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Apr 3rd, 2012
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  1. Subject:
  2. Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2012 12:48:57 -0700
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  7. Jocelyn Samek
  8. OK, Occudrama right here. I need a favour. There's a psycho that's stalking me and Kathy Hart in the OV! group. I joined the OV! briefly and left due to the fact the admins wouldn't take down Kathy's personal information that got posted when this psycho asked for it. He also asked for Kathy's picture. Well, it would seem he's now published my phone number and email and claims he will publish my address as well. If someone is a member of that group can they get a copy of that? Us women are keeping records of harassment by this guy and I really can't unblock him to copy it myself. I'm not personally afraid of him, and everyone in Vic knows where I live anyway. The point is that I'm now convinced he may attempt to harm someone as he escalates and we need records for restraining orders etc. I can kick his ass so it's not me I'm worried about but not every female is a scrapper like me and that's what I'm concerned about. Sorry for the drama but it's creepy enough to keep records. Thanks.
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  12. Mathew Kagis If it's the 'individual' I think it is, I have him blocked too. If you like, I'll tolerate seeing his drivel for 48hrs and take screenshots.
  13. 12 hours ago · · 4
  14. Jocelyn Samek Thank you Mathew, I appreciate that very much. I don't always have time to monitor my election fraud rally event pages and I can't have him trolling there at all otherwise I'd unblock him and take care of it myself.
  15. 12 hours ago ·
  16. Veritas Integritas Oh my. Can I ask who is the person you are speaking about? I left the OV! group for obvious reasons.
  17. 12 hours ago via mobile ·
  18. Jocelyn Samek Ryan Ellson is the person in question. There's a long history of problems with this guy in Victoria and he's actually escalated to stalking which he previously was just being annoying.
  19. 12 hours ago ·
  20. Elaine Coleman Jocelyn, Ryan has posted your address, husbands name and place of employment now.
  21. 12 hours ago ·
  22. Jocelyn Samek ‎Mathew Kagis, thanks for getting that documentation for me. He's published my son's address.
  23. 12 hours ago ·
  24. Jocelyn Samek Well, I guess the admins in that group could step up. It didn't happen for Kathy so I doubt anyone will delete my personal stuff off there. He can do what he likes, all I need is for people to keep documenting it for me. At least now everyone can fully see what a psycho the guy is. I love it when someone builds a harassment case against themselves! Not like I'm a court type person but really, if he needs a restraining order so the public record can reflect that he's a problem for women then I'll totally do it.
  25. 12 hours ago · · 2
  26. Elaine Coleman I have addressed it to him as well as alerted the two administrators of that group, yet again. It didn't work in Kathys case, her information remains on that site, so I don't suppose these incompetant administrators will do the right thing in this case either. These two administrators should be removed from their roles.
  27. 12 hours ago · · 3
  28. Jocelyn Samek I only know who one admin is and interestingly he seems a lot like Ryan. I don't think Ryan is even his actual name. But no worries, I know what he looks like. :)
  29. 12 hours ago ·
  30. Elaine Coleman Someone by the name of Ruth should also be removed from that page as she was instrumental in assisting Ryan to find an address on Kathy by giving him her phone number. That only encouraged him to continue his course of action.
  31. 12 hours ago · · 1
  32. Jocelyn Samek Thanks for stepping up everyone.
  33. 11 hours ago ·
  34. Kathy Hart The admins names are Morgen Eckert & Travis McCrea. They are useless.
  35. 11 hours ago · · 1
  36. Jocelyn Samek It's beyond useless, it's assisting in possible harm to other humans. My son's address and phone number were published but that's public record anyway. If stalker boy is dumb enough to attend at my son's address he will be unpleasantly surprised by two large grown males who love their mother more than life. It was in the newspaper where I said I live across from the Square so it's not like the dude is some tech-mage or something. Twilight Zone Music playing in background.
  37. 11 hours ago · · 4
  38. Kathy Hart Those that don't have Ryan blocked, can you please report to fb the posts of Jocelyn's info & mine? Mine is quite far down the wall now. Also, we should report the site. Jocelyn, even non members of the group can report the site.
  39. 11 hours ago · · 1
  40. Jason Myles Thompson Ryan Elson
  41. Jocelyn Samek,, 250-857-0973 won't be long before I get an address with which to serve you with papers. You still wanna go this route and not publicly answer my questions? What bus.. What route. What time. What stop. Very simple. Backup your lies with evidence of details.
