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  1. 7:54 PM 12/9/2018
  2. Today was okay,
  3. I played SSBU with my Brother, I had won 7 times,
  4. Now Journal let me tell you something important this whole experience had made me remmeber why I fucking hated SSBM so fucking much mainly its because of this one reason
  9. Like playing with Nile is fun and all but after losing so many times I genuinely feel as though thats its a chore trust me as I say this. Nile will constantly and I mean constantly play DK, Icenoraor and K.K ROOL & Bowser now before you ask "Is your brother a BARA-Fag" Now if I had to answer "Fuckin probably lol \_(:D)_/" Because I definetely want to play a constant game of DODGE THE FUCKING SPAM GRABS HAHAHAHHA
  10. And yet he acts like hes a top-tier smasher or some shit, like the worst part I can't say anything or else it will be the whole SSMB incident will start where it was constant nitpicks from everyone saying "Haha you just gotta git gud lmao don't play the game if you can't win, its supposed to be fun :DDDDDD" and all I can think is "You guys are lucky that I love you and you are my family. Because I would put you through a fucking wall for this level of passive-positive-aggressive bullshit" And don't even get me started on his smug quips about me playing charaters that are cute. Like OH! HOW DARE I LIKE A CHARATER atleast I am not a spammy bara CUNT! And I play different charaters other than the same fucking four. You know maybe I should just a download R34 of those charaters on Niles phone since he wants to suck their collective dicks so much. But of course like the calm little sister I am I put on a mask the whole time but don't let that fool you on the inside
  12. Granted I let it slipped at the very end but atleast  know something. If I leave Micheal will leave too. So here is will I do.
  13. I will collectively cuck Nile from playing with Micheal. And trust me I know it hurts him. It stings when he leaves because Niles looks up to Hamil. I will watch him suffer. He will suffer.
  15. AAAAAnyway I really need to work on the Necrophilia chapter of my 100CKSF or in laymans terms;
  16.  One Hundred Chapter Kirby Philia Chart Fanfiction! or in layman-lay mans terms
  17. Kirby's Chart of Philias! The Fanfic Version
  18. So heres the thing I got the plot down basically;
  19. Meta Knight will fight Galactia Knight mainly because he is an insecure borb thinking it will be an easy deul, it goes well until GK wrecks MK with a galaxic stab causing Meta Knight to lose balance and smash into the ground his mask falling and Galactia Knight will be like "Oh Looks like I am fighting a star-wariror~" And because GK is like some thousnad year old god-star-dark-warrior shit is like "Muhahah I must defeat you or some shit lol" and SMASHES and SLAMS MK to the ground and MK is down for the count and Galacta removes his mask and !?OH SHIT DAWG?! GK is a borb to but to is dismay he is a STRONGER borb. So GK is like "You in MY culture the strongest usually ends the other in a 'breaking' matter" and MK is like 'OH SWEET FUCK NO!' so GK just like rapes hims like no lube no fun [unless you count butt blood] and MK is just screaming in pain and GK is like 'SHUT UP HARLOT!' and stabs him in the gut and still fucking guts and stuff splurge out  and Meta Knight is like "Oh Nova I am abotu to die helllp me....." and Galacta just flips him over and throat fucks his slit and its get bloody good from there.
