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  1. [18:39] She was pulled away from the girl before she could cause more damage than she already had, Keitaro trying to calm the situation down while both Yasuyoshi and Elyon approached her from the other side. While she saw none of their expression or the one that her opponent wore she could easily tell that there was a lot of tension in the air. The rage that the latter fell was quite obvious to her, as were Elyon's disappointment and Keitaro's best attempt at 'scolding' her. Yasuyoshi on the other hand came out like an asshole who was more afraid of the Shogun's reach than he was willing to do the right thing.
  3. And finally Tobias. The one who'd try to redeem himself and live up to Rindou's unreal, pain-fueled expectations of a friend. Thus far he really had done everything right. Still, that... jealousy of the divine blood she believed pumped through Anastacia's veins was the source of it all.
  5. "I'm sure you'll force your will down people's throat, just like that man." She responded to the blonde's threat, still spitting venom before facing vaguely in both Elyon and Yasuyoshi's direction, feeling as if Keitaro needed not to be addressed after he had played the part of pulling her off.
  7. "She stepped onto me. Unlike Kabu I didn't submit to that kind of treatment. If you think that her being related to the Shogun gives any right to treat everyone like trash, then you may as well go back in Huangzhou to help him beat his wife or kill more of his allies."
  9. She really did not like that man, openly so, too.
  11. "Tobias can fix her; We wouldn't want her to look the way she is deep down, yeah?"
  13. This was far from kind, respectful, or even understanding.
  15. .. Yet Rindou's glow was still present. Dim, but present. Even despite her blindness— what gives?
  16. (Rindou Sakamoto)
  17. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. [18:41] Logan says, "Sorry, I dozed of when you asked the question."
  20. [18:41] Logan says, "I'm up for the small bout if you want."
  21. [18:42] Sylalias says, "Ah.."
  22. [18:42] Sylalias says, "Sylalias would not mind."
  23. [18:42] Sylalias says, "Square getting crowded."
  24. [18:48] Daius finds himself heading towards the eastern side of the square. In truth, Gehenna still wasn't really a place he would call home. Instead, it just seemed like the only place in the world he really fitted in at all, and even then-- He didn't really fit well.
  26. It was safe to say the Invidia was in a crossroads of his own, trying to figure out what he can do, and where his life will take him in the coming months. He knows, that it is extremely important for him to rebuild his Virtus, and un-tarnish his legacy.
  28. Something which was far easier said than done. Still, he needed to keep striving for Titanhood. Until then, he wouldn't be at all satisfied.
  30. "Hmh.. This should be interestin'."
  31. (Daius Invidia)
  32. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. [18:48] Logan asks, "Hey, guy wish to spar again?"
  35. [18:49] Daius Invidia says, "Not really."
  36. [18:49] Daius Invidia says, "Just watchin' for now."
  37. [18:49] Logan says, "Suit yourself."
  38. [18:49] Sylalias exclaims, "I do!"
  39. [18:49] Saki Oshikawa says, "I'll fight."
  40. [18:49] Ursha says, "I'll spar you..wait"
  41. [18:50] Ursha asks, "Who's going?"
  42. [18:50] Saki Oshikawa says, "You can go."
  43. [18:51] Daius Invidia says, "Say, pink."
  44. [18:52] Saki Oshikawa says, "Saki."
  45. [18:52] Daius Invidia says, "Think ya can give me an opinion on sommets."
  46. [18:52] Saki Oshikawa says, "Sure."
  47. [18:52] Daius Invidia says, "I don't drink-- Thanks for the offer tho."
  48. [18:53] With the simple formalities over and done with, it was finally time for Daius to speak to the girl. It was going to be interesting what she had to say, more so he was curious exactly how she was going to help him. It was unlikely that she'd have the applied knowledge to really know what she was talking about.
  50. However, the last time this seemed to work out. Sometimes it's just a second opinion which is needed; even if it's not the case, it could be the spark to the idea which leads the Invidia to what he wishes to achieve.
  52. "Ya know an awful lot about mana and stuff?"
  53. (Daius Invidia)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. [18:58] Her eyes still darted on the fields of the people fighting. However a man with quite the figure approached her and asked if she knew about mana. She tilted her head at his question giving him a slight glance.