  42. Like · · about an hour ago
  44. Ryan Elson NOW I know here to serve those papers. Final task is to catch you on camera avoiding answering questions regarding your slander. You will not answer any of these 4 questions because you are a liar. What bus. What route. What time. What stop. Very simple. If you are telling the truth then you will RESPOND.
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  46. Ryan Elson
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  49. Ryan Elson keep hiding behind a block see if your silence makes me back off cuz I promise you it won't. Be a fucking adult and answer the questions YOU bullshit artist, fake activist, occu-shill. I'm just getting warmed up this year I WILL expose the whole fucking lot of you.
  50. 11 hours ago ·
  51. Jason Myles Thompson Ryan Elson
  52. now about jocelyn samek since she posted on that thread how would she like to redress my accusations regarding that lie she is spreading behind my back. You jos, this one: Jocelyn SamekAbsolutely my dear! He has worked harder than anyone I know to try and discredit Occupy. I made peaceable gestures toward him more than once and he continues to be abusive and troll my groups. RYAN ELLSON IS NOT OCCUPY VICTORIA!!
  53. Like · · Saturday at 3:03pm
  55. Ryan Elson Funny for someone so unstable I sure am resourceful. Now if you will, you will answer and make public statement as to the bus route number, the bus stop and the approximate time (I'm giving you a window). If you get it wrong I will begin to deal with this in court and I will use my cell phone's GPS records and my fiancee's testimony as to where I was, what I went out for, when and why. It's a pretty clearcut case, if you aren't making this shit up then you can provide me and the public who might be wondering if you aren't lying, then provide the fucking specific information. I will not idly sit by and let people like you engage in smear campaigns and I am sick of people defaming my character, now that I've got a shill on something either that kathy hart or you, I'm happy with that. about a dozen shills left for occupy van and vic and I'll be quite happy to leave occupy alone but I am going to make your jobs of fucking with people to get your own way extremely difficult you've given me months of practice dealing with your delphi technique I can rip right through all of the lies and bullshit and it doesn't matter if it's only a few people that I turn each time I go after occupy I'll chip your numbers down bit by bit and those that leave will be ardently against the group because they will know from what source your unity is coming from and it ain't from the domain of free will. I'm on to you people like flies on shit, you will not usher in this world government and I will stand in your way each and every single time.
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  57. Rob Duncan Who gave this bozo a keyboard anyway?
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  59. Ryan Elson I dunno who gave jocelyn the right to slander people?
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  61. Ryan Elson tell that slander artist to respond or else next time she holds an event I'll be there, with a megaphone, to talk over her, and demand she back up her statements.
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  63. Ryan Elson I'm not going to be nice about this at all and you can tell her even if she avoids me, I will get her address, I will have her served, and I'll be dragging her to court for that fucking bullshit she sees fit to spread behind my back.
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  65. 11 hours ago ·
  66. Jason Myles Thompson sounds like someones going a little crazy...
  67. 11 hours ago · · 3
  68. Jocelyn Samek Ah yes Jason, you've noticed the escalation as well have you?
  69. 11 hours ago ·
  70. Jason Myles Thompson just now OV i thought you meant occupy vancouver and couldnt find anything lol...wasnt until someone said ryan that i clued in :P
  71. 11 hours ago · · 1
  72. Jason Myles Thompson all i can find on anything so far.
  73. 11 hours ago · · 1
  74. Jocelyn Samek Thanks Bro J. lol, My megaphone's bigger than Ryan's!
  75. 11 hours ago · · 2
  76. Jason Myles Thompson hahaha, him with a megaphone is a scary thought...the ego on that man is terrifying.. I've very glad to hear yours is bigger ;)
  77. 11 hours ago · · 2
  78. Jocelyn Samek Ok so now stalker boy had one of his friends send me a pm to try and get me to interact with him. Shut that action down right quick.
  79. 10 hours ago · · 1
  80. Kathy Hart Jocelyn, if you want to charge them, just tell the friend to stop mssg.'ing you, if he doesn't you can file a harrasment charge on him.
