a copy of "The Artifacts of this Age"? With that, we may have an idea where she is headed."
  453. >"Okie Dokie Twily!" she exclaims before rushing off.
  454. "Should she be running in the library like that?"
  455. >Dismissing it with a wave, Twilight starts reading one of the "romance" books.
  456. "Shouldn't we go help look?"
  457. >Again, you get a dismissive wave so you head to the checkout counter.
  458. >Behind it, a slightly bored, but studious looking mare waits.
  459. "Excuse me, can I ask you a question?"
  460. >"Of course, that's what I'm here for. How can I help you?"
  461. "I was wondering if you had a copy of 'The Artifacts of this Age' available?"
  462. >"Sorry, the only copy we had was just borrowed. If you would like, I can put you in line for it."
  463. "No thank you, I'm not going to be in town long. Thanks anyways."
  464. >Making your way back to Twilight, you see the others gathered around.
  465. >"Did you find anythin' Anonymous?" Applejack asks, looking over.
  466. "Their only copy was just borrowed, so we're going to have to find a copy elsewhere."
  467. >"That's wonderful!" Fluttershy exclaims unusually loudly.
  468. >Everyone turns to her, causing her to hide behind her mane.
  469. >"How so, Shy?" Dash asks.
  470. >"Well, um... If Rarity was the one to take out the book, and it was taken out recently, that means we're close!"
  471. "You're right! Where else could she be if she was here?"
  472. >"I think we should ask if she was the one who borrowed the book before continuing," Twilight comments, the others nodding in agreement.
  473. >Flying over to the front desk, Dash asks, "Hey, can you tell me if the pony who borrowed the artifacts book was a white unicorn?"
  474. >"Sorry, no. The pony who borrowed it was blue, but I do remember a white unicorn coming through here. it was about four hours ago, near the start of my shift."
  475. >Rainbow turns back to the rest of you and says, "It wasn't Rarity, but she might have been here."
  476. >"We're on the right track," Applejack says, "but  if'n we don't know where she's headed next, we may lose the trail here."
  477. >Leaving the library, everyone's minds are working on the point Applejack brought up.
  478. "Without that book, we have no idea where she may be headed."
  479. >"You know what you said earlier, Anon? About how Las Pegasus looked all PG? That isn't exactly all true," Dash says, looking a little bashful.
  480. >"There's a good chance Rarity visited some of the uh... sex gear shops around the city, and we should probably take a look."
  481. >Twilight pulls out a map from you're not going to question where, and she starts marking it.
  482. >"There's a bunch of likely ones, so we should split up if we want to finish before they close."
  483. >Fluttershy steps back nervously, only noticed by you.
  484. "We're going to need someone to get hotel rooms for us as well," you point out, and Twilight nods, "I'd suggest Fluttershy get them, since it's probably less scary for her."
  485. >The others agree, and you see Fluttershy mouth "Thank you".
  486. >After Twilight delegates everyone to a shop, you all split up and head in your own directions.
  487. >Being the largest, you get the shop in the most dangerous part of the city.
  488. >Almost in the moment you first see the shop, you can tell it's not your average sex shop.
  489. >Windows filled with ponyquins wearing leathers and all sorts of toys greet you, and you shake your head and sigh.
  490. "Of all the shops..."
  491. >Pushing open the door and stepping inside, your nose is assailed by a thick, leather and musk smell overlayed with some fake flower and fruit smells on top.
  492. >Nothing very pleasant for your nose.
  493. >At the counter, all you see is a mare's backside with nothing hidden.
  494. >Her short cropped tail is bound up by a small band, and a sparkling chain hangs from what looks like her clit.
  495. "Excuse me, do you think you could help me?"
  496. >The flank dissapears, and is replaced by a face, also sporting several chains.
  497. >"What can I get for... Hey, are you Anon?"
  498. "Uh... yeah, but how did you know?"
  499. >She hops down and comes around the counter, eyes locked on your pants.
  500. >"Your marefriend, a white unicorn, curly purple hair, she stopped by earlier, looking for some female stamina enhancers. We chatted a bit, and the topic turned to you."
  501. >As she advances, you back away slowly.
  502. "Did she mention where she was heading next?"
  503. >"No, but she told me how you fuck her unconcious all the time, and how you last forever."
  504. "Not to burst your bubble, but I don't last forever, just thirty minutes or so."
  505. >From the moment these words leave your lips, you regret them, as you hear a few drips of liquid hitting the floor.
  506. >Backed up against a shelf, she keeps stepping forward.
  507. >"She also said she would consider a molding and demonstration, since a toy with even half your skill would sell like hotcakes in the middle of winter, but..."
  508. >Her nose brushes your crotch as it rises to look straight up at you, her chest pressing on your legs.
  509. >"...I'd rather have first hoof experience."
  510. >Grabbing a chain attached to an ear, you tug up.