  58. Mmm...I guess I'm pretty decent with mana since I know how to use Ifrit's Claw....though what do you need help with?"
  60. She said quite curiously while she took a bottle of sake and started to sip at it very slowly enjoying the taste.
  61. (Saki Oshikawa)
  62. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  64. [18:59] Sylalias says, "Good match."
  65. [18:59] Logan says, "I'll have a go with you Ursha."
  66. [18:59] Sylalias says, "No no."
  67. [18:59] Sylalias says, "Once more."
  68. [18:59] Ursha says, "I don't mind going again."
  69. [19:00] Sylalias says, "Not every day. Sylalias fights her weakness."
  70. [19:00] Ursha says, "Oh..."
  71. [19:00] Ursha exclaims, "Fire!"
  72. [19:00] Ursha exclaims, "PYRO!"
  73. [19:00] Sylalias exclaims, "Mmhm!"
  74. [19:04] Sylalias says, "Ah."
  75. [19:04] The fact the girl had something about her, in her skillset was a good sign in Daius' eyes. He wasn't speaking to a basic magi, at the very least. Which was something that brought him an awful lot of happiness. Although, that wouldn't be present on his facial features, as his ocean blue eyes peered through their visor towards the woman many years his junior.
  77. Daius, had been through a lot in his life. Far more than one probably should have-- And still be alive. Although with that, came experience. This lead him to understand that sometimes, for you to achieve what you want to off your own back. You sometimes need inspiration from others, even if it's just a nudge in the right direction.
  79. Something which he hoped this conversation would result in. However, with people around here-- It was hard to tell which ones were actually worth the oxygen it took to converse with.
  81. "Well, Mana wise. My pool is larger thanmost, by a long way. Furthermore, its thicker. Kinda like my skin." he'd state plainly. Clashing his metallic hands together.
  83. "Basically, I've been learnin' my deceased cousin's callin' card. He called it Giant Form. Think the names a bit silly, but yeah-- Think I'll probably call it Titan Form. Anyways, I've had mixed success enlargin' my arm and hands. However, I seem to struggle to go any further than that-- Namely increasin' the size of the parts that contain vital organs. Ya got any idea how I get past that?" he'd quiz. The rugged voice of Daius, was awfully softer when speaking to this female.
  84. (Daius Invidia)
  85. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  87. [19:10] Logan asks, "My go?"
  88. [19:12] Still pressing her lips against the bottle of sake while she listen to the man talk it out. Pulling the bottle away from her lips he had caught her attention for a brief moment hearing the words giant form which reminded her of that last expedition she went on inside the lab of Sor's undead guards and beast. Just the thought of that sent a chill down her spine.
  90. "Giant form...I've heard of it...I've seen it too even fought against some pirate cyclops that I robbed a long time ago on a journey with some other friends...Other than that though...the problem seems that you have trouble focusing you're mana into a single arm to enlarge it?" She put a hand on her chin she hadn't really though of ways to use mana like that.
  92. "Sorry to say that's most likely beyond my control...though I'm currently training to use and transfer a large amount of mana into one arm for a certain technique as if a solution to that problem I'll let you know.
  94. She shrugged at it thought it'd probably take some time to master her own move she was working on.
  95. (Saki Oshikawa)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [19:16] Sebastion looking onward and over as he noticed some people fighting over by the field. His light blue hued eyes staring at them closely as he noticed one was the other boy he met earlier, Ursha.
  100. Sebastion stepped closer as he now stood on the tilled ground close to the others. His feet pressing into the ground slightly as he leaned forward. The boy was obviously young, but he did not yet speak to anyone in the vicinity. The boy was cautious and simply watched and listened as he knew he had much to learn from the world around him.
  102. Sebastion's arms raising up behind his head as he intertwined his fingers holding the back of his head. His face absent of any emotion as he heard the two not fighting speaking between themselves. His feet parting the ground below slightly. His fur collared jacket surrounding most of the boy's neck. His legs wearing thick pants as it looked as he had been in some winter environment lately.
  104. His eyes lookinh at the battle before momentarily looking over to Daius and Saki. A respectful nod to them both as his light blue eyes met them. The boy now turning back to the fights as he stood stoic.
