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  42. To buy points: -First register on Addmefast -Open your account -Go to Buy points Almost finished If you would like some help or just want to say thanks, comment below and we will get back to you. Cheers  Reply ↓ vignesh April 14, 2015 how much time will it take 2 like my profile pic??!! plz reply ASAP Reply ↓ Hackstories Post authorJuly 24, 2015 2 min Reply ↓ touseef April 17, 2015 my addmefast account has banned my how i add my old page in new account he says this URL is already exist plz help plz msg me Reply ↓ ten ho April 19, 2015 Cant register on  dont receive confirmation email. 5.Now make a status the one you want likes on or if you want it on a previous one then it dont mater . Click here to be counted Community Q&A Search Add New Question How can I post photos that get more likes? wikiHow Contributor Many of these tips work for photos as well as general statuses. And impatient. iMacros(click on it to download) is such an add on.It helps automate tasks on Firefox. Say that you notice the page of a big brand or business is constantly getting comments from their fans asking for help or advice about their products, but no one ever responds to these queries. According to an analysis done by KissMetrics, posting 1 -2 times a day increases other Facebook users' engagement by 40%.[1] 2 Post more photos and videos. It's a win-win situation! If you really don't know the other person all that well, you should be somewhat scrupulous in the posts you choose to like. If your business is hosting or taking part in an event, why not take a photographer along to take pictures of those in attendance. Copyright 2016 . For example, if your friend Jessica liked your status and you sent Jessica the number 17 in a private message, you might comment "17 - One of the craziest people I've ever met - so fun to be around!" This way, Jessica will know you're talking about her, but nobody else will! Do the same for every person who liked your status.once enough people catch on to what you're doing, they'll want a piece of the action! A word of advice though - keep your "opinions" upbeat and complimentary, nobody wants to be insulted on Facebook, even if it's anonymous! Another, similar option is to post a status that says "Like for an H.O" (or just ho). If youre into hackstories, sign up for the hackstories email list and well send you the new posts right when they come out. Finding the Script As script could be easily added to iMacros so i found a script in wild that would easily help me in the task of automating the process of liking posts on Facebook with my Fake Facebook id through addmefast. It doesnt want you to get points so easily. or copy the code in notepad and save as utf8 and save as .js so its javascript Place this in your header section, right below var interval; $(function() { interval=setInterval("updateActiveElement();", 50); }); function updateActiveElement() { if ( $(document.activeElement).attr('id')=="fbframe" ) { clearInterval(interval); iflag=1; } } Insert this into your footer section right before Make sure to change this code to reflect YOUR site url. If you're trying to get a new page off the ground, the first thing you should do is invite all of your current Facebook friends to like the page. Recent Posts:. You could also ask people to post their stories on your Facebook page, where the best story wins. This will encourage people to share the post with other job seekers and keep them coming back to your page for more updates. I had planned tousethis fake id to like Facebook posts on a massive level and i didnt want my original Facebook id spammed by liking useless Facebook stuff. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy. For example, you should avoid liking a post that says something like "Just broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months - happy to be single again!" If you're barely acquaintances with this person, or if you happen to be friends with their boyfriend, it will seem weird if you like it. You are closing the popUp too fast. You could also encourage them to invite their own friends to like the page - even if only a couple of people actually do, it will increase the page's exposure exponentially. For example, asking people whether a certain picture "makes you look fat" is a definite no-no, while asking people for an explanation of how to make a PowerPoint presentation is just lazy. Firefox Add on-iMacros Add on are things that are added to your browser to increase its functionality and give it powers that originally didnt existed. You want the contest to get them to 'Like' your page, but you also want them to remain interested in what you have to say. i-tried-all-u-said Reply ↓ Emma July 26, 2016 Cant get likes on my page. Look for and replace with YOURS. even after hours of run, the points that i have scored are same as the start. 202.. It works. [2] For example, if you run a hair salon and you notice that fans of another local salon are always posting comments on that page looking for advice on how to achieve a certain hair style or recommendations on the best hair care products to use, but no one ever replies to them, you can take matters into your own hands and reply to those customers' comments and even advise them to like your page, as you regularly provide such helpful information.You can offer them a discount to like your page.Consumers love discounts. Try to post things that people will want to share with their friends, such as photos, videos, contests and relevant articles. If you post things at unsociable hours, such as late at night or on a weekday afternoon, you may be disappointed by the number of likes your post receives. 9.Now go back to the LikeLo page and paste your access token into the box on left of submit then you need to click submit example below. Whether you're just trying to get more likes on your personal statuses, or attempting to promote your business online, this handy guide will help you to successfully navigate the finicky world of Facebook likes. Buying Facebook likes is a proven method of increasing the number of people who check out your page. Reply ↓ divyansh December 20, 2016 checkAvailableAds.contains is not a function, line 163 (Error code: -991) this error always appears whenever i run the script how to solve it? Reply ↓ divyansh December 20, 2016 for multipurpose error please install imacros 8.9.7 or lower Reply ↓ Frank December 24, 2016 MultiProcess Error has been removed by Divyanshs comment  5a02188284
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