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  1. Arbie:
  2. Cuck
  4. dex:
  5. so what if im a cuck
  6. im not a pure cuck
  7. i have sex
  8. i even have anal sex
  9. sometimes i get the cuck urge
  10. its not 24/7
  11. its not even once per month
  12. maybe once or twice yearly
  13. just because i sometimes get a fetish to do a weird thing
  14. doesn't mean you should be
  15. kinkshaming me
  16. what have you ever done other than sit in your chair and make fun of the progress the new generations have made over time in the areas of sexual achievement and exploration, in the conquer of adventure and experience, for the materialization of a life story as a principled member of the youth movement
  17. i mean you can sit at your computer all day and start you best videogames from 1999 polls and shedding a tear for every single one you see being a throwback to your good old days and then when confronted with something new, something modern, such as the concept of cuckolding, your brain faces imminent threat and the only thing you can do, instead of embracing this phenomenon, is rejectively just type 'Cuck'.
  18. well ok
  19. but i've got two words for u
  20. you know what they are and i'm going to be merciful and not type them here because i do not want you to feel the sudden thrusting pain spiking through your whole body that you do experience every time you see those 2 words together reminding you of how your time is over, how you're past, you're literally history. i mean there is literally a spot of you in the chain of progression but it is not at the top. for at the top sit us, the enlightened participants of the new generation, with the widest horizons, such as the cuckolding horizon, being within our grasp. that is something you cannot understand and you never will. there was a time when you could, but this is not that time. just accept the fact that the world is moving forward and voluntary cuckolding is part of the future ahead. or sit and laugh in pure ignorance all you want, completely and monotonously representing the stereotype of your kind, boomer.
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