[PlayboyPlus] Noelle Monique - Luscious Lips (2015)

reliz-boy Aug 19th, 2016 25 Never
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  1. Newcomer Noelle Monique will blow your mind with this set from photographer Holly Randall. Hailing from Los Angeles, Noelle is a budding model with a very, very promising career ahead of her. This is her first time posing nude, and we mean ever—you won’t find Noelle anywhere else, so you can truly savor her beauty. Doe’s eyes, full lips and a willing smile—it’s all here, and the combination is nothing short of dangerous. “I’m a very free-spirited person,” she says. “I used to be very shy, and now I’m really chilled out. People ask what happened to the old me, and I tell them, ‘She had to grow up!’” Spread out on the queen-sized bed, Noelle’s a grown woman, and she’s got us all exactly where she wants us. “I don’t do fantasies, I just go with the flow,” she says. “I love soft kisses on my neck.” Pucker up for all-natural babe Noelle Monique, only on Playboy Plus.
  3. Noelle Monique - Luscious Lips (2016) [] - HD 720p
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