In The Office - TG - Part 2

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  1. I returned to the children and smiled to all of them, looking around at all of them, sighing. “It looks like most of you children are troublemakers,” I mumbled to myself. “Well! It may be an hour early, but how about we start heading to the lunchroom?” The kids cheered and began to run down the hall towards the restroom. I nonchalantly grabbed the neck of one of the children, who happened to be a rather tall boy. He looked back at me and then struggled to run away.
  3. “Mister Caldwell! I’m hungry!” He struggled some more, obviously not knowing what I had in store for him. I pulled him into an empty room and instructed him to sit down in the chair. He did as told and began to pout because he wasn’t getting any food.
  5. “Don’t worry, you will get some food soon enough. Now, before I let you go, may I ask you what your name is?”
  7. “Danny, now can I leave?”
  9. “Sure, but first, let me show you something.” I waved my hand, setting my magic upon him to do it's work.
  11. Danny looked at me with a confused expression, but that looked quickly changed to one of shock as he suddenly noticed that to that he had grown around a couple of feet and was not stoping, as he was now around five feet. It then changed to terror as his lips puffed up and were pressed together as ruby red lipstick covered them. He tried to get up, but couldn’t, as it was as if he was glued to the chair he was on. His hair become longer and it changed to a light brown color, styling itself into a wavy shoulder-length cut, his eyes widening as he felt it. His hands then quickly moved towards his crotch, where his member and testes were now retracting into his body.
  13. Her lipstick finally let her lips spread apart and she let out a silent scream as her boyhood changed, and her hands had now become petite and her legs were now smooth. Her shoes now no longer fit her and had been replaced by black high heels. Then, her jeans ripped apart as her hips widened and her buttocks bloated out, exposing the panties that had replaced her boxers. The inflation of her new behind caused it to detach from the chair and she jumped up with a gasp as she realized that her voice had returned. "What are you doing to me!" she said as a green pencil skirt started to form from what was left of her jeans, tightly wrapping around her new bottom.
  15. “I have been needing a new staff, and I think you would be a perfect fit for it." I said, noticing she had now become about six feet tall, perfect for her new height. I also saw that despite the defiant look she gave, the pantyhose that began to stretch up her long legs seemed to be starting to relax her. "Joining up might also do you some personal good as well."
  17. "You can't do this! I have-" She was cut off as her T-shirt ripped apart, buttons forming on the edge of the rips as they buttoned themselves, the shirt's fabric then changed to a lighter fabric and the color shifting from yellow to blue. Her chest began to feel like it was swelling up, which wasn't wrong as breasts started to grow, doing so until she now had two D-cup size breasts. A bra formed around them, and she let out a deep sigh and put her hand on her head, seeming overwhelmed, as a silver necklace appeared around her neck.
  19. "Is something wrong Danielle?" I said, "You left your work in the break room, which is unlike you." I then handed her a folder of papers, which she instinctively took as she shook her head.
  21. "I'm sorry boss, I've had a bit of a bad morning." The newly named Danielle said, shaking her head like she was trying to get rid of something. "I just feel like something is a bit off."
  23. "That's alright, just make sure you don't focus to long on it." I told her "We're all not just the only one's in the place right now today , so we should set a good example."
  25. She had a look of confusion, before it changed to recognition "Oh, right! The kids from Baxter's Elementary are here today!" She put the folder I had given her under her arm "I'll get started on this right now, Mister Caldwell. Call me if you need any help with the kids." She then waved goodbye and walked out of the room.
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