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  1. Gliscor provides the ability to knock off and u-turn, and is an extremely versatile mon. It is capable of completely obliterating defensive cores, and can hold it's own as an impressive wall as well. Access to rocks gives the option to have a hazard stack of rocks+webs with araquanid, and gliscor punishes any potential rock types that want to try to hit darm or araquanid. rocks + ice fang/stone edge mean it can deal with the flying types araquanid has so many troubles with,  and can freely come in on the ground moves trying to hit the darmanitan
  3. Araquanid is one of the cleanest ways to deal with bulky water types, as it can trap them with infestation and use water absorb or water bubble to set up free webs on them and then kill them. Even just existing is enough to give bulky water types pass, and means scald isn't free like it otherwise would be. Webs makes both darm and gliscor exponentially stronger as they no longer have to run scarf or setup moves, freeing up their amazing movepools. Araquanid + darm also mean that just ice beam foreheading gliscor is very hard to get value out of.  While it itself doesn't have any of the ingredients, it's what ties together the two mains
  5. Darmanitan hits like a truck, with 140 ATK PLUS sheer force meaning a life orb boosted flare blitz is 304 base Power. (life  orb + sheer force + stab) (yes flare blitz is life orb boosted cause it has a 10% burn chance). Darm removes the free ice beam that you would get on gliscor, and laughs at any grass shenanigans trying to hit gliscor as well.  Access to u-turn means you can get in get out super cleanly, creating a u-turn core with gliscor. Since araquanid is setting up webs (or at least leaving up the potential to set up webs) darm is no longer pushed into runningg scarf, meaning it can show off it's move pool with access to eq, uturn, zen headbutt, superpower and stone edge, as well as utility moves like taunt torment toxic wisp and yawn. . There are also options to do sub focus punch shenanigans since the types of things that would swap into that (bulky water or psychic types) get heavily threatened by araquanid and chipped by gliscor. In this core, darmanitan performs the role of sweeper, with araquanid providing a water check and hazard support, and gliscor providing a physical wall and abillity to remove rocks (if you really care) as well as chipping down any potential physical wall.
  7. Overall this core also gives incredibly dece value with darmanitan being worth 70, gliscor 75, and Araquanid 65. 205 points leaves room for an s tier special sweeper and a bunch of c and d tier utility,maybe even a b- depending on what you fill out your roster with.
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