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Greed: A deadly sin

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Nov 3rd, 2012
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  1. The light shined on me
  2. I was the only one that mattered
  3. No one would care about the others
  4. Then I stumbled
  6. My voice cracked, my pride broke
  7. They rushed me off the stage
  8. I sulked in shame
  9. Then the plan shaped
  11. They replaced me with new actors
  12. They said they were better
  13. I take pity on the new ones
  14. They won't see the stage for long
  16. The people came and went
  17. Leaving flowers and cards
  18. The most valuable gift by far
  19. Was the kitchen knife by the door
  21. I must have the spotlight
  22. I must have the fans
  23. I must have the music
  24. I must have the attention
  26. That night I snuck out
  27. I escaped my prison
  28. As I approached the actor
  29. His eyes widened in surprise
  31. The next night, they awoke to nothing
  32. Just me on the stage
  33. The spotlight on me
  34. I was the star
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