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  2. How did you find out about Anubis RP?
  3. Through a search on google. I was looking for an RP server.
  5. What is your age and nationality? 29 yrs
  6. Mixed of Asian, Causcasian, and Hawaiian.
  8. What is your primary characters role? [EMS/Civilian/Police] Police
  10. What is your primary character’s backstory and characteristics?
  11. My character is a person who wanted to move out of his current hometown to start a new beginning. He was a Police officer in the former city he lived in but needed a change because he felt the need to move to a city with more opportunity and a different way of life. During his child-hood years, he grew up in a neighborhood where there was a lot of crime, and lost one of his friend from a shooting. This is what motivated him to become a Police Officer. He wanted to be able to protect the community and make a difference in the community he lived in. After a few years of high-school, he decided to join the police department and served for a period of 4 years. He then heard about a new city (negative-dead) and thought it would be best to relocate and start a new beginning there and maybe be able serve as an officer again. It will be an interesting period of his life since he never did move out from where he originally is from. He does have trust issues with the public since his whole life has been around criminal activity and seeing the worst of people. Although, he has his flaws... he does learn how to adapt and will continue to be a citizen that put others before himself.
  13. You are hanging out with your friends and a car pulls up behind you, someone gets out with their gun drawn on you. The person tells you to put your hands up or else they will kill you, they then ask for you to get in the vehicle. What would you say and do in this situation?
  14. I would be frighten and beg the person to not shoot me, and ask what does he want from me, and to please not kill me. If he continues to demand me to get in the vehicle, I will comply with his orders but would sneakily try to press the "emergency feature" on my cellphone to hopefully notify my friends/contacts that I am in danger.
  16. Do you understand acting salty to officers when arrested and rushing them to process you is not considered valid RP, that “breaking character,” or acting “immature” even when someone appears to have broken rules around you, is punishable?
  17. Yes
  19. When is a good time to break character?
  20. Never
  22. What should you do if you’re arrested by the police and you lose power during the process?
  23. Go back to the officer and continue from the moment of RP when I lost poster. I would approach the officer and let him/her know that I blacked out and didnt know what happened (I would say this to not to to OOC)
  25. If you’re robbing a store with a hostage, how would your character deal with the police and the situation at hand if surrounded?
  27. I would hold the hostage at gunpoint and tell the police to back away or else I will shoot her/him. I would call one of my friends at the same time and ask him to be a getaway driver for me and I'll split the money 50/50 with him, I would instruct him to have his vehicle waiting for me in close proximity to the store so I could have a swift retreat from the police. Then I'll tell the police that I am requesting for some time with the hostage because we are actually in a romantic relationship, and that we own the store together and she/he did not want to split with me the shares of the stor lol. Once I get the police to be com placement, I will tell the hostage to run towards the cops and distract them enough into where I could flee and have my friend pick me up, and hopefully escape.
  29. Do you stream, use YouTube, or other social media? If so, can you tell us about it?
  30. No, not yet but I am thinking about starting a YouTube once I get acclimated with the server.
  32. Please explain why meta gaming is bad
  33. It is bad because it ruins the experience of RP for everyone and its cheating. You're getting Intel by means of another spectator which is something is not being in character and gives the person an unfair advantage of events.
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