  511. "Now listen; I'm not now, nor am I ever in the foreseeable future going to have sex with anyone but my marefriend."
  512. >Rearing up and leaning forward, she starts rubbing against you and says, "I can be your marefriend for tonight."
  513. >Shoving her back, you step to the side and start scanning the shelves.
  514. "I'm going to ignore what you just said, and find the other thing I came here for."
  515. >The shopkeeper sighs and nods, before taking her place behind the counter.
  516. >It takes a while, but you find a bottle that will work for what you want.
  517. >Paying for it, you quickly leave the shop and head through the darkness towards the hotel.
  518. >The others are already there and waiting as you get to the room.
  519. >"Hey Nonny! Didja find anything?" Pinkie asks, jumping onto your chest and clinging there.
  520. "Just that she was there, nothing else."
  521. >"We found the same thing," Twilight adds, pulling out her map, "According to all the info we got, she followed this path, approximately."
  522. >"Yers was the last stop, but ah guess you got nothing 'bout her next destination."
  523. "Nope, but more than likely, she hasn't left the city, so if we can beat her to the train station, we can catch her."
  524. >"Alright everyp0ny, lets hit the hay, and we'll be all bright eyed and bushy tailed and ready fer the mornin'."
  525. >Spitting into their respective rooms, Applejack with Dash, Pinkie with Twilight and you with Fluttershy.
  526. >Despite her insistence to give you the bed, after picking her up and firmly planting her she relents only enough to share the bed.
  527. >Sharing the bed goes only so far as her lying with her back to you, and you with your back to her.
  528. >Even so, you find yourself turned over and holding Fluttershy close when you are woken by Applejack.
  529. >She's too embarrassed to say anything about it, and you apologize several times.
  530. >Applejack, the honest mare she is, promised not to say anything about it to the others after hearing your appologies.
  531. >Half an hour before the sun is set to rise, you and your friends are at the station, spread out to cover all the entrances.
  532. >Twilight has managed to set up a short range communication spell for the time, and as you take up position, you sound off.
  533. "Anon here, I'm at the north gate."
  534. >"South entrance is clear," Fluttershy's voice comes through.
  535. >"All clear over here," Applejack reports.
  536. >"I'm good as well," Twilight adds in.
  537. >"Just in time too," Dash sends, "Looks like the morning rush is coming."
  538. >Ponies by the dozen start to pass; countless colors and cutie marks filling your vision, but not a single match for Rarity.
  539. "No sign yet, any of you getting anything?"
  540. >All of the girls reply all clear and at first it seems like Rarity isn't going to appear this morning, until...
  541. >Pinkies frantic voice comes through the spell, calling out for you.
  542. >"Nonny! I see her! I'm close to the south-east entrance, by the bakery!"
  543. >Your heart skips a beat, and you immediately stand and start running.
  544. "I'm on my way Pinkie!"
  545. >Sliding through the crowds, you make your way down the station to where Pinkie is; your heart pounding like a drum with each step.
  546. >Reaching the south-east entrance, you see the poofy pink mane of Pinkie bouncing in the distance, and you make your way over.
  547. >Getting closer, she spots you and rears up, pointing rapidly with her hooves towards a bakery.
  548. >Following her directions, you slow down as you approach the building, Pinkies voice speaking into your mind via the spell.
  549. >"She just went inside, so if you wait out here, you can catch her. Dashie is waiting at the back, just in case."
  550. "Alright. Thanks for helping; all of you."
  551. >"Good luck Nonny. Pinkie, out."
  552. >Sitting down next to the store, you wait and watch the entrance.
  553. >Every second feels like eternity, your pulse pounding in your head, despite the ambient noise.
  554. >After a minute that feels like forever, you see her exit the shop, attention focused on a danish being levitated in front of her.
  555. >She passes, completely unaware of your presence, and you reach out and take hold of her soft, purple tail.
  556. >As it starts to tug, she stops and turns, saying, "Excuse me, but thats my tai..." seeing you, her danish drops to the ground and she exclaims, "Anon!"
  557. "In the flesh," you reply, letting go of her tail, and grabbing hold of her sides.
  558. >"Wh... what are you doing here?"
  559. "I came to get you and bring you back."
  560. >Squirming in your grip, she tries to back away, "But I thought I told you to stay and live your life."
  561. "I would have, but I was missing the most important part..."
  562. >Confusion flickers momentarily on her face, before being quelled as you pick her up and claim her lips with your own.
  563. >Your heart soars as your lips meet, sparks dancing down your spine, and you can see the same happening to her, before you pull back.
  564. "... You. Now, are you going to come back of your own free will, or will I have to carry you back and, " leaning in, you whisper into her ear, "repeat last Friday until you stay?"
  565. >Licking her lips, she replies in whispers, "I'm tempted to resist."
  566. >Spinning her around, you pull her into your lap and wrap around her in a tight hug.
  567. "I missed you, even thought it was only a few days..."
