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  1. Heya all
  3. Life has been pretty much taking over in the strangest ways possible and its kept me pretty busy! I had a job working as a Medical Receptionist from November to February but unfortunately I was let go because "the pace of the environment was too fast for me," and that was a huge drop in my self-esteem but I'm doing okay now, just back to job searching.
  4. I watched The Office for the first time and it's possibly my new favourite show of all time.
  5. I also watched The OC, I want me a Seth he's a real snacc
  7. I went on a tinder date a number of weeks ago and thats goin real well he hella cute (even tho he hates bein called cute) but still!!!!! we hung out Wednesday night and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine and that was rad
  9. Haven't spent too much time on twitch as of late but slowly catching up wid my dudess and just spending time on discord n whatnot.
  11. That's all
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