  20. God damnit I hope when its done alot of people read and Hickory_Bun1 will become a well know Fanfictioneer in the Kirby community, However I need to finish it in pastebin I have a cute avatar so atleast pastebin isn't so bad its MUGI! The cutest thot in K-ON! But back to what i was saying I need to start working on rewrites, figure out how to revenge my brother, figure what medicine that bitch of a cunt Cindy is taking so I can spike it because fuck that cunt she deserves to rot. Let me tell you Journal of Cindy. Cindy is an autistic low brained CUNT who deserves to be old yellered for how autistic she is. She is loud, a weeaboo and autistic "Yoai Fangirl XDDD" she is the reason I have a personal vendetta against god himself for letting that mistake of a 'human being' alive. Imagine Yui Harasawa and crank that autism levels to 10000%, makeher a black person, have constantly flirt and act "Kawaii 100% of the time" lord my goodness I honestly wish I was retarded so I wouldn't have to stand being around her. And why she is my friend you ask? Because and I qoute! "OH MY GASH YOU LIEK ANIME!!! I LOOOOVE ANIME WE SHHHOOULD TOTES BE FREEEENS!" and the worst thing she is in most my classes and because that I have been deemd by the teachers as her "Speacial Friend :)" Fucking liberal schools. I genuinely hope that she dies of her heart condition holy shit. She is fat and ugly and smelll doesn't take care of herslef and can't pick up on social cues and she constantly throws me under the bus for anything she does wrong and constantly blames me for her doings she even forced me to torrent and send her the "Kewlest Yoai Gamu XD" or she would telll others about my fanfiction tht I am working on I told her in great confidence of our friendship about that and she called me "WEIRD OMFG" atleast she said it was hawt because "META KNIGHT IS SHUCH A SEME OMG KIRBY IS A KAWAII SHOTA!!!" fuckin bitch I hate you so much all I know if she gets into a fight because of the constant stupid shit she does I will not help her. I will smile and look on. I want her to suffer.
  21. The fat pig cunt. Die I hate you, you watch shit anime and looking at makes me want to bleed and slit my throat. But that would be great because atleast I will die having some type of pleasure. Well there is always something to make me happy! Today I also volunteered to help with some Kids at a church and some of them are so cute I really like this one kid hes like 5 and he has adorable scruffy blond hair and cinnamon colored eyes he might be a little off because he speaks in DBZ quotes but its adorable to see him flap around! God he is so cute! I love him especially how nice and innocent thank fucking god I was born a girl so I can't get serious erections. I don't think any adults are suspicous maybe this old hag who had miscarraige but screw that cunt! Lord the second he gets boner having age I will let him have his way with me. I would never force myself on someone because that rape and thats a whole can of worms I don't want to be in and also two he has a big mouth. So my plan is to start dropping hints when he turns 13-15 and be his surrogate Nii-Chan until he takes the hint and confesses to me.  I want to see his cute blushes and confusion. He is like a living Kirby! He likes to make friends and eat god he is so cute~~
  22. Speaking of cute. Kirby is so cute he is and probably will always be the ultimate shota. I genuinely would love to grow a dick and just use kirby like a flesh light then use meta knight like a flesh light! Kirby just has this charm you know his games are fun pretty and cute and I just want to see him blush  and his little poyos oh my fuuuuuuucking god! I think someone on the HAL team thought of this before hand. He is peak innocence. Now if I can't have Kirby then Meta Knight is the next best thing I would practice shibari and blood play on the fucker like nobody has seen holy fucking shit I would make Meta Knight my personal Butt Slut. I want to fuck Meta Knight his deep voice sends waves of 'THIS MAN MUST BE VIOLATED' down my spine I just want. Its moments like these where I wished I had a dick. Because dicks are super fucking cool! Think about it I could jerk off anywhere and piss anywhere now before you ask. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BE A. BOY. I said I wanted a dick not be a faggot. I am sorry but that is too queer to be here. Like I want to have a magical dick magic style like I could just pull it out from a pocket universe. Though I hate the idea of losing my virginty. That seems painfull and trust me I don't want to be a slut, And nobody at schol seems worthy of becoming my toy. Every guy is in a constant chad-off to see who is the most insecure about their masculinity like "HEY BRO I JUST CURLED 5 POUNDS MY BREWSKIS!!!!" Its bullshit there are no shy cute boys I can tease into being my personal thot! And all the girls are too slutty for me. Fuck. My. Life. Luckily I got the best genes I am a cutie asian....atleast thats why Niles tells me he is really a great brother he helps me remember important stuffs and banters with me he really is a cool brother. He can be a raging cunt-rag sometimes but if I had a dick I could participate in DICK UNITY! sadly I have a crummy vag. But I also like my feminine features. But sadly traps are like really fucking gay holy shit. So I guess I am in body limbo forever! Thank god I am not a fucking dyke-tomboy holy shit. I love cute stuff and I love cute things thats the reason I got into Kirby! I love being cute. I wish I was super cute. Welp I am getting tired!
  23. So this is goodnite journal!
  24. PS if you read this I will slit your throat, no mercy
  25. 9:54 PM 12/9/2018
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