  81. 10 hours ago · · 1
  82. Jocelyn Samek Well, strangely, this person is on both our friends list. Who knew? She's not a bad person, I think she doesn't "get" that there's something wrong with him. From what I can tell she meant no harm. I am documenting the conversation of course as it establishes firmly that he is obsessed with me and doesn't accept the fact that I've blocked him and won't answer his crazy cries for attention. Ew!
  83. 10 hours ago ·
  84. Kathy Hart Can you share that vid here so we know what this guy looks like. If he comes anywhere near me I want to be able to identify him, esp. b/c I'm seriously starting to think of getting a restraining order against him.
  85. 10 hours ago ·
  86. Jocelyn Samek I'll send it to your inbox. l want to be prudent about not putting someone's face up at this point. If he gets hurt it looks bad on me for publishing his pic even though I'd never hurt someone unless it was in self-defense.
  87. 9 hours ago · · 1
  88. Kathy Hart Sounds good, thank you Jocelyn.
  89. 9 hours ago · · 1
  90. Jocelyn Samek Check out the RCMP site for Internet Security. The statutes are listed and the criteria for criminal harassment is explained.
  91. 9 hours ago · · 1
  92. Kathy Hart Do you have a link to the site?
  93. 9 hours ago ·
  94. Jocelyn Samek then go to Internet Security.
  95. Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Welcome | Gendarmerie royale du Canada - Bienvenue
  97. 9 hours ago · · 1
  98. Andrés Dean Ryan wouldn't shut up about the incident at the bus stop on the thread on Dingle's wall last night. Kept demanding Jocelyn answer his three questions which I believe were 'what bus route' 'what bus stop' and 'what time'. We kept telling him to shut up. There is no point reasoning with a mentally unstable man (I've tried reasoning with people I know shortly before they were institutionalized, it simply doesn't work) so we just made fun of him for a couple hours. He did keep making vague threats like 'if you fuck with me you will get whats coming to you'. If this dude continues to escalate his threats and stalking people I'd recommend pursing legal action. He is a bit of a law-rejecter so likely wouldn't obey any kind of court order but it DOES give you something to fall back on if he becomes more of a concern. He may be a small creepy little basement troll (haven't met him myself) but creepy basement trolls who are mentally unstable are still capable of using weapons. Like I have mentioned before I have a friend who lost it and things got pretty scary leading up to the point he was forcibly taken to the psychiatric ward. Mental health is serious shit.
  99. 5 hours ago · · 1
  100. Andrés Dean I'd grab you some screenshots Jocelyn but Ryan blocked me and Dingleberry, and probably Sarah Beuhler as well after we made fun of him. Took him a long time to realize we weren't actually arguing with me.
  101. 5 hours ago · · 1
  102. Jason Morden That entire group seems to have been allowed to turn into one big venue for abuse. I left it altogether after trying to mediate some of the continuous conflicts which erupt there--it was a futile effort on my part. As long as the admins condone such behaviour, it will continue.
  104. Honestly, I say report the group to Facebook and just have it removed. It's hardly doing anyone any benefit.
  105. 3 hours ago · · 2
  106. Mathew Kagis So, did you all see Rabble's april fools post? Here's Ryan's take on it:
  108. Ryan Elson
  109. ---> one of occupy's favorite media sources, is totally corporate owned. SHILL UPRISING have a good look at what they are doing.
  110. 3 hours ago · · 2
  111. Jocelyn Samek I decided people's safety has to be my main consideration. This is a picture of my stalker.
  112. occupy victoria times colonist report the real news
  114. I am offended that they would so blithely misrepresent me by putting my picture ...See More
  115. 2 hours ago ·
  116. Jordan Arsonist ewwww
  117. 2 hours ago ·
  118. Jordan Arsonist if u have his address and phone number why not post it here fairs fair right
  119. 2 hours ago ·
  120. Jordan Arsonist or actually, ugh... stupid moral dilema
  121. 2 hours ago ·
  122. Kathy Hart Aww, I've seen this vid before when he posted it on an Occupy fb site. So this is him, Ryan Elson, aka John Pettitt. Well, at least we know what he looks like, which, imo, is a must being we are being stalked & harrased Jocelyn. I would also suggest to the entire group OV!, that they are also being harrassed. There are steps to be taken. I posted the RCMP's iste on the OV! site, please read the section on bullying & harrassing. And please act. Jocelyn, I don't see any harm in placing his vid here b/c he has put this vid on Occupy fb walls in past.