  105. (Sebastion)
  106. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  108. [19:17] "Ya seem ta have misunderstood me. I can already enlarge my hands and arms. Pretty much at will now. It's more the area's which are containin' my vital organs. Like my chest, and head-- And stuff like that. Having difficulty actually causing the enlarging process." He'd explain further.
  110. It was rather funny, the manliest man around. Admitting to having issues making parts of his body enlarge, wasn't something he ever imagined. Although fortunately for Daius, this was only regions of his body which aren't supposed to enlarge. Usually.
  112. "Ya see, I needa learn this technique fully for two reasons. To remember my cousin; Asbel but more importantly, to take my final steps into Titanhood. Devoted my whole life to it. Gotta get there soon, after all." The Invidia spoke, passionately as he made eye contact with the Saki.
  114. "Hopefully now ya understand what I need help with-- Ya got a good suggestion."
  116. (Daius Invidia)
  117. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  119. [19:22] Logan says, "Good spar's Ursha."
  120. [19:22] Ursha says, "Yeah."
  121. [19:24] Having the abilty to enlarge body parts was actually quite interesting for Saki but if since he needed a suggestion she would give him one. Before that she would lift the bottle of Sake for a quick sip.
  123. "I see,I see well if ya' havin' trouble with the enlarging process it seems like you have trouble keeping a consistent flow of mana through you're circuits yes?"
  125. If he was able to enlarge his hands and what not that must have been his problem. "Learning to remember you're cousin hm? How's tha' work...though I'm sure you'll reach you're Titanhood soon enough."
  126. (Saki Oshikawa)
  127. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  129. [19:31] Listenin' to the words of the now apparent alcoholic, the Invidia's eyes seemed unwavering. Clearly he was interested in what she had to say, regardless of whether she was an alcoholic or not. Clearly he believed everyone could have some value to him, and would be capable of helping him get closer towards what he is striving for.
  131. Which is of course, all that Daius cares about at this current point in time. He was never really a family man, even his cousin's and siblings didn't really mean an awful lot to him. Their deaths, simply tarnished his Virtus. If anything, they were a hinderance.
  133. Yet-- He still found himself striving towards learning his cousin's calling card. Not really to remember him, the actual reason was that the Invidia saw the power which it bestowed upon his cousin-- And believed it his final step.
  135. "Maybe ya right. Perhaps I'm hinderin' myself, bein' to cautious. Cause there's a lot of risk there, perhaps I'm stoppin' myself from actually doin' it, when i'm more than capable. Hmm.." he'd mumble along with the words of Saki.
  136. (Daius Invidia)
  137. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  139. [19:39] She saw his determination to learn as he seemed quite egar to know how to unleash himself to his fullest potential. She found the man quite admiring seeing he wanted to evolve which reminded her of Zariel a man that was looking to always get stronger, the man that almost turned himself into an Accursed with help of Sors.
  141. Saki gave the man a drunken smile as she lifted the bottle up to finish off the rest gulping it straight down. Letting out a large sigh of relief she patted the man on his shoulder armor plate.
  143. "Glad I was able ta help then now that ya' found what's probably holding ya' back...though like wise there aint nothing people can't overcome and I've learned that fighting against fallen angels...they bleed so things like trying to over come you're limits is surely something that will happen soon enough.
  145. She proceed to walk east towards briar.
  147. "Nice talkin to ya though I've got's to check on my crops back in Briar."
  150. (Saki Oshikawa)
  151. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  153. [19:45] The solid frame of Daius seemed unmoving, as if like a statue. Refusing to budge and firmly in place. The woman patted him gently which was an interesting occurrence; not many people had treated him so casually, although since she was drunk-- And a female. He'd let her get away with it, after all. Punching women wasn't the best reputation for a Titan to build.
  155. Not only was she a alcoholic, judging by her words. She brews her own alcohol too. A dangerous combination, after all. Usual alcoholics are limited by their fund, and supply. However when someone is in control of both-- Well, that could be a recipe for disaster.
  157. Then again, that was likely Saki Oshikawa's life. That of a binge drinker.
  159. "I'd say thanks for ya help-- But I can't be sure if ya helped yet, till I try again." he'd confess rather plainly. Daius really, was unsure about it all still. However he now hadthe impetus to go and attempt to push through it and see the results.
  161. "See ya around, Saki."
  162. (Daius Invidia)
  163. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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