  568. >"So did I, but I left for you. I wanted to make you happier."
  569. "I'm always at my happiest when I'm with you," you say, kissing her curly mane, right behind her horn.
  570. >She leans back, her horn brushing your lips before her own meet yours.
  571. >"I'll be sure to remember that."
  572. >Picking her up, you rise and hold her against your chest, one hand supporting her rear, the other behind her back.
  573. "Let's gather the girls and head home."
  574. >"The others came? Why?"
  575. "You're their friend, and you left without a goodbye. Of course they'd be worried."
  576. >She looks into your eyes and smiles before resting her head on your neck.
  577. >"I suppose you're right..."
  578. ~~~Back home, Rarity Pov~~~
  579. >Ever the gentlecolt, Anonymous carries you inside in his strong, comforting arms, closing the door behind you.
  580. "What shall we do now, Darling?" you ask, nuzzling against him.
  581. >"I have the feeling you already know," he answers, swiftly carrying you through your house and to your bedroom.
  582. "A girl can fantasize, can't she?"
  583. >"With me, why would you need to?" he asks, nipping at your neck and massaging your flank.
  584. >You can feel his foreplay working like it always does, and like usual, you start to play back.
  585. >Tugging at his clothing with magic when you can focus, kissing and nuzzling when you can't.
  586. >Before you know it, he has you on your back on the bed, and he has striped down to his boxers.
  587. >"Can you wait a moment? I picked up something that should make tonight, and tomorrow, special."
  588. "Oh? just what kind of something?"
  589. >Reaching out, he lowers your eyelids and whispers, "It's a surprise."
  590. "Well, don't take too long, Darling. It isn't polite to keep a lady waiting."
  591. >His fingers play a moment under your chin, making you moan involuntarily, before he steps back.
  592. "I won't."
  593. >His presence moves back, and you can hear some sounds, but nothing distinguishable.
  594. >He returns, the familiar sense of his body over yours appearing, and you feel another familiar sensation.
  595. >With seemingly no effort, his rod penetrates your folds, sliding in to the hilt.
  596. "Ahn!! What did y..." you are cut short as he lifts you up and starts thrusting.
  597. >Wrapping your hooves around his neck, you cling tight as he starts his amazing assault on your sensitive parts.
  598. >As usual, you can retain consciousness for moments after you maregasm, and though you don't know it, tonight something is different.
  599. >Hours later, you feel yourself rousing, held tight in Anonymous's arms.
  600. >"Mornin' Rare, hope you can find your surprise," he says, letting you go.
  601. >Wiping the sleep from your eyes, you look around the room, and see nothing of interest but Anon's warm smile.
  602. >Starting to move, your coat feels a little sweaty, which is extremely unusual, since Anon always cleans you both up after sex.
  603. >Taking your first step towards the edge of the bed, you feel something leak slowly down your inner thigh.
  604. >Reaching a hoof back, you touch it and bring some to your face.
  605. >There isn't much visible, but it's slightly sticky, fairly musky and as white as your coat.
  606. "Is this...?"
  607. >Anon's arms wrap around you again, pulling you back so you are sitting in his lap, rear legs spread out.
  608. >One hand holds you in place, while the other traces up your leg and around your vagina, your body shuddering at his touch.
  609. >"It is. I decided to take your advice and just fuck you till I came, but I made sure to use a long lasting lubricant."
  610. >"And now, you can't complain about me never cumming inside you."
  611. >Snuggling against his chest, you let out a soft sigh.
  612. "I suppose not, but you shouldn't do it all the time, since I do like to wake up clean."
  613. >"Then let's have a shower before heading back to bed," he suggests, turning you around.
  614. >Smiling and nodding, you wrap your hooves around his neck and hold on as he rises and starts towards the bathroom.
  615. >Turning on the water, he sets you down under the falling water, and strips down from the nightclothes he was wearing.
  616. >With your eyes closed, you let the water run over your face and mane, and Anon steps into the tub behind you.
  617. >"You know," he says, kneeling down and running a hand along your back, "we've never done it in the shower."
  618. >As his finishes his statement, you feel his hand grab your flank, thumb running up and down along your slit.
  619. "I guess I do owe you a little something special, after what I did."
  620. >"You owe me a lot of something specials after what you did, but I'd rather they were all consensual."
  621. >There is a sudden pressure on your little black hole, and you stifle a gasp.
  622. "If you're careful, I have no objections to anything you want to try," you say, shaking the water from your eyes and looking back at him.
  623. >"I'm glad you feel that way," he says, the pressure rising before it vanishes with a pop and his thumb enters your darkest depths, "since that means you're not going to be spending much time awake over the next few days."
  624. "I can hardly wait," you reply, biting your lower lip and fluttering your long eyelashes.
  625. >He pulls his thumb out, and you mentaly prepare yourself for the best time of your life.
  626. ~~~The End~~~
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