  123. 2 hours ago · · 2
  124. Jocelyn Samek Ya, just in case he rolls up on any female (or guy, he's taking on guys as well). I don't know how he picks his targets so I decided women's safety comes first. This is public record anyway, same as the stuff he posted about me. None of the info he published on me was "hacked", it's from phone directories (my son's info), fb and the news interviews I did during the Occupy camp. Another woman he was stalking just contacted me. She has mental illness and he's harassed her online about it.
  125. 2 hours ago ·
  126. Kathy Hart ‎Jason Morden, Allithia Reid, Anita Burr, Rachel La, Clayton Bromley, I see that Travis & Morgen are still members on this site. I would ask that you ban them and also block their ability to see this site as there is some things that need to be discussed that shouldn't be viewed by them at this time.
  127. 2 hours ago · · 1
  128. Rachel La if you want to have a discussion without them then start up a chat with only the people you want to include.
  129. 2 hours ago · · 2
  130. Kathy Hart It's time to get down to business & I'd like to share that here but I won't while Morgen, Travis & Ryan Elson, aka, John Pettitt can view this pg.
  131. 2 hours ago · · 1
  132. Mathew Kagis Or, Rachel La, you could boot them off this page and show that supporting cyber stalking won't be something the Occ BC page does.
  133. 2 hours ago · · 2
  134. Kathy Hart Should also be very careful who is accepted into the group as new members right now. I would suggest they be screened well & also if they have vague profiles, not to invite them in. Can we just be careful that way until we deal with this issue please?
  135. 2 hours ago · · 2
  136. Rachel La No one supports cyber stalking and Ryan Elson?John Pettit is/are not members here.
  137. 2 hours ago ·
  138. Jason Morden Can you show how they have violated our Code of Conduct?
  139. 2 hours ago · · 2
  140. Jason Morden Or how Travis or Morgen have shown support for cyber-stalking?
  141. 2 hours ago · · 2
  142. Jordan Arsonist ‎*cantwaitforsummercantwaitforsummercantwaitforsummercantwaitforsummer*
  143. 2 hours ago · · 1
  144. Jocelyn Samek Well I guess the goofs haven't violated OBC rules, but on their OV! page they're leaving up personal info about Kathy and I (Ryan published my son's address and phone number along with some stuff about me). So ya, that would indicate Travis and Morgen aren't thinking safety first.
  145. 2 hours ago · · 2
  146. Veritas Integritas I'm so sorry to hear Joc
  147. 2 hours ago via mobile · · 2
  148. Kathy Hart ‎Rachel La & Allithia Reid, can you read the post that Jocelyn shared here last night, the RCMP link, & read up on what they say re harrassing?
  149. 2 hours ago · · 1
  150. Kathy Hart ‎Jason Morden, can you also read the same RCMP section?
  151. 2 hours ago · · 1
  152. Jocelyn Samek So if people are thinking it's OK or free speech for Travis and Morgen to assist this guy then that would be a personal problem for the people thinking it's ok.
  153. 2 hours ago ·
  154. Kathy Hart This is bigger than our code of conduct.
  155. 2 hours ago · · 2
  156. Jordan Arsonist much bigger Kathy
  157. 2 hours ago · · 2
  158. Allithia Reid I will do that Kathy. I just think that taking a reactive defensive stance can cause unnecessary escalation.
  159. 2 hours ago · · 1
  160. Jordan Arsonist Technically your allowed to stand in front of someones house with a picture of them on a sign with words underneath saying "Demon Spawn Nazi Scum Go Back To Hell Where You Came From"
  162. Just because its allowed doesnt make it ok.
  163. 2 hours ago · · 1
  164. Jason Morden I've had similar issues with them, and honestly believe the entire OV! page should be disowned. For that reason I left the page, but I don't believe the moderators of that page should be banned for their beliefs regarding moderation. Why shouldn't they be able to see allegations made against them publically?
  165. 2 hours ago · · 2
  166. Rachel La Really surprised that Morgen Eckert would let that go without doing something about it. Both Travis McCrea and Morgen would be well advised to take the post down, - think it's really dickish of the the admins there to support that. but can't do anything about what happens on other sites.
  167. 2 hours ago ·
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