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  1. Tattoo.School.S01E00.HDTV.XviD-MOMENTUM
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  4. Description
  5. Release Name.....: Tattoo.School.S01E00.HDTV.XviD-MOMENTUM
  6. Release Date.....: 2011-07-15
  7. Filesize.........: 349.2MB
  8. Runtime..........: 00:42:32
  9. Video............: 993 kbps XviD
  10. Audio............: 144 kbps MP3 2ch
  11. Frame Size.......: 624x352
  12. Frame Rate.......: 25.000
  14. Description......: Award-winning Tattoo Artist Lisa Fasulo runs a hands-on and unconventional tattoo school in upstate NY where students
  15. from all walks of life learn how to tattoo in just two weeks. These rookie students are seeking to change their lives
  16. through tattooing. With just two intense weeks under Lisa's instruction, they will get the experience tattooing on
  17. body after body with artwork of varying levels of difficulty
  19. Rookie students, models risking their skin to first time body artists, a rebellious instructor and unconventional
  20. training...who will bear the drama of competition and survive
  22. Release Notes....: Although there are no dates set for a full season of this show it is very reminiscent of a TLC pilot. In the event
  23. that this were to turn into an actual series, I thought it best to tag as a pilot episode -- S01E00
  25. Type    TV/XviD
  26. Size    349.25 MB (366,219,529 bytes)
  27. Added   2011-07-15 20:07:48
  28. Snatched    47 time(s)
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