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  1. "Good day everyone of the Afterlife. I'll try not to waste too much of your time. First off, an introduction is in order. You may be wondering who this voice you're randomly hearing belongs to. Some of you may already recognize this voice and for the ones that don't know of me then allow for my to introduce myself. I am Myuki Runia, the Northern Cardinal of Heaven and it is a pleasure to informally meet you. Now......*shuffles some papers* Ah hear we go. Let's be honest....Things have been rather crazy for us in Heaven and Hell. Civil wars.....Thievery....Do I need to continue? I didn't think so. With that in mind my dear friends I come to you to offer some source of excitement and motivation to better yourself. In three years, I will be holding a tournament for all those interested in fighting for thee grand prize. What's the prize you say? Well the Runner up will be given the option to choose between 100 million mana and resources but the grand prize? Hahahahaha! You'll have to come out to find out what that is. *Airi, Shinichi & Ariel starts yelling in background* Hey Hey! You three calm down.... Why you need to know anyway? You can't even beat Pinako yet.....Let alone your mother.... Now...Back to business shall we? Before I was rudely interrupted *side eyes his three stooges* The second runner up will also receive a whooping 60 million mana and resources. Pick which one of course. Oh don't like that? Should've won one more fight. You have three years to prepare for the tournament. If you feel like you have been slacking in your training lately *coughs*Bizcocho*coughs* Then I would advise that you step on your gas pedal as the Afterlife is filled with many talented Beings. *shuffles through papers* Hmmm... If my old age isn't getting to me yet then I believe that's about it....Wait.....Father time is calling...I forgot to inform you of the location of the arena. It will be held at the Southern Planet. Hmmm.....Oh Rules....*facepalms*
  2. Well first and most importantly. No Killing. Second......I think that's really it....I'll inform you as more rules come up. Old age I tell you...Oh! I must inform you....this is a two part tournament where the first part will be your standard tournament. One versus one style. The second part however...This will be a tag team battle. There's a twist however. You don't choose your partner. Your match up in the first round of the first part of the tournament will be your partner for the second part.....Hmm.....*shuffles 3 papers* I know I'm missing something......Oh yeah! There will be a scoring system based on whether you lost or won in the first part and for the second part you will be scored on your number of Knock outs. Ahh that's all for now so train hard for the next three years as I hope for a very exciting event. So you soon my friends."
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